SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 09: Tyrone Peachey of the Panthers celebrates scoring a try during the NRL Elimination Final match between the Manly Sea Eagles and the Penrith Panthers at Allianz Stadium on September 9, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Penrith utility Tyrone Peachey is set to join the Gold Coast Titans on a three-year deal starting in 2019.

Despite being under contract until the end of the 2019 season, Peachey is set to walk out of the club 12 months early – or possibly sooner.

Channel 7 reporter Chris Garry broke the news on Twitter overnight following recent reports that the Gold Coast had ‘put down an offer that Penrith couldn’t match’.

Where Peachey would fit into the side is unknown, with the likes of Dale Copley, Brenko Lee and Konrad Hurrell all battling for centre spots, meaning a return to the forwards could be on the cards.

Peachey made the move from lock to the centres midway through 2016, scoring 10 tries in his final 16 games of the season.

However, last season saw inconsistency creep into Peachey’s game as centres Waqa Blake and Dean Whare breathed down his neck.

A move to the Gold Coast would see him reunite with former teammates Mitch Rein and Leilani Latu, as well as former reserve grade coach Garth Brennan.

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Rumours have continued to circulate since Anthony Griffin’s arrival of Penrith of Peachey’s unrest at the foot of the mountains, which would even see the utility walk before the June 30 deadline.

Peachey’s exit comes as a massive blow to the Penrith outfit, coming just months after the exit of star junior and former captain Matt Moylan.

The Titans are expected to confirm the deal in coming weeks, as the Gold Coast outfit look to fill the hole in their salary cap left by Jarryd Hayne’s departure.


  1. Saw talk of this yesterday. Also talk that Merrin is on the way to the Eels….. Not sure what to make of it yet though.

      • My immediate thoughts were why? We have Brown at lock and he did a tremendous job there in 2017. However Merrin is a middle forward with footwork and an offload, something Parra is lacking in. He also averages 120 metres a game, which is more than most of our forwards. The obvious concern is the we already have a small pack and are in need of a big body.

        Ultimately it would depend on what role he would play. He would be fantastic coming off the bench after 20 minutes I think, but I am not sure he would go to a team to play from the bench.

        I am undecided at the moment I think. If Penrith are chucking in on his contract it is more attractive, as I think he is on decent coin. I would prefer a big front rower, but there are none available at the moment, and I can see the benefit to this signing. I really don’t know……..

    • eels47 – I saw that talk to and not sure what to make of it.
      He would add another dimension to the squad but at the same time I’m not sure that his body type is what we need. He does have good skills – a handy offload, makes plenty of metres and a good forward leader too.
      He could make a good replacement for Scott, as I would think the end is near for him. Quite likely 2018 will see him out.
      But its interesting to note the perceived issues at Penrith, Hook had similar issues at Brisbane too – the players seem to either love him or hate him. But at Penrith, as long as Gus loves you, then you’re set.
      Peachey would be a handy pickup for any club looking a very good utility – can play in the backs, forwards and hooker.

  2. I rate Penrith very highly, but there is a cancer there i think and maybe Griffin is the problem, does not seem to be a happy club for some reason this could lead to Cleary going to Wests tigers , if anybody is going to stop Penrith winning the comp, it will probably be Penrith, anyway hopefully i’m wrong.

      • But panthers2017 is back. How are the “post-Moylan Panthers” counselling sessions going? He was “your golden haired boy” there for a while wasn’t he? Personally I think the Panthers doubled down and won with Maloney. He will help to take Cleary to the next level and the Panthers to the top 4 or beyond with any luck. Too bad Griffin is still at Penrith and not Griffith though. 😉

        • Moylan, in hindsight, was like a cancer to the club. He seemed to have a dummy spit when disciplined for that bender in Melbourne, and he acted like a petulant brat since. Remember the Panthers made the finals, for the past few years. Things will improve.

        • I tried to warn you but you wouldn’t hear of it when “golden boy” was in your good books. Hindsight is a wonderful thing though and I am sure things will improve now that Maloney is running the show and helping to develop Cleary. You better hope “Barney Rubble” doesn’t scare Cleary off and send him packing or he will become one of Dad’s Tiger cubs.

