BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 05: Broncos coach Wayne Bennett speaks to media after losing the round one NRL match between the Brisbane Broncos and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at Suncorp Stadium on March 5, 2015 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

This has been one crazy off-season.

Usually the NRL off-season is a long slog, and although 2018 into 2019 is difficult without the greatest game of all on our screens every weekend, this sure has been one of many headlines.

The Valentine Holmes shift to NFL has been the big story, and rightly so, but we still have the on-going coaching dramas that look to drag on through to at least the Christmas period.

Last week we had journalists ‘confirming’ the exit of Wayne Bennett on Monday/Tuesday, with stories then shifting to the ridiculous scenes that saw Wayne Bennett literally crawl to avoid media attention.

Then it came out that Bennett would be staying at Red Hill in 2019, reportedly completely throwing the South Sydney Rabbitohs’ pre-season into disarray.

They were supposedly expecting Bennett to start in his new role, despite Bennett’s public appeals to stay on in 2019, as early as the first week of December.

As it stands, both the Broncos and Bunnies will be facing a 2019 season knowing that their coaches are not only exiting in under 12 months’ time, but are also actively planning for the future at another club.

You wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t literally happening before our very eyes.

Souths are in a horrible position here in that their 2019 depends on the movements of another club. If the Broncos do sit tight with Bennett, they either have to proceed with a coach they had actively planned and encouraged to move on early, or face a situation where they pay Seibold to sit in the stands and bring in a pinch hitter of sorts.

They’re also in a position where they have a rookie coach operating under immense pressure in one of the most difficult situations you could find him in.

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After the Bunnies’ brilliant 2018, fans and pundits alike will expect the red and green to feature deep into the finals again this year.

They’re sans the brilliant Angus Crighton, have reports in the media that indicate they may lose Alex Johnston any time to the Sharks, and a captain who is coming back after a horror off-season.

Throw in the fact that Seibold will be operating with one eye on his future Brisbane tenure, and suddenly Souths don’t look the lock to play finals footy that they really should.

Up north you have a coach who looks like he has more interest in playing media games than coaching his side. The absolute farcical circumstances that saw him use decoys and crawl to avoid attention shows Bennett’s mind is elsewhere.

Why would a coach of his stature care even slightly about a media scrum he has faced hundreds of times previously?

Bennett has dug his heels in for 2019, as he is well within his rights to do. He is contracted to coach the side and wants to go out with a successful season.

He has built this Broncos side, has had players literally sign to play under his coaching, and believes he has a genuine title shot in the Queensland capital.

He’s well within his rights to keep turning up and coaching his side. If the Broncos want to make the move, they need to pay out his 2019 contract.

That said, he will spend the off-season evaluating both his current crop as well as the Bunnies’ roster moving forward. Even for the most successful coach in the game’s modern history would find himself losing hair, no joke intended, with stress.

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The Broncos have said goodbye to Josh McGuire who has been an absolute mainstay for his entire career. Boyd has already fielded ridiculous questions re his future, while the Broncos’ halves will again be under huge pressure.

Jack Bird is coming back from injury after a poor first season in Brisbane. His form will go a long way to dictating how the Broncos play this season. They’re far from a one man side but Bird is a key player and if he plays well, Brisbane are far better placed to play finals footy again.

I’ll go so far as to say the Broncs can’t win the title unless Bird plays well. He was so important for the Sharks in 2016 and adds a dimension of play they didn’t have last season.

Both of these teams have rosters to threaten the Roosters for the Premiership. I don’t think many out there would argue with that statement.

If not a title threat, they’re both teams more likely to play finals than not.

That said, there are so many questions and variables, I wouldn’t be in great shock if either, or both, are dragged into a scrap to play finals.

I can’t see them both missing September action, but if you asked me right now where I’d place both sides for 2019, it could be anywhere from say 4th/5th to maybe 9th/10th.

I honestly don’t know. Too many questions.

Despite the goings on during the week we are still nowhere near 100% certain that Bennett will be at Brisbane next season and I think it’s increasingly unlikely that Seibold will be at Souths regardless of Brisbane’s decisions.

How can you expect a side to prepare under such tough circumstances?

They’re going to have to!

How that ends is ultimately anyone’s guess.


  1. Who dares predict the 2019 Broncos and Bunnies? Zer0 Tackle, again, and again, and again…

    The “Angry Eagle” though remains adamant that the swap will happen sometime this year but I have my doubts. Unless Bennett gets paid out in full and he is prepared to walk I don’t see the Broncos dragging him from Red Hill. In Bennett’s mind, I think there is also the problem that he gave his word to the playing group to clear up confusion and uncertainty and now he doesn’t want to be seen to go back on this. As has been the case from the beginning the ball is firmly in the court of the Broncos to take the lead on this just like the Sea Eagles did with the Trent Barrett fiasco, and take the choice out of the coaches hands.

    My guess is that Bennett has dug himself now into Red Hill like an angry badger and he won’t be removed before either his contract expires… or he does.

    • Whilst I still believe there will be a swap before 2019, I don’t see this is a Brisbane problem but rather a Souths one. Why should Brisbane take the lead? They technically have done nothing wrong. Brisbane has said they are willing to honour Bennett’s contract, Bennett wants to honour his. Bennett has not lost the dressing room and the players clearly want to play for him. Whilst I believe Bennett is past his best, he is still better than most. I have no doubt about Bennett’s professionalism and ability to worry about 2020 in 2020. He has been in the game for too long to get hung up on this and if anyone can use this fiasco to their advantage, it is Wayne Bennett.

