MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 21: Sharks coach Shane Flanagan looks on during the NRL Preliminary Final match between the Melbourne Storm and the Cronulla Sharks at AAMI Park on September 21, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Ruthless, win-at-all-costs coach, or disrespectful coach who played high and loose with the rules?

How will Shane Flanagan be remembered by fans of the Cronulla Sharks, and the NRL wider community?

The NRL have given notice that they intend to strip the Sharks 2016 Premiership winning coach of his registration for the game. Flanagan has until January 31st to lay his case for avoiding said punishment.

If Flanagan decides not to appeal, or his appeals fall on deaf ears, it’s essentially an NRL-wide life-ban for arguably the game’s most divisive figure.

Flanagan, if the de-registration goes forward, will be banned from any activities within the code in Australia and would need to rely on a Super League opportunity to arise to continue his coaching career.

Technically he could coach again in the NRL should he be able to prove he is fit and proper for the role, but given this would be his second long-term suspension, it would be very difficult.

Although the process still has a long way to run, regardless of the eventual outcome, the question really remains, how will this affect Flanagan’s standing within the Sharks’ fan base.

My inbox was flooded with Sharks fans saying they felt hard done by and that they would support their title-winning coach until the end.

Just as many fans of the club also reached out to say Flanagan has brought this upon himself and that Greenberg and co. had no choice but to strip Flanagan of his credentials.

For the purpose of this I’m going to largely avoid the rights and wrongs of Flanagan’s conduct and focus on the way he will be remembered. Those details have been hotly debated and probably will so many further times.

As a Sharks fan, Shane Flanagan will always be remembered as the man who broke the 49-year title drought.

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On October 2nd, 2016, all the jokes ended. All the porch light, show us your premiership, how many premiership jokes became redundant.

That side he built was one that edged out one of the most dominant Storm outfits in recent memory.

No matter what happened before or would happen after, for that night, Flanagan was a hero, and a life member of the Sharks’ fan base.

I always said in the lead up that I would give almost anything for a premiership and that if the club folded the day after, then so be it.

I still stand by that.

Unfortunately though the prospect of such an unlikely thought has been brought closer to a reality through the actions of Flanagan.

Today’s $800,000 fine, plus whatever fine is laid down on the club in the new year for any potential salary cap breaches will push the limits of an already struggling shire club.

There’s a very real chance that the same man who delivered the much sought after Premiership may have ended the club’s serge for another.

The Sharks have a stacked roster and until this all came to light were about fourth to fifth on the betting list for the title. Shaun Johnson’s arrival completely reinvigorated fans who had struggled to come to terms with the self reported cap struggles of the past.

Just when you thought the most painful time in the club’s history was, again, behind us, it reared it’s ugly head, unfortunately again.

So where does Flanagan sit in the minds of Sharks fans?

That’s a tough one.

Where does he sit in the minds of non-Sharks fans?

That’s an easy one.

No matter what success he brought to the club, he will always be remembered for this.

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He’ll always be the coach who was “suspended for the peptides” as social media seems to love putting it. He’ll always be remembered as the coach who was (likely) de-registered due to not abiding by the no contact rules while serving his suspension.

For all the great things Flanno has done at the club, fans who don’t have the premiership in their memories won’t give a second thought to rubbishing Flanagan’s name.

Sharks fans though, we seem to be split.

Some fans are saying Flanagan did what he needed to in order to win the title and they’d go through it all again if they had to if it meant another trophy was added to the case.

Others are saying he’s done more damage than what he’s worth and that he should never be allowed to associate with the club again.

I’m somewhere in the middle.

If it is proven that Flanagan was in contact with the club during his suspension, then he has no one to blame but himself if he is de-registered.

That said, regardless of what happens in this on-going case, or the salary cap case, Flanagan will always be the man with his arms raised as Up Up Cronulla was played over the loud speakers at ANZ Stadium in 2016.

This will likely end a very successful, yet extremely turbulent time in charge of the team.

Flanagan, purely based on results on-field, is arguably a top three coach. Certainly top five.

Off-field, he leaves a lot to be desired.

Let us know below which will remain in your mind long-term.

Was the 2016 title win worth the on-going troubles and the risk of further sanctions?


  1. They cheated the cap, their coach is a cheat and they are drug cheats. Strip them of their illgotten premiership and give their licence to a new Perth team already.

  2. It all depends on if they keep the premiership.
    The say it is safe but, the NRL found this whilst looking for salary cap breaches so who is to say what else they will find.

