A list of top 30 squads may get publicised next season as the league looks to for greater transparency with its rostering, as reported by NRL.com.

Representatives from each club, the Rugby League Players’ Association and agents accreditation committee will meet on August 21 to discuss the latest contracting system which came out in November.

The current rules permits teams to confirm a top 24 roster for 2019 with the NRL as of November 1 and 29 players to be signed to a roster at the start of the season in March.

Clubs then have up until June 1 to sign an additional player to take their roster tally to 30, with 3-6 players allowed to be signed on development contracts.

One of the reported changes to the proposed new system would necessitate clubs to publish full squad lists, with players who are still under the salary cap but playing elsewhere no longer occupying a roster spot.

An example is retired Sea Eagle Nate Myles, who occupies a spot in both their top 30 and their salary.

Clubs would still be permitted to pay the salary of players who have left, but they would no longer occupy a roster spot.

Another sanction of the new system that is being pushed is clubs having more lenience when picking players from their lower grades, opposing the current system when they must apply for special dispensation.


  1. This is the equivalent of Donald Trump publishing his tax returns from 1973. This will create absolutely no transparency whatsoever and is typical of the NRL’s current spin society. Nice try but the game still stinks.

  2. What exactly is the problem with this butters. No one is suggesting it will create any transparency on things such as the salary cap, but what it will assist with is fans understanding why certain young players aren’t getting a run. Whilst it is nothing ground breaking from the NRL, it is something that provides more information to us, the fans, which is a good thing. How often do we see or hear someone asking why a certain player isn’t getting a go in first grade, only for the discussion to then move towards, is he actually in the top 30.

    Like I said, this is not a big thing, but to put a negative spin on it is just being negative for the sake of it. Take it for what it is , a bit more information for us.

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