Premiership Odds: (via $21.00

Big Outs: Chris Sandow, Will Hopoate

Big Ins: Michael Gordon, Kieran Foran, Beau Scott

The Eels have had a very busy off-season at least recruitment wise. They’ve moved on two high priced yet underperforming players in Hopoate and Sandow, and have signed a world class playmaker in Kieran Foran.

Former NSW Blues Beau Scott and Michael Gordon have also joined the club, with Gordon especially filling a role that the Eels could not in 2015.

Out wide the Eels have one of the most damaging players in the game in Radradra, while young Gutherson will add enthusiasm and speed to the outside backs.

The Eels, at least on paper, have a superior side to their 2015 side. Foran’s signature is the first step in returning the club to the finals.

Key Player: Kieran Foran

Foran’s signing was a genuine statement that the Eels are no longer going to accept mediocrity. He replaces the horribly inconsistent Chris Sandow.

The Kiwi number six makes every player outside him more dangerous, while his presence will put defences on high alert.

Outside of his obvious talents, his friendship and combination with Anthony Watmough will surely reinvigorate the former test forward who had a pretty disappointing 2015.

Foran tore the house down last season once he finally sorted his future. There is no doubt that once he settles into the Eels set up, he will be one of the signings of the season. He can take the Eels to the eight.

Young Gun: Tepai Moeroa

20 year-old Tepai Moeroa is one of the best emerging forwards in the game. He earned a spot in the PM’s XI despite only playing 28 games for the Eels over two seasons.

The junior Kangaroo backrower will see plenty of minutes this season in a dangerous forward rotation. His development will be aided by Origin forwards Beat Scott and Anthony Watmough.

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Offering more than just flash in the pan highlights of many fellow young forwards, Moeroa doesn’t mind putting his hand up and doing the hard work either.

With almost 30 tackles a game from the bench in his 19 games in 2015, he certainly has the work ethic to match his obvious talents.

Best Signing: Michael Gordon

Truth be told Kieran Foran is the club’s best signing in recent memory, but in Michael Gordon the Eels finally have a genuine first choice fullback.

Gordon played three years at the Sharks for two club best and fairest and his 2015 was brilliant. So good in fact that he kept Valentine Holmes out of the number one jersey.

Gordon’s positioning is up there with the very best and his ability to convert with a high percentage rate makes him a brilliant pick up.

Many teams rely on their fullback to play as a third playmaker and Gordon is very capable of that. Despite not being the quickest number one in the game he’s always there to support when needed.

Strength: Semi Radradra

Radradra did not lose too many battles last season and I see no reason he won’t record similar numbers again in 2016.

He is as close to a lock as you can get in regards to betting on someone to score over 20 tries a season.

His size, speed, strength and ability to carry defenders on his back, make him arguably the most intimidating man out wide in the competition.

Foran and Norman will use their most dangerous weapon at every opportunity. Foran’s kicking game is pretty much spot on. I fear for opposition wingers forced to mark the massive winger.

Weakness: Rest of backline

Clinton Gutherson will be one of the better value-for-money signings made this season, but outside of Semi Radradra the Eels backline doesn’t strike fear into many oppositions.

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Ryan Morgan and Brad Takairangi are both big, strong, fast players, but with all due respect they’re not the most skilful or elusive backs out there.

Semi Radradra will likely score 20 tries, which is lucky for the Eels, as outside of maybe Michael Gordon, I don’t see a great deal of threat.

Foran’s presence will enable these backs a far better chance than they’ve had in years gone by under Sandow and Kelly, so perhaps they will prove us wrong.

Strongest 17:

1. Michael Gordon
2. Semi Radradra
3. Ryan Morgan
4. Brad Takairangi
5. Clint Gutherson
6. Corey Norman
7. Kieran Foran
8. Tim Mannah
9. Nathan Peats
10. Junior Paulo
11. Beau Scott
12. Manu Ma’u
13. Anthony Watmough

14. Tepai Moeroa
15. David Gower
16. Danny Wicks
17. Kaysa Pritchard

I don’t think you can use up two interchanges on Isaac De Gois, who while solid, really doesn’t offer the same level of threat as Peats or Pritchard. I’m also loathe to move Foran from his preferred position in the six, but for the good of the side he needs his hands on the ball as much as possible and a move to halfback should ensure that.

Prediction: 12th

The Eels are a far better chance of ending their finals drought than in years gone by thanks to some brilliant signings and some young players with another year under their belts.

If they can stay fit, Watmough, Scott and Ma’u are one of the most aggressive back rows in the game, and a more than handy front row rotation.

Foran’s signing is a game changer while Radradra remains the premier threat out wide across the competition.

There is more than enough here to give the eight a real crack. I just don’t see their outside backs able to score enough points, while containing opposition backlines to string enough wins together to be there come September.


      • I’m sure his prediction for the Sharks will be more accurate than you can manage.

        Last year it was the Sharks will probably get another spoon but if they don’t at the very best they will be overperforming to get to 10th.

        You’re like a really badly broken record that should just be recycled into some really uncomfortable TP.

        • Yeah but their position last year flattered them. Fact is that they scored less points than they had scored against them which means they won some very low margin games. That suggests to me that Cronulla were not that great despite Holmes & Birds break out season. They won’t get to ambush other teams like they did last season so I expect them not to feature at the end of the year.

        • I do have a rebuttal for this but I’ll save it for a Sharks article and when you inevitably bombard their prediction with your ramblings.

    • Does the the sighning if Micheal Jennings to the eels change this??
      I think so 🙂


      Dont tell me this side wont make the eight????

  1. Foran is a solid defender and strong runner but would struggle at half back with his kicking, ball handling and creativity. The best position for him is to stay at five eight.

      • That’s because they finally sparked a good combo on the left changing that would undo the last 2 years of work. foran has played left side his entire career he will struggle and without a good kicking game (long) parra will struggle to make ground especially when under the pump. kick returns on half way lol. foran is looking at manlys team now and surely he’s burning.

        • Call me cynical, but I think soon as Foran looks at his bank account he’ll be happy he went to Parra

    • How the hell do you know Foran will stuggle at no 7 have you seen him play no 7 ha??? These days 6 and 7 are so simular it doesnt matter, so you mite aswell say foran cant play im the halves. derrrr

  2. Foran definitely a true 5/8th not halfback. Spot on with the backs and if radradra gets injured or doesn’t have the same impact as last year they just don’t have points in them. I think prediction of 12th is generous. Would definitely have panthers ahead of eels

  3. 1: M Gordon
    2: S Radradra
    3: B Takairangi
    4: J Folou
    5: C Gutherson
    6: C Norman
    7: K Foran
    8: D Wicks
    9: N Peats
    10: T Mannah (c)
    11: M Mau
    12: B Scott
    13: A Watmough

    14: Jr Paulo
    15: P Pauli
    16: T Moeroa
    17: D Gower
    Just on the edge of top 17
    18: K Edwards
    19: K Pritchard

    I’d put Folou over Morgan, Folou at 112kg and Takairangi at 108kg there huge centres who have the power and have a great offload to give it to there speed wingers for try’s.
    I think parra will finish about 10th

    My top 8

    1: Brisbane
    2: Cowboys
    3: Roosters
    4: Manly
    5: Warriors
    6: Bulldogs
    7: Sharks
    8: Storm
    9: souths
    10: Eels

    • I think Folou will play plenty this season. Tbh Ive selected the expected 17 in most cases, not the 17 I’d run with. I 100% agree with Folou’s inclusion. Big upside

    • I think Manly will do well and the Storm much better than you have predicted.Warriors will be higher and Souths will be in the eight. Cronulla will struggle.

  4. 2016 will be tough to predict as both Eels and Penrith could very well make the 8 but its hard to pick who misses out my top 8

    1 Broncos (safe bet)

    2 Storm (with both Munster and Slater they now possess more attacking options)

    3 Roosters (may have lost RTS and Maloney but were the only team with the depth to replace them)

    4 Sharks (will be the big improvers and may finish higher)

    5 Cowboys (just miss the 8 may struggle with fatigue)

    6 Warriors (recruited well Isaac Luke will be buy of the season)

    7 Dragons (recruited some size up front and got stiff competition for outside backs)

    8 Rabbitohs (A few big losses but GI will hit career best form and this year will Reynolds breakout year)

    9 Raiders (just miss the 8 but Sezer will be a big gain)

    10 Bulldogs (lack serious direction without Hodko and the big forwards will struggle with the interchange

    11 Panthers (injuries are their curse get rid of their halves and still lack one extra go fourth prop Moa would be a great inclusion

    12 Manyly (No genuine 5/8 recruited really well but if DCE gets injuired their stuffed also Lyon, Matai, and Stewart are only getting older)

    13 Eels (will do okay but i think 2017 they have a better shot. Far better team than last year but so has many others

    14 Knights

    15 Tigers

    16 Titans

    • Who are these players replacing them? fergo is a dud and so is hastings. couple of injuries and your done

      • Fergo and Hastings are all but duds bro. Hastings is a young talent to especially look out for. One of the best young halves in the comp along with Jack Bird, Kane Elgey, Ash Taylor. Future origin halves in Bird/Hastings and Elgey/Taylor

        • so who’s the back ups if fergo and hastings go down? You’ve got no depth in the most important positions. nikorama is too small for the nrl and while he has skill I think as a lead playmaker he will struggle big time in the big time.
          If we lose dce we have replacements but will will be screwed. apart from that we have pretty good depth Imo.
          parcel api buhrer can play hooker
          johns turbo mateo Lyon can play 58
          turbo can play fb
          burher brown demetriou Goodall can play center even Symonds
          I think now we have the make up of a premiership team if the team gels.
          it’s upto walker and cherry if Barret can simplify walkers game and with these big forwards we can make top 4. next year a premiership.

