BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 31: Blake Ferguson of the Blues looks on during game one of the State Of Origin series between the Queensland Maroons and the New South Wales Blues at Suncorp Stadium on May 31, 2017 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Former NSW representative Matty Johns does not believe Eels star Blake Ferguson has a spot in the Blues Origin team.

Ferguson has dominated the start of the season and is on a mission to to return to Brad Fittler’s team after being snubbed last year.

The 29-year old skipped a Blues training camp at the end of last season to train with the Eels but is determined to return to the Origin stage.

However, Johns is not so sure.

“Blake Ferguson has come out and said he wants back in and wants another crack for NSW and he’s playing great football,” he told The Matty Johns podcast.

“But at the moment you’ve got Tom Trbojevic who is just about first picked, Josh Addo-Carr who is playing great football and Tedesco who is just on fire.

“So really there is no spot for him at the moment. If you were picking it tomorrow is there a spot for Ferguson?”

Fox Sports’ James Hooper believes the only way Ferguson could force his way into the Blues team is if via injuries.

“The only way that Ferguson gets in is if there is an injury,” Hooper told Fox Sports. 

“As much as they are saying publicly that Ferguson’s cards haven’t been marked, the thing that I love about Freddy is that he says publicly that he takes everything into account.

“So Ferguson does have a couple of marks next to his name over the years.”


  1. Seriously Freddie would be stupid to leave him out.
    It should be Fergo on one wing and Addo-Carr on the other.
    You pick the best players for those positions and Fergo is a better winger than Trbojevic. Tommy would be a better fullback than Fergo but when it comes to who is the better winger it is Fergo by a country mile.
    Unfortunately for Trbojevic, Tedesco is a way better fullback.
    Honestly though I am more than happy for them not to pick Fergo as we need him and I care more about how we are going than I do about SOO.
    As for John’s he should stick to what he knows which is being an unfunny clown.

  2. Only a fool would leave out Turbo Tom for Fergo. Johns is right, barring injuries ain’t no room for him.

  3. 1. Treeesco
    2. Addo-Carr
    3. Mitchell
    4. Trbojevic/Roberts
    5. Ferguson.
    Tommy is a gun fullback but Tredesco is just better. From Memory Tommy played centre a coupley times for the Kangaroos. In particular in a prime ministers selected squad which he really stood out playing centre. Otherwise I’d have James Roberts at centre but he’s always getting injured so you never really know with him.

    Match up wise you’d want Ferguson to match Corey Oates anyways. And James Roberts isn’t the best 1v1 defender to mark GI, whereas tommy could really hold his ground
    1. Teddy v Ponga
    2. Carr v Gagai
    3. Mitchell v Chambers (Mitchell wins all day)
    4. Trbojevic v GI
    5. Fergo v Oates

  4. It’s all irrelevant because unless there is a injury the back 5 will be exactly same as last year and should be

  5. His brother Andrew Johns is even more hopeless at talking footy than Matty. Just about everything Andrew Johns says doesn’t happen and is wrong.

    Fergo in my opinion is a certainty for one wing spot as long as he continues to play just as he is. Such a powerful runner. With the new rule changes and the refs laying off the whistle making the game faster and all the big forwards get fatigued bringing the ball back out of their own 20m, then Big Wingers like Fergo are at their valuable best when performing like another forward. Last season he topped the metre eating charts and this season is no different.💪🎱👉—-🐓

  6. I don’t agree. Last season Fittler picked form players (except for Nathan Cleary who was out injured for about 5 or 6 weeks) even if they were rookies and I believe he should stick to that winning formula. Laurie Daly played the favorites game and it brought him unstuck. All players should be picked on form in their rightful positions. Daley one year played 3 or 4 fullbacks in the backs and we got smashed because he was opting for reputations and players he had played previously. Everyone every year needs to deserve to picked on current form. 💪🐔👉🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱

  7. Trbojevic is the most over rated player. Totally hopeless & almost single handily cost NSW the series last year!
    But then who would ever listen to Fat Johns??? Talk about a wannabe still trying to crawl out of the shadow of his brother. Only a tossa would watch his show.

  8. Daley was sticking solid with players who didn’t deserve it or actually win an origin.
    Last years back 5 I’d Tedesco, jac,turbo, Roberts and Mitchell except for Roberts injured atm are all in form anyways and will all be automatic selections. The back 5 won the series last year nsw 1,2,5 were the 3 best players in the series

  9. That is my entire point Bobfulton, I believe the only change if everyone stays true to form will be Ferguson in for Roberts with Trbojevic moving to centre💪🐔👍

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