SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 31: Jack Gosiewski of the Rabbitohs is tackled during the round 21 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Canberra Raiders at ANZ Stadium on July 31, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

The Manly Sea Eagles have announced the signing of talented second-rower, Jack Gosiewski, on a one-year deal.

Previously captaining the Rabbitohs NYC Team, Gosiewski made his NRL debut for South Sydney against the Parramatta Eels in round 10 of the 2016 season. He has played six NRL matches.

Sea Eagles Chief Operating Officer Neil Bare welcomed Gosiewski to the Club.

“We are pleased to have secured Jack as part of our full-time squad for the 2018 season,’’ Bare said.

“We wish him every success in the development of his NRL playing career with the Sea Eagles.”

Sea Eagles Regional Scout, Scott Fulton, said Gosiewski is a handy acquisition for the Club.

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“Jack is an edge back-rower who weighs almost 100 kilos. He will provide extra depth for us in that position and has come to Manly looking for an opportunity,’’ Fulton said.

“I would be expecting him to play a fair bit of first grade next year given an opportunity in the pre-season.”

Manly Sea Eagles 2018 Player Movements

2018 Gains
Lachlan Croker (Canberra Raiders, 2018), Jack Gosiewski (South Sydney Rabbitohs, 2019), Trent Hodkinson (Newcastle Knights, 2019), Toafofoa Sipley (New Zealand Warriors, 2019), Moses Suli (Wests Tigers, 2018), Kelepi Tanginoa (Parramatta Eels, 2019), Joel Thompson (St George Illawarra Dragons, 2019)
2018 Losses
Pita Godinet (Wests Tigers), Blake Green (New Zealand Warriors), Brenton Lawrence (retired), Jesse Martin (South Sydney Rabbitohs), Steve Matai (retired), Nate Myles (retired), Brett Stewart (retired)
Manase Fainu (2019), Addin Fonua-Blake (2020), Darcy Lussick (2021), Brad Parker (2019), Jorge Taufua (2019), Frank Winterstein (2019)
Off Contract 2018
Lachlan Croker, Brian Kelly, Apisai Koroisau, Curtis Sironen, Moses Suli
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  1. Ok Souths supporters, is this guy got potential or not?? Must say don’t know much about him at all….
    And can manly please stop signing backrowers and sign some props please, especially if the Joel Thompson rumour is true

    • Potential yes but injury concerns as well. He did not get enough opportunity at Souths. I wish Souths would have kept him (not least of all because he is close mates with Crichton). Hands off Gus btw. 4 ex-Rabbits are enough! Especially for a club that bags the living daylights out of Souths and then poaches our players. Madge is also off limits as well incase you (i.e. Manly were thinking about it).

      • Madge is off to sunny Gold Coast it seems….. Interesting to see how his relationship with Hayne goes if he gets the gig.

        • Good. He deserves a holiday. Not sure how long it will be though. The club could go belly up long before he has a chance to turn things around. At least he has a “plane” on standby in case je needs to make a quick exit!

          For the record, I’m still gutted Madge is no longer at Redfern. He deserved better and if Crichton walks because of it then it will really be a case of Souths shooting themselves in the foot!

        • I am not completely across the workings at Redfern obviously, but I think that Mr Crowe still involves himself too much in the football program. I may be wrong on that, but it is the impression that I get. If that is the case, I also feel that might be, partially at least, one of the reasons that the Burgess twins form has not been all that good in recent memory. Maybe they are too comfy knowing the relationship the family has with Crowe. Again, I might be way off there, but I think it has some merit.

          And I agree, keeping Crichton must be at the top of the priority list for the Rabbitohs moving forward.

        • Eels 47, If you do want to know the facts about Souths just ask.

          Russell Crowe does NOT Involve himself in the day to day running of the club but when it comes to senior Appointments, CEO, Head Coaches, then he does have the FINAL SAY.
          He is the Owner of the club, after all.

          James Packer is a part-owner but has ZERO input into the day to day workings of the Club!

        • 3hats , your the “go to man at Souths aie” you and homer must be related , listen how’s cooper going mate , any news or isn’t it on the Rugby League Web site yet , look in the mirror , that’s your head that takes up all that room

        • Honestly I couldn’t care less how Souths operates, but if anyone thinks Crowe stays out of the football side of things, I really think they are kidding themselves.

        • @ eels47 +1

          Like any other supporter on this site, I like the rest, have no involvement in what goes on behind the scenes at their club. My guess is Russell Crowe has a big say behind the scenes but I don’t think he gets too involved. I think you are spot on though about his involvement with the Burgess family. From all reports he is extremely close and I think it would be a BRAVE move by anyone up to and including Richo or Pappas to make a move to split up the family. Just my intuition I can’t say I know for sure. But what would I know, I only wear one hat. Others here have 3, their Souths cap, their dunces hat for when they get it wrong (ALL the time!) and the giant cap they wear when they put on their “Reggie the Rabbit” suit. Just googled “Reggie the Rabbit” and you will see who I am talking about. Bahahahahahahaha!!

