SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 02: Greg Inglis of the Rabbitohs looks on after fulltime during the round 21 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Penrith Panthers at ANZ Stadium on August 2, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Every NRL club has a player that they rely on to deliver them results. Whether it’s leading from the front, demonstrating brilliance or providing consistency every team needs a key player. These are the players that will need to perform for each club, from the New Zealand Warriors to the Wests Tigers.


1. New Zealand Warriors – Shaun Johnson

Shaun Johnson is a player that has incredible talent but lacks consistency. For many years the Warriors have relied on him to lead them into the finals, but have been disappointed come the end of the season.

With the addition of Blake Green, Johnson will finally have a reliable halves partner that can help him run the team. It is now up to the Warriors halfback to show his brilliance all year in order to take his side deep into the finals.



  1. We missed Inglis last year that’s for sure, the good thing now is that we know how to win without him, even though we finished 12th, Greg becomes a bonus for us, plus having a whole year off you would reckon he would be raring to go, it’s almost like signing a new player, i hope they play him in the centre’s.

    • True Penso, the same thing happened a few years ago at the Sydney Roosters when Mini got injured for a couple of seasons. Eventually he came back, became our captain and won a premiership. Inglis the New South Welshman masquerading as a Queenslander should be in for a massive season.

    • The biggest thing about a player starting a new season after a long term injury the year before is he basically becomes a new signing for the club. Players like Inglis, Thurston and to a lesser extent, Gutherson, all missed plenty of games and none of them finished the season. Obviously, the downside to these players coming back is the 2 main things that slow a player down….
      1. Age.
      2. Injuries.
      These 2 things will have more effect on Inglis (power and speed game) and Gutherson ( speed and footwork) than Thurston ( thinking, directing and leadership).

  2. If you guys are serious about getting the best out of him for a sustained period I think playing in the centres is a must. It will be a great centre pairing too……

  3. Parra need Brown to have another big year and a starting prop to step up otherwise all the talented backs in the world won’t help. They will miss Semi starting the set off the try line so one of the above needs to do the job

    • I think If Bill Hamilton the captain coach of North Sydney Bears can reproduce his form from his Manly days a few years ago when they won the 1972-1973 premiership then they will be in for a huge year. A heap depends on this hulking Herman Munster type front rower. A big year by Herman Hamilton and the Bears could make the five. Has anybody seen the keys to my time machine? SSTID-1970/2002. Did you Knick them mate? Is that why you have been missing on this site lately SSTID-1970/2002??????

      • Yeah SSTID stuck in a time warp is and is working with the engineers to get him back to our time, only time will tell!!

        • Word from the bunker is SSTID is still trying to fight the good fight but has his hands tied at the moment. Hopefully the shackles can be released ASAP, there just isn’t enough reading material on here without him ;).

        • SSTID.

          Woodchook I remember Bill Hamilton at Manly from my earliest days following the game so he definitely has the “wood” on me in the age department.

          I better remember John Gray the pommie hooker at the Bears who transferred to Manly while Hamilton was still captain coach at the bears.

          Woodchook and Greenlabel, I would be interested

        • One of the criteria to influence the grading or a charge is if “the contact is forceful”, seriously? It’s a contact sport, it’s MEANT to be FORCEFUL! The game will become even more a hybrid of Oztag and WWE! One of the best hits I’ve seen for a long time was Kane Evans taking out Sam Kasiano. Sam took the line on and expected to steam roll the whole line (as he normally dominates in his charges), he got SMASHED!! Sam even gave him a smile and nod of the head as acknowledgement “You got me, well done”. Napa did the same thing taking on and dominating all 3 Burgess brothers. THAT is a forwards job. I understand the concerns but Reg is right, the game is getting SOFT!! Seriously? Now even “separation” (of the arm but use of the shoulder) doesn’t even seem to come into it. You have to make an effort to wrap them up. Pretty soon we will have a mixed sexes comp and I will start following the AFL as tougher sport! Could anyone ever imagine the AFL would be considered a tougher sport than Rugby League? Give yourselves an uppercut you stooges!
          From SSTID-1970

      • I’m a fan of the shoulder charge SSTID-1970. those CLASIC battles between Newcastles Harragon and Manly’s Carroll were magnificent. Nobody died, nobody broke their neck but what did die was a great part of rugby league. You are correct SSTID-2002. The game has gone very soft and all the NRL intend to do is make it a fast game of oz tag.

    • THAT is where I think the Eels with fall down, through their forwards. They are mobile but couldn’t break through a wet paper bag. If they don’t hold their own in the middle the Eels will be on the back foot and going nowhere fast. Also Brown needs to stay at lock and not get moved to the front row, THAT would be a mistake IMO.

      • That one slipped through to the keeper did it? 😂

        You are right though, the Eels biggest weakness is in the middle without doubt. I think moving Taka to an edge forward will see Tepai a permanent middle forward. Doesn’t solve the problem, but it will help it. Still a big prop short though.

  4. “Every NRL club has a player that they rely on to deliver them results”. I disagree.

    If your club is relying on “a player to deliver”, then you’re already shot.

    The way I see it, if you can’t choose between several players as “the one” you need to fire, then better luck next season.

    • Agreed almighty, that is what happened with us and Hayne mk1. I guess though the point of it is that you want to have a number of top players who can control a game and get you the win, but you also need that guy who brings the x-factor and can win a game from nowhere. I wouldn’t necessarily say that is a teams “key player” though.

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