SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 26: Sonny Bill Williams of the Roosters runs with the ball during the First Preliminary Final match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Sydney Roosters at ANZ Stadium on September 26, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

The Sydney Roosters signing spree is set to continue with reports Sonny Bill Williams will re-join the Tri-colours before June 30.

According to Jimmy Smith, the Roosters have enough room in their salary cap to fit Williams in following the conclusion of the Super Rugby and his commitments to the Auckland Blues.

The Roosters would need to register the contract with the NRL before June 30 to have Williams eligible to play but the deal is all but done according to Smith.

Sonny Bill Williams will be turning out for the Roosters in season 2018,” stated Smith speaking on the Big Sports Breakfast weekend show.

“The mail is good. From what I understand the deal is done.

“It will be a short stint at the end of the Super Rugby season.

“They (the Roosters) would have to register the contract before June 30. They have space in the cap.”

The Roosters are already short-priced favourites to take out the 2018 Premiership after signing Cooper Cronk and James Tedesco. Adding a player of Williams calibre to the side could be the final piece to push them all the way to the end of September.


  1. Schubert and politis at the helm
    Room in the cap of course.
    Why should he be allowed to treat the game like a piece of rubbish and comback when he likes .
    The game has survived without him .
    Buzz off

      • So the roosters can casually afford to sign Tedesco (1.4M), Cronk (1M), Crichton (1M) and SBW (750k) to rich contracts, re-sign Cordner, the NSW captain on 800k a year at least, re-sign their 2 other spine members and not be over but Manly and the bulldogs are forced to gut their teams to get under, not suss at all

        • Prisoner on 42nd street. You have to be kidding don’t you. Tedesco 1.4 mil ahahahahaha were did you come up with that one? Crichton 1 MIL ahahahahahaha your a dreamer. Who would pay a 23 game rookie that sort of cash? Its people like you that distort all logic then like the pide piper you end up with a following of foolish beleivers that jump to conclusions and think with their one brain cell how can the Roosters fit these prices under the cap. ahahahahahahahaha🤣

        • The price is growing and growing on Tedesco Prisoner. It reminds me of the Aboriginal race of humans. When I went to school they all claimed that they lived in Australia for 40,000 years. then they started telling porkie pies and in the ninties it evolved to 50, 000 yrs of occupation. They other day I watched the news it had grown to 65,000 yrs however three years before I heard that one it was claimed at 60,000 yrs. when I’m in my ninties I expext it to have blown out to 100,000yrs

      • Please the chooks have no cap politis has always been in tight with the NRL
        He has pumped cash into the NRL for years he has always had way to much influence on the NRL and always will they can go over the cap without fear

  2. Now we know why they hired Schuey. They need a professional to cook the books.
    Seriously they already have 2 or 3 players on a million per season and they are still able to add another million dollar player.
    When Parra tried to get Izzy the NRL wouldn’t register the contract as it wasn’t enough.
    Watch the corrupt NRL give this there stamp of approval.
    Things were always going to get more crooked with an ex poly like Beattie at the helm.

    • As a Queenslander I am dumbfounded as to how Beattie gets a job at the NRL. He is the master of spin, every time he opens his mouth he is telling people what they want to hear. I just cannot understand how the NRL think having him on board is a good move. “Mr Teflon” left Qld with serious cost of living expenses and all of a sudden he’s running the game.


    What is going on with the NRL how seedy dose this look. R they doing there job , no way they can fit him under the cap 👎👎👎👎👎
    Yep NO Cap down there

  4. I know this is a bit rich coming from a Broncos supporter but surely this a gee-up. Unless serious talent is released surely SBW cannot fit under the cap. The nrl should use their elite player “war chest” to secure SBW on the condition that he goes to a struggling team. I would be happy to see SBW get a subsidised contract at Newcastle, Tigers or Warriors.

    • The cap went up 2.4 mil and the Roosters let 3mil worth of talent depart with Kenny-Dowall 600k, Guerra 600k, Pearce 800K, Carter300k, Watson 300k, Evans 300k, Knight 100k.

      So there is 5.4 MIL IN THE BLACK. Cronk, Tedesco and Reece Robinson did not cost 5.4 million . So for all you mathematical dummies out there. Ive spelt it out, now add it up. The Roosters have more to come after Sony Bill Williams.

      • I’ll agree with you to an extent Woodchook, and I have tried using actual maths in the past, with very limited success, as some people simply ignore them. All that said, you can’t have much left, given some players would have salary cap indexing built into their contracts, plus any upgrades, and all those players, plus a further 5 need to be added into the new cap (30 player squad).

        Accounting for your squad, and the above, and it stands to reason you have a lot of cheap players making up your 29/30, so depth is likely to be a high (higher than most) risk factor for he Roosters.