      Souths on the other hand are dealing with a very talented but rookie coach, not wanted by the players or administration. Souths are in the more desperate situation.. Maybe if Souths want Bennett so badly they should chip in for a payout?

    • @ tommy and chalky (Part 1)

      I strongly disagree that Souths are equally responsible or hold greater responsibility for this mess. Firstly, Souths offered Seibold a contract extension so they must have been pleased with his performance tommy. So how can you say that Seibold was “not wanted by the players or administration”? Where is the proof to back that up? Had the Broncos not been looking to move Bennett on and had not approached Seibold to replace Bennett at Red Hill is there any doubt that Seibold would have re-signed with the Rabbitohs?

      Surely coming off a successful debut season as “2018 Coach of the Year” and taking the team from well down the ladder to finish in the top 3 on the same competition points as the minor premiers and making the preliminary finals Souths were not the ones who were desirous of a change. No, that only came after the Broncos approached Seibold and dangled a “return to QLD” carrot in front of the nose of the QLDer in exile when he still had a year remaining on his contract.

      • I never said that Seibold WAS not wanted originally I am saying that he IS not wanted now. Are you claiming that Souths are happy for Seibold to coach in 2019?. Where is your proof that Brisbane approached Seibold. Brisbane advertised” the position and interviewed 4 coaches including Seibold. Seibold was not under any obligation to apply for the position but decided to anyway..Brisbane chose the person they believed was best suited, as they are entitled to do.. In what way is this Brisbane’s fault? Maybe is Souths locked up their coach earlier there would not have been an issue.

        • “I am saying that he IS not wanted now.”

          Do you want me to post the interview with Shane Richardson (Richo) where he says that he has a good working relationship with Anthony Seibold and has far as he (Richo) is concerned Seibold will be coaching Souths in 2019 with Bennett coming to the club in 2020. He said that Anthony Seibold was also working on this assumption as well. There is no problem with keeping the status quo at Souths.

          I am still trying to get passed the ZT filters mate for the rest. Be patient and hang in there.

      • Reg, I don’t think you can argue that the Bunnies aren’t at least somewhat equally responsible.
        As you’ve stated, the Bunnies had already started talks with Siebold about a contract extension, and the Broncos had notified Bennett he would not get his contract renewed, so you can’t blame the Broncos for talking to Siebold at that time.
        Going a little further, once Siebold had accepted the Broncos job for 2020, the Bunnies signed Bennett for 2020. You could reasonablely argue it was the Bunnies signing Bennett that started the “swap” concept. The fact that the Broncos haven’t sacked Bennett, and Bennett hasn’t quit, just means they are honouring their contracts (thus far, at least).
        Having said that, it makes perfect sense for all concerned to work on an ammecable solution, that will allow for an immediate coach swap, but given there are effectively 4 parties involved, I don’t think it’s fair to single out the Broncos, and blaming them for not sacking their coach/braking their contract.

        • Ned, you always pop up just when I think that I have put the matter to bed. I go back to the argument we have all been discussing on ZT for the past few weeks about whether clubs should be allowed to approach and interview coaches while they still have a valid contract in the NRL. Unless I am very much mistaken the overwhelming opinion on this site is that this is WRONG and that this SHOULD NOT be allowed. Irrespective of whether or not this is actually breaking any rule the fact remains that the Broncos started all this.

          Souths were happy and stable and a top 3 side with the “Coach of the Year” while the Broncos struggled to make the top 8 and got annihilated in their first game of the finals. THEY were the ones who refused to extend Bennett’s contract and then approached Seibold while he was still under contract with a year to go. Souths weren’t looking for a new coach and they had no indication from Seibold that he was unhappy and were waiting for him to agree to a contract extension. Seibold stalled and used the old “I’m in no hurry to sign now, this can all get sorted at the end of the season” in order to give the Broncos time to interview him for Bennett’s position.

          All reports so far have indicated that the BRONCOS and NOT Souths have been seeking to do a deal for a swap for 2019 NOT Souths. IF this is true all they needed to do was terminate Bennett’s contract and pay him out in full which would allow Souths to grant Seibold an immediate release from his contract. The Broncos wanted Souths to negotiate with “angry man” Bennett on their behalf in the hopes that Wayne would agree to the offer of an early swap. Why should Souths be put in this position? I think that the Broncos wanted to find a way to get out of paying Bennett for the final year of his contract AND to avoid any risk of having to rely on Demetriou to take over as caretaker coach for 2019 IF Souths did not release Seibold.

          At the end of the day I think that the Broncos played an ugly game and now if the swap does not go ahead THEY end up with the “b00by prize”.

          OK, that’s it Ned. I’m putting an end to all this now. Souths will keep Seibold for 2019 and the Broncos are stuck with Bennett. I can live with that, I just hope dreaglor, “Slammin Sam” tommyknocker and the rest of the Broncos faithful can live with “Oscar the Grouch” at Red Hill for one more year. Sorry, but I have to put my foot down. The deal is off until 2020.

        • Reg, firstly, I feel your pain, and understand the frustration, but when is an appropriate time to talk to someone?