        • Roosters fullback options
          Fergo (likely starter)
          Latrell Mitchell (our future star id have him FB come round 1)
          Omar Slaimankel
          Joe Burgess
          Jayden Nikorima

          Ryan Matterson
          Tyler Cornish
          Latrell Mitchell

    • Our 5/8 will be Dylan Walker and all he’s got to have is a great passing and running game which he has. Daly and Api will control the kicking. Walker has a great day running and passing game which DCE needs from his partner. DCE will control the game with the support of Walker.

      What do you mean “if DCE gets injured their stuffed”, dude that’s like every other fking team, why didn’t you mention other teams about if their halve gets injured. Why didn’t you mention if Pearce gets injured the Roosters are stuffed or if Thurston gets injured Cowboys are stuffed. Of course we’re going to be stuffed when DCE gets injured but that’s like every other team if their key halve gets injured.

      Stewart, Lyon and Matai maybe getting older but we still have the best backline in the comp.

      • if DCE gets injured you are stuffed— its that simple is ben hunt gets stuffed broncos have a good replacement, last year is josh reynolds of trent got injured they had a good replacement— manly will be good but they are technically playing with one half (DCE)

        • That was last year. Dogs have no cover at all. It’s right all teams have a main half if they get a serious injury that team is finished. Some will cope better then others but still wouldn’t be serious contenders. Thurston, Johnson, Pearce, hunt all the top teams would be stuffed so it is a stupid comment singling out manly. Maybe 1 legitimate half but play with 3 5/8ths that more then compensated. Manly only need walker to run off dce and distribute out a bit wider for that halfs combination to be a major succes. Dce will prove all those doubters wrong this season, show what a decent pack can let a brilliant half like himself do.

        • Of course we’re stuffed “IF” DCE is injured but we have Isaac John to cover, he’s not classy but he can get the job done. Just a curious question if Ben Hunt gets injured, who is his replacement?

        • last year was ash taylor— dont follow them close enough to know who it is this year— but milford can play game well without hunt– where as i cant see dylan coping or the team with dce— nothing against manly just an opinion

        • If Hunt goes down injured, short term replacement would be stand in for Johnson in the Kiwi Team, Nikorima, longer term it would be Nichols. same as if Milf went down. If both are out together then would possibly have a Nichols/Niko pair. a chance of that in Origin rounds. Would be no stress as Macca can kick and Gillett can play as a ball running 5/8. it also helps that the entire back row can push out 80mins and McGuire/Thiaday/Blair can produce big minutes if needed, not many forward packs can say that.

      • @eaglerock i think Manly have a dangerous team and could very well make the top 4 or GF for that matter. Imo Manly will either dominate next year or flop. Manly have great juniors though and 2017 i believe are top 4 almost gauranteed but there are alot of combinations lost but they are the dark horses and could very well dominate. Personal reasons may had played a part in my positioning

        • +1 Yes we have a dangerous team and could make the top 4. I do strongly agree with your comment “Manly will either dominate next year or flop”, that’s up to the Manly players if they want to succeed and make it in the top 4 or give up and flop. Like Trent said “we’ll finish where we deserve”.

        • @eaglerock Manly may very well take it as their recruitment was arguably the best but i have them low because DCE wil be under huge HUGE pressure and whoever partners him will be a rookie to 5/8, Also as i said combinations take time to build and you have a new coach. I understand due to 10+ dominance Manlys standards will be high but it could be unfair also to expect to much. I guess only time will tell

        • DCE finally has a strong forward pack in front of him. Less pressure will be put on DCE and Walker just needs to have a good running and passing game which he has both of. Combinations take time to build depending on the players, like example it didn’t take long for Hunt and Milford to be a great combination. But I am concern about our coach considering he’s a rookie coach but no one knows he may do well or even fail. Exactly Manly’s standards will be high and on paper we are top, no more excuses from Manly.

    • Roosters will slide mate probably make the 8 RTS and Maloney are big losses but to be fair Hastings is one of the best young halves going around

    • I don’t see how the forwards will struggle. Most of them can play big minutes, that being Lichaa, Graham, Tolman, Jackson, Lane and Williams. Klemmer and Browne can play decent minutes, and Eastwood should be fine because he has slimmed down a bit (I saw a photo of him in the Auckland Nines jersey). The only one who I could see struggling will be Kasiano, but I hope he has been working hard. The only question mark on the side is the halves, and I have a feeling they will control the side just fine and get the Dogs a top 4 spot.

      • Hmm. Everyone keeps saying kasiano will struggle. But majority of the time he was started on bench and came on before half time and end of game. He will benefit from the rule change if used in that fasion. It just rules him out as a starter. Last 15-20 minutes each half he is going to run havoc.

        • Yeah that is true. I hope he gets fitter though, in case someone else goes down and he’s got to play more minutes.

  5. Best I can see them is 11 or 12 this season possibly beating the dragons who now have Tyson Frizell injured for the front of the season as well as the loss of merrin. Both teams look fairly strong on paper, dragons have the backs and eels have the forwards. key questions

    Will Manu Ma’u, Anthony Watmough and Danny Wicks come back firing after a injury plagued and disappointing 2015?

    Can norman work well with Foran and give him the ball when he wants it?

    Where do they put Folou? He could be a very dangerous player based on some things I saw him do last season.

    Things are getting better, maybe next season depending on player growth and how things go this season.

    Also Ill just put in that Hayne isn’t coming back anytime soon, he wants to make the NFL thing work. I think its funny that people get so worked up about conspiracy theory’s that are based on rumour and no facts (words out of his mouth!)pretty sure if he was coming back to another club that was not the eels he would be looking for the best offer and everyone would know about it.

  6. rabbits101 ” touche ” well said there is a certain person here thats convinced hayne is off to the roosters .. talk about a dreamer . uncle nick lent him a car apparently so its a done deal .. but he was spotted talking to farah at the soccer so now he is off to the tigers i assume even though he was at parra training talking to floran and norman .. must of been planted there by the chooks to get some inside info hey. he wont be back ( if ever ) till he decides he has had enough of the NFL . when he dose he will be a free agent. he will shop around no doubt but parra would be holing all the aces .. he left on good terms and said i quote ” if i ever come back to the NRL parra would be my choice of clubs ” his words not mine .. he is no DCE thats for sure

    • I know mate he is staying in nfl and even if he does come back he is going to eels deluded roosters fans are so funny

      • hayne2roosters(nowSanFran) is a classic .. due for a name change though .. im thinking “imadeludedfanoftheroostersandhaveahardone4hayne”

        • You see @the piston and @upthepanthers unlike you guys we dont Hayne to succed but Roosters would be a thousand times more likely of a Premiership with Hayne than both Eels and Panthers combined. Parra ruined his career in a way. We never got to see the best of Hayne, If he comes back it wont be at Parra

        • The Roosters have only played the Panthers in one Grand Final, how did that work out for them? If it wasn’t for their ex Panther captain the Roosters wouldn’t have made it that far.

        • hayne2roosters(nowSanFran) if parra ruined his career in away ..who made it ?.. he as only played for one club ? what he made his name at the roosters did he no .. ruined it .. ha ha he left the nrl as an elite player you fool .. he was a star at parra and one of the best in the nrl if not the best attacking player in modern history and we ruined his career ,, and you call me an embarrassment.. pull your head in you clown

        • @dean who do you support monkey? 1 game mate. @the piston your clearly very very young. Similar to Warriors with Shaun Johnson to an extent. Johnson is also a star but like Hayne hes had to single handedly win games for his team

        • Not real bright are you numbnuts. Tell me, who will you support when Uncle Nic tosses it in and the steady supply of brown paper bags that has kept the Roosters in contention dries up?

        • hayne2roosters to say we never got to see the best of Hayne is just bloody stupid.
          Do yourself a favour and go watch the last 12 rounds of the 2009 season and you will see the best of Hayne.
          You are usually good with your comments mate but that one was crap.

        • @markus ive watched Hayne very closely and i believe as far as natural footy ability he could have gone down as possibly better than Clive Churchill he had the ability to be the best in the world and retire with many more dally medals to his name. But how many coaches had he gone through? how many off field drama did he have to deal with and who did JARRYD HAYNE rely on to handle pressure in games NOBODY i do like Eels dont get me wrong but had he been in a team and had the luxary say Billy Slater or GI had and had the right players around him i believe he would have been a better player. For awhile there if Hayne was the Parramatta Eels, If he gave only 75% in any game Parra lose by 10 points +

    • Lol I don’t really care about the whole Hayne thing.

      Just thought I’d voice my opinion about it in the eels section cos I got sick of the same predictions being stated elsewhere in other posts.

  7. Hastings has got a better kicking and passing game than Od Walker lmao.

    Fergo will run over Stewart all day.

    Your backline is injury prone and out of form. Your forward pack is still weak. Brown will be your best player.


      • Stewart along with Billy is the best fullback in the modern game. who do you think young fullbacks study when they want to be the best? fergo the mutant isn’t fit to lace Stewarts boots and he will never ever achieve what snake has. even with diabetes he’s the best.

        • Snake the best ? He was ordinary last year and so was dce. Most kids try to emulate the likes of hayne, inglis and slater. You’re only as good as your last game and manly were sh!t in 2015. Hell, even the eels flogged them. You’re living in the past man… manly backline is over the hill, forwards are soft and now you have a loser pussy for a coach.

