BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 02: Cameron Smith of Australia celebrates victory at the final whistle during the 2017 Rugby League World Cup Final between the Australian Kangaroos and England at Suncorp Stadium on December 2, 2017 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

Origin, Grand Final, and World Cup glory.

Each a winning team, captained by Cameron Smith. All in the space of one illustrious year.

It’s a fair statement, that Dally M medalist has had the most successful year by any athlete, in any sport.

To compliment Smith’s achievements comes the biggest of them all. Surpassing Darren Lockyer to play the most games in history.

The 34-year old concedes that his career isn’t about to be drawn closed and you should expect to see Smith reach new remarkable heights in the coming years.

“It is the last year of his contract (in 2018), but the club is extremely keen to extend his deal beyond the end of next year,” Storm football director Frank Ponissi told the Herald Sun.

“He’s indicated that as well through his management and himself.

“There’s certainly no urgency to do that given he played his first game of the year in Hobart back in February and there he is still playing in the first week of December.

“It’s not the right time now, but certainly for both club and player the plan is to sit down in the near future and extend into 2019 and who knows beyond that.

“You’d rule nothing out with Cameron. He just loves the game and competing.”

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Dally M Award, the international Golden Boot, and narrowly missing out on the Clive Churchill, the list goes on. Leading Queensland and Australia to victory, as well as where his heart lies, in Melbourne.


“I can’t think of anything that is close to matching what Cameron did this year,” Ponissi said.

“It has just been an extraordinary year, and it should be remembered he has done it at 34 years of age.

“It’s an age many players are supposed to retire and in a lot of cases are slowing down, but for Cameron, it is the exact opposite.”


  1. I don’t think he will, I think he’s achieved everything there is in the game besides a Clive Churchill. To me he’s the next Immortal, the GOAT and the greatest hooker to ever play the game, no hooker will come close to him in the next life time.

  2. He will have one more year at Rep level and then he will consent on Club Football. Witch will be the best thing for him and The Storm👌🏽

  3. of course he course he will play on – he loves the $$$’s and the glory. Storm may just entice him to stay a couple of extra years with the lure of a new kitchen and maybe Inglis’ boat.

  4. James Graham during the WC Final, summed up Cameron Smith for what he is correctly.
    Forever in denial, he should be remembered as a first class cheat and a person with no moral standing.

    1) He was found to have signed two contracts with the Storm during their salary cap cheating days…one that ‘showed compliance” and the other what he would really get.
    2) His remonstrations during the Alex McKinnon tackle was downright disgusting.
    3) He constantly plays outside the rules and spirit of the game….together with Bellamy he masterminded the ruck slowdowns.

    He is made out to be the greatest footballer…but the reality is he is the greatest cheat the game has ever seen.

    • Cam Smith starting up the ” yippie i aye” QLD victory song as the captain of a victorious Australian team huddled for a post-game photo sums him up. One face to the cameras and another to the players who know him. I remember Gallen and the other Blues players walked out on the photo in disgust while the QLDers continued singing and just laughed. Weak, petty and intentionally provocative.

      Had this happened in the post-PC error of RL before the game evolved to a “nanny state” mentality ruled by the politically correct police Gallen would have put one on Smith’s “butt crack” chin just like Ron Coote did to Manly’s John Bucknall in the 1970 GF. Cam Smith and his cheating niggling tactics would have quickly been sorted out “back in the day”.

      Instead of a Dally M they should give Smith a black belt in recognition of bringing MMA style Brazilan Jiu Jitsu to RL. He should also be eligible for an oscar for his straight faced playing of the referees. No question about it Cam Smith is one multi-talented individual.

      Normal transmission restored tommy. 😉

    • He’ll become a player manager, his knowledge of how the salary cap works and how to get around it is second to none. His latest trick is having a testimonial match in the pre season where he collects the profits, he’s also pushing to play more Internationals, lamenting the fact that there is only one Test next year where he can earn extra coin from. $cam Smith will no doubt come up with some more schemes before he retires.

  5. I’m a NSW supporter, but I truly believe he will go down in history as the greatest hooker, and probably captain, to ever play Rugby League. It is absolutely phenomenal what he has achieved…I can’t wait for him to retire

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