          You were talking to Siebold already, and he was stalling, probably (I’m guessing, but probably) because he was thinking of a move.
          At this point I certainly don’t blame the Bunnies, as they were getting in early to re-sign the coach they wanted, but if that was public knowledge, and fair, which I think it is/was, then why is it so wrong that the Broncos were making their intentions to sign a new coach for 2020, and beyond, especially as they had already made it clear to Bennett he wouldn’t get a contract extension, known?

          Reg, I know it doesn’t look like it, but I actually feel for the Bunnies on this one, and I still believe the swap will happen, but facts are facts, and I think you need to remove your monocle.

          P.S , maybe RussCrower can explain it better, from a Bunnies perspective, than I can, given I’m an Eels supporter.

        • “when is an appropriate time to talk to someone?”

          Not when I’m in shock and still grieving mighty! Actually, the shock has worn off now. Have you heard of the five stages of grief mighty? I’ve been through denial and anger so I guess I must be up to bargaining now (hence all the analysis and arguing). Next comes depression I guess but I will NEVER get to acceptance. That’s why I’m “on board” about the whole “Papa Smurf to Redfern” thing mighty. You have to be on board before you can throw someone overboard. And Papa Smurf won’t be getting floaties!

          Remember mighty, “from a Bunnies perspective” everything is up! Until we disappear down the rabbit hole.

        • Hasn’t that word made it to the coast yet “crickets”? It’s a word mate, trust me. Look it up.

          Admittedly I would never have use that expression growing up in Redferm but if you are going to attack examples of florid speech at least be consistent and have a crack at RussCrower as well. 👍🏻

          And you still have 6 days left on your ban from reading my posts or replying to them. Respect the sin-bin “crickets”, there is no 3rd umpire to appeal to.

    • @ tommy and chalky (Part 2) – ZT filters are killing me boys!

      Clearly, the Broncos instigated this mess but did not have the backbone to see it through to completion. They failed to act decisively, like Phil Gould with Anthony Griffin, by taking control of the situation out of Bennett’s hands. They could have made it clear after the Broncos near 50 point loss to the Dragons that Bennett’s tenure was over and that Jason Demetriou was taking over as caretaker coach.

      • Settle down, who care’s about the coach anyway..if you don’t have the’ll never win the battle

    • @ tommy and chalky (Part 3)

      Had the Broncos kept the upper hand and terminated Bennett as head coach and ran the risk of having neither Bennett or Seibold to coach the Broncos in 2019 the case a worst case scenario would have seen the Broncos in the hands of a highly respected and promising young coach in Demetriou for 2019 allowing Seibold to join the Broncos upon the completion of his contract for the 2020 season. Given that it was the Broncos, not Souths who wanted to initiate a change in the status quo I would think that this scenario would not have been too much for the Broncos to bear given the situation. In reality, it would have opened the door for Souths to sign Bennett for 2019 and grant Seibold an immediate release without any obligation to pay out the remainder of his contract. No games, no confusion, no dramas.

      chalky, of course, Souths acted quickly to sign Bennett when after months of stalling on his contract extension and interviewing for the Broncos head coaching position Seibold made it clear that he had accepted the offer to coach Brisbane. Which other “quality” coach was available at that time? Jason Demetrious notwithstanding who I agree should have been Souths’ first choice.

      Clearly, the Broncos want Seiblold for 2019 but have vacillated in their actions to see this through to completion. Souths have just tried to adjust to the situation but are clearly not responsible for terminating Bennett’s contract or paying him out. But I am sure that you already realise that tommy. So, if you want to take that line tommy then I am sure that Souths would be more than happy to leave the “super coach” at Red Hill for one more season while they make do with the “2018 Coach of the Year” and keep Cook in cardinal and myrtle for at least one more year. Your call.

    • The ZT filters need a LOT of work. As eels47 suggested recently 3 letters combined throw a spanner in the works! So that the word… cir-C-U-M-stance is blocked! PLEASE!

      • It’s not the combinations of letters, Reg! I do pity your poor innate comprehension skills.

        You clearly reached your quota on what you can say per story 🎉🍾🎉🍸

        You obviously reached your quota. It’s about time you were so very undemocratically censured on this website.

        I KNOW you have your devoteees, but they’ll get over you..,like they’ve done before…every other time you’ve been banned from here. The injustice of that has struck you to the core every time, I KNOW!

        I’ve loved every bit of it.

        Go ZT. I actually LOVE this website.

        You do nothing but complain about it.

        There are options, Reginald!

        • danielle November 28, 2018 at 6:14 pm
          “trashing Kelpie” and “I’ve grown so accustomed to reading “kelpie,” that I repeated it…funny that.”

          I’m inside your head!! 😂😂😂😂😂

          You follow me everywhere meowing like a cat in heat! 😂😂😂😂😂

        • Fantastic DT skills.

          One of us is obsessed enough to go & copy & paste individual words.

          Take a bow.

          You really are an absolute tool.

        • You think all is fair game when I have a go at you & your ONLY defence is to criticise my maintenance of my…

          Truly…you think that’s ok????

          You apparently have a wife & a daughter….& that’s ok????

          I’m presuming your wife & daughter are thoroughly plucked.

          Let me guess: you are so so so offended by that & will do your absolute best to have me annihilated from this site?

          It’s what you suggested of me.

          As a tiny little aside: your request to have my “front yard” seen to is still up. As is my response.

        • Well said Danielle, his comments are most times not worth reading, I’m sure he recites them in front of the mirror before posting. It’s easier to flick through his rambles and go to the next post.

