SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 21: George Burgess tosses a ball during a South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL training session at Redfern Oval on March 21, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

South Sydney forward George Burgess has taken the early guilty plea for a grade two shoulder charge that occurred during the Rabbitohs’ one-point loss to Brisbane on Friday night.

Burgess was charged for a hit in a 63rd-minute incident involving Broncos player Anthony Milford.

The 25-year-old will miss the next four matches and will have 27 carry-over points in the future after the hit totalled 427 points.

Burgess will miss South’s matches against Manly, Wests Tigers, Melbourne and Parramatta.


  1. Souths fans… Serious question here, not trying to start anything. Which one of you (if any) disagree that it is time to cut the Burgess boys loose? I think the twins are a definite I think, as their form has not been there for some time. I also think Sam takes up too much cap space for what he delivers, although he would be the only one worth keeping. He is still a top quality player, but I think he needs to get his focus back on playing footy and keep the grubbiness out of his game (he isn’t alone there and he is far from the most grubby player in the game, but I think too much has crept in).

    Obviously there needs to be others to come in and take their spot, but is it time to move on from them. Also, if it came down to Sam digging his heels in and refusing to stay if his brothers are moved on, is keeping him worth it? Maybe Sam would actually benefit from his brother not being there?

    Like I said, not trying to start anything, I am genuinely interested to see what you guys think on the issue. I have discussed it with mates over a beer and they tend to agree, but none are Souths supporters.

    • not a souths fan, but in terms of ability and talent and size, they got it all and I wouldn’t move them on.
      unless there is absolutely no way to get them motivated and get the best out of them, i’d keep the twins.

      as for their point of view, if there is a disconnect with the coach or club, maybe a move to another club would bring out the best in them (individually or altogether).

      I cant see them moving Sam on anytime soon regardless of form.

  2. There is not one forward in the comp I would trade a Burgess brother for. The twins are 24 years old. George will be the best frontrower in the game one day.

    • I believe age is really the only thing working in George and Tom’s favour. Sam is going great guns so he is fine.

  3. I think he will be the best suspended front rower in the game one day
    You can tell that he puts in that extra mile at training to be a real consistent grub

  4. And one more thing
    If he isn’t dropping the ball he’s dropping a shoulder or elbow
    Up the bunnies!!!!!!

    • Thank you for your deep and meaningful thoughts on the game, it is quite clear they are in short supply. The Burgess twins just need a good kick in the rear end. They have enough talent but seem to have lost something in the process. I wouldn’t move them on just yet.

      As for George, tell me where he is a grub. I could name a few other players like Thaiday, Blair, McGuire, Gallen, etc who play the game with the same passion as George, but where is the call to deal with them?

      Go back to your latte and ask the barrister to add some common sense next time he makes one for you.

      • Don’t get me started on McGuire mate. I can’t stand the way he plays the game. He is king grub as far as I am concerned, and before Gus or any of his Bronco mates says any different, this has nothing to do with him being a Bronco, he is just a grub.

        I take your point about the Burgess twins too. I agree they have plenty of potential and need a kick in the rear end, but how long do you persist here? They were supposed to be the cornerstones of your pack, especially when Sam left, but there form has left a lot to be desired. They do have youth on their side, but how long can you wait?

        • I’m sorry for ignorance, people say Mcguire is a grub but I have never noticed it and the mrc has never noticed it either. Can you point specific incidents out please?

        • Biggest grub in the game without doubt. Even his team mates are not fans of his actions. Recall the rat in the ranks last year – McGuire was it.

        • But why is he? What does he do? How can you be sure he is not liked by his team-mates. If he was not liked by his team-mates and such a grub surely Wayne would’ve got rid of him by now. The whole rat incident was played out by the media. The media does tend to over-exaggerate quite a bit.

        • live in denial gus – McGuire has all the dirty tricks in his kit bag, late shots, high shots, trips, squirrels, hair pulling, sly punches to the head – the lot.
          What he does is is commonplace in the NRL, but the difference is, a lot of players only have one trick, McGuire has them all and uses them.
          Who were the two team mates punching on at training last year? McGuire was one
          Who was leaking stories to the press about what goes on in the dressing room? McGuire – he was caught out in a sting by his own team mates.

  5. Burgess needs to pull his head in, in saying 3rd man Thaiday is just as bad,as are the Storm flogs , George isn’t the only loose canon

    • I think you’re proving you’re a flog every time you post. You can’t explain to someone why you are calling them a name. I really don’t see how you could describe me as a flog.

    • as I said everything you have ever written here proves it, your immature, you lack the intel to deliver a logical diplomatic point,

      • At the current moment it seems your the one lacking the brains to make a point. As you can see I have tried to be fair to all the members of this site, realising we will have split opinions on things and am currently trying to gain understanding of why people think certain things. You’re the immature one.

      • “At the current moment”
        Exactly my point, you see 90% of your posts are pointless immature garble when it suits you you attempt maturity.

  6. The Twins are only in there early twenties… we would be mad to cut them loose… we were mad to cut Roberts & Walker…. lets’ not repeat the madness…

    • They’re in their mid twenties with around 100 FG games under their belt. They’re not juniors, and they’re not on token salaries.

      You have have a right to expect a FG performance, on a regular basis.

  7. I think there’s a bigger issue at play here (probably something off field).

    He’s played 6 games this season and has been suspended twice, and should have (in my opinion) had a third for throwing his elbow around in the previous week. He’s no angel, but this is looking out of character.

    Is it just confidence? Maybe, and if so the plus side is he is so frustrated with his underperformance he’s lashing out. That’s got to mean he cares, and is giving his all. That’s fixable.

    If it’s personal, well it depends on what it is, and what the Bunnies can / are willing to invest in him.

    If it’s something club related, move him on.

    If they’re (the Burgess brothers) the 3 Musketeers, then Sam is effectively going to be subsidising his brothers salaries going forward to keep them all together (based on current performance) and I can’t see that happening. If fact I got a little chuckle from that thought, and I’m the first to admit I have a warped sense of humour, but I pictured big Sam sitting in front of a club executive and saying, “I’m not playing unless my brothers can play too”.

  8. I don’t buy the line on this and the other thread about George being only young and with experience he’ll mature. He is now 25 and in his 6th season for the Bunnies – that’s not youth and inexperience. His callowness should be behind him and he should be coming into the best years of his career. Instead, his form is not what it was in 2015 and his ill-discipline is costing Souths big-time. It must be so frustrating for Souths fans knowing what he is capable of compared to how he is playing. 2 suspensions (and he was lucky to escape a third) is letting his team and supporters down. He should look at how big brother Sam plays the game, particularly Sam’s intensity and competitiveness. Just my opinion, but Sam is as good as any Pommie to play in Sydney – right up there with Reilly. George could be right up there too, well almost, but he’s not and it’s all down to him.

    • I think you have summed it up perfectly 38er. I don’t mean this as a joke, but do you think that getting married and becoming a father is weighing him down? Hasn’t affected Sam, but he is a bit older.

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