        • Barney Rubble, I assume you mean Gus Gould, has turned the club around. Moylan is gone, and I’m pleased.

        • LOL. No Gould is Fred Flintstone. Your coach is Barney Rubble. Now Maloney is on board and he has teamed up with Cleary the Panthers look set for success in 2018 despite the best efforts of either to derail their teams efforts on field. Just my opinion. I’m sure you won’t agree.

        • You’re correct. Gus Gould has sorted the Panthers salary cap out, etc., and Hook has made the finals, twice.

        • Yes, I am sure the Panthers fans will look back with pride in years to come about the dizzying heights of 2011 – 2017 and always remember these years with pride as Souths fans do looking back to 2014. Remind me of the achievements again? The premierships? The GF appearances? How many?

          Let’s not go there panthers2017 let’s keep it fun. Why your profile has aged 3 years since we last got into a tangle and cats only have so many lives. Just teasing so where’s the harm? And I didn’t drop the “T” bomb!

        • Oh dear, SSTID_1970, the Panthers are rebuilding, the Panthers have a younger roster. I am not wasting my time on you.

  3. didnt Brennan say after he was just announced as coach that he was there to focus on local talent on the strip and that he wouldnt be taking players from Penruff?

    • Penruff? Souffs? When will people learn to put their false teeth in before they speak. Those of us who have our own find it hard to understand you lot sometimes.

  4. 1. Gordon
    2. Don
    3. Copley
    4. Hurrell
    5. Roberts-Davies/Lee
    6. Elegy
    7. Taylor
    8. Wallace
    9. Peats
    10. James
    11. Greenwood
    12. Proctor
    13. Arrow

    14. Rein
    15. Latu
    16. Boyle
    17. Stockwell

    • Not having a go but that’s an alright team would tweak it a bit Copley out Lee to centre and Elliot over Roberts-Davis, latu to front row, James to second row, Greenwood to bench and drop Boyle for Hipgrave

      I like Boyle just prefer Hipgrave but if Peachey comes he’d take the bench spot

  5. Bet you this wasn’t in Gus’s plan.

    Here we go again the 2018 season hasn’t kicked off yet and we’re talking about where players will be playing in 2019.
    Fans deserve better NRL so please put a stop to this circus of signing players for future seasons.
    Great signing though.

  6. I may be misreading things, or just completely out of my mind, but how are the Titans even talking to Peachy about playing for them?

    I thought a team could only approach a player if they were off contract that season, and he is supposedly contracted until the end of 2019 which would mean they can’t talk until November next year?

    Does that mean Penrith are actively trying to get rid of him? If so, there must be something seriously wrong going on behind there doors.

  7. Peachey would have been a good fit at Souths and he would have benefited from the change as well IMO. The culture and the players there would have made the transition smooth as well. Peachey would be a great utility player to cover Cook at hooker and fill in at centre during injury and rep rounds. His versatility and his failure to lock down a single position works against him though I feel. Peachey is talented enough to hold down a starting position at most clubs but seems destined to be the “super sub” for his whole career. There is probably no truth in the rumour anyway and as beastie says, the trade window has closed unless both sides are looking to play the “Moylan get out of jail free card”.

    • Spot on, re his versatility being all but a curse, not to mention he’d be a good fit pretty much anywhere.

      I can understand why they’d (most teams) would play him as their utility, but at the same time it’s so often a waste, and a bit of a catch 22. Clubs should (and I’m sure they do) value that player, and recognise that within the context of the overall team, but on the flip side it’s hard to justify big coin for someone that very often is only playing limited minutes late in the game when no one is injured.

      Bottomline, I think you have to give them a spot in the starting lineup, pay them “spine” player coin, or lose them to someone who will.

      We have Gutho, who can play 1-6, and probably 7&9 we needed him to, and a few others that are a bit more versatile than most.