        • I banned you from reading my posts for a week anyway. Keep it up 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗 and I’ll make it two!

        • Thank you, Coastal01. I truly appreciate that.

          As for Reg trying to convince himself he banned me from doing anything oh this website, he’s truly delusional. I’ve NEVER been banned from this website, unlike him…STD_1970/Nero & plenty more.

          Yet again with the crazy assertions, Reg. You think ZT invests time into isolating your comments from me personally??? You may well need a prescription for lithium, Reg.

          To say you’ve lost the plot is entirely incorrect The “plot” was never within your reach.

          Now, let’s get back to those treasured women in your life…

          Have they spent all night in the bathroom plucking themselves to your satisfaction?

          Have u asked them yet if they’d like to be labelled a dog, or a feral cat, or a gorilla for posting on a website?

          Coz, ya know Reg. I’d call that a virtual “attack.”

          How’s your “front yard” looking, Reg???? Or doesn’t it work both ways?

          Thanks again, Coastal01. Your comment is very much appreciated.

        • “I’ve NEVER been banned from this website”

          Well, that’s not true. You burned the site to the ground a couple of years ago with your foul-mouthed tirade and meltdown aimed at the “Angry Eagle” and SSTID-1970. It was closed for at least a week and people here who have been posting that long will remember it. I think there have been a number of other times as well but you go into hiding to lick your wounds when you have annihilated by SSTID-1970 so it’s hard to get an accurate count of the times you have been binned. The only way what you are saying could be true would be if you were as we have long suspected an employee of ZT (i.e. your recent ZT articles, 158 stories and counting).

          “Thank you”, “Thanks again,” I’d like to thank the academy… 🏆 🥂 🍾

          Congrats! That makes ONE voice of support in 5 years!!! Do you want to compare stats with me or SSTID-1970? Lightweight! You were SO excited to finally get one that you had to thank them TWICE!!! 😂😂😂😂

        • @ Woody and coastal01

          danielle November 30, 2018 at 12:48 am
          Now, let’s get back to those treasured women in your life…
          Have they spent all night in the bathroom plucking themselves to your satisfaction?

          danielle November 30, 2018 at 12:48 am
          unlike him…STD_1970

          Is THIS the sort of person that you really want to associate yourself with? You don’t want to catch the disease she is carrying believe me. It will eat you alive from the inside and make you too a social outcast just like she is.

        • WTF???

          You really are utterly insanely obsessed with this website.

          I didn’t eead beyond your first paragraph…but you want to blame me for this website CHOOSING to take a different communication pathway??? Just coz I get on your nerves.

          Now, that really is absolutely nutty, Reg. It really is.

          Get a grip, Reg.

        • Just one question on the point of being banned, Nero/ Reg/STD:

          Why has my username NEVER changed? Unlike yours? Multiple times.

          I’d sat that’s coz I’ve never been banned, oh genius of multiple usernames.

          I was Danielle before you got here & still am. You couldnt even maintain a grip on your STD status.

          Truly, it’s like arguing with an infant. Did I offend you by “attacking” all the infants on the planet there & then, Reg? My apologies to all the infants out there.

          Very sorry for infant attacking – I’m sure Reg (etc) will have made that an actual term before the sun rises…to no one listening.

  2. The one thing we are overlooking here is that Souths jumped in and signed Bennett knowing that he was still under contract for 2019. They also knew that Seibold had a contract for 2019 at Souths. They possibly thought that common sense would prevail and a coach swap would take place for 2019.

    As a Souths member I hate to say this but they are the major cause of this mess. I still can’t fathom why Bennett. Why not someone like Jason Demetriou who knew Bennett was leaving the Broncos at the end of 2019 and he might not have a job? Souths would be saying goodbye to Seibold and getting Demetriou at the end of 2019. No Bennett = No Mess.

    • No Chalky we are not the cause of this mess, Bronco’s are, what were Souths suppose to do here, we were put in a position where we thought , and rightly so, that we had a coach for the future, but Seibold had other ideas, what Roy Masters said in his coloum showed just what type of person Seibold is.

      Firstly why the negative on Bennett? I reckon we have got the better of the deal, look at Seibolds coaching during the finals, it was terrible, Easts figured us out and so did Saints Seibold was found lacking.

      Don’t listen to all the comments about how papa smurf will be bad for us, those guys are just stirring, the same we would do if another team were in our position.

      Some Souths members / supporters and also said he is not good, you youself, every Souths supporter are entitled to our opinion , me , i believe that it will be good Bennett coming to coach us, but not this year, 2020 will be perfect.

      Souths should get rid of Seibold straight away and bring in an interim coach, if we have to write off a year then so be it, Seibold needs to be taught a lesson in loyalty show faith in what he started, again i go back to what Roy Masters wrote, he is not an honourable person and would love to see him sit out this season, he will do more damage to Souths long term if he stays.

      i hope Bennett brings Demetriou with him and takes over after Bennett retires, please Souths supporters stop being negative on Bennett, he has achieved a lot and the Burgess boys love him, our future is lookin good even if 2019 is ratsh!t,

      • penso, I don’t want to argue with you too much because you usually make a lot of sense, but I don’t have a very high opinion of Bennett. He won a premiership with the Dragons but when he left he didn’t leave a well-oiled club, and he didn’t weave his magic at Newcastle. And who hides in the back floor of a car to avoid the media?

