BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 09: Darius Boyd of the Broncos passes the ball during the round 14 NRL match between the Brisbane Broncos and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at Suncorp Stadium on June 9, 2017 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

The Brisbane Broncos have announced the re-signing of fullback Darius Boyd for another four seasons.

The 30-year-old signed a new contract this morning that will keep him at Red Hill until at least the end of the 2021 season.

The dynamic fullback – who has played 136 games for the Broncos, 28 for Queensland and 23 for Australia – will look to build on a first season as captain that saw the Broncos fall just one game shy of a Grand Final in 2017.

Boyd said he was “grateful” to have signed the four-year contract extension with the club where he began his stellar NRL career.

“This club means so much to me,” said Boyd. “I started my career here as an 18-year-old almost too scared to talk to my teammates and now I’m fortunate to be captain of a club that is one of the best in Australian sport.

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“These next four years are exciting. We’ve got unfinished business. The Broncos set premierships as a benchmark and our fans know that’s what we’re playing for.

“This contract really helps me on my journey beyond football. I’m passionate about good mental health practices and this contract gives me the chance to further that work through the Broncos.

“I’ve been fortunate to visit workplaces across Queensland and the country talking about my mental health journey. The cause means a lot to me and I look forward to meeting more Queenslanders through this work.”

Coach Wayne Bennett said: “It goes without saying the playing ability that Darius brings to the team but he also provides a heap of stability to the club and that shouldn’t be understated.”


  1. I might be a bit biased, but did he ever play better than at Saints? Certainly better than at Newcastle.
    Him resigning with Brissie is hardly the most unexpected news of the decade.

  2. The Bronx look likely to finish in the top 6, although I think there several forwards short due to the sale of Blair etc. I’d be guessing some juniors would be making their debuts next season or another signing would be on the cards.

    1. Boyd
    2. Oates
    3. Roberts
    4. Bird
    5. Kahu
    6. Milford
    7. Nikorima
    8. Thaiday
    9. McCullough
    10. *N/A
    11. Glenn
    12. Gillet
    13. Maguire

    14. Mead
    15. Ofahengaue
    16. *N/A
    17. *N/A

    • Sims??? Also, Andre Savelio from over seas would probably get a spot and maybe Patrick Mago/Lodge??

      Crazy but Pearce would be good with Milford and Kodi on the bench.

      • I forgot about Sims as he was injured in the back half of the year, so I’m guessing he would be a guaranteed starter. Also regarding Savelio I haven’t heard much about him is he any good?

        • Thaiday won’t start next year the forward pack will be
          8. Sims
          10. Pangai Jr
          11. Glenn
          12. Gillett
          13. McGuire
          And the bench forwards
          15. Thaiday
          16. Ofahengaue
          17. Lodge/Su’a/Fai/Savelio/Mago

  3. Also there is a young player called Jonus Pearson currently off contract from the Broncos. In my opinion he would be a handy pickup for the Dragons because “Gypsy” is coming towards the end of his career.

    • No news or predictions from 3 hats mate. Just my opinion on how to improve the team as their is going to be a wing position available when Nightingale hangs up the boots, which is probably at the end of next season.

  4. On a side issue relating to the Broncos…

    In what plane of reality is Wayne Bennett (coach) worth more $$’s than Cam Smith, Johnathan Thurston or Greg Inglis?

    Bennett ($1.3M), Thurston (1.2M), Smith ($1M), Inglis ($800,000).

    When is a coach ever worth more than the elite players in their team?

    On another note, for all NRL fans who are interested in the NFL and debate the potential for athletes to cross over from either sport…

    Keep an eye out for Silas Redd playing for the Broncos feeder club the Ipswich Jets in 2018. He is a 25 year old former RB (Running Back) 178 cm (96 Kg), “a former star US college running back who played 15 games for the Washington Redskins” (source below).

    Ex-NFL player sights on start in NRL

    • Your point about Bennett’s wages would be fair IF players and coach were included under the same cap.. The very fact that coaches wages are on a separate salary cap to a players makes the point invalid. You may as well compare the wages of the trainer, or masseuse or CEO to a player. Secondly, unlike players, coaches wages are only restricted by a clubs ability to pay. If the cap restriction was lifted on players, Thurston and Smith’s wages would far outstrip any coach.

      The “plane of reality” if not that hard to find.

      • tommy, you missed my point mate. It is not about the cap but whether a coach, ANY coach, is worth more $$’s than elite players of the game (particularly those at the very top of the tree). As hard as they work and as important as they are I don’t think so.

        “If the cap restriction was lifted on players, Thurston and Smith’s wages would far outstrip any coach.”

        See there, you agree with me. Players ARE more valuable than coaches which should be reflected in their salaries. QED, pay Bennett less. WHY should the Broncos be paying so much for someone who still hasn’t delivered a premiership? Robinson delivered one in his 1st year, Madge in his 3rd year and even Shane Flanagan did the impossible and took the Sharks to their first ever premiership in his 7th year as coach. Bennett has virtually a rep team and still hasn’t lifted a trophy (vicariously through his players) since 2010!

        Fortunately for the Broncos they have Kevvy Walters in the wings ready to take over for probably a third of the money the Broncos are paying Pappa Smurf and I bet he will get the Broncos better results when he finally takes Bennett’s throne in 2019. PLEASE tommy tell me that 2018 is Bennett’s last year? tommy? Don’t start me tommy! Don’t start me! 😉

        • To be fair, Flanagan had to sit out a year as coach for getting caught practicing “alternative medicine” without a licence. So that’s 6 years as coach to win a premiership.

  5. Congrats Darius, well deserved.

    On another note, how many Broncos have now pulled out or not available for world cup??? Bennett putting his foot down

  6. I liked him better when he was angry , now he is nice , boring , bindi is “nice” DCE is “nice”(but creepy nice) where has all the angryness gone ,

    • James Graham and David Klemmer are still keeping the flag flying for the “Anger management hall of famers” surely?

  7. I’d be interested to compare him to Manfred Moore (who Ron Casey continually called Manfred Mann). My recollection is that Moore was reasonably well-credentialled in American football although maybe not NFL but managed less than half a season with Newtown. It would be a phenomenal achievement if he makes any fist of it. Let’s hope he’s not a re-run of that impostor who played for Newcastle when Ryan was coaching them (Greg Smith? not sure of his name – someone will put me right).

    • Manfred Moore was more famous for entertaining the crowd at half time with his exhibition of throwing the ball NFL style than for his actual results on the field unfortunately. Time will tell if Silas Redd can make the transition. I’m expecting not. I believe that the gap between the two sports is too wide so it is a mirage that can never be reached.

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