SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 30: Latrell Mitchell of the Roosters poses during a Sydney Roosters NRL Media Opportunity at the Sydney Cricket Ground on September 30, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

The future of Latrell Mitchell remains clouded with the Sydney Roosters officially withdrawing their contract offer to the star centre.

Mitchell has been linked with a move to Canterbury and has reportedly been meeting with members of the Bulldogs’ staff recently.

Interest from the Bulldogs first became apparent when a third-party approached Mitchell’s family on behalf of the club during this year’s State of Origin series.

The Roosters released a statement late on Tuesday afternoon to confirm they had withdrawn the club’s offer to Mitchell following discussions.

Read the full statement below:

The Sydney Roosters have today advised the management of Latrell Mitchell that the Club’s offer for 2021 and beyond has been withdrawn following discussions with Latrell today.

Latrell has expressed that he would like to explore his options for season 2021, however he remains under contract with the Roosters for season 2020.


  1. 1. DWZ
    2. Smith
    3. Mitchell
    4. Hopoate
    5. Okunbar/Montoya

    Good size, good ages, lots of talent. That’s a pretty good backline for the Doggies but they need to trim off the players they don’t need (Holland, Meaney, Crichton)
    Bulldogs weakest area is Hooker and Halves. They need to improve this area ASAP

  2. Well apparently the Bulldogs are not interested in him as well. If Latrell can join the Storm, he will get plenty of chances to smack the cheat club Broosters. LOL

  3. If the Sydney Roosters were a cheat club like your insecure imature comment states AlexTwitOneRetiman. Then the Roosters would have already secured a contract with your fantasy brown paper bags. So that puts an end to all that garbage talk that the Roosters cheat. Because he is on the open market after knocking back 800k

    Your ex hero Cooper Cronk from your Melbourne club, retired from Sydney after deleivering 2 premierships for his million dollars. The Roosters have some money legally. Hence the 800k offer. When he walks, he walks because there are no brown paperbags.

  4. I think sometimes these players need to look at the bigger picture.
    Screwing the last cent out of a deal isn’t necessarily always the best option.
    I’m sure if we were to ask past players what they remember most it would be their achievements.
    Winning premierships, representing their state or country, making life long freinds. Not how much they screwed down a deal.
    The other thing to consider is the unknown.
    Going to a new club, new coaching staff, new area, uprooting your family et cetera.
    If your unhappy where you are. Sure. Go. A fresh start might be what’s needed.
    These younger players unfortunately don’t always get the best advice from outside influences who sometimes might be only looking at the dollars and not what’s best for the individual.
    You’re a long time retired and all the money in the world won’t buy back those opportunities.

  5. Sad situation with Latrell— thanks for the two grand final victories. Latrell had an off-season and chooks still won. If he kicks into gear then the team he plays for will be unstoppable. Good luck to any team who gets him, he.ll be terrific…just stay away from souffs

  6. Bye Bye Latrell thanks for the memories…..its a shame he prefers lots of money with a middle of the field team on the premiership table over great money 800k and playing with a great team that is the best team of the past decade.

    He will not get a better club than the Sydney Roosters who in the past 10 years have won three premierships, played in 4 grand finals, played in 7 grand final qualifiers, won 4 Minor premierships and won 2 possibly 3 World Club Challenge Cups.

  7. I suppose growing up in a poor environment you can’t blame him. However life goes on and bring on Billy Smith.
    My suggestion to his mismanagement manager, is that he should get that USA or the Canadian Wolfpack team a call pronto, and try to get half 5 million of what Sony Will Billions is geting per season. I’m sure they will give him 2.5m per year the way they are throwing money around.

  8. BenHubcap go drown somewhere else.
    “Latrelle wont leave the roosters. He loves them and his training buddy Manu”
    Yes at the end of every training session they hold hands and sing Kumbaya.😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Latrell was never happy at the roosters.
    He’s not a latte sipper, never will be.
    Much better fit where he belongs with his brothers and spiritual connection at the greatest club in history the mighty Rabbitohs.