  3. Nicholls you seriously are a joke “for the purpose of this I’m going to avoid the rights (zero) and wrongs (too numerous to list) of Flanagan’s conduct”. What the hell do think led to you even needing to write this POS article in the first place. “I would give almost anything for a premiership” what? Including your integrity? Like most Cronulla fans Nicholls you seem to have a knack for brushing over or minimising facts. The fact you even believe that the 2016 title was in anyway legitimate really shows you shouldn’t be writing articles on this site, given your level of bias. Go and read spinksy’s article to see how Cronulla supporters should really be feeling about this. At least he’s not in denial and glossing over facts.

    • Hi Brissydragon,

      Thanks for reading, and even more-so for leaving a glowing review.

      On a rare serious note, I have been the Sharks biggest critic for many, many years. I will continue to be, but if I were go to into the rights and wrongs, it would be a 30,000 word article, and typically no one reads past about 1200.

      As a rule I don’t click Roar Articles, and I won’t be making an exception here.

      I suggest you read some stuff I’ve written about the club. This was purposely written with bias, it’s the entire idea of the question being posed.

      Now, to answer your question, yes absolutely. I said I’d give ANYTHING for a title. I would. Would do it again. Oh no our integrity is gone. Beautiful trophy sitting in the case tho 😉

      • So basically you just proved everything thing I said. Well done. Good to see you place no value on integrity. Enjoy that shiny trophy because you may not have it long.

        • Mate, all’s I’m saying is that they offered us clean skins vs the title, I’m taking the title.

          Flanno had to go after this latest mess up but ultimately he delivered what he promised.

          I challenge you to name one club that hasn’t done something to lose integrity yet be successful.

        • So basically you’re saying you need to cheat to win. Gee do you do speaking tours in schools as well Nicholls? Let’s see, I’m pretty sure the cows in 2015 and bunnies the year before were fairly clean. Can’t say the 2010 dragons had too much to hide nor did the panthers in 03. And they’re just the ones of the top of my head. You really are in denial aren’t you Nicholls? Your club is one screw up away from being punted and you throw out the “but everyone else does it” excuse. You really should read that article I sent you the link for because that guy basically said “yep, I’m a proud sharks supporter but my club is stuffed. This is how we un-stuff it”. See at least that was a sharks fan with integrity. You on the other hand wouldn’t know the meaning of the word. You are a disgrace and you epitomise everything that’s wrong with the sport.

        • I read it mate. Multiple errors but I admire the passion.

          The 2016 title has nothing to do with what’s happened here. Flanno was allowed to talk about 2015, which I imagine will be his argument in any potential appeal. We signed Ennis and Bird for 2016, that’s it.

          This is purely offering two sides of a line of thinking to generate discussion.

          We’ll be around for longer than the game itself mate. Can’t get rid of us.

        • I wouldn’t be so sure about being around that long. I think you’re vastly overestimating your teams importance to the league. But hey if you want to count being in Perth as hanging around, be my guest.

          As for this having nothing to do with 2016, you’re wrong there. Had Flanagan been found out in 2014/15 or even 2016 do you really think the sharks win in 2016? If you do you’re dreaming. And that was just one of the things that make that so called title dodgy.

          All that aside, you trying to say you have to cheat to win a title and it’s only bad if you get caught is a joke. Is that what you teach your kids Nicholls? It’s ok as long as you don’t get caught. With supporters like you it’s no wonder we have teams that behave like Cronulla does thinking that the rules don’t apply to them. Sterling role models I must say. And you wonder why Cronulla doesn’t have a main sponsor.

        • I would even like to mention the Dogs 04 side brissydragon. Another side who did nothing dodgy to win the premiership and didn’t lose any integrity winning it

        • BD, Your hatred for Sharks is obviously clouding your judgement.
          How many times have you heard “I’ll do anything for a beer” on a Friday afternoon?
          I don’t think that person would literally do anything, like suicide or violent robbery or wear a saint George jersey for a week or mass murder.
          I think when Dan said it, it was meant as tounge in cheek.
          Get over yourself BD you pretentious twot.