        • Snake and dce were terrible… You knob… Snake has lost speed so has completely changed his game around now is probably the best ball playing fullback in the Como and reads plays like not many others and always safe under the high ball. Dce was not at his best but behind a pack getting beat each week no one would of played there best not even Thurston. So yeah whilst manly can say they had a bad 2015, they still beat parra home. So while manly considered 2015 a bad season, parra celebrated the fact for once they never got the spoon. So until parra can beat manly on the ladder don’t mouth off about manly your just making yourself look stupid… ( this is our year) parra fans life motto….

        • Your right crowy3301 we did finish below manly last year but we did smash you at parra stadium then beat you at your own home ground later in the season. Both wins were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. 🙂

        • Parra staying in the bottom 8 must feel
          good aye Markus. ??

  8. OK, my latest shot at the top eight. Thoughts still developing some minor changes may occur.

    1. Roosters
    2. Cowboys
    3. Broncos
    4. Storm
    5. Manly
    6. Souths
    7. Warriors
    8. Bulldogs

    If Bellamy resigns after 2016, the Storm will win the premiership
    Warriors are the big question mark. They should have been top 4 material for the last few years so I have pegged them back a little.
    Souths are better than everyone is predicting
    Doggies, never underestimate Hasler
    Cowboys won’t get to the final
    Broncos might get there but won’t win it
    Long shot bet for the Premiership are the Warriors.

    • Roosters win not finish 1st they are overrated Doggies will struggle cause of the loss of Hodkinson and Rabbitohs are a maybe don’t forget raiders and Penrith

      • I haven’t

        I think that Penrith will just miss the eight but if things go well, they might get in.
        Raiders, depends how they go early on. If Ricky keeps his head on then they will be another fighting it out at the bottom of the eight. Rabbits hav Inglis and Burgess and if they fire up I reckon Souths will do well. You could be right about the Roosters, they are definite top eight but I think they will go out of the finals early on.

        • Roosters wont make the 8, RTS and Maloney are two big losses in their spines and i dont think Hastings and Fergo will have the same impact they will be around 8-12

  9. Manly Bottom of the 8 but Definately in, Rooster Definately in the 8 also.
    I’d have
    1 Broncoes (safe bet)
    2 Cowboys (can they do it again)
    3 Storm (depth ??)
    4 Sharks (great on paper but top 4??)
    5 Warriors (top 4 but inconsistent)
    6 Roosters (work on handling, tackling)
    7 Manly (good depth but many signings)
    8 Bulldogs (to good not not be there)

    9 Souths (on the down)
    10 Panthers (injuries…)
    11 dragons (forward pack)
    12 raiders (backline, defense)
    13 eels (menality and off field issues)
    14 knights (forward back)
    15 tigers (defense, experiance)
    16 titans (halves, backs, depth)

    • I think there will be a whole bunch of also rans fighting at the bottom of the eight.

      In that you can put the Dragons, Penrith, Raiders, Bulldogs and Cronulla.

      Souths may be on the down but they are too good to be on the out.

      Sharks – exactly and the paper is that unbiased, fair with no hidden agendas Daily Telegraph isn’t it.

      • sharks will be top 4 and souths bottom 4 drags last or close to it and raiders around the 8 …believe that

    • I think everyone is over rating the Raiders. They haven’t done anything yet. There backs don’t have any size or defense really. Austin Sezer should be a great combo but who knows. I don’t really rate their forwards so much. Whitehead is good but is he going to do much in the NRL, Papalli is just a meter maker. Fensom IMO is thier best forward. But I jusy see them conceding to much out wide. Compare them to the Panthers. Panthers great backs with Moylan DWZ Whare Hiku and have best young forwards Cartwright RCG Merrin Taylor Peachey Segeryaro only issue they have is halves out of Soward Wallace TMM ZDC and Moylan. Plus the Panthers habe great youth players as depth

  10. Eels would of made the 8 last year if we had the mentality and experience we can beat any team in the comp. Gordon,Scott and Foran will be the experience to help grow our youngsters were a top 8 team imo.

    Takairangi is a underrated centre he has a handy offload, fast good short passing game to semi and he has great short kicking game. How s defence needs improving and Scott and Foran who are great defenders on their line will fix that for him.

    We have one of the best depth in the comp so injuries won’t be a problem unlike last year. Junior and Tepai will come out of their shells and rek lots of teams.

    Gutho is playing centre to either Faraimo or Morgan. Faraimo has been one of the best trainers at the start of the pre season.


  11. 1. Broncos
    2. Storm
    2. Cowboys
    4. Manly
    5. Bulldogs
    6. Roosters
    7. Raiders
    8. Dragons
    9. Sharks
    10. Warriors
    11. Souths
    12. Penrith
    13. Eels
    14. Knights
    15. Titans
    16. West Tigers

  12. 1. Broncos
    2. Warriors
    3. Cowboys
    4. Roosters
    5. Storm
    6. Sharks
    7. Raiders
    8. Eels
    9. Bulldogs
    10. Dragons
    11. Sea Eagles
    12. Rabbitohs
    13. Panthers
    14. Knights
    15. Titans
    16. Tigers

  13. no no no i assure u the drags and rabbits will both finish below the eels , im surprised they havent already been mentioned the eels might not make the 8 but i think there a bit better than this …. whoever predicts these final table positions needs to learn the game …believe that

    • believethis I have no problems with you stating your opinion about who will come below who (even if I disagree), but please enlighten us as to why you think these things. That way we can see if what you say has merit or is just dribble. Cheers

      • @rabbits101 ok you want to know why the drags will finish bottom 3 ..rabbits out of the 8 and what else?? firstly i’m trying to get it through your heads reality .. and u can hold me to these statements if you like as i know its right on the money… drags might get off to an ok start but will fall away in the end but im thinking there start won’t be so good depending on opposition injuries how there start will go … they don’t have the firepower needed to finish anywhere high .. forget 2015 i won’t go into that but 2016 you will see there demise … rabbits similar this year start might be ok but will fall in a heap later especially with injuries to key players or suspentions to burgess as we know how much time he spends on the sideline from the judiciary .. it’s in his blood won’t change… believe that

        • Ok believethis, so your statements are based on and ill use your words…

          Your words:drags might get off to an ok start but will fall away in the end (because) they don’t have the firepower needed to finish anywhere high?

          You didn’t explain anything! I have the Dragons at 12 on my Crystal ball, Maybe if you said that their forward pack lacked go forward and that their interchange lacked impact.

          Your words:Rabbits start might be ok but will fall in a heap later especially with injuries to key players or suspentions to burgess.

          Do you mean we lack depth in key positions? All team will struggle if they get to many injuries Not just the Rabbitohs! and Yea Burgess can get in a little trouble but that comes with the territory with being a dominant forward in defence (all of those types of forwards have the same issue.

          Personally I wasn’t going to talk about the Rabbitohs until their section but Ill give you a preview. Our biggest problem in 2014 was in the halfs with Keary overcalling Renolds and thus our backline was nothing like the past year (2014) also he caused renolds to get the ball later when kicking. If it was me id either go back to Sutton who was great at 5/8 and had a great combination with Inglis or try Cody walker he went pretty well last year and is ready to step up.

          Next we are missing Walker who was destructive as a centre however we have 4 guys that can step in for him 2 with previous NRL experience mainly Oldfield and Hunt but also Olive and Hughes.

          Last Forwards, we have the burgess bros who wreck teams especially with Sam back, Tyrrell, Turner (who was injured last season)and Sutton (if not 5/8) and off the bench Grevsmuhl, Clark, Carter. Pretty similar to the team that won in 2014 and a host of young forwards ready to step up if required like Nathan Brown, Angus Crichton, Zane Musgrove and Cheyne Whitelaw

          With burgess leading from the front in attack and defence we will be a completely different team this year from last. However our backline is a question mark and could go either way. At the moment I have the Rabbitohs coming in 4th to 8th but only time will tell.

          And although a long winded reply that’s how you clarify you points. Your welcome 🙂

  14. I’m genuinely excited about the coming season. Our administration and coaching staff have put in a lot of effort to fix mistakes made in the past. Our squad looks more balanced now, and while we may not yet be a top 8 team, no one can deny that were heading in the right direction. Hopefully our new recruits will help address the teams attitude issues and ability to hang in there during the close matches.
    Good luck to all teams for the upcoming season, can’t wait for kickoff and hopefully will be an injury free season.

  15. 1. broncos
    2. cowboys
    3. warriors
    4. storm
    5. roosters
    6. sharks
    7. raiders
    8. sea eagles
    9. bulldogs
    10. dragons
    11. panthers
    12. eels
    13. rabbits
    14. knights
    15. titans
    16. tigers

    there is my prediction so far for 2016

    • manzo you have yr opinion but that is close to top 8 but the order wrong theres no way the sharks and sea eagles will finish out of top 4 and drags wont finish as high up as 10th but otherwise it’s pretty good …believe that

      • maybe but i as good as sea eagles and sharks could be, they will have to push the cowboys and warriors out—- cowboys very consistent and seem to deal with injuries pretty well— warrios just have massive strike power and a powerful front row

        i think dragons might not b to bad— they have a bit more strike tis year and their defense seems to be ok

        but guess we will have to wait and see 🙂

        you never know i might have it totally back to front might be some major injuries and problems

      • Sh0nk1es in the top 4, you gotta be joking. There is no way on earth those muppets will make top 4. They will struggle to make the eight. You are listening to too much dribble from the telegraph and that famous none biased league reporter Buzz Lightfoot. The only way Cronulla are certain to make the eight is if they sack their captain and don’t let him play and holmes and bird play out of their skins.

