SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 17: Kieran Foran of the Bulldogs makes a break during the round 22 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Canterbury Bulldogs at ANZ Stadium on August 17, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

The Canterbury Bulldogs look set to receive unwelcome news from the NRL next week that their salary cap relief for injured Kieran Foran will be just a fraction of the star pivot’s contract.

The Dogs will be told that the most they can receive for a player who is ruled out for at least 12 matches after being injured on representative duty is $350,000, a current rule which was brought in during 2018.

That is not the news the Dogs would have been hoping for, with the club paying Foran $1.2 million in the final year of his contract.

Foran dislocated his shoulder while playing for New Zealand against Great Britain in early November after the completion of the NRL season.

Foran spoke to The Sydney Morning Herald recently and said he is targeting a round 15 return against South Sydney or a potential round 17 clash with the New Zealand Warriors after the bye.

“In my head I want to be back in the middle of the year,’’ Foran said. “If I can get back around that round-15 mark, it would be nice.

“That will be just over the six-month mark from the second surgery. It’s generally nine months to recover from rotator-cuff surgery.

“If you speak to most specialists, they’ll tell you nine months is a safe number. But speaking to various people about it, there have been blokes who have done it in six months in the past — I think there was even a case where a bloke came back in five months.’’

Foran has been in the gym constantly since the removal of his sling last week, and is now aiming to ramp up his rehab in the coming weeks.

“Hopefully I can actually start running in three weeks out on the paddock with the boys and get out of the gym,’’ he said.

“I’m the only one left in the rehab group. I won’t be stubborn about trying to get back. It’s about making a calculated decision, and I’m confident I can get back out there with the boys and contribute.’’


  1. What a joke!! If only he played for Easts, Brisbane, Melbourne or Souths as the rest are treated like leper’s in this competition

  2. Red not trying to stir but should a club recieve compo of they are coming back to play eventually ? Yes the process is fishy but the previous cases were for players retiring due to injury or am I missing something in this case ?

  3. Geez Louise 1.2 million for Foran they really should’ve pushed for a medical retirement not compensation Foran spends more time injured than fit. I’d be surprised if a super league team picks him up after this season

  4. Spot on redv13.
    No salary cap relief at all for the former Manly & Penrith players who were forced to retire.
    No money back to Penrith from the NRL, for the $22 Million dollar Academy that they Totally paid for.
    Even though the NRL are paying the $20 Million for similar centres built for Parramatta etc..
    Plus the governments are footing the majority of the bill for the Nuggets , Parramatta’s new stadiums.
    Everything is fair & even in the NRL! 👍

  5. Agree isdon you just know even if hs makes it back on the field he won’t last the season. I’d be very surprised if the club haven’t already exored this option and for whatever reason didn’t go through with it.

  6. So he’s gonna miss half a season at 1.2mil only gonna receive 350k maths sounds right dogs get only a quarter back 👍🏻

  7. He should have done the right thing and retire, but he reckons he’s got another two or three years left in him, best of luck with that.

  8. Brissybunny Bulldogs needed your dodgy doctor to medically retire him win win 1.2 mill for doggies and they could get a decent half to settle into the start of the year with Lewis and Foran would have to do a little less than he will do this season. Hard to see doggies not being woodenspoon favourites.

  9. Kev, Kev, Kev..
    Can’t stand any truths about how the NRL runs ? Especially when those truths also negatively involve your team?
    I’ve nothing against your favourite team. I’d make the same comment no matter which teams were favoured above others. It just so happens that in these cases , Parramatta is just one of the favoured . Where the money goes tells no lies. It’s there for all to see!
    Just the same as which teams get shafted the most each year with penalties & which ones don’t ?
    None of those things can be denied.
    Pity that just leaves you with snide , petty comments. 👍

  10. My last post got “filtered” so I’ll try shorter ones, and try to address some of the issues one at a time.
    “Plus the governments are footing the majority of the bill for the Nuggets , Parramatta’s new stadiums.” OMG, the owners are meeting the capital costs, not the tenant. It just doesn’t make any sense, since when has the tentant (the party renting a property) not have to own it and develop it (and pay rent)?

  11. EOD, again I could argue a club has to be the most penalised. For the last 2 years (I think) it’s been yours, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you (your club) is a victim.

