SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 04: Bulldogs coach Des Hasler (R) talks with assistant coach Jim Dymock during a Canterbury Bulldogs NRL training session at Belmore Sports Ground on March 4, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Renee McKay/Getty Images)

The Canterbury Bulldogs have flatly denied they have another coach waiting in the wings as the club’s directors prepare for a board meeting today to sort out the future of current NRL mentor Des Hasler.

Amid speculation the relationship between Hasler and the club has become untenable, a host of potential suitors has been linked with the Bulldogs, including 1995 premiership winner Dean Pay.

The Australian has learnt Pay has been told of the interest being shown in him by the Dogs and has been open with his current employers Canberra about his desire to pursue a head coaching role.

Current assistant coach Jim Dymock is another contender well-versed in the Bulldogs’ ethos and is likely to play a big role in the club’s future. Significantly, he and Pay share the same management.

Other former NRL club coaches Ivan Cleary and John Cartwright are also understood to be interested if a head coach vac­ancy arises at the Bulldogs.


  1. Breaking news , Des will be at Manly next year , Pay will be coach of the dogs in 2017 ,,, you read it here first

    • silvertail47

      And for a second I thought you were going to sign off with ,,, Believe that

      crowy3301 is on the money I think, Hasler will still be at the Dogs in 2017.

      • Yeah I don’t rate Jake , there’s nothing special about him yet , would trade him for Burhuer any day , same goes for his bro , slower than an aging Parra forward and that’s before he injured his ankle , meja darlings , like many before them ,

        • Jake is a gun, who plays 80 minutes with his heart on his sleeve every minute, who never misses a tackle, brings players down 1 on 1 every time. Has a good little offload and makes plenty of hit up, oh and he is only 21.. The guy is a gun, wish manly had more like him. And Tom had that bad ankle nearly all season and he is still a baby and has so much strength and muscle to add, busts tackles wth ease, he isn’t the finished product yet but on his way…

        • Miltontoaster

          “he would be a straight replacement for Gal at lock for the Blues this year.”

          Agreed, I think he will be.

        • silvertail47

          Generally speaking, average players don’t get selected in an Australian side (with the exception of Colin Scott – sorry QLDers).

        • Miltontoaster

          Well there was probably always going to be one or two more than poor old Colin… But surely you don’t see Jake T. as an average player? He is not a fully finished product yet, and it might be a bit early for this promotion, but I think he is the sort of player needed to give a side some real steel! I am sure he won’t let anyone down.

        • SSTID – not at all. Jake is one of the best defensive players in the game and has some decent passing skills as well. If it was up to me, he would be a straight replacement for Gal at lock for the Blues this year.

        • Sorry posted above by mistake!


          “he would be a straight replacement for Gal at lock for the Blues this year.”

          Agreed, I think he will be.

        • LOL average don’t get selected , you seen the current line up , there’s no “average ” players in there aie ,,,, oh dear

        • silvertail47

          Then you should be happy that Jake (with your low opinion of him) doesn’t look out of place. 😉

        • at this stage of his football jakes not up to it , hence why he’s not there , Papali would be but his “replacement” isn’t

    • Without being disparaging but can the Eagles afford to pay out Barrett and his coaching staff and afford to pay Hasler his big contract? Also, wasn’t one of the reasons that Hasler left was that Manly didn’t want to spend the big money on the off field side of things?

      • Again, couldn’t the dragons not afford to pay out the contract of McGregor which is why he is coach again next year? If they can afford to pay out McGregor and sign Dessie, I think the NRL will be coming around to ask them to pay for the debt they owe the NRL pretty quickly.

    • +1
      I think one Manly supporter was saying he was a crap or overrated player? I said he would be represent SOO and Australia so looks like I was on the money.

  2. Silvertail is in similar mould to Ronald m.

    Yes the Trebo boys are bad, that’s why they’re in Australian side. Only mistake picked in recent time was Soine Matuatia. God awful

    • sunnybill

      Agreed. Sione Matuatia (at the time) showed a lot of talent and promise but was no where near ready for that step. Subsequently it appears to have done him no favours either.

      Re silvertail47 and ronald-m, a few of us made a similar comparison on the “NRL Statement on anti-doping breaches” story which he denies.

      I also noticed the ,,, Believe that and ,,, you read it here first similarity to believethis, so either way? 😉

      Btw sunnybill/miltontoaster, if you saw Colin Scott play he wasn’t even up to NRL first grade standard that alone the Australian rep team (and he also played for QLD in SOO amazingly enough).

      • what about d walker and johnstone – they didn’t deserve to be picked for the Roos but they did.
        Looks like Walker and Grey are not so quick on the learning – together and in trouble again, prescription drugs last year, brawling this year…..they are more trouble together than Normy and Chicko

        • billy

          Alex Johnston only got selected for the squad but did not play. He should have rightfully started in front of Sione Mata’utia as he was leading try scorer that year in a top 3 side. I agree Walker was picked a bit too early.

          That’s why incumbent players are generally favoured for positions. I believe that players should come through SOO to be selected. Generally questionable test selections are players that have never played SOO and have not been exposed to that sort of pressure playing at the elite level (with the exception of Ferguson).

          “Looks like Walker and Grey are not so quick on the learning – together and in trouble again”

          Yeah, I noticed. If Gray gets punted while Roberts (Broncos) and Walker (Manly) just get a slap on the wrist I will be truly p!ssed. Gray will now probably be on his last warning (third and final). Why is it that only Souths/Panthers/Raiders show consistency in this area?

          “they are more trouble together than Normy and Chicko”

          It seems there are certain combinations that don’t go well together, “Walker and Gray”, “Dugan and Ferguson”, “Andrew and David (Fifita)”.

    • krazyman

      I understand the confusion. I think I found the culprit, pretty average comment really. LOL

      silvertail47 October 14, 2016 at 9:07 am
      Breaking news , Des will be at Manly next year

      Seriously though, I think everyone is already talked out about the whole Des thing on the previous stories.

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