Josh Cook South Sydney Rabbitohs

Star junior Josh Cook has signed on with the Rabbitohs for an extra two years.

The impressive hooker prospect, who turned 20 last month, has featured in multiple representative teams throughout his junior career.

In a media release, Cook said he was thrilled to remain with the Rabbitohs.

“It was a goal I set myself this year and it’s something I have strived for," Cook told the club's website.

“I guess there’s a sense of relief to know I’m staying at this club that I love, and I’m really excited about what is ahead for myself and for the team.

“I have an unbelievable opportunity to learn from one of the best, if not the best, hookers in the NRL in Damien Cook.

“To get the chance to train with him is fantastic and I can’t wait to learn more from him over the coming seasons.”

South Sydney general manager of football Shane Richardson praised Cook in a media release.

“He’s a very hard worker, he’s shown all the traits of a future NRL player, he’s a proud South Sydney junior from La Perouse and we’re looking forward to seeing Josh continue his development in the red and green of South Sydney,” Richardson told the club's website.

The Rabbitohs currently sit third on the NRL ladder with a 10-5 record.


  1. Great signing of a local junior.
    Local juniors are the heart and soul of any club.
    No juniors, no soul which is reflected in memberships.
    Well done Souths, a great club.

  2. That’s right CrustyBallsack, A Local Junior, not a young player developed at another club then poached and called part of the roosters junior academy program LOL.
    The NO JUNIORS (NO SOUL) FIFO ROOSTERS are at it again.
    I hear they are trying another FIFO with SBW like last year.
    Fly him In for the finals and then Fly him Out.
    That’s TRANSIT at the highest level.

  3. Another product of La Perouse like Josh Ado Carr, Alex Johnston, James Roberts, Dylan Walker in recent years.
    That’s great local junior development, the heart and soul of any club.

  4. Walker a Mascot junior, Addo Carr a Moore park junior, doesn;t matter there still juniors, something Easts rarely can say

  5. Stephanie literally your only good players were poached from better clubs Gagai,walker,Burgess and cook. All your juniors are trash.

  6. Back2Smack19 you need to update your knowledge on the history of Souths juniors you ignoramus.
    The rooster juniors, hang on, there ain’t no rooster juniors 😂😂🤣🤣

  7. our juniors trash , Reynolds, Sutton and Murray just to name a few, our trash your treasure, plus we had at least 6 juniors in our grand final win, how many Easts?

  8. Don’t bother penso, just enjoy they will forever be in our shadow in every way.
    Premierships etc etc etc

  9. Where’s sids 😂 or Reg or Nero 😂😂😂😂 rabbids are rubbish, everyone knows it, relocate or merge

  10. Also congratulations to another Souths junior Cameron Murray not only playing origin but 1st NRL player to gain a scholarship/cadetship with Maquarie Bank.
    Now where do we begin with No Rep Radley LOL

  11. Out of desperation of declining memberships the roosters are now trying to start another junior comp. OMG.
    Problem is 3 of those areas, paddo colts, bondi United and Clovelly Crabs have more souths fans living there than roosters.
    Suggest they go to their heartland of Dover Heights and Rose Bay but not much happening there when comes to sporting ability.

  12. Have to say its flattering Woody trying to copy my nic and pretend it’s me.
    Last time I saw that was that other loser No Rep Radley trying to be Cameron Murray.
    To both, thanks for the add admiration but you will have to try harder to be anything Souths.

  13. That’s 4 Souths in origin now and only 2 from le coqs.
    Bit like the memberships.
    Half as many LOL

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