Parramatta are on the cusp of re-signing hooker Reed Mahoney and backrower Shaun Lane on long-term deals, according to The Daily Telegraph.

It comes just days after the Eels locked down Michael Jennings, Oregon Kaufusi and Dylan Brown in a a sweep of key signatures.

The club is reportedly hopeful of securing Mahoney and Lane by Christmas or early in the new year.

The pair are off contract at the end of next season and there is a mutual desire between them and the club to stay put.

Paramatta officials would not comment on the contract negotiations or the value of them but confirmed that talks had begun.

It is believed that Mahoney and Lane are the club's two key priorities of players off contract and they have spoken to their agents about staying at Bankwest Stadium.

George Jennings, Kane Evans, Brad Takairangi and Will Smith are also off-contract and reportedly playing for their future.


  1. Kev do you worry now that most of your players futures are secure will they play with that same enthusiasm as last year? Most the eels were playing for contracts last season hence the desperation. I think as a game we need parra up the top. We have to keep soccer out of the west

  2. Toddy123, short answer, even though I’m not Kev, is no. That said, I’m a little concerned Jennings could fade.
    A more detailed answer would be:
    I think Gutho and Moses played better (at least as well) after their contracts were extended, after putting that distraction behind them.
    We have a young side (for the most part) who have long careers in front of them.
    I think the squad has a lot of respect for BA and the club.
    But I think the biggest reason is, this is a squad that can go deep into the finals if they back themselves/each other, and I think they know that. BA certainly does, and he’d be telling them.

  3. I used to hate Moses but this year he lost that hype crap and actually played great. I agree about Jennings I think he’s got half a year left I think teams will be picking apart sivo defensively next year

  4. Gosh don’t fret parra fans, poor old North Sydney supporters waited from 1921 for their next premiership and it never came. IIRC Frank Hyde played in the winning team. How you choked so bad in 2001 with the best NRL team in history I’ll never know.

  5. @toddy123
    To add to what eelsalmighty said I belive having these players futures secured is a good thing.
    Having a settled roster that doesn’t get chopped and changed all the time will give us the consistency that we have been lacking.
    Longer contracts are fine as long as they are the right players in the right positions.
    As for Michael Jennings, he may have lost a bit of pace but he is still one of the best defensive centres in the comp. Keeping him is a good thing as he will help Etan Parry develop into a strike centre.
    We have the team.
    We have the stadium.
    The new centre of excellence should be up and running next year and after last night’s general meeting and vote we will finally have stability in the front office.
    Exciting times ahead.

  6. Hey daffy.
    St George supporters are the last people who should mention a team choking.
    Hope you are enjoying Corey Norman.

  7. Kev, I have quipped before in other places that, as talented as he is, wherever Corey ends up the spoon will too…..its amazing once he departed how more settled the players and group appeared to be.
    party boy lifestyle is now at the gong.

  8. I would agree that it’s a good stadium & Parramatta get a centre of excellence .
    Still, why do any Parramatta supporters keep writing about those things as if the club had anything to do with them? Neither of those things are of any great credit to the club or the management there.
    If they’d paid for them, that’s a different matter.

  9. @eastofdivide
    Where in my post did I state that Parrmatta paid for either venue?
    Please point it out to me as I have gone back and read my post a couple of times and can’t quite see where I said that.

  10. No one is claiming the club is responsible for the stadium EOD. Kev is merely pointing out that we have a home ground again, and it served us well in 2019, so it is a box ticked for the team.

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