As we enter the season's second month, the gap between the good and bad sides has started to creep toward chasmic.

The sample sizes every team – and each of their players – has provided the multitude of Fantasy and Super coaches has also begun to grow.

Ambiguity is starting to subside, and clarity is beginning to arrive.

Keen coaches know who needs to go and who needs to be included if their ranking is to continue improving, whereas coaches on the other side of the coin may still need support at the selection table.

Whether you are confident your squad is set, or whether it needs an overhaul, we are once again here to lend a helping hand.

Here are the names that every coach should be moving in, shipping off and keeping an eye on ahead of lockout.


Viliame Kikau
Fantasy Price - $666,000
SuperCoach Price - $618,000

This is a message to the 85% of Fantasy Freaks and the 14% of Super Coaches that have paid insufficient respect to the Panthers' left side – if you haven't got Viliame Kikau in your side, rectify this quickly.

With 243 Fantasy and 318 SC points across the season's first month at an average of 60.8 and 79.5 respectively, the Fijian edge has been potent both with the ball and without.

Kikau's averages of 22 tackles and a try a week have been instrumental in Penrith picking up where they left off last season.

With fixtures against Brisbane and Manly over the next month, expect the 26-year-old to continue feasting. However, hold off if he is managed after a HIA on Thursday night.

Ryan Papenhuyzen
Fantasy Price - $788,000
SuperCoach Price - $751,800

Prior to Round 2,Β I did tell you to pick up β€˜Papi', but if you didn't hear my words the first time, I'm here to offer them again.

Although it is unlikely that the 2019 Clive Churchill medalist will surpass his Round 4 totals of 124 Fantasy and 197 SC points this year, every side could use Papenhuyzen's weekly averages of more than 84 on both platforms.

With the Storm set to face the battered Bulldogs in Round 5, even if the Kellyville kid doesn't cross the white line, he should rack up points off the tee.

Tino Fa'asuamaleaui
Fantasy Price - $561,000
SuperCoach Price - $513,600

When facing the Titans, if David Fifita doesn't get you, then his back-row buddy Tino is sure to.

Despite missing out on the competition points against Canberra on Saturday, the former Storm forward surpassed both his Fantasy and his SuperCoach season averages, with 80 and 93 on the respective programs.

With an ownership of 25% on Fantasy and 50% across on SuperCoach, if you are missing any of the Gold Coast goliaths in your team, you may as well add the more affordable of the pair.


Sam Walker
Fantasy Price - $254,000
SuperCoach Price - $173,700

Call me conservative, but despite the fact that the Chooks' backup half is the one of the league's most precocious talents, I would like to see a larger sample size before I add him in as a downgrade option.

With a current ownership of 31.4% on Fantasy and 41% across on SuperCoach, it appears I am part of a rapidly shrinking group.

If the 18-year-old can top his 44 Fantasy and 81 SuperCoach points against the Sharks this week, I will likely be scratching my trigger finger.

Victor Radley
Fantasy Price - $518,000
SuperCoach Price - $445,500

Although Radley is proven at the level, I am taking the same approach to his Roosters' teammate and holding off for another week.

Sure, the Bronte boy is proven at the level and has a sky-high ceiling, but with a price tag above $445,000 on both platforms, my finger is off the trigger for the moment.

It will be another story altogether once his match fitness is retained.

Billy Magoulias
Fantasy Price - $278,000
SuperCoach Price - $211,500

The Greek international was seen by many as a bargain basement option before the season, but with averages below 20 points per week on both platforms across the first three rounds, Billy Magoulias should have been dumped from these same teams.

Don't let the fact that the Sharks' second rower surpassed his averages in Round 4 and his discount price tag suck you in just yet.


Sitili Tupouniua
Fantasy Price - $574,000
SuperCoach Price - $437,700

Having failed his HIA on Sunday night, expect the Tonga international to be sidelined for the Roosters clash against the Sharks.

Although it is likely that the 23-year-old will only miss a week with injury, with Boyd Cordner set to return later in the season, now is the perfect opportunity to cash out.

Addin Fonua-Blake
Fantasy Price - $634,000
SuperCoach Price - $505,500

With the former Manly forward's knee knock likely to sideline him for at least a pair of weeks, like Tupouniua, now is the time to clear the 25-year-old off your books.

With the front-rower priced beyond the half a million mark on both platforms, the 8% of Super Coaches and 6.2% of Fantasy Freaks that hold Fonua-Blake will have a plethora of other options available to them.

Keaon Koloamatangi
Fantasy Price - $416,000
SuperCoach Price - $304,100

Although this advice only applies to 3% of Super Coaches and 4.3% of Fantasy Freaks, if you have the second year Souths forward in your side, move him on after being handed a two-week suspension.

Still, after averages of less than 40 points per week across both programs, the 22-year-old probably shouldn't have been there in the first place.


In a reasonable light on week for rookies, the aforementioned Sam Walker led the way with 81 SuperCoach and 44 points. With Luke Keary's year done, get set for these numbers to rise as the talented halfback settles at first grade level.

Despite his side getting rinsed by the Rabbitohs on Good Friday, Bulldogs' debutant Jackson Topine was a bright light with 60 Fantasy and 53 SuperCoach points. As the Belmore boy's season appears dead and buried already, expect the Maori representative to see plenty more playing time.

The 62% of SuperCoach and 46% of Fantasy players that have Daine Laurie in their lineup will have been after more than just 48 and 35 points respectively.

Highest Fantasy Round 5 Breakevens

Payne Haas: 87
Tom Starling: 86
Jason Taumalolo: 84
Ryan Matterson: 83
Lachlan Lewis: 82
Apisai Koroisau: 81
Patrick Carrigan: 76
Jamal Fogarty: 73
Mitchell Pearce: 72
Joseph Tapine: 71

Lowest Fantasy Round 5 Breakevens

Connor Tracey: -11
Jackson Topine: -10
Teig Wilton: -1
Stefano Utoikamanu: 0
Sam Walker: 0
Tariq Sims: 1
Josh Schuster: 1
Josh King: 2
Sean O'Sullivan: 2
Zane Musgrove: 3