PERTH, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 10: Adam Reynolds of the Rabbitohs chips the ball during the round one NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the New Zealand Warriors at Optus Stadium on March 10, 2018 in Perth, Australia. (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

South Sydney will be without halfback Adam Reynolds for the next month due to a knee injury.

The No. 7 injured the knee during the Rabbitohs’ Round 1 loss to the Warriors in Perth.

“I didn’t realise it was as serious as it was,” teammate Dane Gagai said. “He toughed it out.

“He pushed through the game and thought he did a great job.

“It’s disappointing but we have to push forward. Whoever plays that role will do a good job.”

While only minor, the injury requires surgery to clean out the knee and will see Reynolds sidelined until Round 5.

The Rabbitohs will name their Round 2 team this afternoon, with youngster Adam Doueihi expected to be named as his replacement.


  1. They have got a very high opinion of this Doueihi guy, hopefully he plays to everyone’s expectation and makes it hard for Reynolds to get his spot back, now a concern on who will be goal kicker, i’m not sure who that would be, not a good time to lose Reynolds with a tough game against Penrith at their home ground coming up.

      • Doueihi was a fine goal kicker in the 20s and at Norths, I have seen him kick some fine goals from the touchline to win games last season but in his two trial games in first grade he was terrible…
        Must be Nerves!

        • Or he can’t kick. He isn’t a HB or 5/8 either no matter how much others want him to be. He is a running centre and a poor defensive one IMO.

        • No, the stabbing motion is out of Character.
          Normally he kicks very fluently through the ball.

          Doueihi was actually a Fullback in his Junior Union Days but he moved to 5/8, I am not sure exactly when he moved but it was before he played League.

          He was at 5/8 as an Australian Rugby Yawnion Schoolboy.

    • Penso. I think Doueihi is already better than Adam Over Rated Reynolds. He will be kicking goals too.

    • Chalky – Doueihi will be good, just not sure if ready for NRL, we’re going to miss Reynolds’ kicking game, but Reyno hasn’t got a running game at all – this kid can run, will be interesting to see how he goes… fingers crossed..

  2. reynolds has been injury prone since 2015 time to go son bring in doueihi maybe reyno can give him kicking lessons before he departs…


    • Reynolds has played in 135 Games but missed only 16 through injury.
      He has played in 89.4% of games available.
      2 were suspended and 1 was Origin.
      6 was from a broken Jaw, an accident.
      6 was when James Graham did a dog act on him and took him out.
      1 was medical, Appendicitis, NOT Injured!

      ONLY 3 games were missed from a genuine injury,
      1 week for a bump on the Shoulder during Origin 2, 2016
      1 week for a hip knock Good Friday 2017
      1week for a rolled ankle, late 2017 Rd 25.

      So not as injury prone as most IDIOTS think!

  3. doueihi sounds like a stable player, Reynolds is too injury prone.


  4. I thinks this isn’t good news for Rabbits fans. Don’t know who Doueihi is but if he’s a rookie, then he probably will take ages to come of age. The comp has been lucky with the likes of Reynolds, Cleary, Taylor and Croft in recent years, but this is not the norm. Teams generally suffer badly while this is happening.

      • Sorry Penso, when I was typing the words I forgot my teeth were in the glass soaking, you see when I type one letter at a time with one finger I like to sound the word out as I go. I typed what I here.😁

  5. i told 3 blind mice that doueihi will get reyno””s job in rd2 go you good thing he will shine and not get injured like adam made of paper reynolds does FACT!!! …


  6. Reynolds is a waste of space for Souffs nowadays. Permanently injured, lot of cap going down the drain for a guy that plays about 10 games a year.

  7. correctamundo… doueihi will make some good breaks unlike made of paper adam reynolds whom cant take a hit of any sorts he is made of paper richo can you hear me richo??…


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