With their victory over the Newcastle Knights last weekend, the Cronulla Sharks earned the right to play Week 1 of the finals at their home of PointsBet Stadium.

This news is a part of the ongoing controversy surrounding the top four teams playing their finals in small suburban stadiums. The issue being that these blockbuster games (being the Panthers and Eels, and Sharks up against the Cowboys) will be played in front of only around a combined 34000 people.

Shark Park is currently undergoing rennovations.

But while it may be unfortunate that so many fans will miss out, there is one big perk; we get to see more of what Gus Gould calls the 'Bermuda Triangle'.

Colloquially known to all footy fans as Shark Park, the Cronulla home ground has been home to many bizarre and just outright unlikely moments that don't happen elsewhere and here are five of the most memorable.

3. Sharknado

Round 7 of 2015 hosted the rugby league game played in perhaps the worst conditions ever experienced.

Andrew Voss began his call by labelling the conditions a cyclone, and I don't think there are many words more apt.

The match was played in torrential rain and howling winds for the entirety of the 80 minutes. So much so that one of the enduring images of the game is two Sharks fans running around the empty concourse in wet suits.

Cronulla somehow found a way to win here too, when the ball ricocheted miraculously off the post and into Jayson Bukuya's hands.

It felt like he would have dropped the ball on any other ground in those conditions, and no one could have blamed him, but he caught it, and Souths were seen off by 18 points to 10.