        • I was wondering when you two feeders would surface. God, imagine a manly supporter calling someone else a pretentious twat. That’s like Trump calling someone a womanising liar. I’m yet to hear how either of you special needs children would refute any of the points I’ve made (haven’t heard Nicholls refute it either). But then again manly comes a close second to the gummies in the grubbiness stakes so what would you two know. But hey, if you two want to be on board with the cheating is ok as long as you win philosophy, don’t let me stop you. As for Nicholls saying it tongue in cheek screamingbudgie, that’s not really the case. He’s had plenty of time to think this out and he hadn’t even argued it when I questioned his integrity, he pretty much went along with it. Back in your box she eagles fans, neither of you two have the brains to be involved in this debate.

        • Haha Priscilla. Everyone on zt watched you make a fool of yourself berating other clubs about their player behavior and it all imploded for you when your club found itself neck deep in a sex assault drama.
          You do you fellow dragon fans an injustice by shooting your big mouth off and always end up with you face covered in egg.

        • And how is Dylan Walker going screamingbudgie? I can see you’re going to drag that one every chance you get when you have nothing better to say and haven’t the faintest idea about what to say next in an argument. Go on I’m still waiting for you to argue my points that I put to Nicholls. See, Nicholls is a lot smarter than you (which isn’t saying much really) and he hasn’t come up with a viable argument yet so I seriously doubt you’ll even come close. Like I keep saying, leave the debates to adults and worry about your own joke of a club.

          As for De Belin, like I said previously, if he did it he should be sharing a cell with walker and Hayne.

        • Don’t you get it dipsh!t, you were bagging other clubs and it backfired on you.
          I wasn’t bagging other clubs.
          I think walker should go to jail if guilty.
          As for Dans other comments, I don’t have an opinion on them.
          Just you berating him for saying
          “I would do anything”
          You may consider yourself a debate master, but you expose yourself as a masterbater.
          Omlete head.

        • You truly are the dumbest person on this site aren’t you. How has anything backfired on me? And yes I am giving him stick for saying he’d do anything to win because he’s implying – actually pretty much stating – that anything includes playing outside the rules. “If it’s a choice between clean skins and a title, I’ll take the title”. Or are you to thick to understand that. Don’t think too hard son, you might hurt yourself. If I’m wrong then how come Nicholls hasn’t jumped back on to tell me his counter-argument (which I would very much welcome). Maybe the bit where I asked if that’s what he would teach his children (it’s ok to cheat as long as you win and don’t get caught) has him realising that maybe, just maybe, that’s not how sport is meant to be. But what am I explaining this to a brain dead halfwit like you for. Your club is almost as bad as his.

        • “How has anything backfired on me”
          Everyone saw you up all high and mighty on you pink pony ranting about other clubs and their player indiscretions, and then it “backfired” in your pretentious, obnoxious face when one of yours is accused of sexual assault.
          DENY it all you want but everyone saw it on here, eggface.

        • And I’ll keep going on about players and their indiscretions – even from my own club. These fools get paid squillions to live out their dreams. Yet with arrogant bone headed behaviour they throw it all away and hurt people in the process.

          The difference between my club and yours, as well as those low lifes at Cronulla is that it’s endemic at both manly and the sharks. Tell me how many negative stories have come out of your club in the last 2 years, and the sharks in the last 6 or 7. Yeah we’ve got De Belin (who is still innocent until proven guilty – even if he is a fool and a lowlife) and Mary driving to work after a big night (and let’s face it, hands up who hasn’t done that). I’m sure if we’ve got any more recent major crimes against humanity you and bbbj will let me know and fair enough. But you’re dreaming if you think both your clubs don’t deserve criticism for their player and club behaviour considering recent events.

          As for the supposed egg on my face you seem so keen and throwing around words from your limited vocabulary like backfired and pink pony, if you haven’t figured out by now that I could care one iota what halfwits like you, bbbj and manlove78 think, well then you’ve just proved to me once again that you have very little between your ears. Nothing’s backfired on me princess, we’ve just found one bad apple (and that’s if he’s guilty). My club’s reputation remains fairly positive. Yours on the other hand….well. And the sharks? HA! What reputation. Ask yourself a question. Why are the sharks and manly the two most disliked teams in the league?

  4. Flanagan’s legacy is that his IQ and integrity as a human is clearly lower than a snakes belly…despite being busted in the peptide scandal, salary cap cheating and now blatantly disregarding his ban conditions…he should be remembered as a cheat…If he were in the corporate world he’d be charged and jailed….he is a loser who should never have anything to do with the NRL again,

  5. Flanagan’s reputation and legacy will be no more tarnished than former Olympic sprint champion and world record holder Ben Johnson. Living proof that a goose will always get caught but a Rooster never will.