      • Peachey has to make one position his own or he will end up like poor Mitch Aubusson (one of the most underrated players in recent history) who cannot hold down a regular starting spot in first grade and is used as a utility off the bench or to fill gaps due to injury, suspension and rep commitments.

        If I am brutally honest, Peachey (like Michael Jennings) suffers from “white line fever”. If he is half a chance of scoring or making a break his outside support will never see the ball until too late and the opportunity has passed and the window has closed. Too many times I have seen both players go themselves with supports unmarked screaming for the ball. Jennings at least has the class to make things happen but still has bombed many opportunities. NSW lost a SOO series because Jennings couldn’t help himself and had to be the hero and try to ground a ball outside his reach even though the only other jersey in the vicinity was sky blue (Frizell) and was closing fast. Peachey needs to remember he is playing a team sport, at times I think he forgets, and this I think is what is holding him back.

  8. I’ve heard the Trent Merrin to Parramatta rumour as well it’s gaining momentum everyday..
    Wouldn’t be a bad thing

    1: C Gutherson
    2: B French
    3: M Jennings
    4: J Hayne
    5: K Avau’a
    6: C Norman
    7: M Moses
    8: D Alvaro
    9: C King
    10: T Mannah
    11: M Mau
    12: T Moeroa
    13: N Brown

    14: T Merrin
    15: S Matagi
    16: K Evans
    17: K Edwards

    18: B Takairangi
    19: S Vave
    20: B Scott
    21: K Pritchard

    Signing Merrin would give us huge depth as well.. I could only see him starting from bench..

    What is going on at Penrith seems like everyone wants to leave

    • I don’t think there’s anything to the Merrin rumours, but that aside, I have some issues here, and I’ll include him for comparison purposes.

      1. Merrin and Evans off the bench? Mate, that would make us an origin side.
      2. Scott and Taka’s offer too much to be “reserves”.
      3. I don’t like saying this, but I’d go as far as saying with Hayne and Jennings as our centres, why have wingers (in attack).

      I think for this year, and maybe longer term, Evans will be a starting prop, because of his size within our squad, but he could / probably should be our 12. If (a big if) we got Merrin, I think he’d be either our 12, over Evans, or at the very least starting prop.

      I can’t leave Taka’s out. I just can’t.

      Avau’a /Hayne, and where’s Smith?

      I have (just a few) issues mate.

      • If we don’t get Merrin, then Takairangi will be the 14 in that side..
        Will come on as ball playing 2nd rower

        Scott is definitely past it.. he will retire at the end of the season

        With Will Smith great player but I’m not a fan of carrying another hooker on the bench..

        Carry two props and two 2nd rowers

        This was the problem against the cowboys in the final last year, BA decided to put Kaysa Pritchard on the bench, D Alvaro gets knock out in the first 5 mins then we are down an extra forward for the rest of the game that’s what killed us in back end of the game
        Cowboys forwards took control
        Definitely need 4 forwards on the bench and with Taka on bench who is at 108kg can pretty much cover lock 2nd row 5/8th centre very handy player off the bench as well
        Taka should come on and play a ball playing 2nd row

    • Really, semitrailer1? Moylan had a dummy spit when he was pulled up, and disciplined for that bender in Melbourne. It seems he was non compliant with his rehab. Since he left, Dylan Edwards has re-signed, he is a much better player. Also others have recommitted. Leilani Latu, it seems that he was surplus to requirements.

      • Leilani Latu has all the soft skills of Arthur Beetson if he can only learn to run as hard as well. Latu was a real loss IMO, not a “surplus to requirements” but an important part of the Panthers future now lost.

      • We will agree, to disagree. There are more younger, and cheaper, options, SSTID_1970, that are available.

  9. 5 year plan when you have 10 years to produce ! I just ate a peach , yum , I’m gonna put the seed into a hole , feed it some dynamic lifter and I bet I pick peaches before Gus and his plan become reality

    • rabbitwithdudzon January 16, 2018 at 10:10 am
      Well, that’s just peachy isn’t it.

      You posted too soon Rabbits. THAT’s the secret of great comedy… TIMING! Bahahahahahahahahahaha

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