        The Broncos didn’t twist South’s arm to sign Bennett, I think we went off too early. Souths knew he wasn’t available until 2020 when they signed him. The rest of your comments about getting rid of Seibold and replacing him with Demetriou I agree with, but the whole exercise is not showing Souths in a good light. I don’t care about the Broncos.

    • You show logic Chalky that I agree with, you blokes need to give Seibold the bullet because his heart is not in it and the players know it.
      Sorry Penso but the old man Bennett has had his time. Some times players go a year to long and are remembered for all the wrong reasons like Changa Langlands. I think Bennett should of already retired. He is in the process this past couple of seasons as doing the “Changa” of Coaches. Langland’s last grand final against the Roosters ended with him breaking down in a 38-0 thrashing. A lot like Bennett this year in a semi against Saints, getting thrashed 48-18. All Souths are getting with Bennett is him putting in some time to collect Packman and Gladiators cash for retirement.
      Like Langland’s who played a season too long and broke down after a few games in 1976, so to will Bennett break down in his second season at Souths and will be shown the door before season’s end.💪😎👊

      • 3ROOSTERCAPS. 2002, 2013, 2018, haven’t you got a job mate❓❔❓❔❓❔❓Soufths can train all they want while we are on the Indian Pacific.

        Time Bennett arrives and checks them all over he will be wishing he retired. Bennett’s play book got knocked off a few years ago and when it was returned the thief’s ripped out the defence chapter. 48-18 against Saints on home soil would have any die hard Soufths fans buying tickets for the Roosters home games.😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🐔🐓🐔🐓

    • Kev November 28, 2018 at 6:55 pm
      Broncos and Bunnies to miss the top 8

      And I bet that you are secretly jealous of that result, aren’t you Kev? 😂😂😂😂

  3. South Sydney’s hierarchy, as stated before by myself and as Chalky exclaims, are to blame entirely for this embarrassing debacle. The writer of this article also is explicitly accurate and precise that our club needs to terminate Seibold immediately regardless of Bennett’s decision to fulfill his contract at Brisbane.

    Why the owners resurrected Shane Richardson to be our Chief Executive Officer, of the South Sydney District Rugby League Football Club Ltd is bewildering. He has participated in this deal to gain Bennett and perhaps along with some others, they all should be chastised. On Channel Nine News tonight Richardson’s appearance was that of a homeless person unshaven on a 10 day bender speaking about his counterproductive signing Bennett and how incompetent and unworkable this dilemma he created has become.

    Seibold has lost the playing group and should be expelled immediately. Along with the ultimate grub Chief Executive Officer Shane Richardson for his role in this saga and for showing his unprofessionalism on national TV. Contrarily our Glorious club, will in no way be able to compete against those Premiership winning Roosters, in truth we will literally be lucky to compete for a mid field position of Twelfth to ninth. Nevertheless when Bennett eventually arrives, The disastrous damage has already occurred, the future under this relic Bennett has doomed how club for the foreseeable near future.

    In the business world it is wisdom to pursue those at the top, Souths need to follow the text book of the Sydney Roosters who have won 4 minor Premierships and two premierships in a 6 year window of total dominance and aggression. Our Rabbits look like peasants compared to our arch rivals Easts.

    • Russell Crower you have hit the nail on the head mate. To be the best you have to be better than the best, I cant see it happening any time soon with your rabbits, Bennett has past his prime and to be totally honest in my opinion you or I probably could of coached Brisbane to all their premierships with the playing stock they had. Everyone was a either an Aussie rep or an Origin player. FROM 1-22

      • 💪👴👍🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

        • Spot on Danielle Soufths are just like “The Poseidon Adventure” There will be six survivors and Bennett will not be in that group💪🐔👍😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣Poor Reginald Reagan

        • Finally, a film I can finally relate to! Yes, Woodchook. The Poseidon Adventure.

          You do know that you’ve severed your passionate affair with STD_1970 now that you’ve sided with me, don’t you?

          Where shall we spend our next holiday????

        • Ya know, Woodchook. I reckon that Russ Crower has been hitting the nail right on the head. You wouldn’t have anything to do with that, would you???

        • I think Russell ‘s lingo is a bit to sophisticated for an old inner Sydney local like me. I don’t even understand half the words Russ comes up with, How’s that , Danielle.

        • Woody, you are being seduced by a lonely tr0ll mate “Casper the stalker ghost”. This one’s a “sicko” mate. Look at how she attacked my wife and daughter to get to me in one of her above rants.

          danielle November 28, 2018 at 11:09 pm
          You apparently have a wife & a daughter… I’m presuming your wife & daughter are thoroughly plucked.

          There ARE limits Woody and family is “off limits” to anyone with a moral compass (something this amoral creature chooses to ignore). No one responds to her because her history as a tr0ll is well known on this site.
          No tr0lls are allowed on the “Banter Train” Woody so make a choice and stick to it. It’s either the red pill or the blue pill Woody and if you pick the wrong one you stay in Wonderland with the “Mad Harpy”, alone.

        • Reg me good ol mate, look I will take the white pill because this is a real head ache, and in reality you did mention red or blue so as I love red white and blue then its the white one to get the right one. I must tell nurse Ratchet about the predicament. 💪👴🥕Besides Reg if I take the Blue tablet it might give me a heart attack at my next sponge bath.