  6. I’m with Dan on this one. That night in 2016 will live on forever, or what we can remember of it post celebration. A bender to end all benders in the shire and rightly so. Love or hate Flanno he delivered what we needed and Greenberg has already gone on record as saying the title is safe in light of the nature of any breaches. They can’t take that away. Every club has tripped up and then there are those moronic dribblers like Brissiydragon who monotonously bang the drum at least until their club gets caught out and then they duck for cover. There are only two types of clubs in the NRL. Those that trip up and get caught out, or self declare an anomaly such as Cronulla has, and those clubs that have offended and are just waiting their turn to be next in the headline. If Flanno has knowingly breached the terms of his ban then he cops whats coming his way, simple as. In the meantime The NRL as a whole has an image and integrity problem with the wife/ girlfriend bashers, gronks that sexually assault women, drink driving coaches/players etc and this is really no biggie compared to any of those atrocities. Those offences harm other people. The Cronulla club will survive as always, will be competitive in 2019 and both the team and the coach will have the full support of it’s fan base unlike some others that want to tear everything apart including their own club. They’ve got the real issues.

    • Then enjoy singing “up up Perth” in a few years time. If you think your club doesn’t have real issues you’re in as much denial as Nicholls is.

  7. 2016 is surely under threat now… knowing that this sucker (Flano) cheats at everything…. keep digging NRL youll hit the mother load…. i agree with everyone strip them of 2016 and hand their licence to Perth only way to go

  8. In my eyes Flanno still has legendary status. First Sharks coach to clinch a premiership. Yes he may have stuffed up, but I put it down to ignorance & not blatantly flaunting any rules.
    But If he did the crime, then he will do the time, simple as that.
    Hopefully Flanno will learn from his mistakes & serve whatever time he has to & be back better than before. Amen.

    • Maybe if he has a moral and integrity transplant. I am yet to see anyone advertising that as a thing though.

      I think you will find that he will view himself as the victim here and stew in his own anger. Honesty begins with you.

      • Yeah, they’re pretty good at playing the victim and passing the blame. They practice a philosophy of “if I deny it enough and whinge loudly enough then everyone will believe me”. I think the only person they end up convincing is themselves.

  9. Sharks skipper Paul Gallen has been at the club for 18 years and said the latest setback would have the players determined to perform next season.
    “It’s the most resilient club in Australian sport,” Gallen said.
    “We faced going broke half a dozen times, scandals, but we’re still here fighting and will continue to be. We’re a side teams do not want to play. We’ve got a superstar in our team in Shaun Johnson and he came to the club because we’re a tough club.
    “I’ve seen this before, it’s not good, it’s a distraction, but times like these you find out a lot about people, who’s with you and who’s not.” AMEN Gal.

    • You learn to be resilient when you consistently bring everything down on yourself. Why the character of people like Gallen and Fifita haven’t been brought into question by Sharks supporters is staggering to me.

      It goes to show that if you are good enough to help yourself win games, some clubs allow you act whichever way you see fit. I am certain that if Gallen of Fifita were average first grade hacks, they would’ve been moved on a long time ago.

      Still, having them there is a major reason why the Sharks are playing in a blank jersey at this stage.

      Best n Less are licking their lips with anticipation that their sales for Sharks jumpers will spike big time in 2019. Why would you but a $150 Sharks jersey when you can buy the same thing for $40 at Best n Less?

  10. Besides the Sharks fans who have their heads so far up their own backsides and insist that cheating is acceptable to achieve an outcome, the league world will ultimately view Flanagan as a person that had no respect for the laws of the game.

    To be suspended twice for bringing the game into disrepute has never been see before and any legacy he may have had for a first premiership must now be brought into question. Players would have been brought to the club in 2015 that helped them achieve the title in 2016. Not to mention the alleged salary cap issues and several key players who had been previously given a slap on the wrist for performance enhancing drugs.

    Flanagan has presided over many of the games (not just Sharks) indiscretions in the past 5-6 years.

