Gold Coast Titans interim coach Jim Lenihan will welcome AJ Brimson back into the fold for this weekend's Round 25 clash with the Penrith Panthers.

Brimson was originally racing the clock for last weekend's clash before being ruled out, and was subsequently named on the reserves list for this weekend's clash with the back-to-back defending premiers, who sit at the top of the ladder.

The star fullback, who has been missing with an oblique injury, was set to be joined on the sidelines again this weekend by first-choice spine members Kieran Foran and Sam Verrills, as well as a host of other players who have had their seasons put on ice at Parkwood.

With the Titans out of finals contention and only pride to play for though, Lenihan said Brimson had made it through training and would be good to go.

"We are expecting Brimmo to start at fullback for us this week. He got through training the other day fairly well unscathed which was really good," Lenihan said during his Friday morning press conference ahead of Saturday's game against the Panthers.

"He just has to get through a little bit of today and tick some boxes and he should be good to go."

Brimson's return means stand-in fullback, young gun Keano Kini, will be the 18th man for this weekend's game, missing out on a spot in the side.

"Kini will probably go back to 18th man if that's the case, so we are fairly confident AJ will play," Lenihan added.

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Brimson's return comes with the Titans set to hand a debut to young halfback Thomas Weaver, who will join Jayden Campbell in an inexperienced halves combination, with Chris Randall wearing the number nine jumper.

Asked whether Brimson could move to the centres for Kini to keep his spot in the side, Lenihan ruled out the move, saying Brimson's experience would be valuable in keeping Nathan Cleary and the Panthers under control.

"I think this week especially with playing Penrith, playing [Nathan] Cleary, there is a lot of tactical stuff with our numbers certainly on our tryling and defensively getting ourselves set, so I think the experience of AJ in a game against Penrith and Cleary is certainly good for us to tactically get our defence structure organised and our numbers and our splits good, so AJ certainly has a lot of experience there and it will be valuable for us," Lenihan added when quizzed.

Teams will be trimmed to 19 at 5:30pm on Friday ahead of kick-off 24 hours later.