        Ain’t gonna happen.

        Cronulla will be fighting amongst half a dozen other also ran clubs to try and make 6 and 7.

        • You said the same things last year, in fact you predicted a wooden spoon, and they missed out on a top 4 by the slimmest of margins AND they are a much stronger team this year.

          They are not a top 4 certainty, no team really is, but Cronulla are heading into 2016 as a very strong team and no unbiased fan {that excludes you} would be surprised if they gave the comp a real shake.

        • If I remember rightly, I said that Cronulla were likely to have a much better season last year and that achieving 12th position would be a standout performance from them but that another spoon was not unlikely.

          But it is also true that Cronulla scored less points than they let in last season. Their ladder position was highly flattering. With the second worst coach in the comp and lead by a selfish ball hog of a captain thay ain’t gonna go well against the better teams. Its also the case that the sharks ambushed a few teams last year which they won’t get away with this.

  16. Man for man the Parra lineup you have nominated ZT is only better than the panthers in 3 positions,,yet you have them finishing above them. If that parra team isn’t battling for the spoon in september…lol

  17. Parramatta Eels

    1. Michael Gordon
    2. Semi Radradra
    3. Corey Norman
    4. Clinton Gutherson
    5. Ryan Morgan
    6. Kieran Foran
    7. Mitch Cornish
    8. Tim Mannah (c)
    9. Nathan Peats
    10. Junior Paulo
    11. Beau Scott
    12. Manu Ma’u
    13. Anthony Watmough

    14. Brad Takairangi
    15. Tepai Moeroa
    16. Danny Wicks
    17. David Gower

    • No way buddy. There’s a few problems with that line up, but the biggest one is Morgan in the centre, with Taka’s on the bench.

      2. Semi
      3. Gutherson
      4. Taka’s
      5. Fairlamo
      6. Norman

      Folou, then Morgan to cover injuries.

      • How about

        1. Michael Gordon
        2. Semi Radradra
        3. Corey Norman
        4. Brad Taka
        5. Clinton Gutherson
        6. Kieran Foran
        7. Mitch Cornish
        8. Tim Mannah (c)
        9. Nathan Peats
        10. Junior Paulo
        11. Beau Scott
        12. Manu Ma’u
        13. Anthony Watmough

        14. Kaysa Pritchard
        15. Tepai Moeroa
        16. Danny Wicks
        17. David Gower

        More potent backline – Norman would be a weapon in the centres, Foran back to his usual position..

        • I don’t know much about Cornish, but you obviously rate him, and if he’s good enough to cover HB, I like it. Foran in his preferred position, and that extra experience in the centre.

          Without knowing Cornish, would you propose the above with Kelly at HB instead?

        • I would be looking at a Cornish/Foran combination and looking at moving Norman back to fullback or the outside backs. Both Brisbane and Parra have experimented with Norman at 5/8 with, IMO, limited success. I believe the played his best football in his limited stints at fullback with Brisbane.

          I know the game has changed and there is little difference between a 6 and 7 but I think Foran should stay at 5/8, with a traditional organising 7 and Cornish is the best option.

        • @ Tommyknocker
          Yeah you have a good point there
          C Norman is a good fullback and he’s organising skills from the back are first class and him being at fullback allows the eels to have another playmaker. I rate Mitch Cornish he’s a very good player, with a great kicking game, but in saying that M Gordon was to good at fullback last year and he deserves the fullback spot.
          Bevan French is in the waiting at fullback too. I think he will get a shot this year if the eels have big injuries

  18. 1. Cowboys (Make it to the Preliminary’s)
    2. Broncos (Make it to the gf but don’t win)
    3. Storm (Make it to the gf and win)
    4. Sharks (Make the Preliminary’s)
    5. Dragons (Make it through to week 1)
    6. Manly (Make the Semi’s)
    7. Canberra (Make the Semi’s
    8. Roosters (Make it through to week 1)
    9. Eels (Get close but just miss the finals)
    10. Warriors (Same case with Eels)
    11. Penrith (Will have another injury toll)
    12. Souths (Will struggle in the forwards but with a full preseason, Inglis will thrive)
    13. Bulldogs (Will struggle with the halves and how Kasiano & Eastwood go)
    14. Tigers (Have too much in the attack to win the spoon)
    15. Knights (Will fail again but not as bad)
    16. Gold Coast (Will win the spoon with Elgey out for the season
    Thurston will get Dally M. Semi will get top tryscorer. Queensland will win again. NZ will win the Anzac test. Latrell Mitchell will get rookie of the year.

    • gothebunnies you are fairly accurate there at least yr one rabbit fan that agrees with me on rabbits positioning …only problem i see here is drags and warriors they should be swapped if anything then you have the top 8 regardless of the order still predicting drags bottom 3 ..believe that

      • Warriors are still too inconsistent. They have too many flashy players when they should be looking at solid players like they have in Hoffman/Mannering. Dragons will be in the 8 for sure. Mary’s recruited well but the loss of Merrin will hurt a bit.

  19. Eels to make the finals that team is lethal .. im putting a bet on that.. norman foran and gordan big underdogs with no pressure on them like from there other clubs. Did i forget the semi tralier. Parra last year when they turned it on no one went with them they blew north qld away then gave it up haha. I would put a bet on that parra will make it

  20. Norman is a five eigth and the only decent playmaker when sandow wasnt choosing when to play . That guys was a disgrace to the nrl. Parra heads up high love you guys … lets go parra foran to have his best season . Radrad scores 40 trys in 26 rounds

    • Norman is a fine 5/8, just that Foran is a lot better and neither are halfbacks. Norman, IMO, will be better off at fullback, with Gordon in the centres. Maybe the other way around. Time will tell but I just don’t see Foran and Norman being compatible in the halves and Cornish the better option at 7.

      • It doesn’t matter what number is on their back, Foran will play Left Field, Norman Right, both will be a pivot, neither an Old school Halfback or 5/8, that will be a task left for Gordon to achieve.

  21. Ins: M Cornish, K Foran, M Gordon, C Gutherson, J Hasson, C King, K Moss, R O’Brien, S Schulte, B Scott, K Tanginoa, M Woods
    Outs: J Aloiai, B Champion, B Crooks, Z Dockar-Clay, R Fa’aoso, F Goodall, W Hopoate, T Kamikamika, H Lavaka, D Lussick, R Matterson, J Paulo, A Quinaln, R Robinson, C Sandow

    Recruitment Rating: A, one of the best recruitment drives this year. Were able to replace their best players that they let go for better players, like Sandow for Foran, Dockar-Clay for Cornish, Hopoate for Gutherson, Paulo for Scott and Robinson for Gordon. Great signings but they all must gel and be able to beat better teams.

    Go To Man: Semi Radradra, he his a try scoring machine and a tank. Enough said.

    Under Pressure: Kieran Foran, Biggest sognig for the Eels. He needs to perform like how he did with the Sea Eagles. If he doesn’t Brad Arthur is goung to be feeling pretty dumb.

    Best Youngster: Clinton Gutherson, he should be in the starting lineup and is a fantastic addition to the Eels backline.

    Prediction: 12th

    Best 17
    M Gordon
    S Radradra
    B Takairangi
    C Gutherson
    J Folau
    C Norman
    K Foran
    JJ Paulo
    N Peats
    T Mannah
    A Watmough
    B Scott
    M Ma’u
    P Pauli
    D Wicks
    D Gower
    K Pritchard

  22. Love you semi would love to see ya in a broncos jersey plz let me dream haha
    Dream backline
    2.semi tralier
    3.robers intercept king

  23. Love you semi would love to see ya in a broncos jersey plz let me dream haha
    Dream backline
    2.semi tralier
    3.robers intercept king

  24. Omg i forgot that dud luke kelly that guy was paid to help parra get the spoon last year some sort of coruption investigation need to happen against kelly no one could be that rubbish.

  25. There is a couple of pics coming out of Hayne in a meeting with Trent Robinson. If he does come back he might sign with the Roosters.
    Thats gotta cut deep @the piston.

    • did you read the article article ? obviously not ? hayne said and i quote ” every time i talk to someone from another the club the media wrongfully associates me with that team and its a bit of a joke .. was also on coogee beach talking to chris gale .. what is he going to join the big bash ? he sat next to farah at the soccer ? what is is off to the tigers ? he is also been to parra traing sessions this week .. so i cuts like a sponge on a bbq plate .if you argument was cheese wouldnt cover a jatz cracker

  26. Yes he wil be back 2017 or 18, hes starting to change his mind about the game, he is going to giv it another go for 1 more year wouldn be surpise if he gives super league a crack instead of comin to the nrl

  27. Parra are fairly ordinary in the outside backs. Besides Radradra and Foran and an ageing Gordon they don’t have much. Norman is ordinary.
    They have some good young forwards but a few old slugs as well.
    Maybe top 8 but need a fair bit to go their way. I like Parra and hope they go well. If they had any brains they should forget about Jennings and make a massive play for Cronk. A Cronk Foran combination would be top 4 material if Parra pick the right side around him.

    • Norman is the most underrated half in the NRL Imo. He has a great passing game long and short, good short kicking game and high kicking game, he can defend, offload and fend off any player plus he is fast. What more do you want from a 5/8 Foran makes players look good how DCE got lots of hype. Trust me Norman will have a breakout season.

