SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MAY 08: Kane Evans and Jarryd Hayne look on during a Parramatta Eels NRL training session at the Old Saleyards Reserve on May 8, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Eels prop Kane Evans has set a date for his retirement, revealing he looks to hang up the boots in four years time.

While time may be on Evans side, the towering Parramatta front-rower has expressed his concern over the safety of landing a spot on Brad Arthur’s lineup rather than a new deal.

Evans finished 2019 in the same form the Eels recruited him on big money for, though he hasn’t been able to find a consistent run of form since moving out west for the 2018 season.

Junior Paulo and Penrith recruit Reagan Campbell-Gillard are set to have the front-row positions locked down, meaning Evans may just be fighting for an interchange position alongside the likes of Daniel Alvaro, Oregon Kaufusi, Peni Terepo, Ray Stone and Stefano Utoikamanu.

The 28-year-old has listed the next four years to likely be his last, with plans to retire coming sooner than most expected.

“I want to play until I’m 32 and then retire. I don’t know how many more pre-seasons my body can go through,” Evans told The Sydney Morning Herald. 

“I want to be playing NRL this year. When I get my chance I’ll try to dominate, do what I do, try and win a comp and get a new contract.

“I want to start well and then see where I’ll be in 2021.”

Evans said he is well aware of the upcoming young talent the Eels possess in their forward arsenal, including Utoikamanu and development player Sam Hughes.

“They’re young lads, but Sammy Hughes is one of the best props I’ve seen for his age, he’s so big and natural – he’s a beast – and Stefano is the biggest and fittest prop I’ve seen, and he’s only 19,” Evans said.



  1. There is a young man with his head screwed on. Making plans now for the future so he won’t hang around for one season too long. I wish a few other players would do the same. I wish him the best for the coming seasons.

  2. Just question to the eels fans
    Have you guys seen tepai meroroa playing for the Waratahs, if so how is he going?

  3. Watched their game on the weekend and they got flogged.
    Tep was on late in the 2nd half.
    Solid first hit out but nothing spectacular.
    Then again the whole team was pretty ordinary.

  4. Not good to hear him already talking about retirement.
    He hasn’t really progressed to the level expected from one being awarded player of the year when playing in the under 21’s
    He had lots of potential, was pretty good for the Roosters but doesn’t seem to have the drive, consistency and killer needed to be a top class front rower.

  5. Good player at the Sydney Roosters And played Test footy while there. Evans got squeezed out due to the huge amount of home developed Roosters talent at the time, with JWH, Taukeiaho, Tetevano, Liu, Napa and Moa.

    Evens has not reached the level he acheived at Sydney. Played ok last season but I reckon he will get squeezed out of Parra at seasons end.
    Watch for Penrith, Soufths or the other hopeless teams like the Titans fight it out for the soon to be released prop.

  6. Was injured after he left the feather dusters and never got back to form.
    In all honesty he was never that good to begin with and built his rep on one big tackle he did.
    Has filled a gap at Parra but is not needed.
    Will be a back up until his contract is up then he will be released.

  7. Ironically the photo shows Evans and Hayne standing there doing nothing for Parra!….Evans might need some motivation from ‘Big Papi’ to survive four more years

  8. Laughable MarkWood’s Nuggets Home Grown Junior Talent..
    JWH. New Zealand born & raised rep player, who was playing first grade at Manly , before being bought by your Chickens.
    Tetevano. New Zealander born rep player . Played for Cook Islands & New Zealand. Played at Newcastle 2011-2014, before being bought by the Chickens.
    Liu. Born & raised in New Zealand . New Zealand & Samoan rep player. Moved to Australia as a teenager to play in Queensland ( Keebra Park ) . Before being bought by the Chickens.
    Napa. Born & raised in Queensland. Played his junior football in Queensland. Before being bought by your chickens.
    Moa. Tongan Born, Juniors in Queensland. Tongan & New Zealand international. Played for Cronulla in 2008 , Hull FC :2009-2012. Before being bought by the chickens.
    Taukeiaho. Born & raised in New Zealand. Tongan & New Zealand international. Played for the Warriors in 2013. Before being bought by your chickens.
    Your knowledge of your ‘home grown’ Nuggets talent is astounding!
    Not one of your list are Nuggets junior talent.
    Do you have another list of the Nuggets home grown junior talent ? I need another good laugh. 😂

  9. Roosters EastOfDivide turned all those players into superstars and all won premierships except Evans.
    1. Liu Debut Club Sydney Roosters Won two premierships and the Roosters got him to NZ test status.
    2. Napa debut club Sydney Roosters And and Origin player
    3. Evans debut club Sydney Roosters and a test p
    4. JWH played 6 Nrl ganes for Manly before the Roosters trained him into the toughest prop on Earth And a three time premiership winner. Ask Sam Burgess what JWH did to him.
    5. Moa played 1 Game for Cronulla before the Roosters turned him into a premiership winner test player.
    6. Taukeiaho played 1 game for the Warriors before the Roosters developed his skills into the 2nd best prop in the game behind JWH today.

  10. Even faced with the facts you try to pretend they’re somehow Nugget juniors or something else that’s ridiculous.
    Moa, you even omitted the 3 years He was at Hull FC. According to you, that would make him an English junior? Well , he did play there for 3 years after being born in another country . Then played for another club , before going to Hull FC as an adult. But what the heck hey?
    What a joke ! You’re laughable, living in your Nuggets dream land. No idea of any players history. Even when they’re foreign born & played first grade before your chicken dusters poached them. Somehow they’re responsible for anything good the player did?
    Do you have another list of supposed Nuggets greats to laugh at ?

  11. So what your trying to tell me ClownOfDivide is Manly turned JWH into the games best prop after he played just 6 games for them. and……..

    So what your trying to tell me the Warriors turned Taukeiaho into the 2nd best prop in the NRL after he played just 1 game for them.

    and…….. you honestly beleive the Roosters did not developthose two props along with Napa, Evens, Liu etc after they debuted at the Roosters. Are you clown trying to tell me their under 13 coach won them a NRL Premiership.

    EastOfDivide you need a good headshrinker.

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