      • Roosters will have Cordner, SBW and Crichton all on 800k plus in 2019. 2.4mil on starting second rowers. Yeah rightio NRL that’s not even remotely suspicious.

      • Another one who remembers the players that leave but forgets they all need to be replaced plus an extra 5 for this years team. Even on base salary that takes up a chunk of that amount, and that’s not taking into account all the upgrades there would of been for existing players.

        • Up grades for what falling short of a grand final by one game three out of four years. Sorry mate when they sign on at the Roosters the deal is not back ended. Its exactly what they signed for. Roosters don’t do upgrades until the next contract is due. That’s why Evans, Watson & Guerra all moved on because Newcastle upgraded their contracts to high out of the reach of what the Roosters viewed their worth.

      • Carter and Evans were really on 300k each to warm the nsw cup bench? Then what are all your actual first graders on woodchook? Lets not forget Jayden Nikorima pocketed nearly 400 to play for Wyong all season, definitely over the cap

  5. Can anyone tell me how this works. For arguement sake SBW wants to before June 30 and is arguably worth 800k a season. On the 29/07/2018 we are up to round 16 and if you take into account finals it is pretty much the half way point of the season. Does this mean the Roosters or anyone else ONLY has to find 400k for SBW to play for them in 2018. In other words do clubs pay a pro rata rate for players who sign late.

  6. I told everyone that the Sydney Roosters will sign a big name forward weeks ago. Well I was wrong they will sign two. Nuuausala and Sonny Bill Williams who will sign for a small contract amount for a small time of play time. So get it out of your heads envious league fans, Sonny will be playing for about 4 premiership games and the semi finals which dosent add up to much more then 300k. Nuuausala will be playing for 550k and that’s the cap filled.

    • If the NRL allow a contract like that it’s not right, although it wouldn’t surprise me as the NRL wants the Roosters to be dominant.

      If that’s what’s happening it’s cheating without breaking any rules.

      • Sonny Bill Williams will be signing on for two years 2018-19. Its not as if he is just playing for 4-8 games in 2018 then going back to Union. However for this season he will be paid accordingly.

    • Woodchook if this was happening at Souths or Broncos or any other club you would be jumping up and down crying foul.

      • Kev, I don’t have a problem with it. Do you think we paid Mosses for a full season last year, and every club can do it under the rules (all clubs must have at least 29 players up to June 30, and 30 post that).

        Holmsey, when Manly sign a player mid year on less than a full years salary, once they know what room they actually have within the salary cap, will it be cheating? Or what about signing a 27 year old on an eight year deal he won’t fulfill, due to a “career ending injury”, is that a form of “legal cheating”?

        • Eelsalmighty im talking about paying players less than they should be getting. As for the DCE stuff manlys ‘cheating’ plan must be pretty stupid as we will have to pay out his contract in full no matter what happens.

        • Who said anything about less than what he’s worth?

          If they sign him from June 30, he won’t be paid a full season’s salary, obviously and every club can do the same, if they want to keep a spot open until June 30, and the contract won’t be for this season only, and will/should be at a fair market value. I’ll bet Manly do it this year too, because the way it’s going they won’t know what they have left in the salary cap until after the season starts.

          As for he DCE deal, I think you miss the (potential) point. A lot of clubs can afford to pay way more than the salary cap, hence the reason for having a salary cap to try and balance the comp. If a wealthy club can afford to pay a player more, and can keep the additional money off the cap. then they would. I don’t know if that’s what Manly tried to do re DCE, but it could very well work out that way, and probably will.

  7. The screaming will just get louder from the fans till they fix it all. It’s cheating without breaking the rules and the NRL allows it because they want the Roosters, Broncos and Storm to be dominant.

    The TPAs ruin the game. While teams like Roosters and Broncos have basically a second cap (another 9 million) teams like Manly, Knights, Panthers etc. have only an extra 500k allowed for them to spend out of the cap. It’s unfair it’s cheating and the NRL will never do anything about it.

    • Holmsey, the $500k I think you’re referring to was the Marque player allowance, and it has been scrapped.

      All players have access to TPA’s, and I know the players at some clubs have much greater access to them than others, and some “TPA’s” aren’t actually TPA’s, as both our clubs have demonstrated recently. That said, the extent of registered TPA’s is nowhere near an additional cap, and the NRL is actually trying to remady the imbalance. The actually difference between the club with the fewest registered TPA’s between their players, and the club with the most is just over $1.5 mil. p.a. I agree the Roosters, Storm and Bronco’s would be in the upper end of these TPA’s, and have been for many years, but that’s the extent of it.

    • Whilst I don’t think the TPA disparity is quite as large as you have said holmesy, I definitely agree that it exists and is one thing that stops the game from truly being the even playing field the NRL constantly bangs on about. The way I see it, until the NRL publishes player salaries and registered TPA’s , there will always be uneasiness amongst fans about who is spending what and who is over the cap.