  10. What’s wrong with Souths? His whole family support them 🤦‍♂️, what stupid thing to say. He is an aboriginal and we are an aboriginal associated team 🙄.

  11. What happened TwitOne?????? Did you decide to use your real login instead of your alias AlexTitOneRetiman.


    At least we know Mr Money hungry team destroyer Mitchell wont go to Souths. They only buy dud hasbeen and sacked rejects players from other clubs.

  12. Latrell needs someone like Wayne Bennett who knows how to get him displaying his brilliance more consistently, not once every 5 -6 games as we saw under the dope Robinson who had the luxury of making up for it with a stacked team.

  13. Under the guidance master coach Bennett and his idol and now mentor Greg Inglis, Latrell will reach heights the roosters were unable to achieve with him and rooster patsy Fittler will be crying at his feet begging him to come back to Origin.

  14. I heard Latrell was settled on Souths and just wanted to catch up with potato head redneck Robinson and tell him what he really thinks of that dump with no soul.

  15. Its a well known fact Aboriginals don’t like walking up mountains, hence when they migrated to Australia they kept walking and walking on a walk-a-bout on the flat plains of Australia until they came to the middle. In the distance they could see a big red thing (Uluru) and walked across the plains to get in its shade. But could never climb it.

    Hence the reason why Souths have performed so poorly for nearly half a hundred years. With the influx of Aboriginals who like their ancestors could not climb a rock. How then can Souths climb up a mountain from years of bottom cellar Dwelling to the pinical of a premiership with duds like Walker, Roberts, Gagai Johnston. They only reason they won in 2014 is they purchased 4 white Poms to carry them.

  16. 2040
    November 5, 2019 at 9:59 pm

    testing one two

    Whats this TwitOne???????
    Are you trying out a third login????


  17. Now, come on Ben or whoever you are …. you don’t need to make a post to show your true colours … it is pretty clear to everyone … LOL.

  18. BenHudson
    October 31, 2019 at 11:33 pm
    “By the way Latrell Mitchell will be signing a Three year extention very vert soon with the Back2Back zWorld Premiership Champions Bwahhhaaahhhaha Bwahahahahhhaaaa Bwahahahahahhhaaaa”


  19. Sorry, Alicks, I should have not said White Poms.
    Let me change that to eye gouging, hair pulling, Head high tackle exprt exponents in the highest order, kneeing, elbow fair skinned Englishmen.

  20. Ahahahaha. Not surprising roosters withdrew offer after his sub performances in SOO, GF and AUST. He is way too inconsistent to deserve the $1m tag. Good luck to the suckers that overpay for his service, or lack of.

  21. The playing arena has changed.
    I feel not in short to the QLD Maroons.
    They started choosing players on character.
    Developing a culture.
    Picking players who will put themselves on the line.
    It’s taken a while for others to catch on. Now we see NSW doing it other clubs and codes as well.
    If players don’t want to be at a club.
    Better to let them go. They will only cause disharmony and disruption.
    Trent Robinson talks alot about players “buying in” to what they do. As do many leaders/managers/coaches.
    If Latrell doesn’t want to “buy in” to a team sport and wants more accolades for himself. Maybe he needs to move on.
    Character above raw talent seems to be the new direction.
    If you have both. Then comes the true champion who receives the accolades without needing to chase them.

  22. ZERO TACKE please dont ban BenHudson for her racist remarks.
    We are having too much fun watching her grovel in her distraught misery.

  23. Good on you Easts, calling latrell’s bluff….he is NOT worth anywhere near 1mill a year. I’m sad to see how full of his own importance Latrell has become….wake up pal, I have a degree and worked my ass off to get it…and I only earn $110k a year….and you turn down $800k per annum to PLAY A GAME at age 22??? Seriously, Easts took you out of Taree at age 16 and gave you the opportunity to be the player you are today….guess that meathead, moron mundine has been tickling your ears. Good luck elsewhere if that’s how self absorbed and vacuous you truly are….Easts are better off without you. Welcome Billy Smith to a permanent 1st grade role!

