Papua New Guinea will clash with Wales in the final group stage game at the 2022 Rugby League World Cup.

Zero Tackle will cover the game live from 6:30am (AEDT) on Tuesday morning.

Unlike yesterday's Group A game between Samoa and France, this isn't a winner takes all scenario, however, Wales could still knock Papua New Guinea out of the tournament.

To do so though, they would need to pick up a victory by at least 22 points, while a win by any margin, or loss by less than 22, will see the Kumuls advance to the quarter-finals where they would meet Group A winners England next weekend.

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PNG vs Wales




6 Tries 0
6/6 Conversions 0
0 Penalty goals 0
0 Field goals 0

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 36 (Nixon Putt 2, Jimmy Ngutlik 2, Dan Russell, Kyle Laybutt tries; Rhyse Martin 6 goals) D. WALES 0.


80' That will do in Doncaster. A sloppy second half but an entertaining contest nonetheless. PNG can take a lot of confidence from the defensive effort that was required in that second half. Wales have won plenty of fans with a number of strong performances but will be disappointed with that one, especially their fifth tackle options.

The Kumuls are now locked in to play England in the quarter-finals.

78' TRY! An opportunistic effort from the Kumuls rubs salt into Welsh wounds. A towering bomb and tough conditions see the ball land ahead of Evans, with the bounce falling into the hands of Ngutlik who is able to finish from just metres out.

76' So close! Wales create some space on the right and Kyle Evans cuts back in and looks destined to score, but he loses the ball in the tackle. Is that it for Welsh hopes of scoring?

75' PNG hold on but cough the ball up as soon as they get it back. The crowd is getting behind Wales.

72' Disaster for PNG with a simple error at the back by Ngutlik. The Welsh are running out of time to score.

66' Wales have been camped on the Kumuls' line but can't find a way through no matter how quickly they shift from side to side. They force another repeat set as they fight valiantly but PNG are admirably composed.

62' We have a break in play as medical staff attend to Chester Butler after he receives some friendly fire in a tackle on Justin Olam, with some fingers straight to the eyeball.

58' The game has settled into an end-to-end back and forth, but neither team is able to capitalise. Welshman Kyle Evans is once again having a strong showing, one of the emerging stars of this year's tournament.

47' TRY! Try as they might, Wales can't hold on and Putt gets his second in similar fashion to his first. With the Kumuls camped on the line, Ipape feeds him the short ball again from just metres out and he proves impossible to stop. Martin converts.

45' Incredible defensive resolve from Wales, forcing the Kumuls back for four consecutive sets on their own line.

40' HALF TIME. A good back-and-forth in the final 10 minutes. While PNG have dominated the board neither side is likely to be too happy with their efforts to this point, with a number of errors and penalties in tough conditions.

38' A better passage of play for Wales and they earn a repeat set. They're having a lot more luck with their fifth tackle kicks when they keep them on the ground.

30' TRY! Wales have done well to hold on but Dan Russell scores next for the Kumuls, peeking his arm through the defence and planting the ball on the line. Martin converts.

24' TRY! Jimmy Ngutlik rips through the line and has pace to spare, surging away from any chasers for a great four pointer. Martin converts.

23' Better fifth-tackle play from Wales, chancing their arm before a solid kick to force their first repeat set of the game.

18' Huge let off for Wales, with the Kumuls coughing up possession despite getting back to back penalties on the Cymru line.

12' TRY! Wales nearly hold on but can't stop Nixon Putt, who marches onto the short ball from dummy-half Edwin Ipape for a straightforward four-pointer. Martin converts. It's been a far from ideal start for Wales and the rain is getting heavier.

10' Further disaster from the restart, with the kick-off going out on the full, marching PNG up the field again.

9' TRY! PNG refuse to compromise their style of play, full of offloads and enterprise. They move to the right side and Kyle Laybutt scythes through the line, aided by the slippery conditions. Rhyse Martin converts.

5' PNG break the line through Jimmy Ngutlik but once again lose the ball after trying to pass too many times in the conditions instead of taking the tackle and building momentum.

3' Some excellent offloading and second phase play creates some space for the Kumuls, but they're brought undone by a poor final pass.

1' Wales get off to a less-than-ideal start with a loose carry in tough conditions. This could be a theme tonight.

6.31am (AEDT)
Papua New Guinea kick-off and we're underway!

6.20am (AEDT)
It's absolutely pouring in Doncaster for the last group game of the World Cup. Wales need to win by 22 to make the finals after a number of impressive displays. All the Kumuls need to do is win.

6.05am (AEDT)
The teams are in!
Papua New Guinea: 1 Alex Johnston, 19 Jimmy Ngutlik, 3 Nene Macdonald 4 Justin Olam 20 Rodrick Tai 6 Kyle Laybutt 7 Lachlan Lam 8 Wellington Albert 9 Edwin Ipape 17 Emmanuel Waine 11 Nixon Putt 12 Rhyse Martin 13 Jacob Alick 14 Wesser Tenza 15 Dan Russell 21 Sherwin Tanabi 22 Jeremiah Simbiken 24 Zev John
Wales: 1 Caleb Aekins, 2 Rhys Williams, 4 Will Evans, 6 Elliot Kear (c), 7 Josh Ralph, 8 Anthony Walker, 9 Matty Fozard, 10 Dan Fleming, 11 Rhodri Lloyd, 12 Chester Butler, 14 Ollie Olds, 15 Curtis Davies, 16 Joe Burke, 17 Bailey Antrobus, 18 Connor Davies, 19 Mike Butt, 22 Kyle Evans, 23 James Olds, 24 Gavin Bennion

5:45am (AEDT)
Hello and Welcome to Zero Tackle's live coverage of the 2022 Rugby League World Cup, with the group stage coming to its conclusion this morning.

Seven spots in the quarter-finals are booked, with this game to decide the final spot. Papua New Guinea are the favourites to play England next weekend, although Wales could still cause an upset to the current positions with a win by 22 points or more.

The final teams are out ahead of the 6:30am (AEDT) kick-off, so we will have them for you shortly.


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