With the 2018 season drawing nearer, we will begin to look at how each team is shaping up for the season ahead.

Today, we take a look at the Gold Coast Titans – and what their best 17 looks like.

Titans 2024 Player Movements

2024 Gains
Keenan Palasia (Brisbane Broncos, 2025), Harley Smith-Shields (Canberra Raiders, 2025)
2024 Losses
Aaron Booth (retired), Patrick Herbert (released), Kruise Leeming (Wigan Warriors), Sam McIntyre (North Queensland Cowboys), Thomas Mikaele (North Queensland Cowboys), Toby Sexton (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs)
Jacob Alick (2024), Tanah Boyd (2025), Jayden Campbell (2026), Tino Fa'asuamaleaui (2033), David Fifita (2026), Moeaki Fotuaika (2027), Tony Francis (2025), Jaimin Jolliffe (2026), Brian Kelly (2026), Alofiana Khan-Pereira (2026), Chris Randall (2026), Phillip Sami (2026), Sam Verrills (2026)
Off Contract 2024
Jacob Alick, Oskar Bryant, Kieran Foran, Klese Haas, Isaac Liu, Joe Stimson, Thomas Weaver, Ryder Williams

2018 Predicted Lineup

  1. Michael Gordon
  2. Anthony Don
  3. Konrad Hurrell
  4. Brenko Lee
  5. Dale Copley
  6. Kane Elgey
  7. Ashley Taylor
  8. Jarrod Wallace
  9. Nathan Peats
  10. Ryan James
  11. Bryce Cartwright
  12. Kevin Proctor
  13. Jai Arrow
  14. Mitch Rein
  15. Leilani Latu
  16. Jack Stockwell
  17. Keegan Hipgrave

Coach: Garth Brennan

Reserves: Joe Greenwood, Will Matthews, Ryan Simpkins, Brendan Elliot.

The Big Question: New coach Garth Brennan has received a wrap or two over the past five years as he’s looked at getting an opportunity to coach in the NRL. Now he’s here, what can he achieve with an underperforming team like the Gold Coast Titans?

Predicted Finish: 14th

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