  24. TwentyOne

    November 5, 2019 at 10:01 pm

    “Latrell needs someone like Wayne Bennett” 


    The old far.t is only signed for one more year then he is off to a nursing home on the waiting list for pushing up the daisy’s.

    Robo coached him into the Australian team, NSW team and two premiership winning teams. Bennett will get him a Wooden Spoon with no white Pommie power there.

  25. f00tyfan what a load of garbage.
    The only “buying into” that’s going on there is what many believe is 3 to 4 mill over the salary cap.
    Get with the times.

  26. Yes spot on Timmah, the professional Sydney Roosters will keep on steam rolling along producing the next batch of superstars.

    Its shameful to see a person like Latrell Mitchell turn on the people like a killer Brown snake who cared and developed him like a brother. Money can make people to strange things.

  27. Look when he goes walk about to South Rabbit, he will be a month into the contract and realise what a huge mistake he has made. Especially come semi final time when he sees his old club playing footy while Souths are on a three week mad monday celebration after the final premiership round.

    And just think twice every year he will get belted up by the Roosters mean pack of tough guy forwards.

  28. timtammy you are way off the mark.
    There was no bluff.
    Word is he told potato head he was happy to go to Souths for around 750k and be happy or stay at the roosters for 1m to give his best.
    BTW Billy Smith is a dud and a whinger not much different to no rep Radley who will never play origin or international whilst Cameron Murray is available.

  29. I would agree that over the years a club like the Roosters and other clubs have lost their way and their “soul”.
    The actions the Roosters seem to be taking these days, like many other clubs, is a new direction.
    Organisations built on the character (soul) of person. Developing leadership and mutual respect.
    It is the cornerstone of success.
    In all walks of life dictators and self imposed heroes sooner or later fall on their sword. Some recover. Only to be much stronger for the experience.
    It is then that they will receive their true worth. Both monetarily and by virtue.

  30. How much are the Broosters paying you Bennie … must be really cool to have the extra earnings with the d,ole … LOL.

  31. This is the best news about this on going saga.
    I would suggest Sydney grant him an early release so, he will not disrupt the winning culture.
    Manu has showed his love for the people who have transformed him into a premiership winning international representative for NZ. By signing an extension for 550k.

    Latrell came through the same winning lower grade premiership winning teams as Manu and achieved similar status but is motivated by greed of the dollar sign. Knocking back great money.

    I say let him go now! Sydney will have a fit Ryan Hall, Brett Morris and boom youngster Billy Smith, minus a large chunk of hair courtesy of The Facebook Flasher, hair puller Sam Burgess to find an adequate centre replacement and a further 550k In the bank.

    Rooster fans would love for him to stay, unfortunately he has shown his true colours. Keeping him on at the Roosters will only slow the development of Billy Smith.

    Lets Go Roosters Lets Go……still enough grunt without Latell Mitchell.

    1 Tedesco
    2 Tupou
    3 Smith/Morris
    4. Manu
    5. Morris/Hall
    6 Keary
    7. Flanagan/ Lam

    Still in with a great threepeat opportunity 2020.

  32. I hope he gets the money he wants, from Souffs, that will put them out the back door in two years. Then, the NRL will rid this competition of the vermin for good…
    The only way they’ll survive is sell off the likes of Cook, Murray and more… Just to find themselves in deep financial ruin again.
    The NRL won’t let you back a second time…. Cya Souffs

  33. f00tyfan
    November 5, 2019 at 11:02 pm
    “I would agree that over the years a club like the Roosters and other clubs have lost their way and their “soul”.

    f00tyfan I’m trying to recall a time when the roosters had soul let alone to have lost it.
    Having just won 2 premierships with a team boasting 9 origin players including 2 who were selected but injured, 13 internationals in there top 17, I would suggest poached talent over soul was the ingredient of success.
    Not to mention the very questionable management of their salary cap.