      Until that day it is up to the clubs though to become more professional on the matter. As much as I hate to defend the Roosters, they have a board that is full of successful business people, not ex football players. This is something that all clubs (and their members) should be working towards. No more rewarding an ex player with a cushy board seat just because he is a club legend. It is a professional game and clubs need professionals leading them. The Roosters, as an example, have contacts at the big end of town and are able to exploit that, the Broncos do too, with the added benefit of being a one club city.

      I don’t agree with TPA’s as they stand, but the NRL looks to have no interest in abolishing them, so it is up to the clubs to better manage themselves and be able to take advantage of what is available to them.

    • Agree how can a team like the tigers compete with that.
      If only the roosters can increase their crowd figures😀😀😀😀😀kenny dowell wasnt on $600k and Carter$300k that’s bull

    • Agree how can a team like the tigers compete with that.
      If only the roosters can increase their crowd figures😀😀😀😀😀kenny dowell wasnt on $600k and Carter$300k that’s bull
      And for all the insulting comments everyone is entitled to their Until proben wrong.
      maybe the ones giving out the insults should look at themselves rather than others.

  8. Your wasting your time holmsey. The NRL are running this as a 3 or 4 team comp with 12 other clubs just to make up the numbers and bring in revenue for the grubby board.

    • Yet we have had 7 different premiers in 10 years with no team winning back to back in decades. For all it’s faults and inequities the NRL is one of the most even competitions in the World. Imagine following a lesser team in the EPL.

      • If its an even comp then why do some clubs get to spend millions out of the cap? Eg. Roosters, Broncos

        The NRL wants it a 3 horse race, Roosters, Broncos and Storm but unfortunately for the NRL having a team full of superstars doesnt guarantee premiership wins, certainly helps as the NRL lets them spend as much as they want.

        • The clubs don’t spend millions outside of the salary cap. No club is allowed to, and the NRL has punished clubs caught doing it, incl. the Storm, so why did they punish them, if they are “protected”?

          I think you are referring to TPA’s re the extra player payments, and as per my previous comment above, that’s a totally different issue.

        • I never said the comp was even. There will be be richer and poorer clubs, it is the nature of all team sports. Some clubs poor finances are a result of poor management or a crowded market but statistically the NRL incredibly even. Why would the NRL want a 3 horse race, what possible advantage would that give.

          Finally it is a bit hypocritical for Manly fans to be complaining about money when they are the original kings of ripping the hearts out of poorer clubs with fat wads of cash.

  9. I say save the discussion for when he actually signs. A lot of this talk comes from Smith saying NZ Rugby won’t pick SBW, I ask why won’t they pick him? He has been in the starting side for a while, world cup is coming, still contracted, still playing very well.

    There have been SBW rumours to Roosters for a while, talk when it happens

  10. People can say what they like – I just don’t believe they are salary cap compliant. They have (by my reckoning) 6 SOO players if you include present and recent past players (Ferguson, Tupou, Tedesco, Cronk, Cordner and Napa) plus, 2 on the cusp of origin (Mitchell and Friend) as well as JWH. If the cap is $9.3M, Cordner, Cronk Tedesco would probably take up close to 25%, maybe more, of it between them. SBW wouldn’t come cheap. But none of this matters – Easts don’t have to worry about the cap, because they haven’t got one, not even a sombrero.
    That said, I’d love to see Sonny back in the game, just not at Easts. I suppose C-B are out of the running.

  11. Even if the roosters get busted for the cap they won’t get the full punishment unlike the bulldogs and the storm

  12. Seriously, aside from the rooster supporters ….eelsalmighty is the only contributer here with a fully functioning brain. Do the maths you imbeciles. As woodchook stated, the roosters have let close to 3 million $$ worth of talent go in 2017/18…add in the salary cap increase and the sums add up. It’s not rocket science, it’s basic maths. As if the NRL are going to let any wrong doing go without scrutiny in this day and age….oh sorry, I forgot, it’s all a big conspiracy centred around Bondi world dominance …😂🤣😂🤣…..As for you bronco supporters crying “fowl”….don’t even bother. The broncos are the biggest one city cap cheats in the league. They wouldn’t survive a week in Sydney, like the Sydney clubs have to, battling each other for corporate $$$.

    • Mate you wanna listen to dumb duck go ahead,
      Those figures he used aren’t the real ones, skd wasn’t on 600 Conor Watson was still on base salary last year, pretty sure Guerra was on the smaller scale of that amount also.. as in they all have to be replaced plus another 5 as it went from 25 to 30 contracted players, and maybe just maybe people aren’t imbeciles as you say and the maths don’t add up quite as easily as you very small minded individuals….
      Also why don’t we throw in the new contracts for Tupou and Mitchell and hang on, all that salary cap is getting smaller all the time, Brown bags and unauthorised tpa’s are getting bigger though

      • Too true crowy. Watson was on 300. Hilarious. First contract players dont get $300k. That’s might have been what he was getting into his bank account. Not what was registered with the NRL.