        • @ Woody

          There is NO “white pill” in this scenario Woody. You can’t sit on the fence on this one. You are either on one side or the other or, at the very least, mute in regards to acknowledging this creature. You “don’t have a dog in this fight” Woody, you just don’t know the history involved. This “creature” has attacked my family, both my wife and children, in the past on at least 2 or 3 occasions and also recently here on this very forum. She has questioned me as a father and husband and referenced my family repeatedly to do this, saying that she “pities them” in their (assumed and inferred) “abusive” relationship with me. This is clearly going TOO FAR but this “amoral creature” has NO “moral compass” and will resort to ANY tactic to gain an advantage that she cannot otherwise achieve intellectually and with merit.

          danielle November 28, 2018 at 11:09 pm
          You apparently have a wife & a daughter… I’m presuming your wife & daughter are thoroughly plucked. [saved downstairs].

          My daughter is 8 years old mate! And she KNOWS it!

          She has revealed that she is a single mother herself yet I have NEVER attacked her on this level or even REFERENCED her family to “fight fire with fire”. I have stood up for you though in the past Woody as well as given you grief, we have shared jokes and I have also supported you where I felt it was needed.

          WoodChook November 24, 2018 at 7:27 am
          If I have to wait four years and lose then there’s no way I can pay up in this life time. I might be pushing up the daisy’s.

          Reg Reagan November 24, 2018 at 4:26 pm
          “I might be pushing up the daisy’s”

          “Woody, I’ve lost people close to me mate that have ranged from 29 yrs upwards and none of them were anywhere near your innings score. I’m tipping you will get your century and much more and remember there are no guarantees with regards to time for anyone. Just keep healthy and stay out of trouble. Matron has started to complain that you aren’t behaving yourself.”

          That concern and expression of support was sincere and real mate. Because, warts and all, I am real unlike this “ghost”. This “creature” would never do that, but believe me if you got on her bad side she would seize the opportunity to ambush you and even attack your family or your weaknesses or vulnerabilities if it suited her ends. Look at her juvenile and churlish attack against “your old mate” SSTID-1970, referring to him as a “veNerea1 disease” because THAT kind of crude, gutter level attack is the best she has in her arsenal.

          danielle November 28, 2018 at 11:34 pm
          You do know that you’ve severed your passionate affair with STD_1970

          This is a “poor taste” reference that is repeated ad nauseam so it is NOT a typo!

          On the other hand, I create for myself and for others I either joke with or attack a “fictitious or imaginary exaggerated persona” and use devices like hyperbole, anthropomorphism (giving human characteristics to animals), personification (attributing something of personal nature or human characteristics to something non-human or as a figure intended to represent an abstract quality) and references to popular culture for comedic effect. Unlike this “creature” I don’t just resort to cheap personal attacks or crude insults which are the lowest form of wit or intelligence. Instead, I try to use humour and a bit of imagination and wit to get an idea across (i.e. “banning coastal01 from reading my posts for 1 week”), as if that were something that I could control or enforce!

          Woody, as I said, there are NO tr0lls allowed on the “Banter Train” and no allies of tr0lls are accepted either. Either that or run the train by yourself and I’m gone for good! In simple terms Woody, you don’t need to involve yourself in this. Just ignore danielle like EVERYONE ELSE does except for a few “butthurt wannabes” that took a swing and got knocked out and then went crying to danielle for comfort. Cheers.

    • So Danielle 9 posts from Reg, 9 posts from you to, 7 from woodchook if you count his alter ego Russ Crower, you Danielle are the problem , you look for trouble, now your complaining that Reg gave up early, he clearly doesn’t want to talk with you cause all you do is create arguments, you are a disgrace, your the one ZT needs to ban especially when attacking someone’s family, get off this site, what about that gutless woodchook hiding behind a fake ID i thought you were friends with Reg, mate friends like you he doesn’t need enemys but thats what you expect from Easts people, although the Easts supporters i know are true sportsman and are humble and respect other teams something you Woody re Russ have no idea about.

      Souths will be fine and just has 3 hats says the players are happy so worry about your own team.

      • To be fair penso I posted one comment broken into 3 parts because of ZT filters instead of just the one AND an additional comment complaining about this which should not have been necessary so it “should” have been just 1 post instead of 4, so 6 posts actually (not counting this one). Actually, 4 of those 6 posts were a direct response to a reply addressed TO me unlike the 9 desperate cries for attention from my “groupie” “ghostie” that only received ONE reply (so above her average replies by ONE). 😂😂😂😂

        danielle November 28, 2018 at 11:22 pm
        “Reg…. gave up pretty early in the evening.”

        Sounds like my “groupie” “ghostie” (the former president of my fan club – now impeached) missed me penso. Note that until your post this morning there were ONLY 8 posts following my final post from last night at: “November 28, 2018 at 10:42 pm.” This included 6 posts from my “groupie” “ghostie” and 2 posts from Woody who has been charmed by the Medusa and was way past his curfew and lights out. Matron won’t be please!

