SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 19: Jarryd Hayne of the Eels looks on during the round 19 NRL match between the Parramatta Eels and the Canterbury Bulldogs at ANZ Stadium on July 19, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

With every passing day comes a new story in the media regarding the whereabouts of Jarryd Hayne, playing-wise, in 2019 and beyond.

At first it looked certain he would re-sign with the Eels. It seemed a matter of time given his brilliant form since returning from injury.

Salary cap restraints on the club seem to have drawn the saga out to the point it no longer looks as though the Hayne/Eels storybook reunion will continue.

Given Hayne’s profile and talents there is sure to be no shortage of suitors for his abilities. Given that, we take a look at just where the Hayne Plane will land in 2019 and beyond.

Wests Tigers: Reports recently named the Tigers as the likely destination for Hayne in 2019. They still have two spots left on their 30 man roster as well as the cap space to offer a competitive contract to the former two-time Dally M medallist.

Hayne could play centre at the Tigers, although it’s unlikely Moses will be shifted to slot him in at fullback. There’s a very real chance of this happening. Hayne is based in Western Sydney and the Tigers have just signed a successful coach to compliment an exciting roster.

St George-Illawarra Dragons: Rumours have it that the Dragons are looking to add Hayne as a fullback option. Matt Dufty is supposedly being shopped around to make way for Hayne.

Jai Field is looked upon as the long-term option with Hayne to fill in for at least 2019. To be honest I can’t see this happening, which mean it’ll probably be official by the time this is posted. Dufty had such a brilliant opening to 2019 I can’t see them moving him on, but Hayne could come in as an outside back. Could be fun.

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French Rugby: Given the majority of clubs have registered their top 30 players, or have tight salary caps, it may be hard to find a destination for 2019 at such short notice.

A return to Rugby Union may very well be on the cards. Hayne recently had a dash at representing the Fijian 7s team and given more time you wouldn’t have bet against him.

Given Hayne is only 30 year’s of age, a shift full time to the 15 man game is not beyond him. It’s a huge move though for a man with a young family.

Parramatta Eels: There’s always the very real chance that Hayne will simply re-sign with the Eels. Although his form was hugely improved toward the end of the 2018 season, with all due respect he is not the Jarryd Hayne of old.

Any ideas he may have of a million dollar contract need to be abandoned and Hayne may need to re-sign on what could be considered ‘unders’ to continue playing in blue and gold.

Reports indicate the club is shopping round multiple players, it may just be a matter of time. He’ll likely continue in the centres although a move back to fullback is not off the cards.

Cronulla Sharks: A left-field suggestion but there is talk of the Sharks shopping Josh Dugan around, with the Titans supposedly ready to pounce.

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I have zero idea if there is any shred of credibility to this but given the Sharks have just Dugan and Morris as recognised centres, it’s not beyond belief that the Sharks would have a late crack.

With Val Holmes linked to the Cowboys in 2020, Hayne could be brought in to fill in at centre, moving to fullback in 2020. I can’t see it but Hayne has been linked with the Sharks on 367 previous occasions so here is number 368.

Something Else: With Hayne, who knows? For all the unfunny, ridiculous social media ‘jokes’, Hayne is a supreme talent. He is a two-time Dally M medal winner, a multiple time Origin and Roos rep, managed to play in the NFL, represented Fiji in the 7s rugby and then came back to league to play well again.

Joke all you want, the guy is an elite athlete. Hayne can do anything and pretty much has. He could end up anywhere and shock the world by succeeding.

Eels fans, what are your thoughts re the possible moving on of Jarryd Hayne? Tigers and Dragons fans, are you excited at the prospect of Hayne representing your side? Will he even be in the NRL in 2019? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Id love him to stay at Parra long as they dont pay him overs.If not id love him to stay in league.When he came back from injury he showed clearly he still has a lot to offer.Just not the Tigers plsss,anywhere but the tiggas.Id love him to end up at Newi if they let Rossdog go and Parra cant resign him.Newi have both Ponga and Watson so dont need a fullback but Hayne as a outside back and if any injuries occur he would be a handy replacement at the back

  2. Sorry but I’m not that worried if he does or doesn’t sign, personally he showed me nothing in 2018 to suggest he deserves the coin he’s asking.
    Parra have not won the comp with him, time to move on eels fans, Hayne is not the player he is to be…

  3. Any club considering signing Hayne needs their due diligence to be on point.
    What is the true value of a player that may be called away to the US at an unknown time for an unknown time to address his legal issues.
    And where will Haynes head be at as this approaches?