  12. “My club didn’t get medical retirement for (player X), but theirs did”. VICTUM, clearly there’s no other explanation.

  13. 2 years ago no club got any concessions for players injured (but not medically retired) from rep footy but the Dogs (and Raiders recently, and maybe others) are.
    I think that arrangement still needs improvement, but it’s better than nothing. It’s a step in the right direction, but you could also argue “my club didn’t” (in the 19 hundred and somethings).

  14. Let me know when all the other teams get new facilities. I mean a new or updated stadium included in that, , or when the NRL is giving Penrith back $20 Milkion for its Academy? When your team is on the end of two years of being the most penalised team , let us all know! Yell out when every team is treated the same with medical retirements from the game ..
    Then you may have something ..,
    Until then, you’ve got nothing…
    Other than , there could be other explanations..
    Sorry if you don’t like your club being placed in the same box as the Nuggets?

  15. Did all Eeks supporters think Greg Hartley was fair & straight as a die?
    Or did they think their club was one of his & the NRL’s victims at that time?
    Hard to answer that question is it? 👍

  16. EOD, I’m a director of a couple of companies with cash so if the Panthers want to became “cornerstone” tenants of any commercial property arrangement I’ll be more than happy to send them my contact details.
    I understand your frustration with being the “most penalised” team, and as a Parra supporter, as is probably the case with most supporters, I’m surprised it wasn’t my club, but that doesn’t make it so. Penrith got the “honours”, but that doesn’t necessarily make them victims, but let’s assume it does. Let’s assume Penrith got the short straw years ago, and let’s assume the NRL is getting it right now, how do you do propose to rectify it?
    The list goes on.

  17. …and yet the vermin receive FULL compensation for the hair pulling, nut grabber AND fat boy inglis??? … with the money they go out and BUY anything with a heartbeat…lowlife snakes they are.
    Sounds fair. You are a joke greenburg.
    I’d be ropeable if I were dogs management.

  18. your a complete goose GNR sound like one of Woods alias’s , if you haven’t got anything constructive to say just shut up and stop making a goose of yourself, wanka

  19. …yep, because all of YOUR comments are always so constructive ….truth hurts when it’s about the nrl’s little golden boy favourites – Souf Sideney heybro.
    Everyone’s thinking it (except toothless soufs supporters, and greenburg evidently), I’m just posting it… little d*** sniffer penso.

  20. Easy champ no need to have a coronary surely you have better things to do then embarrass yourself on a public forum .

  21. not embarrassed at all….champ. Yep that’s right…a PUBLIC forum….just calling it as I see it….the vermin getting preferential treatment over another club – the doggies, Forans out for the whole year…why should the dogs have to include his salary in their cap for the year, when burgess and Inglis aren’t included in Souths for the remainder of their contracts???

  22. Eels..
    I wrote a lot of things that I thought may help fix some problems with the way the NRL runs. However, those opinions only of mine must have been removed or blocked by the site? Even though there was nothing nasty about any of them.
    Censorship in action again on zero tackle.

  23. GNR it’s a bit rich to whinge about favouritism. As I’ve said before there have been countless dodgy decisions favouring different clubs over the years and we have all moved on from them. Foran should have taken advantage of the current situation and medically retired while he could but he hasn’t and as a result the bulldogs won’t get the full salary cap benefits. I find that crazy as we know he won’t make it through the full season again. It’s only a mater of time before the NRL close off this loophole and the Bulldogs have dropped the ball on this one. Agree with the situation or not no amount of whinging will change it. I’m sure if your team were benefitting from these rulings we’d hear nothing about it from you, move your soapbox onto something else you’re just making noise for it’s owns sake, its over move on.

  24. Also Eels.. What’s the years ago thing about? They were shafted in the penalty counts for the last two seasons. Thats not a distant memory from so many years ago.
    If you want proof of bias in the game? Who suffers new rules made up on the run in games to negatively impact their team, other than Penrith? Wasn’t it last season that Cronulla was ruled to have scored a try due to a double movement , then given the ball back to complete their six tackle set, against Penrith? Where’s that rule in any rule book?
    Penrith were also denied a try a few seasons back against Newcastle . Due to a knock on in the play the ball. Now that seems fair! Pity that they went back two play the balls to find the knock on. A new rule also & not out of any rule book.
    Can you give me any other times , that any other clubs had to endure ‘New Shoddy Rules’ on the run?
    Interested to hear about them in any case.