  34. Mark.mywords
    November 5, 2019 at 11:31 pm
    “This is the best news about this on going saga.”

    Yes, it is great news for the proud Souths supporting family of Latrell.
    An early release is a must so he can be guided by Wayne Bennett back to his best.

  35. chookdung
    November 5, 2019 at 11:31 pm
    “I hope he gets the money he wants, from Souffs”

    As reported he is happy for 750k at Souths.
    Needed much more to consider staying at the sombreros to make it worth putting in.

  36. Latrell always looked out of place at the sombreros.
    Souths is his true spiritual and proud home where his indigenous pride will have him develop into another Greg Inglis which was never going to happen at the sombreros.
    I’m sure GI will be proud watching him do the goanna after his regular hat tricks to come against his old club.

  37. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 If he goes to Souffs, they’ll have to let Cook or Murray go…
    Which one Sophie… err I mean Stephanie? I

  38. Shadow skid marks….”go rusty, go get your man” yep give him a million dollars a year so he can go out drinking with Roberts and get into bar fights. IF Latrell goes to the vermin, his career will nose dive…..karma I guess. Wow, which club is PAYING millions now to BUY talent?- that’s right, it’s the SOULESS, CAP stretching rabbitohs….who can ONLY aquire talent via hollywood’s bottomless wallet That’s right, twatty one and shadow skid marks, your club is EXACTLY the same as every other….a BUSINESS! Yeah Latrell is going to sign at soufs for 750k twatty one….what a load of s***

  39. Soufths purchased Greg Inglis now they want to purchase Rooster developed player Mitchell who is Greg Inglis mark2.

  40. Easts DEVELOPED ‘trell from a 16 yo nobody and soufs come along and BUY him for a million dollars….which club is SOULESS again shadow? you DH! Yes Latrell, go to your “spiritual home”….I’m sure rusty”s cool million will help you get in touch with your indigenous roots. 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  41. SOULESS SOUFS….yep that’s got quite a ring to it…..go try and BUY another premiership with hollywood’s money, you pathetic 3 toothed little gits.
    Back to Back baby….suck it soufs 😂🤣😂🤣

  42. Come to South young man – you’ll have Clint and GI to transform you into the greatest fullback of all time,….
    Whoa chickens – it’s not good to lose a fav player is it…
    As long as he leaves most league fans will see this as poetic justice…….

  43. PS forgot to add – heard you guys r trying to push Angus out the door…. come back home Augus we’ll make you a SOO player again…

  44. Sadly Latrell, with the ‘help’ of Mundine, has turned himself into a poison chalice.
    Any club who take him at the money he wants is committing salary cap suicide.

  45. It’s obvious the sombreros are in panic mode with the dismantling of the old MRC committee and the new NRL boss vowing to fix the refereeing problems.

  46. Not to mention stronger auditing of the salary cap management which appears to be another reason for the unfamiliar player movement the sombreros are going through.
    I can see 2 or 3 premierships stripped at the sombreros if they look deep enough.

  47. 1eyedrabbit Mitchell will never go to Souths. Mitchell will go to Parra, he is their missing link. Instead of signing Matterson and Jennings a 1.1mil offer was talked about recently and with Penriths forward going there they have the sq uh ad to defeat Canberra in the grand final.

    Souths for Mitchell is a backwood move.

  48. Souths 21 premierships

    Easts 15 premierships

    Easts are 6 premierships behind souths

    Souths have beaten easts 3-2 in finals

    Souths beat easts in the first final in 1908

    Souths today have more members than easts in the nrl in nsw

    “Forever in our shadow of 6 premierships”

  49. Twentyone you nu.mbskull, just proves 1D10TS like yourself have to swallow your lies about “brown paperbags”

    The truthful facts always emerge in the end. Now you are co.ming up with more of your fantasy theories. The Roosters are always cap compliant, otherwise Napa, Ferguson and Matterson would still be at the Roosters and Latrell Mitchell would have been givien his so called Brown paper bags well before Nov 1.

