MUDGEE, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 24: Paul Vaughan of the Dragons is tackled during the NRL trial match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the St George Illawarra Dragons at Glen Willow Regional Sports Stadium on February 24, 2018 in Mudgee, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

The St George Illawarra Dragons and South Sydney Rabbitohs have both finalised their lineups for tonight’s match at Jubilee Oval.

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Team list not yet available


  1. Can someone tell me why we’re wasting Gagai on the wing, I know Kennar is still injured.. but that’s a lot of money for a winger ?

    • He hasn’t settled into the team as quickly as we had hoped, but he will return to the centres when we get some solid wingers.. Only my opinion.

    • It is very simple mate. Kennar is injured, Campbell Graham has just returned from injury and Hymel Hunt is NO Winger!
      Braidon Burns is only a replacement.
      Gagan is at Norths and Hiroti is not ready for first grade.
      Arthars is injured.
      Any other questions?

      Dane Gagai did play Origin and Test matches on the Right wing.

  2. Glad to see Jason Clark back in the side. Souths will need his work ethic if they are to have any chance against the Dragons tonight.

    • +1 Chalky… he’ll put in everything he’s got, kinda hoping this can kick start he career again and earn another contract (he won’t be on huge money)..

  3. The absence of Souths best player (i.e. big Sammy) should be the factor that gets the Dragons home tonight. However if the Dragons squander as much possession as they did against the Knights, the Rabbitohs will cause a minor ‘upset’ in this game.

    • Would’ve been if the refs didn’t have the bunnies 1-12, deadset they were atrocious, I guess souffs are immune from copping offside pens or from being done for strips or forward passes. Well at least we know where all of the money from rusty’s auction went.

        • True Dani but it’s bloody annoying to watch the Bunning nearly pull one out through garbage refereeing. Can someone please tell me how McDonald didn’t end up with 2 tries. That second one was a disgraceful call.

        • Yeah, I know, Brissydragon. Whatever happened to: when in doubt, that doubt leans towards the attacking team OR/AND an onfield decision can only be overturned by CONCLUSIVE evidence?

          Still, a GREAT team should be capable of overcoming that…& that we did.

          Go Dragons!!!

  4. I know everyone is whining about the refs but seriously the dragons would be up by 20 after 20 if the watching both teams, bunnies have been offside all bloody night

  5. If Cody Walker isn’t dropped harder than his effort in the dying stages of the Rabbitohs vs Dragons match then I will be very surprised. Expect Doueihi at 6 and Reynolds at 7. Walker at North Sydney Bears. He lost us the game

    • Dude he also got you back in the game (well him and the refs). Got to admit though, I laughed pretty hard when he dropped it twice.

  6. A great team should be able to overcome Dodgy calls?
    You must be kidding. Only calls that went to South’s was the no knock on call near the end of the game from a kick. Plus , the no try for running interference. Those calls about running interference are a lottery in every game.
    South’s were called for a couple of forward passes in the first half that went backwards. One went to a scrum, then a penalty to St.George ( as South’s players complained the pass wasn’t forward ). St.George went down the field from the penalty & scored a try.
    St.George had nearly all the ball in the first half. Scored just the one first half try. Yes, the other call for held up was correct! The pass that got them to the try line was a metre forward , for the held up call in any case.
    It seemed only South’s supposed forward passes were called forward. All the St.George forward passes were fine.
    The only other try St.George scored was from a poor South’s pass.
    With all the ball St.George had in that game, you’re great St.George team should have been able to score five tries or more.
    If South’s were allowed an even share of ball for the game, they would have won.

    • So… missed the fact that the bunnies were offside all night, the 700 forward passes they threw, the numerous strips in the tackle, the two tries McDonald scored (ref called them tries and there was no evidence they weren’t). Souffs didn’t lose because they didn’t have the ball, they lost because the dragons are a far superior team, they lost because they made far more errors.

    • Accepting your opinion on all those calls, EastOfDivide, if my team were comforted by 3 disallowed crossings over my final defensive line in one half, I’d be thanking my lucky stars for technicalities. I’d be more concerned about the fact that that team crossed our line in the first place all three times.

      I couldn’t give a toss about any of those calls now though TBH – Dragons were awarded the 2 points they absolutely deserved from start to finish. Im hoping we can keep up with the passion & enthusiasm long-term.

  7. A good tough win for the Dragons after the five-day turnaround and running out of puff in the final ten after defending the whole half. First half wastefulness with try scoring opportunities almost cost us again and needs to be corrected.

  8. You would have had plenty of time to concentrate on South’s defence brissy, as St.George had all the ball. It’s hard to be offside often in defence with all that ball. They still managed it though.
    Regardless of the referees call, that was held up & not a try. The bunker was actually correct.
    If they don’t want to be called for running interference, don’t run the decoys & get them to stand in the defensive line.
    The only try St.George actually scored from their own good work , came from a penalty . That came from a poor call of forward pass against South’s.
    So as good as St.George may have been in other games this year, not that good with all the possession in that one.
    Still say, an even share of ball & South’s win .

    • Hahaha, you must have been watching a different game yeast of divide. Maybe souffs would have done better if they had more possession. And how do we keep possession easty? Hang on to the ball maybe? So basically your argument just defeated itself genius. As for decoy runners, you obviously dont watch much league because that type of play is run multiple times by every team every week. No one forced Reynolds to run up out of the line and tackle a player who didn’t have the ball. Nor did anyone force the winger to hang back and create more space for McDonald to run in. Reynolds wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near McDonald anyway. That’s a try any day of the week. The better team won princess, and should have won by a lot more. You just don’t know a lot about football champ, or are just too bias to admit it

    • “Still say, an even share of ball & South’s win.”

      That would be something Souths need to orchestrate themselves (???).

  9. I will start by saying I don’t support either of these teams and hate one as much as the other.
    For anyone to say the refs were on Souths side is ridiculous. Anyone who says that is obviously wearing Red and White glasses.
    The Dragons were far more favoured by the refs than Souths. It was clear as day.
    For every forward pass Souths did that the ref didn’t call on the Dragons had two that weren’t called on.
    Anyone who says that try that was overturned for being held doesn’t have a clue. Not once did that ball touch the ground. From every camera angle it was clearly held up.
    I am not saying the better team lost as Dragons were far more dominant for most of the game and were deserved winners but to say the ref was against them is pathetic. If anyone has a right to gripe about the refs it certainly should be Souths supporters.
    Dragons supporters just need to enjoy the victory and stop whinging about nothing.
    Enjoy the ride your team is on and for your sake I hope they don’t end up like last year when they went on a monumental slide and missed the finals.

    • Sounds like you had a few too many cans last night Kev. Anyone who couldn’t see the points I made was either drunk or retarded.

  10. As an jmpartial supporter i honestly think both teams got some rough calls, as happens in all games. At the end of the the dragons were the better team though and deserved the win.

    As for the obstruction no try i really felt sorry for the video ref. I think the reason we looked at it so many times is because he was trying to find a way to award it. Common sense may say it was a try, but by the letter of the law it wasn’t. Contact was made with the outside shoulder of the defender, which by the rules is an obstruction. A sh!tty rule in this case sure, but it is what it is.

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