        It’s not the first time this tr0ll has made a personal attack against my family (including my children) even though my “comments” are ambiguous and have never targeted anyone but the tr0ll who started her assaults from my third day posting on this site. It’s just proof that she doesn’t have the wit or intelligence to make a stand and base her arguments solely at her direct adversary without having to resort to “your momma” tactics. SSTID was right, she IS an intellectual lightweight and low life. But I just can’t get rid of her because…

        I’m inside her head!! 😂😂😂😂😂

        danielle November 28, 2018 at 6:14 pm
        Aren’t you getting just a little bit sick of trashing Kelpie

        danielle November 28, 2018 at 6:29 pm
        Oops – my apologies both to Kelby & for my self-reply. I’ve grown so accustomed to reading “kelpie,” that I repeated it…

        Reg Reagan November 28, 2018 at 8:20 pm
        “trashing Kelpie” and “I’ve grown so accustomed to reading “kelpie,” that I repeated it…funny that.”
        I’m inside your head!! 😂😂😂😂😂

        I rest my case your honour! 🥂 🍾

        • Are you taking your medication Reg? need to have a long sit down and bash your head with your fist for a are doing everyone’s head in..especially your own.

        • Hey, “Crickets!” Like I posted above, I banned you from reading my posts for one-week Crickets. Keep it up 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗 and I’ll make it two!

        • @coastal01: his cut & paste skills are outstanding. You have to give him credit for that. He is, apparently, a 6 figure earning IT person, after all…& it clearly shows here with skills like that.

          I just hope his front yard is mowed regularly. Coz, ya know, it’s not a good look.


        • I think even coastal01 realises that there are some lines that should NEVER be crossed, like attacking or even referencing a person’s family (ESPECIALLY children!). You are such a pathetic lonely creature danielle that you stir up sh!t and then wait for someone, anyone, to have a gripe against me and then you curl between their legs like a cat in heat purring and hoping to find a friend and turn them into an ally so you won’t have to be alone and continue to post under people who NEVER respond to you. They don’t respond to danielle because you are sad, aggressive, abusive, irrelevant creature motivated only by hate and revenge and they KNOW you for what you are and steer clear of you. HOW many steer clear of me though danielle? Isn’t THAT what gets to you so much?

          I would hope that coastal01 might know (or would at least research) your history first and they would then realise what sort of a low life and hypocrite you are. Over the years you have used this “$ucking up” technique to “befriend” at least half a dozen “butthurt fringe contributors” who took me on and got burned which is precisely the opportunity you wait for like a poisonous spider in it’s web. Where are they ALL now danielle? I could name each one including the one you first used to ambush me and post your first UNPROVOKED attack on only my just THIRD night on ZT. Now I can’t even post any of their names because THEY are all banned (so it gets blocked by the ZT filter). Yet I am still here and you won’t accept that because, as you have stated clearly in the past, and there are people here that would remember, your ONLY goal on this site is to see me removed, permanently. THAT has been your stated goal, not posting on this site, but reading the comments of others without my “interference” as YOU alone see it.

          danielle November 29, 2018 at 10:56 pm
          Nor have I ever “attacked” you

          Seriously? I know you can’t believe that. If you do you are further gone than I thought. I could bury this site under the verbal pollution and the caustic attacks you have sent my way over the years (many of which were unprovoked) which were initiated by you to get me to “lose it” and attack you in the hope of getting me banned. Sometimes it worked for a while but I AM STILL HERE!

          You claim to despise and detest me yet you follow me on every forum and post to me and engage in long drawn out exchanges, sometimes for over an hour until 1 am in the morning. That hardly seems consistent with your claims. In the past I have even tried to extend an olive branch on at least 3 occasions but just when I though the page had been turned you ambush me yet again at the first available opportunity. Your hatred and resentment of me is pathological and disturbing and I will not humour your illness any longer. You need help and this site needs to see the back of you. It’s time for this game to end. You have been voted off the island, “It’s time for you to go.”

          And before you type yet another lie, don’t even pretend that you haven’t read EVERY WORD of this as you ALWAYS do. You just can’t help yourself and you always look for something new to attack me with or feign outrage over so at least own that much at least.

        • I’ll add one last thing for you to think about. You have shared on ZT in the past in a “deep and meaningful” with the “Angry Eagle” and myself that YOU are a single mother with at least two kids of your own living in some idyllic rural setting. Have I EVER attack YOU as a MOTHER or REFERENCED in ANY way YOUR CHILDREN or you AS a MOTHER? Think about it? Not even to “fight fire with fire” have I stooped THAT low with you or ANYONE ELSE on this site. Even when you and one of your “allies” on two separate occasions literally “wished me dead”, or that “I would die” or “have a LONG sleep, a permanent one” I NEVER responded in kind. I have LIMITS even if YOU don’t!

          If you find innuendo or double entendre SO offensive then DON’T READ MY POSTS!!!

          So THIS is what set you off? A post at the request of another of your old adversaries to re-post THEIR words, not mine? It was literally a request for me to re-post this on their behalf whilst they are not active on this site and against my better judgment I did.

          Reg Reagan November 21, 2018 at 6:47 pm
          “Angry Eagle”: Or “a certain someone’s” front yard!

          “Hey, [“certain someone”], that weren’t me.” – Danny Butterman “Hot Fuzz”

          Reg Reagan November 28, 2018 at 9:44 pm
          I also have saved the exchange between you and the “Angry Eagle” about the whole “front yard”/”backyard” talk and you were happy to continue the discussion with no sign of outrage or moral indignation.

          M.W47 December 24, 2017 at 1:30 pm
          Your backyards tidy , but you let the front go

          danielle December 24, 2017 at 6:43 pm
          Seriously? That’s your best attempt at adult humour?

          You don’t sound too offended or incensed by that now do you? You then went on to continue exchanging posts in a cordial and light-hearted fashion for at least another 45 mins – 1 hour.

