SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 08: Daly Cherry-Evans of Queensland runs the ball during the round 10 Super Netball match between the Giants and the Swifts at the International Convention Centre on July 8, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Queensland players have supported the idea that Daly Cherry-Evans should become the new captain of the Maroons.

During a press conference on Monday, current Maroons coach Kevin Walters suggested Cherry-Evans will be one of the options to replace former Queensland captain Greg Inglis.

Inglis announced that he will be retiring from playing NRL football, earlier this week.

“Daly would be great,” Maroons winger Corey Oates told NRL Media. 

“The last few years he has started to play some really good football and really consistent footy. A couple of other blokes in the team could be captain, and it’s up to the selectors, but I don’t think they’ll be picking the wrong bloke. Daly has to be a really good chance to get it.

“He was outstanding last year (in Origin III). He just showed what he can do. He’s one of those players who competes on everything. It’s been a good start for him this year and the captaincy would be a massive milestone for him. Daly is respected. He’s been there almost 10 years in the NRL, he has worked hard for his spot and he’s now there as our No.7.”

Maroons forward Jai Arrow was also in favour of the move to make Cherry-Evans captain. He was particularly impressed with the way the Manly skipper conducted himself in last year’s Origin series.

“I thought he really stood up in game three last year and showed what a quality player he is. He came in with a lot of pressure on his shoulders and did a great job … scored a try and led us around,” Arrow told NRL Media. 

The State of Origin series begins on June 5.


  1. Not a Manly fan at all, and certainly not a Maroon fan, but I have always respected DCE as a player, and moreso his footy mind and ability to articulate. Nothing worse than a “yeah the boys did good” and “one week at a time” mindless interview, and he has always had interesting things to say. On the field I believe he is respectful to referees, which can only be a good thing…

  2. As a hard core Maroons fan I’d be very happy with that selection. He is the best choice available in my opinion.

  3. As long as they don’t pick Coyd Bordner, Queensland already had our NSW born and bred Greggo Inglis as captain last season. At least this way they will have a bloke who realises that NSW is the best place to live and play/work and will be the closest thing to another NSW captain for Qld.😂😆😁🤣——💪🐔👍💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  4. 1. Ponga
    2. Oates
    3. Morgan
    4. Chambers
    5. Gagai
    6. Munster
    7. DCE (c)
    8. Papali’i
    9. Friend
    10. McQuire
    11. Kaufusi
    12. Gillett
    13. Arrrow

    14. Hunt
    15. Napa
    16. Glasby
    17. Hess

    18. Wallace/Ofahungue
    19. Milford

  5. He will be announced Australian captain shortly after.
    Boyd Cordner needs to focus on his game.

  6. I will Say I was abit of a DCE hater but the way he put his hand up in last years origin, he really showed what he’s got and sofar He’s started this season off pretty good
    I think a handful of years ago he was abit up himself and sort of thought he would just walk straight into the Qld team but with the players we had at the time, he had know chance But now he’s done his time and it’s his turn now
    Qld’s halfback…. DCE 👍👍👍
    Hunt hooker an Munster fullback we need Morgan at 5/8 to run the show with DCE . I think Munster and DCE would clash in the halfs both R abit pig headed and I think Morgan is more mature to run the team around the park.

  7. Good line up mate. We are a bit light on this year. I’d pick Hunt at hooker instead of Friend and maybe have Norman as my 14. I’d swap out Hess for Ofa.

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