The Brisbane Broncos have revealed a permanent tribute for the late Carl Webb, with the club's strength leaderboard at Red Hill named in his honour.

Webb, who passed away after a four-year battle with Motor Neurone Disease in December last year, played 66 of his 187 career NRL games with Brisbane from 2000-2004.

Two decades on from his Broncos departure, Webb's record-setting efforts in the club's gym remain unbeaten, with the former Queensland representative still No.1 for the bench press and back squat.

Under the new title of The Carl Webb Strength Leaderboard, the former Broncos, Cowboys and Eels forward has earned a posthumous honour at Brisbane.

The Broncos made the announcement this week, with Webb's children Hunter and Brooklyn joined by Brisbane coach Kevin Walters for the unveiling.

“It's a great tribute to Carl and his family, that'll be up there forever now and nice now that Carl can be remembered this way in the gym,” Walters said in a club release.

“He was obviously very strong, he showed that here in the gym but he transferred that out on the football field which is a key ingredient.

“You see a lot of guys really strong in here but can't transfer, but Carl wasn't one of those guys.

The Carl Webb Strength Leaderboard (Image via the Brisbane Broncos)

“I remember Carl making his debut, I was playing for the Broncos in that game, the look in their eyes when he was about to make a tackle, they'd quickly shift to poor old Kevvie and I'd have to do all the work for Carl, the opposition just ran sideways away from him.

“His personality, his character, it was great for any team, very selfless person, always gave to the team first, and character aside, he was a good player."

The Broncos are set to continue to work with the Carl Webb Foundation to grow support, awareness and funds in the fight against MND.