NRL Rd 6 - Roosters v Eels
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 20: Boyd Cordner of the Roosters makes a break during the round six NRL match between the Sydney Roosters and the Parramatta Eels at Bankwest Stadium on June 20, 2020 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

1. To say I was shocked re the timing of the Warriors sacking their coach is an understatement. Considering the role Kearney has played in keeping his side together in the most extreme circumstances in modern day sport, this just seemed like the wrong move. Players have come out to support him with talks some may even sit out this weekend's fixture. Crazy stuff.

2. Those two monster hits on Tedesco and Moylan will live on for a long, long time ... just not for either player on the receiving end. I was shocked with Matt Moylan returned to the field following a passed HIA. Watching American viewers lose their 'nana over these shots was something to behold. Toughest game on Earth!

3. Geoff Toovey should be an NRL head coach once again by the end of the season. Whether that be at the Warriors, Cowboys, Dogs, Dragons or Sharks. This talk of teams going all in for Wayne Bennett seem short sighted. Toovey is the man.

4. The Panthers and Eels are both the real deal. I wasn't 100% convinced re Penrith but after their win against the Storm I have no issues saying they're in the mix. The Eels gained massive respect despite a loss in the game of the season.

5. Newcastle are sitting second on the competition ladder yet still aren't being seen in the same group as the Roosters, Panthers, Storm, Eels, Raiders and Sea Eagles. If they win their next two games I think that will change. A big road trip to Townsville and a mouth watering clash with Manly await.

6. Round 6 has been the most enjoyable weekend of footy all season. That Eels/Roosters game was incredible. Manly's bravery on Sunday afternoon was all time. Even the Sharks and Bulldogs managed to put on an entertaining game. The Tigers/Cowboys game looked like it may ruin the weekend if not for a semi fightback by the Cowboys.

7. The Titans are going to struggle to put a side together this weekend. I think it's time to take some real chances. Cartwright at 6, Peach at 13. They HAVE to find a way to get these two into the game from the start.

8. Round 7 will be the second week in a row the game of the round is on a Saturday night. Eels vs Raiders? SIGN ME UP!

9. I really miss NSW Cup. The early Saturday and Sunday games are the perfect entre for members of the Rugby League obsessed community. There is nothing like an afternoon at Henson Park.

10. It's good to see players having fun across the games and social media considering everything that has happened this season. Ferguson saying sorry to cardboard cut outs after kicking a ball into the crowd, AFB's smart ass clap at Erin Molan, Moylan and DWZ joking after that hit. Good stuff.

11. Social media has a short memory. Shaun Johnson, post intercept pass, was called upon to be dumped from the Sharks just twenty minutes after jumping to the top of the try assist stats across the competition. It's always the latest thing that happened that attracts all the attention.

12. I'm surprised the stadiums held up as long as they did. Campbelltown looked worse for wear on Sunday and will see the Panthers move their game this weekend to Kogarah. They've all copped heavy traffic. Unfortunately Manly may have paid the price.

13. James Graham has been one of the best front rowers of the modern era, and one of the best English imports. What a superstar. 411 first grade games and possibly 30 more after a return to England. In the front row!

14. I'm not overly emotional but anyone who saw that incredible Fine Kula story on Sunday and didn't tear up is not human. What an incredible story. The League community really stood up again this weekend in raising over $2 million.

15. I officially give up on SuperCoach. I stuck with Elliot Whitehead for the opening rounds, finally lost patience and put him on my bench and he runs up a 90. Strike me down.

16. Anthony Milford ... what's happening? Is he playing injured, lacking confidence or just not very good? I keep waiting for that "screw you" performance for him to shut up his doubters, but I'm losing confidence that it'll happen anytime soon.

17. Toby Rudolf is my favourite player. It's not even close. What a man!

18. Weekly admiration for the Keary/Moses/Pearce/Cleary battle for the NSW halves. Keary got one over Moses on Saturday night but Cleary's dominant performance over the Storm puts him right at the front of the line. Pearce looks just as good as ever. Jack Wighton isn't exactly playing badly either but will likely fill a utility or centre role. Phwoar!

19. After last week's referee howler-fest, this week I hardly noticed them. I'm sure the comments will explode with many instances of errors but for the main it was nice to have a weekend revolve around just the footy. Probably cursed round 7, sorry.

20. Ryan Matterson having a swipe at his former team on instagram seemed over the top but I'd heaps prefer a little attitude and personality than the copy and past "put in 100%" cliche. Jake T had one of the all time great post game interviews on Sunday. The Morris boys were typically jovial in theirs too. Good to see.

BONUS 21: I understand cameras in the sheds are required due to the broadcast deals but apart from human curiosity, who cares why Latrell Mitchell was upset in the sheds? If he wants to discuss it he can. Until then, it's between him and his coach.