        • I wouldn’t be so sure. Watson was seen from a very young age that he could be a special talent. Player managers know this and often teams need to pay overs, even at a young age, in order to keep these guys.

    • Yes the Roosters released close to $3m worth of talent, and yeas the salary cap increased by $2.4m. That is $5.4m to spend (at least on the surface). They signed Cronk and Tedesco take the $2.4 increase in the cap. That leaves $3m. Robinson probably took $500k of that. On top of that players such as Cordner, Fergo, Friend etc would have clauses built into their contracts that give them pay rises as the cap increases. I am not saying the Roosters can’t afford SBW, as I, like everyone else on here, have no idea on the current state of their cap, but the math is not as simple as you and the other Roosters fans claim it is. The fact is you can’t simply say “we let these players go so we have money to spend”. All players must be replaced, maybe not on the same contract value, but replaced.

      As for calling out the Broncos fans for crying foul, you then go on about their cheating (something never proven like the Roosters), so you can’t have it both ways and have a go at them and then do exactly the same thing.

      At the end of the day, things will always look suss to fans of other teams when it comes to the Broncs and the Roosters. Not necessarily because they are cheating, but even the most staunch Roosters fan must understand the frustration other fans have when they see stories like this.

      • Also, the number of contracted players has increased this year, at at least $100k, so that is an extra $500k right there. Plus any bonuses from last year ($20k for Origin, match payments etc) get added to this years cap.

        Again, all I am saying is that it is not as cut and dried as you make it out to be, that is why the salary cap is so hard to follow and understand.

  13. If the Rorters win the comp this year nobody will look back on it and think it was fairly won.
    IMO this is damaging the NRL brand badly.

  14. Everyone needs to stop whinging and get on with life. Who cares if they sign SBW – He is a great player and should be allowed to sign mid/end season if they rules allow it.

    For every one whinging about the Salary cap..salary cap rorting…3 team comp.. seriously get a life.

    I’m a Eels supporter. Doesn’t bother me the slightest. Have you ever thought the players want to play at these clubs because of the coaching staff/life off the field?

    If I was a professional NRL player and got offered 600k from the Roosters and Panthers Id chose the Roosters.

    Half you guys are sour and jealous slobs that have no purpose in life.

  15. “IMO this is damaging the NRL brand badly.” Spot on. Comments like yours above, and all the others that state, as if it’s a fact, the Roosters, and in some cases, other teams, have unlimited caps and/or NRL conspiracy theories etc. That is what is damaging the game.

      • Haha. Don’t suggest such nonsense. Maybe almighty and myself are just a bit more level headed than some others. Don’t get me wrong, I do not doubt for a second that the Roosters are not skirting the rules in some form regarding the salary cap, but then again I am also sure that all teams are, some just do it better.

  16. Juff- Shaun Kenny-Dowells last contract with the Roosters was a 5 year deal @$550k per year when Brian Smith was still coaching
    To all you jealous know-it-alls say what you like about the Roosters but because we can manage our cap better than anyone DOES NOT MEAN they are cheating, No Back Ended deals and unlike a lot of other clubs they DO NOT have to pay overs for ordinary player to join their club.

    Thanks to some of you at least you can see common sense and the maths

  17. I think if your side is in a strong position, you will defend them, with supports of clubs, trying to rebuild and having those already strong clubs come along and pouch up and coming stars, example Tedesco, makes it hard to swallow.
    My issue is I think that the focus should be on the NRL as a brand, and making it the marketing priority similar to NFL or NBA. The clubs then feed of that success. Not individual club brands. Creating stronger and weaker disparities.
    No one wants to see the same clubs battling year after year like the IPL.
    The draft has to come in.Thus creating an even share of player talent.
    I heard Matthew Johns say he wasn’t a fan of the cap . He didn’t want his sons having to move away to take up an opportunity under a draft structure. Firstly in the real world, kids move away from home to chase work opportunities all the time. Secondly I found it hypocritical that one of M. Johns, sons then signs with Melb. Moving interstate. Again I guess it must depend on the strength of the club.
    Bit of a rant at the end ,

  18. I have to laugh at the blind/dumbo”s on here the rorters can field 2 nrl 1st grade teams in 2018 and thats how the nrl want to appease politis and their sponsors …oh by the way even without nuuasala and sbw and robinson they are still way over the cap cmon brown paper bags politis surely you can buy a few more players on top of this before kick off your slipping son…


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