The 2023 season might be gearing up for the finals, but in the ever-changing world of the NRL transfer market, attention is already shifting to 2024 and beyond.

Every NRL side has less than ten spots available in their Top 30 for next season, while a select handful of clubs are closing in on a full complement already.

Zero Tackle have compiled the current status of every NRL club for 2024, with signings, losses, players still off-contract, full squads, best 17, and an overview of what every club still needs to be successful come next season.

You can use our easy dropdown menu below to navigate between each club, and we will update this every time there is a signing or player movement for next year so that you can keep on top of how your club is shaping up for next season.


Canberra Raiders

Raiders 2025 Player Movements

2025 Gains
2025 Losses
Michael Asomua (2026), Jamal Fogarty (2026), Ata Mariota (2026), Pasami Saulo (2026), Ethan Strange (2028), Matthew Timoko (2028)
Off Contract 2024
Nick Cotric, Peter Hola, Jordan Martin, Trey Mooney, Jordan Rapana, James Schiller, Elliott Whitehead, Zac Woolford

The following is correct as of December 25.

Full squad
Nick Cotric, Jamal Fogarty, Emre Guler, Corey Harawira-Naera, Peter Hola, Albert Hopoate, Corey Horsburgh, Zac Hosking, Sebastian Kris, Danny Levi, Ata Mariota, Trey Mooney, Josh Papalii, Hohepa Puru, Jordan Rapana, Simi Sasagi, Pasami Saulo, Xavier Savage, James Schiller, Morgan Smithies, Tom Starling, Chevy Stewart, Ethan Strange, Joseph Tapine, Matthew Timoko, Kaeo Weekes, Elliott Whitehead, Zac Woolford, Hudson Young

Best 17 and full squad
1. Xavier Savage
2. Sebastian Kris
3. Ethan Strange
4. Matthew Timoko
5. Jordan Rapana
6. Kaeo Weekes
7. Jamal Fogarty
8. Josh Papalii
9. Zac Woolford
10. Joseph Tapine
11. Hudson Young
12. Elliott Whitehead
13. Corey Horsburgh

14. Danny Levi
15. Trey Mooney
16. Morgan Smithies
17. Zac Hosking

18. Albert Hopoate
19. James Schiller
20. Ata Mariota
21. Corey Harawira-Naera
22. Pasami Saulo
23. Chevy Stewart
24. Peter Hola
25. Tom Starling
26. Simi Sasagi
27. Hohepa Puru
28. Nick Cotric
29. Emre Guler
30. No player signed

Roster spots open: 1

2024 Development List

1. Michael Asomua
2. Jordan Martin
3. Noah Martin
4. Vena Patuki-Case
5. Adrian Trevilyan

What they still need

The most immediate and pressing need for the Raiders is to find a five-eighth to partner Jamal Fogarty in the halves, with Jack Wighton to depart at the end of the 2023 season.

At the moment, Ethan Strange and Kaeo Weekes are the best-contracted options, but he is yet to debut in the NRL and is more of a number seven than a number six.

There are also not many suitable options coming off-contract at the end of the season, so it's a tricky situation at best for Ricky Stuart's green machine as they navigate who will line up in the number six jumper next year.

The retirement of Jarod Croker creates the intriguing question as to which players will be the first ones used as backup if injuries occur. Albert Hopoate and James Schiller are all options.

Canberra's forward pack looks quite strong on paper, albeit lacking some depth, but they won't be going out and spending big money to bring another marquee forward to the club with an appropriate mix of experience and talent in the current roster - having just signed Morgan Smithies from the Super League. Still, another middle forward who is first-grade capable may not go astray in terms of building depth.



  1. Sharks: New signings NIL. Roster spots available NIL.
    Don’t expect any improvement this year if Craig Fitzgibbon does not give game-time to the players the club has been developing.
    If he thinks that they are never going to be better than NSW Cup, why has he re-signed them?

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