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Parramatta have released on statement five-eighth Jaeman Salmon for a drink driving misconduct from last year via the club website.

The Eels stood down Salmon for the opening round of the upcoming season and fined him $10,000.

Parramatta Eels Club has fined Jaeman Salmon $10,000 and suspended him for round 1 of the 2019 NRL Telstra Premiership for a low range drink driving charge from a traffic incident late last year,” the statement reads.

“The club reached its decision following discussions with the NRL Integrity Unit.

“Jaeman has demonstrated genuine remorse and has supported this by completing a safe driving course and is currently undertaking welfare and education programs stipulated by the Club.

“The Club views drink driving as an extremely serious offence and is working closely with Jaeman to ensure a clear understanding of his personal responsibilities.”


  1. That’s 1 game & $10k more punishment than Souffs handed out to Greg Inglis for his mid range drink driving and 20 Kms over the speed limit while legally drunk. Congratulations parra for at least doing something even if it is a light punishment. Souffs did absolutely zilch.

  2. I think being stripped of the Australian CAPTAINCY and being banned for 2 internationals is much stiffer than a 10k fine and 1 nrl game suspension don’t ya think Woodhead?????

  3. WOW, I’m surprised by your comment Woody.
    I must admit, I thought we was going to get 2-4 weeks, so it does look light, especially considering the new tougher standards.
    That said, $10k is big coin to a young fellow, plus he’s had to do courses etc, on top of the court appointed penalties.

  4. I think the hit to the hip pocket is probably the big one here. Yes, 1 match sounds light, but $10k would be a fair chunk of his salary.

  5. I’m not sure I agree, and by that I’m not saying I disagree, I’m just not sure.
    The player should be penalised for their part in creating/drawing negative attention to the sport, but does that / should that include the attention to the club too?
    If the answer is yes, then can the club deem the player’s been penalised sufficiently, even without its direct involvement? Can the club deem G.I, for example, to have been punished sufficiently due to his missing 2 rep games, or does the club have to impose additional penalties on the player, no matter what?
    Or is it a case of the player, and their club (both), have to be penalised for the player’s actions? The club has to suspend the player, thereby negatively impacting the club?
    As per Redv13’s comment, I agree that G.I was been sufficiently punished for his actions, without the Bunnies having imposed any penalty directly, but as per the questions above, Woody and Kelby, do you believe the Bunnies need to be punished too (lose G.I for some club games)?

  6. There was no need for Souths to step in. He was punished by the NRL and rightly so plus he was put before the courts.

    Don’t agree at all with what GI did but fair dinkum how many times should be punished?? Missing 2 test games is a lot more than 10K plus he lost the captaincy.

    Take off your anti Souths glasses champ. If for example it was Widdop there is zero chance you’d be banging on about it on every story that ZT publishes

  7. Agreed. Parra have punished Salmon for an off season incident as he is not a representative player. The NRL suspended Inglis as he is a representative player. Parra worked with the Integrity Unit in deciding on the punishment, just as Souths have accepted that the punishment handed out by the governing body was sufficient.

    I too don’t agree with what he did, but the punishment handed to him was fair enough I think.

  8. Well its the old old story again. Consistency. Pearce when at the Roosters copped a heap of punishment for far less than what Inglis did. Nothing to do with your false accusations about ant souffths. If it was Widdop or any body else I would be complaining just as much. In fact I believe the De Belin deserves to be stood down in this serious court case. Pearce did not even have a court appearance yet gets 125k combined fine and 8 weeks from the NRL. pull your heads up out of the sand and have a real good look around at reality. Consistenct please that’s all I ask.🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  9. Well may be their sponsors need to be asked that. Wasn’t their a big drama just recently when the sponsors withdrew from the club after a scandalous event. I know if I was forking out a fortune and a club had a grub risking lives of innocent families on the road with a speeding drink driver my sponsorship would immediately be withdrawn.

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