  50. BenHudson
    November 6, 2019 at 9:54 am
    “1eyedrabbit Mitchell will never go to Souths.
    Souths for Mitchell is a backwood move.”

    Yes, Crighton going to the sombreros worked wonders.
    Robinson destroyed him in 6 months and look what he’s done to Latrell this year.
    No wonder Cronk is taking over.

  51. The already diabolical rooster membership will be further depleted with the departure of Latrell.
    Sitting at 3rd last over the past 2 years despite 2 premierships I tip the sombreros will go to the bottom with around 12000 which includes the yearly 5000 freebies.
    No soul.

  52. Welcome Latrell to Souths and your 30000 current membership which will shoot to around 40000 or more with your signing.
    No Johnny come latelys here buddy.
    All heart and soul proud which you deserve.
    Good to see you and your family progress from that stale dump that choked your development.

  53. The Tigers are up to $1.1 mil. geez I hope soulless Souffs out bid them… love to see the vermin go out the back door

  54. Dud Billy Smith’s TPA sponsor Ashley and Martin I hear will be happy to see the Souths junior get another run in NRL.

  55. chookstain how will Souths go out the back door with 40,000+ soon to be members and the best grass roots junior system in the country?
    Look up the word soul.

  56. TwentyOne November 6, 2019 at 10:59 am

    chookstain how will Souths go out the back door with 40,000+ soon to be members and the best grass roots junior system in the country?
    Look up the word soul.
    ….It’s not memberships that got you into trouble in 99, it was financial mismanagement….
    …If you have “grass roots junior system” why are you chasing a country kid the chooks developed from 16 onwards? …
    …Look up the word Ahhh Sole …. then, look in the mirrow

  57. @BenHudson – Whoa.. with GI there helping him out – you really think Parra is a better fit.. not to mention the affiliation with the Aboriginal community… take out ya emotion….

  58. It was only last month Honest Nick stated in the media the sombreros roster was intact for 2020 with a few upgrades. Fart and burp.
    The sombreros didn’t pull the pin on the 800k as they claim, word is he made his decision to come to Souths in July for an agreed amount and his manager’s catch up with potato head wobbo was to tell him if they want Latrell to stay then 1m is the fee.
    The sombreros say they pulled the pin to save face but I don’t know why.
    What face is there to save when they don’t have any soul to begin with?

  59. Does anyone have a pick they can post showing the look on sombrero patsy Fittler’s face when Latrell snubbed him for an interview after the Tonga game last Sat?
    I hear Fittler stood there like a stunned mullet and stayed motionless until the camera went off him.

  60. I’m not a fan of the roosters or rabbits, but one thing I can categorically say is that when you’re bringing up a victory in 1900 and something, you’re severely behind in ascendancy and grasping at straws.

    The roosters are miles ahead of most teams in the competition, including souths. Souths look like they will need a bit of a rebuild, coming.

    I don’t hate either team, by the way. Just seems pointless to be trying to win an argument on premierships won in legit history. The Roosters have been been good and deserve their plaudits.

    Latrell.. well, clearly he would rather get 200k more (50% taxed) and play at a team that throws him the ball and hopes he can do something to get them into the 8.

  61. So much fun seeing how many different logins Wood-duck uses to prove his stupidity…..& blatant racism.

    Well done Zero Tackle – you must be so proud of what this site has become !!