  25. EOD, the “years ago” is simply referring to prior years. In your case re the penalties that’s how I should have phrased it, but it was also referring to (not to you/the Panthers) the usual names that come up re previous (non) medical retirement players vs recently medically retired players.
    But onto the aledged issue re penalty counts. For context I’ve included the list of most penalised teams over several more years (not just the last 2).
    2013 Roosters
    2014 Roosters
    2015 Titans
    2016 Sharks
    2017 Storm
    2018 Panthers – also had the most handling errors & the most missed tackles. Refs fault?
    2019 Raiders – Penrith at the end of the regular season. Also the most missed tackles again.
    So it would appear that a team has to be the “most penalised” every year, but given it’s been the Panthers for the past 2 (in the regular season), you have an issue.
    I seem to recall 1 of your previous arguments was that “how could that be with different coaches”, but we also have the “most missed tackles” stat over the same 2 years.
    I can’t comment on the specific example/s you mentioned as I don’t remember them, but more broadly on the rule changes issues (or reinterpretation/enforcement) my most memorable was early in the 2018 season. It was a Storm game (and the Sharks I think), and the change in referring (interpretation/enforcement of rules) disadvantaged both sides, but the Storm got the worst of it, and the sport (in my eyes) because it barely resembled RL.
    But back to the Penrith penalty issue, and on the bright side for you Maloney’s left, so you probably won’t be the most penalised team in 2020.

  26. Wow eels. 50% of the most penalised teams of the year from your list actually end up winning the comp. Roosters 2013 sharks 2016 storm 2017. Who says crime does not pay?

  27. Interesting observation/stat Ropable.
    That said, it would stand to reason, all things being equal, in that the team that wins the GF played the most games/amongst the most games (depending on if they got the week off in the finals/who they played in the GF). The 50% of the time could (I didn’t check the stats, so it’s only a could), account for the loser of the GF having (generally) played an equal/very close to equal number of games, which would also be amongst the most played for the season.
    But interesting stat nonetheless.
    P.S, so how did the Panthers manage to get it (most penalised) when they were nowhere near the GF in those years? Just kidding.

  28. Penso are your serious? ..
    sooky Surgess gets belted in a couple of games, sees no future for any bling… pulls the pin, a week or so later he’s carrying a woman around on his (sore) shoulder in Mexico.
    Our wonderful ambassador for our Indigenous folk gets done for speeding whilst under the influence of alcohol (DUI) … loses the Australian captaincy (reluctantly as he a big Mal thought there was no case to answer), meanwhile GI gets fat, blames everything for his ‘condition’ ….. both these boofheads saved Souffs a ton in salary cap relief and the NRL bought it..
    Really Penso, you think Souffs aren’t getting special treatment? … are you serious?

  29. NRL gifted South Sydney Sombreros their premiership in 2014
    and now they want to do it again to leverage off that sentimentality of the pathetic underdog winning

    What about the rumored paper bags to Little Inglis fat Pappa at Nanna Glen? will that be investigated?

  30. EOD, so now you are whinging that the eels get preferential treatment because of the new stadium? Wow! That is a stretch even for you. Penrith had the opportunity to bid for the western Sydney stadium, and did. In fact Stuart Ayres wanted to put it in Penrith as that is his local area, where he grew up, went to school etc. The fact is that Parra got it because it has year round tenancy with the Wanderers. It is nothing to do with preferential treatment, just a better business decision.

    And in the whole most penalised team thing. Maybe Penrith deserved to be the most penalised team, had you considered that? As almighty said, perhaps it coincides with Maloney being in the team. Look at the list if recent most penalised teams. Maloney was in all of those teams except Storm and Titans.

  31. Stats on penalties pleease…..It doesn’t matter how many, it’s where you receive them and what tackle it’s on, have we not forgotten about the refs miked up being told the tackle count so they could square it up? You know what they say ‘STATS ARE ONLY 75% CORRECT”…….Thats another stat for anyone who doesn’t get it!

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