  28. @screamingeagle your right JH and Robinson have had a meeting aswell as uncle Nick and Jarryd will be offered the biggest brownest most paperest baggiest of all brown paper bags in the history of the NRL cheers @the piston

  29. Semi to break his own record
    Semi to make to make the 30 club
    Semi to score a hat-trick first round

  30. Lol just looked at Parra’s draw..they won’t win a game until round 4..and thats a maybe againt the tigers..and then wont win again until at least round 8???..roflmfao.

  31. Just heard that Newcastle is going to sign Parramatta’s Pauli Pauli in the coming days, Parramatta has offered Michael Jennings a 2yr deal worth 800k. Pauli to be released to free up money for Jennings, I’m pretty sure Pauli is on 250k a year

  32. manlytheprideoftheleague if a player is on the market there fair game for all clubs .. manly cant afford anyone they pay to much rent for crookvale oval ,, now thats a real pride of the league team hey . beware the cranky land lord

    • It seems to me your talk of our oval is to steer away from the fact your team has been the worst over the last 10 years and manly had been the best. We bashed a cheating storm side 40-0 and we’re side by side with them at the top of the ladder. After 2 years of hell we came back and won in 2011. In 2013 we smashed the roosters in the gf only for Shane Hayne to hand them the trophy. All the while your collecting wooden spoons and ruining talent. ba the bottom 8 king is going to ruin foran. shame really.

      • manlytheprideoftheleague you living on past glorys ? better go mow the lawns at crookvale oval i think the land lord is coming over for an inspection .. 3 wins in a row to the eels isnt it ? and you can thank the refs for getting you into both those grand finals .. without him well moanly would never of been in the grand finals now would they .. now be a nice little seagull and go flap your arms and lips elsewhere .. think is called the eagle flop

        • Yeah my ladder

          1. Warriors (about time they get some consistency)
          2. Broncos
          3. Sea Eagles
          4. Cowboys
          5. Sharks
          6. Storm
          7. Raiders
          8. Bulldogs (or roosters)
          9. Roosters (or bulldogs)
          10. Panthers
          11. Rabbitohs
          12. Eels
          13. Dragons
          14. Tigers
          15. Knights (or titans)
          16. Titans (or knights)

          But i think dan will put dragons or raiders there.

          Also isn’t Dan Nicholls an NRL player?

  33. If the roosters dont make the 8 than the dogs wil be in there somewhere, maloney and rts is a massive lost for them i can see them having a bad year with injuries suspensions

    • Looking at the Roosters 1-17 it is still a crazy strong team and they will not lose a lot with Ferguson at the back. A lot does depend on Hastings though.

      Does anyone know who will be the Roosters 1st choice goal kicker with Maloney gone?

      • Hastings. SKD after that and Ferguson. It could certainly be the difference between winning and losing some of the close ones this year because none of them have very good percentages.

  34. broncos

    bottom 8

  35. It’s vwry entertaining reading these posts. Each one comments on his/her team preferencing them of course and berating the team/s they dislike.
    However, who can really predict the “ladder” this far out if the season. Each team has merits to be in the top 8 or even top 4 for that matter, it’s only going to take a few injuries, suspensions or even rep duties to weaken teams.
    One argument can be put forward for depth in a club to cover for those events. Some may argue their roster is superior and some may argue their team has the most superstars.
    Logically speaking IMO, Manly has the best roster ATM and can arguevforbtheir inclusion in the 8. The Broncs and Cowboys are powerhouses but will be effected when rep time comes…point in question when JT was out the Cowboys wereN’t as dominant.
    Let’s look at the Sharks….2 years ago they were bottom table then last year top 8 that was a big turn around for any team…maybe they can keep the momentum maybe they cant. But they have recruited well to cover some down time players
    The Dragons fall into the same scenario they could be even stronger this year. Their depth is very strong, but have a horror draw, which could make them stronger or make them collpase.
    IMO the Roosters and the Storm face the hardest battle to stay in the 8 along with the Bunnies. They have lost key players or have players getting long in the tooth who will take longer to recover if injured.
    The Warriors have at least recruited well and are a team that could push for premiership if they can click for 26 rounds thats always been their downfall plua having a coach whose constantly in the media as being under pressure.
    My dark horae are the Raiders but only if Austin can maintain his form for the year hecwas brilliant at times last year but faded towards the back end.
    The Eels need another 12 months before they will become a top 8 threat. I think 2017 will be good for them.
    The Dogs look disjointed this year and maybe will struggle to make the 8.
    The rest will battle it out for the bottom rungs of the table.
    That is my analysis of teams. The 8 is very open so good luck to ALL teams.

    • Manly have built a strong team but how can they have the strongest roster when half their spine, current 5/8 and hooker, would not rank in the top 10 in their positions. Things may be different by years end. I hope I am wrong but I also think Myles is a spent force at NRL level.

      I think they will have a good season but not as good as many believe. Bottom half of the 8.

      • Myles is only 30. I think a change of scenery and playing alongside some of his best mates will bring the best out of him. I’m hoping anyway!

        • I hope you are right but Myles performances for QLD and the fact that he was playing for an average team have camouflaged his poor club form. Some players just age quicker than others and I think Myles body is not up to the rigors of NRL football anymore. Statistically he has been playing less games every year since 2012.

          I hope for Manly fans that he bounces back, but I would not be holding my breath.

    • The issue with the Warriors is that they are consistantly inconsistant. Yes they have a strong roster, but there centres are their archillies heal.

      • I think Hurrell needs to lose a few kg. His lateral movement just is not up to NRL standard and it makes him hesitant in defence. With his power and speed he should be the most feared centre in the comp.

        • Robson isn’t exactly a world beater.

          I’d take the Sharks roster over the Warriors any day. And the Broncos, Cowboys and Sea Eagles..

  36. Ever thought
    1 Corey Norman
    2 Micheal Gordan
    3 Clinton Gutherson
    4 Brad Takarangi
    5 Semi Radradra
    6 Keiran Foran
    7 Mitch Cornish

  37. We actually have a decent side and we will surprise a few people come next season. Anyway i will go out on a limb here and predict a top 8 finish. I don’t really care what Manly fans think (as they will attack me for say this). Anyway good luck to all teams come next year.

    • Parra finish 12th lmfao?????
      Maybe a manly fan runs zero tackle,
      We are getting Jennings now lol
      And Foran, Gordan , scott and co lol
      as if we wont be im the 8 lmfao

    • +1 must be struggling to sort out the nxt lot of predictions lol
      I just hope that the Warriors don’t shoot themselves in the foot again this season. Injuries or not we should’ve performed a hell of a lot better over the past 2 seasons.Will I be holding my breath this year??? Maybe

  38. Patience Zero Tackle followers. If Dragons are to be 11th in Dan’s eyes which is an outrage and far too low.(hehehehe), Sharks should be below us anyway,,he is letting the passing of one of my school time favourite all time fullbacks take centre stage first.

    Few BOOM stories coming in the next few days which will have us all with plenty to BS on about. Don’t think the Jennings = Parra, Copley – Roosters is the end of it……Believe that..Mr Professional Scoop Artist Ripley’s Believe me, this or that.
    Us mere amateur mortals should just leave this site for your’s, 3 hats and Dans comments only

  39. Jennings to the eels lol. guess those manly players can attract decent players ay. what a shambles of a club

    • Manlytheprideoftheleague every team buys players thts how it is, manly has prob bought more players than any other team if anything i would be ashamed to be a manly supporter when ur coach bled for yous and yous treated him like crap and sacked him, i hope when toovey takes over the tigers next year he goes well cause they deserve him more than those backstabbing manly board

    • Manlytheprideoftheleague, I wrote this earlier and I’ll write it again..
      No team, and I mean no team has thrived more whilst cannibalising other clubs than the Eagles.
      Early 70’s the did it to Souths, signing O’Neill, Moses, Branighan and Mooney, then again in the late 70’s to Wests, taking Boyd, Ribot, Dorahy and Ray Brown.
      Early 80’s Easts were the targets with Cleal, Barkley, Dave Brown and Boustead.
      Anyone who’s followed football for more than 5 minutes will realise that about the Eagles.
      You’ve again spent a fortune to ‘restructure’ now Tooveys gone.
      You’ll do OK maybe, but you won’t make the 4.
      Don’t show everyone your lack of knowledge by lambasting other teams just because you don’t like them.

      • well said mate 100% agree .. manly have pillaged clubs since day dot ..and have had refs calls and decisions get them in to grand finals…manlytheprideoftheleague must just be a young fool that has never watched or read about the eagle history .. to say they are the pride of the league is well its a gee up the days of NO CAP manly would just buy the best players ( with money off uncle max ) off any club that had a star ( most players had real jobs in those days ) and manly through money around like water the uncle ken artherson connection was doing manly all sorts of favours.. never hear about les boyd or john hoppate though .. boyd was just a thug with intent to injure and well you can smell hoppas finger and work that one out .. the 1970 was a dark chapter what manly did to wests and souths and in the 80s the roosters and now have them whinge about other clubs buying players ..pride of the league my arse

      • Last 10 years manly have made 3 marque purchases.
        Lyon 2007
        taupau 2016
        walker 2016

        which other team can boast this. none.
        yes we once pillaged teams but tines have changed and the doldrums eels lead the way along with the roosters in buying other teams stars.

  40. Manly have bought a premiership side as well, you can’t deny it! Manly have a team full of stars.
    Parra are slowly getting there. Big boost when Jennings puts on the blue and gold though.

    Can’t wait for the announcement.