  62. Its been reported on Fox today that Mitchell is unhappy with his new manager Wayne Rushton. Why would that be i wonder?
    Under his last Agent Steve Deacon he said Easts were like Family and he wanted to be a one club player.
    Under the new Agent the sky was the limit for his next contract and he wanted to retire at 30 and put his feet up.
    Penrith just said they have the Cap Space but he is not on their Radar. The Dogs are now baulking at the asking price.
    The Tigers are doing the same and consider A J Brimson better value for money and Easts have withdrawn their offer.
    Souths look like an option but can they afford him if the NRL does not approve Sams medical retirement? (even 700k)
    Maybe he is now thinking the Easts offer was a good one. Being at the moment in limbo would be a reason to be pissed.

  63. Funny that Walker wants out of Soufths and Soufths have publicly stated that he can go. He wants a 300k pay rise.

    Mitchell will be absolutely spewing if Souths do not make an offer. Whilst everyone on here like Chalky, Shadow, Phoenits and the forth Twits Twitone & shadow are thinking they already have signed him the way they carry on.

    Souths have gone real quite on Mitchell because of his astronomical price tag he declares he deserves and his poor team attitude. It is a known fact Crowe refuses to buy a player for 1.1m when the Roosters and all other experts have declared he is not worth more than what the Roosters offered. If he departs and signs for Souths which would be less, everybody will be laughing at the bad decision he made by not pushing away his pride and leaving the best run club in the comp with 10 years of consistent success to a Soufths club that has lost its grunt up front and are known chokers. Mitchells pride and arrogance is cloding his immature thinking.

  64. Adamhoward
    November 6, 2019 at 5:34 pm
    “Funny that Walker wants out of Soufths and Soufths have publicly stated that he can go. He wants a 300k pay rise.”

    What should we do if you were us?

  65. When will someone from the incom.petent NRL genuinely audit the Broosters salary cap, and strip them of the 2018 and 2019 premierships?

  66. Walker will be 31 when he starts his next contract and with a young family 750k extra over 3 years will come in handy.
    It may well be his last contract i dont blame him i would do the same.

  67. “Shadow” I see you enjoy the history of the game.

    I too enjoy the history of sport especially Rugby League.

    My history book also shows these facts.

    Wooden Spoons
    Souths 8 Roosters 5

    Minor Premierships
    Roosters 20 Souths 17

    Runners up
    Roosters 15 Souths 13

    World Cup Challenge
    Roosters 4 Souths 0

    Continued participation since 1908.

    History also shows that Souths were given a great portion of the Roosters junior area in the 1950’s as Souths claimed they could not field a competitive team as their area was too industrialised and they did not have the population. This seemed to coincide with the Souths resurgence. This boundary change was approved by a pro South Sydney board and the boundary is still in place today limiting the Roosters juniors and forcing them to adopt a recruitment and development plan.

    I also read that the 1908 final Roosters team was missing many players who were on an Australian tour controversially scheduled during the same period as the final.


    Both clubs have significantly contributed to the great game of Rugby League. With proud and not so proud moments.

    Don’t “shadow” truth with blind loyalty.

  68. great post F00tyfan
    I really dont care about the Souths/Roosters rivalry but SsTiD/21 & shadow as losers are just embarrassing.
    man up and get over it souffs fans, rooster won …. TWICE !

  69. Oh Shadow. I think your needle is stuck!

    However, thank you for pointing out the differentiation between Easts and the now and since 2000 Sydney Roosters.

    Since 2000.

    Roosters 4, Souths 1

    Runners up.
    Roosters 4, Souths 0

    Minor Premierships
    Roosters 5, Souths 0

    World Club Challenge
    Roosters 3, Souths 0

    Wooden Spoon
    Roosters 1, Souths 3

    I think whilst someone was hiding behind the “shadow casting cloak of invisibility”.
    Someone else found the light switch.
    “Not hidden in the shadows anymore”.

    As for cheating “broosters”.
    I seem to remember a certain 2014 NRL premiership winning club being heavily connected with an NFL banned substance and it’s supplier. Substance now banned by the NRL.
    Many articles and comments about it on the internet.
    Performance enhancing substances?
    Now there’s cheating!

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