    1. Fifita support of a jailed felon – allowed to play on
    2. Fifita and the threatening abuse of a junior official – allowed to play on
    3. Fifita tirade towards the coaches box – allowed to play on
    4. Fifita and Dugan’s social media abuse of a journalist – both allowed to play on
    5. Peptide scandal that gave Sharks an illegal advantage over their rivals – a pitiful 3 game suspension for the players and allowed to maintain the core of it’s roster for the following years
    6. Involvement in club decision making whilst barred from the game. AND, having no respect for the NRL by allegedly lying in an email by stating that he had no involvement with the Sharks during this time (can this guy lay straight in bed?)
    7. Alleged salary cap cheating *findings still to be delivered and could be proven to be even worse for Flanagan and Sharks

    Other issues at the Sharks over the past few years that cannot be attributed to Flanagan but possibly shows the culture of the joint are –

    1. Todd Carney’s many indiscretions which eventually lead to his contract termination
    2. Paul Gallen’s racial abuse of an opponent
    3. Paul Gallen’s squeezing of an opponents genitals
    4. Paul Gallen’s digging into an opponents head wound with his fingers
    5. Paul Gallen’s twitter abuse of NRL officials by calling them C’s
    6. Greg Bird’s incident with his partner
    7. Damien Keogh’s conviction for drug possession
    8. Ben Barba’s de-registration for a second failed drug test
    9. Wade Graham turning up the the ASADA interview dressed like a hobo and refusing to cooperate fully

    No wonder they don’t have one single company name on their jersey. Which organisation in their right mind would want to burn their hard earned cash on being associated with them? In the past 5-7 years, they have had companies that couldn’t last for more than two years. Either because they are businesses that don’t exist anymore (showing the pulling power of the Sharks and the level they are viewed by corporate Australia) or, the negative headlines had become too much and they pulled out of the association with Sharks.

    I think Barry Russell is showing some backbone in a very tough environment. However, he needs to do more and completely rid the club of the ‘boys club’ strangle hold it is under (including some of the current players). Whilst most of the repeat offenders continue to don Sharks apparent, they are highly unlikely to see a long term sponsor on the front, back or sleeve of the jersey.

    For that, Flanagan and his inability to keep his players under control has had a huge influence on why most of the supporters of others club would like to see the Sharks moved out of Sydney. Two years ago, they won a premiership and as we stand here today, they are the embarrassment for the sport.

  11. You forgot Wade Graham blatantly cheating and lying through his teeth at a coin toss, that was then endorsed by Flanagan, highlighting yet again their disgraceful “do anything to win” regardless if it’s legal or not attitude, not to mention a complete lack of respect for the sport and anyone else not wearing a sharks jersey. Other than that you hit the nail on the head. That’s a rap sheet that Chopper Read would be ashamed of. Disgrace of an organisation.

  12. All your mindless ranting, dribbling and liberal interpretation of the truth will of course come to nada, zero, nix. The sharks WILL be there in 2019 and in all likely hood finals contenders with the roster they have and a decent coach. Most sane people have had an absolute gut full of Brissydragon and his/her obsession with attacking every other club in the comp including his/her own. That’s just gotta be a sickness of some kind. A real mental giant quick to attack the intellect of others and these rantings are getting to the tragically comical stage now. The latest stupidity comes from westernstand. Real enlightening stuff champ, and an interesting and mildly amusing twist on inuendo and unproven speculation etc. Sharks fans really don’t give a toss what bottom feeding individuals such as these really think. Looking forward to reviewing all this at seasons end when we see how results pan out. In the meantime, can’t wait for old westernstand’s next club review as each and everyone NRL club has had issues even if he only gets half the truth out each time. Should be fun reading.

      • prescilla the drag queen. You carry on with a mountain of garbage. I read the first line of your response and thats enough of my time wasted. So don’t bother writing more than that. You really are an omelette as screaming has appropriately named you with triple egg on your face as well as some mayonnaise to go with it from your back door friend 19. Suck it up princess and admit you are WRONG and have no clue you tr0ller and oxygen thief.

        • Well thought out comeback manlove78. Good to see you out a lot of intellectual rigour into it. Would expect nothing less. And yet you still have not come up with anything to counter the points that I made. Or the ones western stand made either. You just dribble a bunch of gibberish about omelettes and eggs. Winning as usual champ.

        • I’m going to quote a line from The Hangover here, you are literally too stupid to insult. Were your parents related prior you being conceived? That might explain a few of your……special qualities.

        • There you go again you dumb ass. I think you are the one that is too stupid to insult by having to bring peoples families into it. Cant you hack it as a man or women or an it or whatever gender you are draggie.

    • Do you write speeches for Donald Trump or something? You have just used a mountain of words to say absolutely nothing. I’d like to hear which of the points western stand made were unproven and innuendo. You truly do live in your own little world don’t you? And I thought manly supporters were insular.

