Two suspected season-ending knee injuries have taken the gloss off the Sydney Roosters' fifth-straight win overnight.

The Roosters had a convincing 14-point victory over the Dragons, but all the talk after the game was about the two suspected season-ending knee injuries to Victor Radley and Sam Verrills that led the Roosters to make a formal complaint about the surface at Bankwest stadium.

The surface has shown signs of wear and tear due to a number of games played at the ground, which has prevented the grass from receiving enough time to grow.

A Roosters trainer made it known to ground staff that the surface was 'sticky' and the players' boots were getting stuck into the turf.

However, Roosters coach Trent Robinson quashed speculation about the complaint and said his main focus is coaching the team.

"I only found out after the game someone said we made a formal complaint, which is complete nonsense," Robinson said after the win.

"In the warm-up there was [talk of the ground being sticky].

"To be honest, I don't care. I'm not an expert on that stuff. I've just had two guys do an ACL. It's not up to me to make an assessment on the ground. Someone else can do that.

"If they think they need to [assess it] because two guys have had [ACLs] then they'll do it. Other than that I'll get on with coaching the team."