  41. Manly 69yr history = to 109 local juniors the have played first grade for Manly.. Less then 2 a yr..
    Brought not breed club.. Always will be.. Which I couldn’t care less about them buying player.. Tho Bulldogsdes/tooveswristjob/barrettscumbucket sh!ts me.

    • Cool story mcgronk. hope you and b.sack share the spoon otherwise it’s just not fair is it. not every side has the luxury of not having to compete with 8 other teams you pelican. were did you find these stats?
      #brownsbiatch #spoonboy #closetmanlyfan

  42. Parra can buy all the Manly players and coaching staff they want.
    But hey will never be Manly or be able to replicate our success.
    Jealousy is a curse.
    Manly will finish higher in the ladder then the Eels with or without Jennings. You can’t bet on that

  43. i smoke kraken drink beer .. remember hoppa he will give you more than a news update that’s for sure? .. or boyd ( eye gouge king ) and the fist player to be sued for assault on a footy field ..broke the big marns jaw with his elbow and the big marn didn’t even have the ball .. jealous of what ? giving league a bad name and scared of the land lord .. pay the rent .. you might get evicted

  44. i can see the future .. barratt to brad arthur “””” barrett ” were forfeiting this week ” arthur ” whys that ? injuries ? ” barrett ” no we didnt pay the rent and dont have a ground can we borrow yours ” arthur ” NO get you own ground trent

    • I can see the future too. eels to get a win against the tigers in Rd 4 after 3 heavy losses and the fans celebrate like they won the finals. then finish out side the 8… again. talking about our home ground again. steering away from the fact that you’ll be bottom 4 again. doldrums eels bottom feeders of the Nrl and player graveyard cheers.

  45. manlytheprideoftheleague if we wanted to listen to an arse hole we would fart . now mow the lawns and pay the rent ..manly housos pride of the own lunch boxes

  46. Actualy ur right mate they will finish higher than the eels and prob every1 else, i forgot yous signed john hopoate as coach assistant, the players are going to run around with stinky fingers who would want to tackle them

  47. manlytheprideoftheleague you loose and are a nob .. hahahahahahahaha manlytheprideoftheleague cracks me up every time . you crapped on toovey now karma will follow .. PS .. just pay the rent . who dose own crookvale ? i think the housing commission.. not moanly thats for sure .. do they have any assets ? if not kick em out

    • What do you mean kick Manly out? The only team who should be kicked out is Parra. They cheated the salary cap and got a wooden spoon, they have two players who ended up in jail, they ruin players careers (example Hopoate, Sandow, Anthony Watmough, Champion, Gower. What a joke of a club.

      • like i said kick em out .. manly have cheated the cap ? right or wrong ? manly made there last two grand finals thanks to the refs ? right or wrong ? manly have no ground . no assets fans .. no juniors that want to play for them .. oh that’s right 2,2 per year .. there backed my dirty old men with money .. they infiltrate the board of the nrl .. they whinge non stop . they pillage other clubs . they intimidate the refs and gave us hoppa and boyd .. but apart from that what have the romans ever done for us ? ..aquaducts .. manly should just relocate to whoop whoop cause no one cares .. there a sinking ship

        • Did Manly win a wooden spoon while cheating the cap? Okay so giving Storm 40-0 bashing thanks to the refs? Tell me one game that we got help from the refs leading to the grand final. Yeah we have no ground but at least we don’t ruin players careers. No assets and no fans? You’re living under a rock. No juniors? Trbojevic brothers, Cherry Evans, Stewart, Addison, Lussick and your club has juniors? They whinge non stop haha reminds me of you. How can you say Manly is a sinking ship when your team is predicted 12th, hahaha bottom 4 feeders.

      • Gower? you are really clutching at straws. Their team looks semi decent until you see that ZT has nominated him on the bench..if they play him they will be close to the bottom.

  48. Hey guys, I’m new here and don’t worry I’m not one of those dropkick souths supporters so don’t bag me for it. From what I see, Eels and Manly love to go at it.

    • Pretty much. The eels fans don’t get that there team is the worst team for 10 years while manly is the best. now we have this old fool talking about the refs helping us lmfao. yeah 40 – 0 thanks refs what a loser. been waiting since the 80s for parra to do something hahahaha while manly has been bashing and collecting trophies parra have been collecting spoons.
      Manly the pride of the league
      Parra the doldrums of the league 3 spoons 5 years

      • in Baz we trust!!!!!
        good on ya for getting rid of toovey.
        what’s he ever done for the club?????? hahahahaha
        manly were a force for ages, but it will be all over now.

  49. eaglerock you kidding were do you get the teams iphone from ? radio rentals or intrest free at harvey norman .. your team is own by penn ? a home care group that halks off old people taking there assets and keeping your club afloat .. worse than the titanic .. scum of the league .. we have the fozz and or own ground ..( soon to be rebuilt ) yawn

    • Isn’t it bed time at the retirement home old spore? no ground no fans no money this that your just a dumb C. stop talking bs and goto bed. your club is mud compared to manly everyone knows it. When people think of the worst team they think of the blue and golds. yeah you bought foran just like half your team and your proud of it. It must be hard to follow a team that is so bad it has to steal other teams stars just to TRY make the 8. how many coaches have you had in the last 6 years? How many players have you ruined?
      manly the pride of the league.
      parra the duds of the league. 3 spoons in 5 years. doldrums by name and nature.

      • manlythepimplesoftheleague you do realize that your club has bought just as many players this year as Parra have right?
        You harp on about manly only buying 3 marque players in ten years but don’t mention the amount of other teams juniors that you have pillaged.
        What manly are good at doing is throwing big sums of money at other teams juniors. Teams spend lots of time and money developing these players and when they are ready to shine manly swoops in with a big offer which no young player is going to refuse then manly claim them as their own born and bred juniors.
        Has been this way for a long time and will continue to be this way.

        Manly may very well finish higher on the ladder than us this season but like last season we will beat them in both games again.
        Even with all the injuries we had last year we easily accounted for manly and will do so again this year.
        Now manlypratoftheleague come at me with your wooden spoons this and your wooden spoons that but I really couldn’t give a toss. just know this – Manly have been more successful than us but we still have a better stadium which is about to be demolished for an even better one, we are more financially viable, we have a bigger supporter base and aren’t despised anywhere near as much as manly are.
        Funny isn’t that the government are putting so much money in to our new stadium but are doing nothing for your gravel patch.
        Not bad for a very average, multi spoon winning failure of a club 🙂

        • Who are these junior we have throw big money at? I think your confusing manly for parra. The reason they are upgrading pirtek stadium is because there are 3 major teams playing there and because there are more people out west and the stadium is used for more than just professional sports events. but according to you there upgrading the stadium for parra the perennial wooden spoon bearers. you markus are an eGG!
          keep clanging those spoons ??????

  50. Your going on about how manly don’t own brookvale LOL. parra don’t own pirtek stadium like brookvale the government owns it you stupid fool. you pay rent just like the wanderers and the Giants do. Your just an old jalopy time to give up and burn those vhs tapes of Parras glory days

  51. I can predict if dce gets injured early use wont get further than the eels, u keep sayin eels have bought alot of players, they are buying their way in the 8, im pritty sure manly have bought more this year, if ur club is so good y they all coming to the eels. I think they come cause they know they can win another premiership there and also they dont get backstabbed and kicked out of the club like matt balin, peter hiku, geoff toovey, glen stewert

    • You have 2 good players. manlyreek and radrdra a winger lol like the article states 12th ?

  52. Lol thepiston, we all know you’re one of the dumbest person here on the site and always be. You need to stick to school bud. Article says your team is 12th, how does it feel being stuck in the bottom 8? Will you make the 8? Lol no. Will they continue to ruin players careers? Yes. Your team is the worst in the NRL even if they buy JT, they’re still the worst in the NRL. We’ve been the best the last 10 years while your club is poop. Get it little boy now go away and fix your sentence structure idiot.

    • eaglerock blah blah blah .. manly rentals are crap .. and you think cause zero tackle predicts 12th then thats Kosha .? like to see the zero tackle lotto predictor hey .. you eagle flop wiggle fan .. last 3 time parra wins .. all you do is whinge and whine . you sure your no toovey .. there ort to be an investigation .. im a real dummy to thats why im retired at 50 selling my buisness for enough capital to keep me very very comfortable till the day i die .. now off to work im going fishing then to the club for a meal .. you young fool go earn a dollar

      • Hahaha all you say is blah blah blah because you know you’ve being fooled. Manly rentals are crap while Parramatta sucks. Not just Zero Tackle predicting them 12th but other websites, even people are betting that they won’t make the 8 because they suck. You’re telling us Manly fans we whinge while you always whinge against Manly, wow a complete tool you are. “you sure your no Toovey… there ort to be an investigation”. Yep it’s confirmed that you’re 12 and trolling. Yes you’re a real dummy and will always be. You’re going fishing aye, use your wooden spoon to catch the fish and that’s your meal right there. Lol you’re calling me a young boy… Lol that’s like a thirteen year old calling someone a twelvey

        • Sorry for going overboard with this bullsh!t, I’m just stressed out how assholes like piston don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s just the person I am, if anyone says bull about our club I get frustrated because it’s the kind of person I am. Yeah I need to grow up but that’s the kind of person I am and if you have problem with that I suggest you better run.

    • eaglerock,you can’t really bag someone for their sentence structure and for being dumb when your opening sentence looks like it was written by a four year old.

      • Okay so apparently if you start your sentence with “Lol”, it looks like it was written by a four years old. Wow just wow.