  13. Well written Dan, I like what Shane has done and brought to the club. He stuffed up and it will defineatly hurt our club. I feel NRL is the one that should be careful, over fining to the point where they want to overtake and relocate a successful team. Dont forget The Sharks not only self reported but they also blew the whisle on the ASADA peptide scandal (which I believe every club were doing prior to). Which brings me to the point why would any club after this self reporting ever say anything. The NRL is making cheats cover their asses, all that said Shane got caught and his punishment is justified.

      • Again you conveniently dodge the point. If you think that Cronulla are the only NRL club who have done, or are doing, anything wrong then you are as delusional as you are stupid. I doubt there are any fans of any club, apart from yourself of course, who seriously believe that all is squeaky clean behind the scenes at their club. All fans may hope this is the case but few really believe it. You probably believe that horse racing is clean sport too then. It’s easy to slip up but harder to get caught out doing it. In Cronulla’s defense they did self report on a couple of issues. None of us believe that Flanno is innocent. He was caught out and deserves what comes his way. The degree of penalty again depends on the degree of offence. You were very quick to point at that DeBelin is “innocent until proven guilty” but are not prepared to tolerate Flanno’s appeal should he do so? What will be will be and nothing you can say in your tirades of personal abuse or attacks on the integrity of any club, including your own, will influence an outcome. If the remote chance of relocation comes about it will be no worse a result than an embarrassing merger and loss of individual identity or the looming financial crisis at your club. The sharks will still have their fan base and probably even more of them. How about you chill out for a few days, cut the abuse and let us all try and enjoy our Christmas in peace. It’s thankfully cricket season after all.

        • I think prissy believes greyhound racing is the most noble sport. And as for whether she/it is as delusional as stupid?.. I’m pretty sure it’s the latter.

        • Again you conveniently dodge the point that your team are the worst offenders and got caught. I’m well aware that most other teams are not squeaky clean. Roosters, storm, eels, manly, tigers, broncos (since like forever) titans, bunnies and yes even as of late we had JDB and Mary’s stuff up. But the list of things you guys have been caught for is epic. Which makes me wonder what you haven’t been busted for. It’s in your culture dude. You can deny it all you want but between this latest episode, the ASADA thing, Gallen, fatfita, carney, barba, keogh, and graham, you can’t argue that it looks pretty bad. Even though I despise your club to the enth degree I feel for the people who e been screwed by this. Flanagan’s family is not having the brightest Xmas. But whose fault is that? His and his only. You can’t blame the nrl for that. And when you guys end up in Perth you can thank him for that. These are all self inflicted wounds guys. You can talk about Flanagan’s appeal all you want but I’d be surprised if he even bothered. He’s guilty as sin and he knows it. Why do you think he didn’t even bother arguing with Greenberg. Why do you think Barry Russell has basically cut him away. And for your info I hate horse racing (as well as the greys manlove78). You guys are in the locker dude, worse than any team since the 83 jets. And we know what happened to them.

          Find me one counter argument to any of the points that western stand or I made dude and I’ll happily debate you in an adult fashion. But I think we both now they’re hard points to counter.

        • To simplify it a bit champ, there are many fans out there who’s interest in the NRL is purely in their sides’s performance on the park. The background noise is something totally out of most fans control. The best thing Cronulla can and will do for their fans, is go out there and play good footy and engage with the fans of it. All of this is out of the players hands. They’ll adopt the siege mentality again which usually translates to solid performance. I also dislike your club more than any other for what it’s worth, for all the pretense, denial of the fickle fan base clinging to a past which ceased to be when they merged with Illawarra and for all the pretending to be the “squeaky clean moral crusader” when there’s nothing further from the truth. Gronks like DeBelin are a timely reminder that Nobody’s club is beyond reproach. All that really matters to me each season, if we don’t go deep into the finals, is finishing ahead of St George in end of season standings as that’s what a competition is all about.. Thankfully that’s been a regular occurrence of late. Cronulla might wear many tags but chokers is not one of them. Have a merry Christmas dude and try not to fret too much about the Sharks. They’ll still be there for a long time for you to direct your hatred towards..

        • Oh…one more little thing…….and of course if this doesn’t pan out with the relocation or burying of the club per your prediction list, we might consider your humble apology which you will no doubt be man enough to offer. Or will your attack then turn on the NRL before McGregor earns your annual ire?

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