          Now, get a life! Or at least be consistent and go after people on this site who drop the C-Bomb, or reference “child porn” or post bigoted or racist attacks like “old mate” Woody has done for example against Kiwis (and others) yet because you are desperate for allies you give him a free pass. There are other things far more offensive and disgusting posted by others on this site than ANYTHING I have EVER written. Also, if you are serious about being the “spell check police” and “grammar n@zi” on this site then a) hold YOURSELF to the same standards, b) correct EVERY mistake on this site NOT just MINE and c) correct and highlight the multitude of errors in many of the stories here that others have picked up at times when I have let them “go through to the keeper”. Your inconsistency in these instances only confirms that you don’t REALLY care about these things but instead use them as a cheap excuse to take a sniping shot at me because CLEARLY you are obsessed “Alex Forrest” and you don’t have the wit or intellect to take me on without resorting to low blows.

      • Penso your not onto that rubbish again thinking I am Russell Crower, What makes you think such rubbish❓❓❓❓❓❓Just because I replied to Russ in agreement of his comments certainly does not make it me. Or was it because your girlfriend Danielle mentioned something and you dislike me communicating with her. Come on Penso you are acting a bit possessive I only spoke with her on seven occasions and you think I’m going to run off into the sunset with her. Mate you need counselling counting how many times Reg 9 times and myself 7 times spoke with your girl.

        Look if it makes everybody happier I will write to Russell Crowe and the money he is saving on being to tight to bring Papa Smurf to Soufths he might give us a grand and we can all go out to din dins and you can tell Danielle to her face how you feel. But Reg will be upset you know.👩👶

      • @penso; you thought I was “friends with Reg” ????

        Can’t you read???

        I never “attacked” that idiot’s family. He just said I did so you believe it.

        I didn’t “attavk” the women in that imbecile’s family. I drew a comparison & levelled his insults to me at his family members. In fact, I didn’t even do that coz I have no malice toward people I don’t even know in the slightest.

        He invents his own victimisation, time after time, & people LIKE YOU, swallow his discharge like gospel.

        You need to stop swallowing, Penso.

        • Bullsh!t you DID! Many people on this site who posted during that period would remember. You attacked me for using innuendo and double entendre and feigned moral outrage when you have done worse (including your resent crude attack on my wife and daughter). You then questioned what I was like as a father and as a husband (on two separate occasions) away from this site saying that you pitied the women in my life. I saved the screenshots of these posts before they were removed by ZT and could post an image but unfortunately, that facility is not available on this site.

          As I said above…

          You have shared on ZT in the past in a “deep and meaningful” with the “Angry Eagle” and myself that YOU are a single mother with at least two kids of your own living in some idyllic rural setting. Have I EVER attack YOU as a MOTHER or REFERENCED in ANY way YOUR CHILDREN or you AS a MOTHER? Think about it? Not even to “fight fire with fire” have I stooped THAT low with you or ANYONE ELSE on this site.

          Also please explain the following double entendre you hypocrite?

          “You need to stop swallowing, Penso.”

  4. Zero tackle,
    Why are you allowing these disgusting personal attacks on against family members of people posting on this site? Especially as it involves an 8 year old girl, Please do something now! and remove Danielle from this site permanetly

    • Zer0 T@ck1le

      It’s hard to understand why you (ZT) are turning a blind eye to such vile personal atracks against women and children. You have even remained silent when references to “child porn” are posted even after “Slammin Sam” and myself have complained about this.

      Why do you continue to protect this vile profile “danielle” who posts such disgusting attacking diatribes and is able to boast that she has NEVER been banned? Is “she” a ZT employee?

      Also WHY are such vile comments permitted while I can’t post Zer0 T@ck1le in full without my post being blocked by the ZT filter? How can I call for you to adjudicate on this garbage in that case? Or is THAT the idea?

      You have asked us to report these comments and you (ZT) will investgate but for years now this cunning tr0ll has hidden these offensive posts nested 3 replies deep from the original where the is NO “report comment” option.

      Virtually NO ONE here even acknowledges her presence here because her reputation is well known and people here want nothing to do with her. Please BAN this vile serial pest PERMANENTLY! She has NEVER contributed anything positive to this site and has only caused trouble.

      • Blah blah blah.

        Told ya before, you absolute IDIOT. I’m not the Danielle you continue to harass around here for here articles.

      • “She has NEVER contributed anything positive to this site and has only caused trouble.”

        That’s EXACYLU what I think of you.

        I never posted my email address on this websites like you did. Like, that’s a pretty lonely move.

        Sorry, I’m still a little bit salty about my “at least two children.”

        Ya know, coz I know you’d never “personal.” No way.

        & you think I’ve “attacked” YOU???!!!


        Maybe that’s why they aren’t listening to your incessant/ persistent/ whinging/ pathetic pleas when they are perfectly happy with this this website. As am I. Apart from you spraying your nonsense as you pass by every single comment.

        Is it getting too hot in the kitchen, Reg….& all your other usernames?

        Would you like me to show you the door?

        Coz I’d be happy to.

    • Oh, penso. Grow your own brain & stop feeding from your chosen host.

      Your comments on the Bulldogs Coffs story, based on local gossip, were DISGUSTING.

      You should be thoroughly ashamed…but you won’t be. Coz Reg/ Nero…whatever his name is today…applauded you for your deplorable – self-admitted gossip-based comments you posted online. You even mentioned the girl’s father.

      Did you check with her dad before you posted that local gossip???

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