BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 12: Cameron Munster of the Maroons makes a break during game three of the State Of Origin series between the Queensland Maroons and the New South Wales Blues at Suncorp Stadium on July 12, 2017 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Reports have emerged of Cameron Munster’s off-field antics leaving him on thin ice with Melbourne’s senior players. And if true, then it’s a chance for Kevin Walters to show he’s a man of his word.

Just a matter of weeks after a boozy bust-up with Kangaroo and Queensland teammate Ben Hunt, an alleged string of off-field incidents have left the premiership winning five-eighth off the mark with players and coaches alike, including Cameron Smith and Craig Bellamy.

Blessed with undoubted sky-high potential, Munster would attract interest from nearly every club in the NRL, though Melbourne has already assured their fans the incumbent Maroon is going nowhere.

“In response to speculation on social media, Melbourne Storm is not releasing or considering releasing, Cameron Munster from his Storm contract” the club tweeted on Wednesday.

Following the rep retirement of Jonathan Thurston and Cooper Cronk, Munster has been heavily touted the wear the six jersey after a stellar debut in Game III last year.

But if head coach Kevvie Walters is really a man of his word, then Munster won’t be near Queensland’s squad this year.

Walters made his position known at the start of his tenure in February, 2016, banning players Ben Hunt, Anthony Milford, Chris Grevsmuhl, Edrick Lee, Dylan Napa and Edrick Lee for missing curfew.

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“We’re trying to protect the brand of Queensland Rugby League and State of Origin” Walters said at the time.

If Walters wants to protect the brand of the QRL and State of Origin, then Munster shouldn’t be allowed to play.

A constant string of off-field incidences, including a drunken squabble with a teammate, isn’t something that defines the Queensland Maroon’s.

The state has an undoubtedly strong culture, and any hit to that could be ginormous. Especially when it surrounds the man inheriting Jonathan Thurston’s number six jersey, formerly worn by Darren Lockyer.

True legends of the game.

While it’s just over three months to go until Origin, if the reports are true, then Walters needs to show Queensland that the culture comes first, not the victories.


    • Obviously you are NSW, he wasn’t in the QLD squad at the time and it also takes two to tango….why isn’t Ben Hunt getting crucified as well???

      • That was a sarcastic comment hano1970, but word is he is a loose cannon , great player sure, that’s why i don’t want him there , but he could turn out to be his own worst enemy

  1. Walters doesn’t have to do anything. Nothing has happened on his watch. So far it is all in house accusations and innuendo. Journalists vindicating their own existence.

  2. Another ridiculous article. “If true”, “aledgedly”….
    Only days ago Smith was publicly commenting that Munster is now ready to step up and be the dominant play maker. And now suddenly Smith has issues with Munster.
    Furthermore what has this got to do with Walters and Qld. Walters has already shown he will put the Qld brand first by making the call to not consider those players previously. Now if Munster was to do something wrong in origin camp under Walters watch or to actually have a major off field incident that brings bad headlines to the game then maybe this would be a story.

  3. Since when has Munster become a super star of the game?

    The way he is being talked up, one would think he is an elite player.

    IMO he is just an average player who was made to look good by the big 3…

  4. Munster must feel victimized by the storm. I suggest he should make a statement and sign with a bitter rival. Someone like…. say…. Manly.

      • Souths have dibs on Munster first tommy. Familiar faces from the maroons are waiting to welcome him aboard (GI, Gagai and Anthony Seibold). He would be guaranteed the No.1 jersey unlike at the Broncos who still favour Boyd ahead of their best option at FB Milford.

  5. Assuming everyone is fit and available. There is still a lot of talent in the Queensland halves. Possible contenders for the halves include:

    Ash Taylor, Daly Cherry-Evans, Ben Hunt, Micheal Morgan, Anthony Milford, Corey Norman, Moses Mbye

    For mine I’d have Evans 7, Morgan 6 and Milford 14. Milford would be used in the halves injecting his speed into the game after abit. Which gives you options as to replace Evans or play Morgan in the backs (if needed) or at Lock/Hooker. I’d carry Ash Taylor as a 18th man and have him involed a lot incase Evans chokes and as a look to the future

  6. Munster will be left out of the purple Banana Benders outfit. If they are to be fair and consistent with previous years when a stack of young Qld talent had to wait 12 months for getting on the grog in camp.

    This group in 2016 was Hunt, Napa, Milford, Jarrod Wallace, Edrick Lee and Chris Grevsmuhl, Cameron Munster and Valentine Holmes who were all banned for breaking curfew and Holmes along with Munster ran amuck on the grog.

    Munster is showing the tendencies of alcoholism and has blackouts on the grog. He is putting his hand up for the vacant position to replace the old habits of Pearce, Carney, Dugan, Ferguson, etc.etc.etc.

    If Munster is picked in the Queensland side then they are hypocrites and as that red head Queensland woman politician still says. Please explain?

    • So two blokes have a minor altercation after a few brews and you want him banned from Origin? They were not even in Origin camp. Those other blokes were part of an Origin camp. This is a nothing story. As the other red headed Queenslander says “give yourself an uppercut”

      • We want ALL QLD’s best players banned from origin tommy!

        “Sometimes the only way you can feel good about yourself is by making someone else look bad, and I’m tired of making other people feel good about themselves.” – Homer Simpson

  7. Interesting that news about the “incident” didn’t appear until recently. Am sure if it was earth shattering the mainstream media would have jumped all over it when it happened. Also, who can blame Munster for wanting to have a crack at Hunt. I’m sure the majority of his ex teammates have wanted too due to his inability to control a game over the past three. seasons. Game needs more larrakins like Munster, particularly when he’s doing nothing illegal or defamatory.

  8. SOO is in a new era now. Both teams will look completely different as new players arise for their state. If I was Walters i’d go with this lineup

    1. Darius Boyd
    2. Valentine Holmes
    3. Greg Inglis
    4. Will Chambers
    5. Dane Gagai
    6. Michael Morgan
    7. Daly Cherry-Evans/Ben Hunt/Ash Taylor
    8. Josh McGuire
    9. Cameron Smith
    10. Dylan Napa
    11. Josh Papalii
    12. Gavin Cooper
    13. Matt Gillett
    14. Ben Hunt/Cameron Munster
    15. Tim Glasby
    16. Coen Hess
    17. Corey Oates

    18. Cameron Munster
    19. Jarrod Wallace
    20. Felise Kaufusi

    • I like it but for Evans, he is playing good enough footy for it but I don’t think he would get the support from Queenslanders, especially with what Walters and his predecessors want to instill. As a person I can say that cherry evans made the best call for his family but as a footy fan a Queesnlander I don’t ever want to see him in the Maroons jersey again, it would be an insult.

  9. 1. Darius Boyd
    2. Valentine Holmes
    3. Greg Inglis
    4. Will Chambers
    5. Dane Gagai
    6. Micheal Morgan
    7. Daly Cherry-Evans
    8. Matt Scott
    9. Cameron Smith
    10. Josh McQuire
    11. Matt Gillett
    12. Gavin Cooper
    13. Josh Pappali

    14. Anthony Milford
    15. Dylan Napa
    16. Jarrod Wallace
    17. Felise Kaufusi

    18. Ben Hunt/Ash Taylor
    19. Corey Oates
    20. Coen Hess/Tim Glasby

  10. If Munster did become available now? No one else could match the money Penrith would now have available to buy him. Look at all of the first graders to leave there this off season. The only first grader to sign on there is Maloney.
    Blake & Munster in the centres. Why Not?
    Sorry Manly & Broncos fans.

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