CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 14: Clint Gutherson of the Eels steals the Raiders ball on the try line during the Round 5 Canberra Raiders and Parramatta Eels match at GIO Stadium on April 14, 2019 in Canberra, Australia. (Photo by Tracey Nearmy/Getty Images)

Parramatta have laid a better contract in front of captain Clint Gutherson as they look to keep him at the club beyond 2019. understand the Eels have decided to up their pre-Christmas offer for Gutherson, after deciding they wanted to work harder at extending his deal.

Gutherson's manager Sam Ayoub is set to meet with Gutherson in the coming days to discuss their revitalised offer.

Parramatta's original offer to Gutherson was in the region of $500,000 a season, although the new multi-year deal reflects his impressive start to the season.

The 24-year-old has helped the Eels to a 3-2 start to the season, as they prepare for their clash against the Tigers this Monday.



  1. Rabbis should be chasing Gutho as the replacement for GI. He’s young, extremely talented and can be a leader. He’s a natural fullback in today’s game (something Alex Johnson just isn’t). Would then shop Johnson and use Bennett’s Broncoes connection to try snag big Joe O away for next year.
    This is the young quality team for the rabbits that’ll bring them success for some years
    1. Gutho
    2. Graham
    3. Gagai
    4. Burns
    5. Allen
    6. Walker
    7. Reynolds
    8. G Burgess
    9. Cook
    10. Joe O
    11. Lowe
    12. S Burgess
    13. Murray

  2. Ethan Lowe? Kidding yeah? And gurgess before turgess, we’ll thats plain stupid…
    Seeming like he’ll turn down big money from cowboys and replace Dylan walker at manly

  3. Ethan Lowe at the cowboys was always solid and this year he’s been decent. John Sutton will likely retire so it makes sense then having to start a new second rower. George is definitely better than Tom. Tom will provide good impact off the bench but in terms of laying a platform at the start of a game and making lots of tackle George is better.
    Can’t see why he’d want to go to Manly. Tom is going to be the fullback there for the next 8/10 Years, so what he wants to go there and play centre doubt it. Hes always said he wants to be a fullback and he wouldn’t get that at Manly. Rabbits would make more sense. They have a young, talented backline with only Dane Gagai being older than 25. They have great halves, Reynolds being one of the best kickers in the comp. The forward pack is great led by Damien Cook who is the best hooker and Cam Murray one of the most inform players right now.
    At the bunnies he’d get top dollar and be a good chance of winning a few titles not a few spoons like Manly would

  4. A great, well informed opinion there. Please, tell us all how much all the players at the Knights are on since you are so obviously well equipped with all the salary cap information?

  5. Manly didn’t want him and gave him the boot. Parra gave him a chance and he has been brilliant. Not only has he cemented the fullback role but he is also our on field captain.
    He won’t be going anywhere as his new Eels contract will be confirmed in the next week.

  6. What if TT moved to 6? Personally I think it’s dumb how coaches try to make fullbacks into halves.. just cause Locky did it successfully.. but hypothetically Turbo could still play 6 and allow Guth to be 1. With TT hamstring issues maybe 6 will give him a bit more longevity taking the running load of fullback off him

  7. Reports have Gutho new offer at 600 for 3 years he wants 700 for 4 years is Gutho worth that?considering his 2 ACL injuries don’t get me wrong I rate him. But correct me if I’m wrong I have him 019 0 tries 2 TA and Moses is there goal kicker, Gutho is hardly turning the game on it’s head statistically.

  8. I think other than Tedesco, Trbojevic is the second best fullback in the game probably equal with Roger Tuivasa-Shock. Don’t see why you’d move him to 6 where he hasn’t played. I’d just keep TT at 1 and look for a couple good centres. Taufua and Garrick are both good wingers, who will bag try’s. AFB Taupau JT make a good middle pack and with good hardworking second rowers. Javid Bowen would be good and maybe a cheap Micheal Jennings

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