        • No, go back and read it again. I don’t know what level of English you completed at school or if you have finished school,but it should of went like this ” we all know you’re one of the dumbest person (people) here on the site and always (will) be.
          You’re welcome.

        • Why thank you for realising my mistake but we all make mistakes. It’s kinda complicated typing with a phone.

      • medmark24 mate is water off a ducks .. apparently parra will finish 12 th .. no ifs or buts .. for it is written .. just waiting for the lotto predictor .. cant aruge with a PREDICTION now can you .. here is some zero tacle predictions for last season being 2015 ..1. Roosters/Bulldogs Grand Final ( wrong )..2. Raiders to finish with the spoon ( wrong ) .
        3. NSW to retain the Origin trophy ( wrong ).4. Melbourne Storm to miss the eight ( wrong ).
        5 Sharks will vastly improve but won’t play finals footy ( wrong )..6
        Josh Mansour top try scorer ( wrong ).. so much for predictions hey

        • Yeah of course no one knows what the ladder will look like but I’m 100% sure Parra won’t make the top 8. Manly will make it in the top 4 with Broncos, Cowboys and Sharks.

        • thats a contradiction in its self .. you just said NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE LADDER WILL LOOK LIKE .. but manly broncs sharks and cowboys will be in the top 4 ? WTF your an idiot .. got flap elsewhere seagul flop

  53. This manly vs eels exchange is pointless… No one can predict who will actually make the 8 and who won’t cause anything can happen! Plus when these two teams play then the winner can brag

    • mihali4 manly fans are ( well not all ) bitter because parra knocked them out of final contention in 2015 .. and we are a team on the up and well there a team with no assets . that is stuck with a 10 millon dollar dud and players are bailing quicker than the titanic .. only manly are allowed success didny you know that .. ask uncle ken.. uncle max and mr penn they said so it it written

  54. i think this conversation is great manly v parra- i dont support either but loving watching a bunch of schoolies and old fogeys fight it like they play the game— the work is done by the guys on the field not the morons who wish they could play, swearin at each other on a forum

    • It is embarrassing, isn’t, along with the fact they can’t spell or use correct grammar while trying bash out a sledge.

      Meanwhile Jack bird has signed for the Sharks!!
      Bit of news ZT have know idea about.

      • Manzo you claim you enjoy it yet mock us in the same breath. it’s a forum these are the places to talk footy go wax your eyebrows woman your just confused.
        parrachild why bother with spelling it’s not a competition just footy banter and most people use a phone nowadays

        • i really dunno what the go is with you guys you seem to get pissed at the slightest thing…
          Manly’s footy ground they dont own, parra get over it— parra bought manly players, manly get over it—

      • Hey @parrakid check your own spelling before you criticise others. Do you KNOW the difference between KNOW and NO? Check your posts before you send them.

  55. here is last years zero tackle perdictions for the ladder 1. Bulldogs
    2. Rabbitohs
    3. Cowboys
    4. Panthers
    5. Broncos
    6. Roosters
    7. Sea Eagles
    8. Warriors

    9. Sharks
    10. Storm
    11. Raiders
    12. Dragons
    13. Tigers
    14. Knights
    15. Eels
    16. Titans

    yer there all over it hey

  56. Parra had an awesome 2015, highlighted by the fact it was Parra that beat Moanly and ended any slim finals hopes that sh@$hole of a club had for 2015. Now with Hoppa snr on board within Moanlys coaching ranks, it wil be ‘up up Moanly’. I heard Hoppa snr is offering free prostate exams to all players, coaching staff, reserves, under 20’s players before and after every trial match, open training session, training session, media commitment and recovery sessions. Good man is Hoppa snr! Moanly players LOVE it!

  57. eaglerock 12 th is a prediction .. idiot what if they predict moanly 11th ? is that KOSHA ?that moanly will finish 11 ? its a PREDICTION YOU CLOWN .. have a look at last years predictions ( posted above ) .. like i said there all over it .. glad there not doctors

    • Parra finished 12th last season and most likely do it again and I wouldn’t get mad if we’re predicted 11th because at least we’re predicted in front of Parra. I know zero tackle will probably get it wrong but Parra won’t make the top 4 and that’s my prediction little boy.

  58. markus pisston were are you clowns.
    what are these juniors manly have thrown big offers at?
    You’ve been claiming manly don’t own Brookie lol parra don’t own parra stadium you fools the government do and like manly the doldrums pay rent for the ground. just like the Giants and wanderers. There called tenants ie paying rent. poor deluded fools.
    #manlyprideoftheleague since…

  59. Whos going to captain the broncos, titans, knights and panthers (if wallace leaves) this year?

    I think:
    Broncos: Darius Boyd
    Titans: Greg Bird (Kane Elgey when he comes back will be co captain with Greg Bird or Ryan James)
    Knights: Kade Snowden and Korbin Sims co captains
    Panthers: Elijah Taylor and James Segeyaro co captains

    • Brisbane – corey parker/sam thaiday (boyd has said he is not ready yet)
      Titans would be greg bird or shillo (elgey WILL NOT be captain)
      Knights – mullen/hokko
      Penrith – seggy i reckon

      • I disagree i think elgey will be a good captain but just needs time to mature a bit to become captain. And ryan james was stand in captain when greg bird wasnt available.

    • Brisbane’s team photo for 2016 had Parker and Thaiday sitting in the captains positions with Copley a noticeable absentee. I would suggest Bennett will be looking towards Hunt in 1-2 years and having Parker as a stand in for 2016.

      • Yeah i was actually thinking between boyd, mccullough or hunt. Im starting to think mccullough though. Parker only has another year or 2 though.

  60. Without people carrying on with stupid comments, but does anyone k ow what happened to wolfman Williams? I know he not at manly but has someone else picked him up, or gone to England or retired????

  61. I think the reason Dan Nicholls is waiting so long to announce !!th place prediction is to represent how far the rest of the competition will blow Parra away.

  62. Many of you “contributors” need to be relax. All clubs have an equal place in this competition and no one club is the embodiment of all that is holy, or evil for that matter. Some of you carry on like some clubs have no right to exist or have fans or buy players. All clubs develop juniors and, I know this will be a shock, buy other club’s juniors too. As Manly has shown, all it takes is one poor season and the chequebook will spring open.

    It gets annoying reading Manly and Parra fans taking over every conversation, bagging each others clubs.

    Maybe ZT should create a permanent article where certain Manly and Parra fans can annoy each other instead of the rest of us. Oh and take a few of the resident Souths nuts with you too.

    • Well said Tommy. I get that Manly and Parra fans hate each other, but I’m tired of seeing all these arguments. I’m also tired of the Souths “fans” who dribble crap all day. At least most guys here are civilized in the comments.

      • I have never got the whole hate thing. I passionately follow the Broncos but can honestly say there are no teams I actually hate. I have never understood how you can hate something as silly as another sporting franchise or people just because they follow a different club.

        The teams I want to see win or lose, other than Brisbane, change from year to year depending on style of play, underdog status etc.

        • I am a Souths member and like you I can’t believe the way some of the people on this site carry on. It is hard to read the hate and the language that is used.

          When I comment I try to be objective and not attack people personally. Good luck to all teams for 2016.

        • Well said Chalky. You’re one of the good guys on here too. Shame the same cannot be said for itsonlyagame etc.

        • Yeah that is true mate. I dislike some clubs, but not to the point that I act the way that the Manly and Eels fans act against each other. I passionately follow the Dogs and I always will follow them all the way until the end. For me, I only want the Dogs to win and maybe, I’ll pick a team that I would like to see win, last year being the Cowboys. This year if I had to pick a second team it might be the Sharks, but I have a good feeling about the Dogs this year.

  63. Hey zero tackle, maybe invest in a permanent blog where manly and parra diehards can measure their kocks against one another…seriously zerotackle you guys are SLIPPING where are the rest of the articles? BORING, is getting all your hits ya muppetz

  64. Ueah push it ip Moanly! Just like Hoppa snr, right upupupup!!!! Just how the Moanly boys like it!! Bwahahahaha!

  65. I have always been a eels fan but you have been to kind to us, Anthony Watmough will be worse then what he was last year (i was completely against his signing cause i knew how much of a myth he was) Beau Scott will be the same, parramatta have made some good signings (Kieran Foran, Michael Gordon) but they have let go some much talent go (Ryan Matterson, Fabian Goodall, Zack Docker-Clay) in favor of duds (Luke Kelly, Ryan Morgan, Tim Mannah) this coach we have is a terrible tactician and even worse for spotting talent, if our coach had any sense at all he wouldn’t of signed duds and gone with a young side that he can keep together for 5+ year and only filled for positions that are needed (kicker, Fullback) for example
    1. Michael Gordon
    2. Semi Radradra
    3. Brad Takairangi
    4. Clint Gutherson
    5. Bureta Faraimo
    6. Kieran Foran
    7. Corey Norman (c)
    8. Daniel Alvaro
    9. Nathan Peats (vc)
    10. Junior Paulo
    11. Manu Ma’u
    12. Tepai Moeroa
    13. Ken Edwards

    14. Cody Nelson (Utility)
    15. Kelepi Tanginoa
    16. Peni Terepo
    17. Pauli Pauli
    Back ups
    19. John Folau
    20. Danny Wicks
    21. David Gower
    22. Kaysa Pritchard
    23. Cameron King
    24. Kieran Moss
    Success is built not bought, i am still waiting for my eels to figure that out

    • And when Gordon’s contact is up gone with
      1. Clint Gutherson
      2. Semi Radradra
      3. Brad Takairangi
      4. John Folau
      5. Bureta Faraimo
      6. Kieran Foran
      7. Corey Norman
      8. Daniel Alvaro
      9. Nathan Peats
      10. Junior Paulo
      11. Manu Ma’u
      12. Tepai Moeroa
      13. Ken Edwards

      14. Cody Nelson
      15. Kelepi Tanginoa
      16. Peni Terepo
      17. Pauli Pauli

  66. Haynes is putting pen 2 paper 2day on a 3 year deal with the Roosters 1.8m , he was told yesterday the new coach of SF 49’s dose not want him this season. He’s NFL dream is over.

