Queensland Maroons coach Kevin Walters will look to take a new approach to the senior Queensland Emerging Origin squad next season, having today announced a more streamlined team of 11 players.

This fine-tuned collection of Maroons-in-waiting acknowledges the proven success of the Emerging camp concept this past season in producing “ready-made” Origin performers where eight players who took part in the 2017 camp went on to make their Queensland debuts.

“With the smaller numbers; it lets the Origin team staff spend more time with the individuals and the players can also spend more time with each other,” Walters said of the new direction.

The 2018 squad that will assemble in late January on the Gold Coast for the camp being run in partnership with the Queensland Academy of Sport includes a handful of fresh faces to the senior Emerging Origin camp including Corey Norman who enjoyed a breakout 2017 season.

Corey Norman is a player who has been on our horizon for some years and we feel the time is right to bring him in,” Walters said.

“He gained a lot of maturity with his football this past season.”

Another rising star of the game to be selected in the squad is Kalyn Ponga, who will be a key contributor to a revamped Newcastle Knights outfit next season.

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“I have spoken to Kalyn and he has indicated that he wants to be part of the Queensland pathways which is very exciting for Kalyn and very exciting for the Queensland Rugby League,” Walters said.

“He is a player of the future so it is good news for Maroons fans that he has confirmed his allegiance with us.”

The make-up of this squad also recognises the fact that a number of past participants like Jake Granville, Korbin Sims and Moses Mbye to name a few have “graduated” from the squad as they are well aware of Queensland team expectations.

“They have been involved in these squads for a number of years and know what will be required of them,” Walters said.

“We will be continuing to monitor their progress at their clubs.”

Senior Queensland Emerging Origin squad 2018

Kyle Feldt (NQ Cowboys)
Ethan Lowe (NQ Cowboys)
Felise Kaufusi (Melbourne Storm)
Kalyn Ponga (Newcastle Knights)
Tautau Moga (Newcastle Knights)
Jai Arrow (Gold Coast Titans)
Lloyd Perrett (Manly Sea Eagles)
Ashley Taylor (Gold Coast Titans)
Christian Welch (Melbourne Storm)
Corey Norman (Parramatta Eels)
Brenko Lee (Gold Coast Titans)


  1. Nehe MacDonakd over Brenko Lee,
    Wouldn’t bother with Perrett
    Plus I’d Definately include Korbin Sims if he’s not injured.

  2. The only to I see getting into the team are Taylor and Norman. Possibly Jai Arrow if he has a great first season with the Titans

  3. Kaufusi is the next backrower to be brought in, probably will be on the bench for next origin series unless papalli really improves and gets back to his best. I’d also think ponga will be close to selection on the wing or fullback at some stage, although we will have to wait to see if he can live up to his hype week in week out for the knights

  4. Let’s hopes this gains some momentum. There is no integrity in a system that is cloaked in darkness and shrouded in secrecy. Transparency is good for the game.

    “Former NRL player Jimmy Smith argues for public salaries to stave off negative perception”

    “all NRL player salaries should be published to stop harmful speculation about where clubs were at with their salary cap.”

    “There’s a clear perception among rival fans that the Roosters and other powerful clubs are getting away with daylight robbery — working under a “salary sombrero” rather than a cap.”

    “The lack of transparency means the perception is the Roosters are over the cap. They need to be more transparent with the salaries,” Smith said.

    However, Smith also questioned the objective of a salary cap when there is no limit on TPAs.

    “Why have a salary cap when you’ve got unlimited third parties?” Smith asked.

    “How many third parties do the Brisbane Broncos have compared with the Canterbury Bulldogs, compared with the Cronulla Sharks?”

    Only the NRL can accurately answer that question, with all TPAs required to be lodged with the governing body.


    • A breach of privacy there isn’t it? Each individual of the game has a right to privacy over their wage, rather than every fan knowing about it. If the nrl can see disclosed forms about each clubs pay roster and be happy with them, that should be enough. There’s a whole unit doing its job, in regards to not breaching salary caps and making sure it’s all legit, if and when more clubs slip up, they will be dealt with.

      • But you are preaching for each and every nrl players income to be compromised due to the fact you are a disgruntled souffs supporter, hijacking people’s personal spaces and what comes with it seems to be fine for others, but not you?

  5. Oh stop being dramatic. Legal means? What you’re going to get a whole bunch of lawyers on the case to find someone posing as you on a footy site? Take a chill pill mate, I’m sure zero tackle will fix it up, but if you’re really so concerned just make a new profile?
    I will miss reading your comments though as I think you do understand the game quite well, as for MW47 it’ll be great not needing to read the dribble he posts on this site.

    • First time in a while I agree with you titans2012, it is a bit dramatic going about like a legal matter. I myself had the same problem he did a couple of months ago, just made a new account all good now. As for your comments regarding MW47 spot on.

  6. are we suppose to miss and feel sorry for you SSTID? all you ever do on this site is complain and try to police everyone’s opinions that differ from yours. you’re just a hypocrite.

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