The NRL's Match Review Committee has handed down three charges from Saturday's action, with Raider Nick Cotric, Rabbitoh Blake Taaffe and Bronco Xavier Willison all gaining scrutiny for separate offences.

Cotric can accept a $3000 fine with an early plea following a Grade 1 shoulder charge offence from Saturday night's win over South Sydney, with the incident in question occurring in the opening half of the game on Bunnies player Isaiah Tass.

Cotric will have the option to challenge the charge, however would do so at the risk of being handed a two-game suspension if he was to be unsuccessful.

Taaffe has been charged for a careless high tackle on Canberra flyer Jordan Rapana, with the young Rabbitoh able to accept a $1000 financial sanction with an early plea.

That fine can be raised to $1500 if Taaffe challenges the charge and is unsuccessful at the Judiciary.

Elsewhere, Willison can also accept a $1000 fine for a dangerous contact charge following Saturday's game against the Warriors.

He too would risk a $1500 if he failed in a challenge at the Judiciary.