      • Well that sounds good, he just needs a shot then… not sure though bout starting with sironen rightfully hot one edge and baz liking winterstein for the other as well as Joel Thompson apparetely (I hope not) anyways don’t seem like a complete dud signing or anything then

      • NOT TRUE, Gosiewski had plenty of opportunities at Souths.
        His constant injuries, then a lack of fitness cost him dearly.

        In 2015
        He played with the Bears.

        He got his chance due to injuries at Souths in 2016 and he played 5 games in 2016,
        He made his debut in Rd 10 and played in Rd 11 and got injured.
        He was out for 3 weeks and returned for Norths in Rd 15 and got injured again
        He remained on the sidelines until a return for Norths in Rd 20.
        Injuries at souths were so bad that he was a late inclusion for Souths in Rd 21 and did well and played until Rd 24. He didn’t get onto the field in Rd 22.
        He was back to the Bears for Rd 25.

        In 2017
        Jack got injured in the 2017 pre-season and missed 6 months of footy.
        Gosiewski spent most of the 2017 season out with a torn patella.
        He came back with the bears in Rd 10, May the 14th. Got injured AGAIN
        He didn’t play again for the Bears until Rd 16 and managed to put 7 games back to back for the first time since 2015.

        He played with Souths in Rd 24 but he got injured AGAIN
        That is why Souths didn’t offer him a contract for 2018.

        In 2013 and 2014, Gosiewski played for Souths NYC team, captaining the side in 2014.
        Played in 39NYC games
        In 2015, he graduated to the North Sydney Bears.
        He has played a total of 36 games for the Bears in 3 seasons
        6 Games for Souths in the NRL.

        • @ 3hats

          Mate 6 games for Souths in 2 years is NOT what I would call plenty of opportunities!

          “but he got injured AGAIN That is why Souths didn’t offer him a contract for 2018.”

          And you know that for a fact? How? Is that speculation or fact? Souths may have just been trying to clear up cap room to re-sign Crichton.

          SSTID: “Potential yes but injury concerns as well. ” October 11, 2017 at 11:58 am
          3hats: “His constant injuries” October 11, 2017 at 2:21 pm

          If you want to echo what someone else says at least don’t try to take the credit for it. For example;

          Source Wikipedia:
          “In 2013 and 2014, Gosiewski played for the South Sydney Rabbitohs’ NYC team, captaining the side in 2014.”

          Quote 3hats:
          “In 2013 and 2014, Gosiewski played for Souths NYC team, captaining the side in 2014.”

          But wait, there’s more…

          Wiki: “Jack Gosiewski (born 29 May 1994)… Born in Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Gosiewski played his junior rugby league for the Mullumbimby Giants, before being signed by the South Sydney Rabbitohs.”

          3hats: “Jack Gosiewski (born 29 May 1994) in Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Gosiewski played his junior rugby league for the Mullumbimby Giants, before being signed by the South Sydney Rabbitohs.”

          Word for bl**dy word! You only omitted “Sydney Rabbitohs'” from the first quote! You really need to reference your sources mate if you are going to quote them verbatim. Like most things you write it is just a cut & paste job from one site or another (usually Wiki your favourite).

          Then you try to contradict chalky and quibble about whether or not Jack is a Souths junior. Class move there! But then it isn’t the first or last time you have thrown one of our own under the bus because you thought you would look taller standing on top of us!

          OK, let’s play YOUR game. In YOUR words:

          3hats: “Jack Gosiewski is NOT a Souths Junior.”

          Why? Because he played his junior football for the Mullumbimby Giants before being signed by Souths where at 18 years of age he played for Souths NYC team.

          If THAT is your argument you have just contradicted yourself when you categorically and emphatically shouted me down in the past and said I was wrong to say that Josh Addo-Carr was a Souths junior because he played for the Sharks NYC team. Now let’s see what your favourite resource Wikipedia says:

          “Addo-Carr played his junior rugby league for the La Perouse Panthers and Moore Park. He was then signed by the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks.” (and played for their NYC team).”

          Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t La Perouse and Moore Park part of the Souths Sydney juniors system?

          By Addo-Carr’s own televised admission whe GREW UP in Redfern and is a Redfern Boy as evidenced by the fact that Addo-Carr played his junior rugby league for the La Perouse and Moore Park. I KNOW these clubs because I played for Chelsea United and the Redfern All Blacks (with Nathan Merritt’s dad) while you had your clipboard on the sidelines and minded our hats (hence 3hats!)