  4. I wouldn’t sign him.
    We didn’t have him in 2017 and made the finals.
    We sign him this year and get the spoon.
    Parramatta have never won a premiership with Hayne.. eels need to cut ties with him..

    Round1 next year

    1: C Gutherson ( c )
    2: R Jennings ( sign him instead of Hayne ) not resign with Souths
    3: M Jennings
    4: B Ferguson
    5: M Sivo
    6: C Norman
    7: M Moses
    8: D Alvaro
    9: K Pritchard
    10: Jr Paulo
    11: M Mau
    12: S Lane
    13: N Brown

    14: T Moeroa
    15: P Terepo
    16: K Evans
    17: T Mannah

    18: B French
    19: M Nuikore
    20: B Takarangi
    21: R Mahoney

    • Robert Jennings would command as much if not more than Hayne. That’s not happening. Also, why put Fergo in the centres after the year he’s had on the wing? He could easily be wasted there, with no space in the backfield. If you guys somehow manage to get RJ, it would be an incredible signing, and in all honesty only more annoyed that my Roosters wasted our money on Hall and Morris instead of signing him.

    • From what I understand we have less than $400k left in our cap, and still have 2 spots to fill, at a min. of $100k or so each, so we don’t have much to play with.
      So on that basis, and working with what we actually have, I think we need to make some important decisions, and potentially tough calls now.
      For example, French. We know he wants to play FB (career goal), so if we don’t play him (reserve only) we will lose him in 2020, and if we play him on the wing we’ll probably lose him in 2020. So the question is, are we going to try and develop him, for Parra beyond this year, and if so, he needs to play FB, or are we letting him go, in which case, can we do it now, which would free up a bit more cash, but more importantly, bring someone in that we do want longer term.
      French is just 1 of many we need to think about, but I think it’s a good example because we have a lot of “still developing” players, and rookies, all of which will make some big/basic mistakes, and there’s no point wearing that pain, on field, if we aren’t going to get the benefit longer term.

    • We won’t be signing Robert Jennings I don’t think. Unless another back (M Jennings, French) leaves, if there are any more signings it will be in the forwards.

      Also, Fergo must play wing. The reason we need him is we struggle to get off our line on kick returns. Gutho has shown that his best position is centre so he should stay there. Without Hayne, fullback is a mystery, but I do agree with almighty, if we are going to even contemplate looking at French there again, then we need to persist and let him try to develop. Having Fergo will help enormously in that too I think.

      Also, why would we not have Mahoney in the top 17 at least given he shows the most promise of our hookers. I would be starting him, and then maybe bring Kritchard off the bench, depending on the make up of the bench that is needed.

    • mighty, I have heard many figures bandied around about how much there is in the cap available, anything from 200k to 700k.
      Hayne hasn’t signed a contract cos he wants more than the club are willing to pay him, reportedly somewhere between 7-800k. Over priced imho for where he is at the moment and the Club is obviously playing hard ball. A smart person would think if they wanted him, which apparently is the case, they would have set aside $$’s comparable to last years contract.
      I’m not particularly fussed if he signs or doesn’t sign – if he signs on a the right price, then all good, if he wants more and his manager won’t move on their price, then no foul, that’s how it is.
      If he does or doesn’t sign – there are no questions, Fergo has to play one wing and either Mako or Gennings the other.
      If he does sign, he has to play FB. If he doesn’t then I believe Norman has to. That is purely to blood either Salmon or, hopefully Brown, in the halves as there is no doubt Corey won’t be at the club next year.
      French has not shown the desire and commitment on the field in 2018 to demand that spot at the moment, no-one really know whether he does off the field or not, only BA and staff and players.
      At least one of Norman, Mennings, Moses will need to be moved on this season or next just to re-balance the cost of the squad. If Mennings can’t make a deal with NCL this season and his form continues as it was in 2018, he may have no choice but to retire. Norman must go regardless – a new culture is required which is different to his party boy culture.

  5. Ah typical Parra blunder, hail him a club savior then not offer him a new contract less than a decade later…

    Good thing we don’t need him in Brisbane. If Uncle Wayne gave us a parting gift in the WW1 fighter plane I think I’d have to become a Panthers fan.

  6. If Rapana is out for 6mths as is feared, we could be looking for a replacement winger under the Josh Hodgson rule. All depends on what kind of price tag Hayne is asking.

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