  67. I just want to see the article about Jack Bird resigning with the Sharks so I can give it to the Dragons fans. Lol.

    • Sadly Jack has made the wrong decision. He would have done well playing with the likes of Marshall and Widdop. Possibility of a premiership ring gone begging there.

      Can he still get out of it do you know ?

  68. Don’t get to excited buddy … A 1 year extension is delaying the inevitable… With Marshall and Creagh
    likely to go at the end of the year I reckon bird will fly from the shark cage and into the Dragons
    lair…. Where there’s smoke there’s fire

    • Not now Birds decided to stay a fish out of water..and I am glad Dragons did not pay overs at this stage of his (agree promising but not conclusive) career
      Dragons will target bigger seasoned fish post 16

        • I said last year and again this year Cronk. Dragons made first contact around July. Does not mean it will it happen. Benji will finish at the Dragons in 16.
          And I hope the latest rumour the media are saying is Holmes although if the media release it like they did it is a guess rather than inside info.
          If I were the Dragons I would of targeted him way before trying to luring Bird.
          And would I have Cronk who will be 33 in March 17. 100% yes.
          Dragons still need another REAL prop or 2 who they will target for 17 in lieu of 100 backrowers.
          And everyone saying interchange will make this difference down to will change little, they will get more away with wrestle this year and some teams played with 8 anyway.

        • Yeah have to agree there especially now that Elgey seems a liability with his knee for the next couple of years.

          If we don’t get Cronk then I think they will go hard for Holmes and play him at fullback where he wants to play (It looks like Bird wants fullback at the Sharks, so this may be a good carrot for him to come to the Dragons) and move Mann to half, Garreth at 5/8 and Duges and Lafai in the centres.

          As for a prop maybe Klemmer should be the target, particularly if the Dogs have a poor season.

  69. Dale Copley just signed with the roosters too.
    They will have a good back line next year Jennings SKD Fergerson Copley

    • I don’t want to get your hopes up since I’m assuming your a parra fan, but I’ve been hearing that Parra will sign Jennings as Roosters want to free up cap space – possibly to sign SBW or Hayne, hence they signed Copley who would be on much less coin then Jennings.

  70. Copley to Roosters confirmed. Dumb move if you ask me, Latrell Mitchell desreves his shot

    • maybe the NRL have had enough with the content on here and constant bashing of authority. Cant handle the truth! People power will live on!

      • It would be sad if ZT was no more. Despite their attempts to control free speech at times, their site was a fun place to visit and a place were fans could exchange their views mostly without favour. I do hope that any problems they may be having are short lived.

  71. zero tackle was about to reveal the 11th position to be the rabbitos. angry and bemused by this Russell crowe aka the gladiator tracked down the head of ZT and threw his Samsung S6 at his head. He is now in a coma awaiting surgery. In respect the other two ZT employees decided to wait if there boss pulled through before posting another article.
    time for a new paradigm people.

  72. What’s happening with ZT have they closed down operations or something? It’s been almost a week since the last article.

  73. Let’s not . It’s been the most hectic off season’s i can remember, but i am ready for the season to start bring it on.

  74. I think Mr Dan is waiting on this domino of transfers to happen before he continues/edit he’s opinion of whom my finish were.
    Although I’m sure some NRL player has farted somewhere and someone smelt it that called newscorp with a photo included that could of been published. Or some other bullish!t story for manly/parra fans to be fully hectic typing heroes.

  75. Ok, to all you doom sayers

    It looks like articles have been posted on Zero Tackle on their Cricket and Tennis pages. It may be that they have reduced staff because of holidays and are focussed on those sports where something is actually happening (I know Bird re-signed for Cronulla poor lad so lets modify that to “where something important is actually happening).

    I am sure that normal service will be resumed soon.

    • I think Cronulla will do very well this year and the bigger prediction is that Marldon will then finally run out of alter egos, fall on his sword and disappear.

  76. I don’t think ZT has closed down or anything else. If you check the other Zero sites (zero hanger, zero striker etc) you’ll see they have been posting new articles on there.
    So maybe Dan is crook or something?
    Or just waiting for the transfer rumours to become fact……there are/were plenty around this week ie:
    Jennings to Parra….if true maybe he might change his prediction for the eels
    Copley to Roosters……if Jennings move is fact
    Then there’s the more bizarre…..
    Holmes to Dragons……..if true more likely next year IMO if at all.
    And then there’s the outright mythical…..
    Hayne to Roosters……nice to dream, however, maybe setting the stage for the 2018 when Hayne may have had enough of NFL by then and the NRL increases the salary cap…..but that’s about as early as I see him returning.

  77. Channel 7 is reporting Copley has signed with the Rooster and informed everyone at the Broncos at training today!!! Sort ya sh!t out Danny boi…

  78. Jarryd Hayne has signed for Roosters on a 2 year deal 3.7mil deal we have the space because just like Broncos we are professional and have great accountants

  79. Hey everyone settle down about the “where’s more stories ” ok. Zero Tackle like most of us have families and are probably on a well deserved holiday for a week or 2.

    I’ll do my best to create a talking point.
    Name 2 positions and/or names that you’d like to see your club buy players for.
    For me it’s.

    Halfback = Cronk / Johnson
    Centre to join lafai = Whare


    • I like ur idea dragon!!
      After looking over the knights roster… I’d love chief and Johns in the side lol.
      Nah honestly I’d love them to get a fullback – Hayne
      Prop – Woods/Bromwich

  80. Just remember, these are predictions.

    Please, as a Parra fan, I love the Eels/Manly banter but let’s stay on topic.

    I’d also like to compliment manlytheprideoftheleague, he makes my day go faster.

    Troller award will definitely go to this person lol

  81. Did anyone else find it strange that Dan Nicholls replied to quite a few of the early posts on this thread. I have never seen him interact as much.
    I think he knew he was having a break for a while.
    Come back Dan. We miss you.

  82. only the souths fans on here know what’s going on,the rest of you would not know if your bum was on fire

  83. Dally M Predictions 2016:

    FB: Michael Gordon
    WING: Semi Radradra
    CTR: Brad Takairangi
    5/8: Corey Norman
    HB: Kieran Foran
    FRF: Junior Paulo
    HKR: Nathan Peats
    2RW: Manu Ma’u
    Lock: Anthony Watmough

    Captain of the Year: Tim Mannah
    Rookie of the Year: Clint Gutherson
    Top Point Scorer: Michael Gordon
    Coach of the Year: Brad Arthur
    Rep Player of the year: Beau Scott

    Dally M Winner: Kieran Foran

  84. Dale Copley has signed with Roosters, Bird re-signed with Sharks and Jennings set to sign with Eels lots of news you guys are missing. Anyway Jennings is a huge boost and will improve our backline so our so called weakness is one of the best with the best winger and centre as a combo hardly call that a weakness.
    1. Gordon – experienced fullback
    2. Radradra – best winger in the world
    3. Jennings – best centre in the world
    4. Takairangi – underrated player will improve this year
    5. Gutherson – exciting young gun
    6. Norman – most underrated half in NRL and Foran will make him look good
    7. Foran – great half in top 5 in world
    8. Paulo – beast forward will make his mark and become the hottest player off contract
    9. Peats – will make origin squad if Farah in nsw cup
    10. Mannah – hardest working player in NRL
    11. Ma’u – toughest player in the NRL
    12. Scott – experienced forward
    13. Watmough – will have a much better season with Foran and Scott beside him.

    Please tell me how that team doesn’t make the 8.

    • 9 out of that 13 are bought. your bench sucks big time also you have no kicking game and reek has played left side his entire career playing right without the likes of Brett Stewart at the back will put all the pressure on him. He will fail. Jennings to parra lol wtf is going on the nrl is fried.

      • Other than J.Trbojevic your whole forward pack is bought, your 5/8 is bought, 1 of your wingers is bought and your bench is bought so I wouldn’t be so quick to criticise. Stewart and Gordon are very similar players so Foran will be fine especially With Choc and Gutho beside him. Manly have 6/17 players who are non bought parra have 8/17 who aren’t bought lol. #manlyboughtnotbred

  85. mannah hardest working player in the nrl bahahaha mau toughest player. get a load of this guy. Jennings best center in the world?? since when lol now that he could go to chequebook club parradontmatta
    your best players are other teams stars. bar that you have a winger lmfaO
    I can’t stand parradontmatta

    • Jennings is the best centre in the world have stated it aswell. The only players comparable are Lyon who is injury prone and past his best and Josh Morris who is a great centre I think but Jennings is better

  86. This constant crap between some Manly & Eels fans is so predictable & boring! You’ve gotten to the point of being genuinely pathetic. FFS give it a rest…..

    Thats a good looking squad, the best Parra have looked in a long time. If they can gell well in key areas they’re a very strong top 8 chance. Semi & Jennings together is a seriously exciting prospect!!! Good luck this year, see you in round 1?

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