          Well you can’t have it BOTH ways sunshine. So which is it? Are you wrong about Gosiewski or wrong about Addo-Carr. Egg, face, handkerchief 3hats, start wiping!

          That’s called check mate doofus!

        • Baaaa , 3 knobs ! What did the 5 fingers say to the face ? Dame boy you just got owned ! Darkness , darkness all I see is darkness

        • SSTID in all seriousness everyone here knows that’s his posts are baseless cut n paste plagerism, like homer he hasn’t ythe capacity to articulate an opinion he simple quotes others , then lambasts anyone who wish to bring the debate up a level , like I said to homer 3 heads just because you read “Wheels magazine” doesn’t mean you can drive a Porsche , we encourage banter/ debate /opinions but you lose everything when your a fraud

        • Yes you can’t put an old head on young shoulders but in defense of young holmsey though he knows and articulates a hell of a lot more about the game than Reggie… 3hats ever does.

          Knowing WHO plays for your team and WHO plays in lower grades and WHICH players are coming through the lower grades and how many games they have played is only ONE aspect about RL discussions. At least young holmsey has an opinion and ideas about the game (albeit tinted through maroon coloured glasses). Like 3hats though, holmsey needs to learn not to resort to name calling just because of a difference of opinion. He did say though that he has taken that suggestion on board and he said he was trying to put that in the past.

          Yes I did use “doofus” on this forum but only after recently being called “you are both idiots” and “Fark you both.” by the same clown so there is context there. And many other names besides btw. For the record they have never tried to engage in any serious discussion about the game or answer valid questions asked of them.

          The site finally seems to be coming to life again as we exchange opinions, banter and some insight into the game. Let’s not lose that and descend into anarchy again!

        • “albeit tinted through maroon and WHITE coloured glasses”

          Sorry Holmsey, didn’t mean to call you a QLDer we know you stand with the Blues. 😉

        • Given you’re making minor corrections to your comments above, it’s really more of a maroon and white tinted (plastered) monocle, than glasses, as glasses would imply 2 eyes.

        • Hahahahaha NOW I understand the “monocle” comments from the Eels boys. I was a bit slow on that one. Mine is Cardinal and Myrtle! 😉

      • Souths have a total of 10 players who can play Edge/Second Row
        That is plenty.
        John Sutton, Sam Burgess, Angus Crichton, Tyrell Fuimaono,
        Kyle Turner, Jason Clark, Cam Murray
        Dean Britt, Siosifa Talakai, Lucky Kenneth Taavale

        • Take a closer look at Cameron Murray boys. The kid can play! He has future rep player written all over him. Mark my words. And Lucky Kenneth Taavale… I just hope he IS “Lucky” Souths need to avoid injuries next year and to re-sign Crichton SOON! So I hope “Lucky” has TWO Rabbit’s feet and he can move like one as well. 😉

  2. No doubt supercoach Baz will get the best out of him hey. I fully expect him to be in Origin discussion in 2018 😉

      • Haven’t you heard though. Baz has a unique ability to get the best out of his players, they are all of a sudden the best in their position and representative players just by being in his presence.

        • There’s a lot of burley in the water but I don’t see no fish chief! Seagulls are fussy. Chips and blood in the water chief. Mark my words.

        • Come one boys that joke is as old as Parras premiership drought!😂😂

          In all seriousness Gosiewski is a solid pick up, if given the opportunity he could turn into a real solid backrower for us and given his age he has plenty of time before he hits his prime.

        • Yes , let’s pay him 10mill over 5 years and base our decision on “potential ” , you’d be chewed up and spat out in the real world ,

        • Im hear to talk footy boys and if you blokes arent interested thats fine but dont Tr.oll its not on and it makes you look pretty dumb and in all honesty. So why dont you all move on get over yourselves. I mean eels47 I thought you were better than that but you obviously arent.

        • To quote you holmesy “it’s just banter mate”. All in fun, I draw the line at personal attacks. If you can’t have some fun while talking about the footy maye then it is you with the problem.

        • There is banter then Tr.olling, you are proceeding with the latter. You draw the line at personal attack? So openly trying to tr.oll a single user isnt personal? Fun is having a crack at another team every now and then but going after one user isnt and it is personal no matter the way you put it.

        • No mate. A personal attack is calling someone an idiot or calling someone’s opinion stupid, things that you frequently do on this site when someone disagrees with you. Which you defend by calling it banter by the way. How is that banter but what I have said not?

          Yes I am aiming my comment at you but I am not attacking you. As I have said many times I appreciate your passion for your team, i am just having a bit of fun with it. Again you are the one telling peoole to move on while at the same time getting all bent out of shape over nothing.

        • It’s all good holmsey. In life you sometimes have to cop one on the chin and move on (metaphorically speaking). Banter is what we do best here on ZT particularly in the “silly season”. We can have some laughs and still talk about the game and agree to disagree. eels47 and billy have had a love hate relationship with MW47 for a long time now. It’s an Parra vs Manly thing. Mostly these comments are aimed directly at MW47 not you. It goes both ways. I cop it from time to time as well and give as good as I get.

          My jokes and allusions to JAWS lately have been to highlight all the “fishing” that is going on. billy, eels47 and I were even joking about it. If there are any baits in the water try to ignore them or joke back (not insult directly). Quint (JAWS) will keep an eye out too! Let’s move on. The “silly season” is about to get sillier. 😉

        • Eels47 mr hypocritical, its a personal attack, no two ways about it. Stop making excuses and bs. And its not over nothing mate when you make it your personal mission every day, every article to Tr.oll me. Its beyond ridiculous. Have some banter with my team or players to get my attention dont make every second line of your comments about me, you dont see me doing it. And the best thing is you constant calling me bias, when you can say whatever you like about your players but when I say anything about mine its bias and im looking through a maroon colored monacle. Your just as Bias as anyone or any footy fan, stop acting like your perfect on a different level.

          I admittedly said last week I had to stop with anger i displayed against other posters comments and I believe I have and moved on but you wont let it go will you.

        • First off I apologise if you took it as a personal attack, I did not intend it that way and I think most posters on this site would understand that I am not one for personal attacks and have often called posters out for it in the past. No excuses or BS here, honestly was not a personal attack.

          Also, please provide examples of me saying whatever I like about my players? I would really like to see it. I am not saying I do not have any bias, I never have said that. Surely even you can see that you show more bias than just about any fan on this site. Constantly proclaiming your players as the best in their position, constantly banging on about your coach turning players lives around (after 1 good season mind you), constantly talking your players up for rep duties, constantly talking up the Turbo’s as the best thing since sliced bread….. You get where I am going here. Like I said I love the passion that you show, but if you are going to make outlandish comments like that constantly you need to be prepared for what follows. Again I ask you, when have I ever come anywhere close to any of that? The closest I have said is that I thought BA was slightly ahead of Baz in coach of the year calculations due to Parra finishing above Manly on the ladder, and on top of that I also admitted it may be influenced by the Parra supporter in me. Either way I can honestly say that my comments about my team are fairly balanced in general mate, of course there is bias, but not near the level that you show.

          Again, It was never intended to be a personal attack, please don’t take my comments that way.

      • Have a sook homie , when you dribble “potential ” have no substance in your posts , clearly don’t understand the mechanics of the game apart from “stats” you leave yourself open , Austin might well be a “good bloke” but he is on the nose ! Turbo may have good “try assist stats” but the blokes defence and “reading” is pathetic, simple examples , your response “dumb ” “idiot” well lets go fishing big boooyeee

      • Just read your summation on 3 hats, very well reserched and a damm good reply, i’ll be honest here, i like 3 hats he always give info that i find interesting even if it is not always right, but if he is quoting other sources i think he needs to make that clear, it would not dimished his respect for Souths if his opinion reflected where is source comes from, anyway the chat amongst everyone is most interesting, also notice George Burgess not thier for England, is he injured? if not this could be the kick in the butt he needs, we will see plus the break will do him some good as well

    • 100% – he has that unique ability to turn players careers around and get them to the point that they should be automatic selections for SOO and Roos – whether eligible or not.

      • True, and if you want a second opinion you can ask him again.

        Yet Parra has more rep players in the world cup than Manly. Equal second with the Storm in fact, compared to Manly, well somewhere below that. Clearly the selectors for international sides aren’t aware of the “Baz” factor yet either.

  3. Gosiewski is a young junior with a bright future. Why Souths let him go is beyond me. I hope they don’t go ahead and sign some lesser light who turns out to be a dud.

    • Jack Gosiewski is NOT a Souths Junior.
      Jack Gosiewski (born 29 May 1994) in Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Gosiewski played his junior rugby league for the Mullumbimby Giants, before being signed by the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

      He played NYC in 2013 and 2014 but he is NOT a local Junior.

      • You are the only one who said local junior mate…. I think the point here is that Souths have let one of their own go, as in one that they brought into grade through their systems.

  4. Good pick up, gives us some more depth in the backrow which we are lacking. He, Siro, Frank and hopefully Thompson (Pending announcement) gives us plenty of backrowers and hopefully we can re sign Bainbridge aswell. Siro and Thompson should be our starters with either Frank or Gosiewski on the bench.

  5. Quick 3heads , Peters is new ass coach at Soufs , shhhhhhh I won’t tell anyone I got it from , you can use it !👍

  6. hi bunny brothers i am new here good evening to all

    jack gosiewski conquered nothing at souths he played grade at mullumbimby northern nsw
    he was mostly injured at souths since debut he has talent though and is tough as teak
    good luck manly in keeping him on the field

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