NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 13: Michael Jennings of the Eels looks dejected after losing to the Knights during the round 18 NRL match between the Newcastle Knights and the Parramatta Eels at McDonald Jones Stadium on July 13, 2018 in Newcastle, Australia. (Photo by Tony Feder/Getty Images)

Parramatta could force centre Michael Jennings to start the season in reserve grade, as the look to fast-track the exodus of the 30-year-old veteran.

Jennings picked up the final year of his $800,000 per year deal, with Eels higher-ups powerless given the decision was up to Jennings.

However, according to the Daily Telegraph, Parramatta could move Jennings down to their feeder club Wentworthville in the Intrust Super Premiership, in the hopes he wants out and quits during the final year of his contract.

Jennings played 24 games in the Eels’ wooden-spoon winning 2018 campaign, although it looks as though the club don’t want him to be involved this season, as they look for youth to carry them into the next generation.

The Eels have already seen the back of Jarryd Hayne and Corey Norman, and would like to move on Jennings, with Blake Ferguson coming in to give the backline some star talent.

Parramatta open their 2019 season with a trip to Penrith to face the Panthers on Sunday, March 17.


  1. If they start him in reserve grade they will most likely struggle in there first couple games because they have new players (New half, New winger) and don’t have a great replacement for him. By doing this they will likely drop 3/4 games just to TRY make him want to quit. Not a really good look on a club that’s going through a rebuild and will be looking to sign players. And also not a good thing come the end of the season and your in 11th position 2 wins from being top 8, with 4 games remaining, wishing you hadn’t got off to a bad start

  2. I can only assume we are trying to send a “make an offer / all offers considered” type statement to offload him ASAP, or it’s a nothing story.
    Jennings is our only genuine centre, other than Fergo, who we desperately need on the wing, and possibly Gutho, who wants to play FB, and is our best FB option.
    I think if we don’t offload Jennings in the very short term (few weeks) he’ll play in the FG side, and we need him to play well, which hopefully he will, given he’s off contract this year, and clearly won’t be staying at Parra.
    I was also thinking, assuming we don’t pick up a centre, it MIGHT be worth giving Stone a crack at centre. I think he’s got the ball skills, and could be a way of blooding him into FG.

  3. I agree. Dropping him to reserve grade won’t “make him want to quit”.
    I don’t think any other team would pay $350 k for him. That’s nearly half a million hit for him to quit.
    I think Parra won’t cough up much to move him on.

  4. This doesn’t make sense, If he’s already locked in for 2019 why not play him.
    Jennings at 80% is still a better centre than anything else Parramatta have … He wasn’t the only under performer last season.
    If the forwards play better this season the back ( Jennings ) can do there job.
    Parramatta’s biggest problem last season was the forwards !

  5. 1: B French
    2: G Leleisiauo
    3: B Ferguson
    4: C Gutherson
    5: M Sivo
    6: D Brown
    7: M Moses
    8: D Alvaro
    9: R Mahoney
    10: Jr Paulo
    11: T Moeroa
    12: S Lane
    13: N Brown

    14: M Mau
    15: M Nuikore
    16: P Terepo
    17: T Mannah

    If Jennings is out that’s my side for round one.
    Ferguson is still a very good centre too
    Big wraps on Leleisiauo and Sivo so they might get a shot come round 1

  6. mighty, I feel its a nothing story, journo’s grabbing at anything to make a story. Even a slightly improved version of the 2018 version would have to be a better option in the centres for the commencement of the season.
    Talk seems to be that Salmon is being groomed to play Centre but he is likely to be suspended for the first couple. Outside of that there are no recognised centres in the club so MJ will have to play.
    BA has been adamant that Fergo was bought for his power runs on the wing and not centre, Gutho will have one side but there is a dearth of talent outside of there.
    Parry is next destined but he wont play NRL early season.
    Beat up – click bait, whatever.
    But in saying all that, MJ will not be at the club in 2020.

  7. Lelisuauo will not play NRL – and he definitely won’t be there for round 1 – he cant catch, cant defend and is too short. Power runner? Yeah but that’s all he has got..
    Sivo or G Jennings will be one side and Fergo the other and M Jennings at centre.
    I agree with the rest however.

  8. I thought Jennings wasn’t tooooo bad, compared to some others. The only time he stuffed up was when he bombed a few crucial tries, but it wasn’t like he was blowing kisses or throwing gang sings to the camera when he bombed those tries, he was having a crack.

  9. 1 Gutherson
    2 French
    3 Jennings
    4 Takairangi
    5 Ferguson
    6 Salmon
    7 Moses
    8 Evens
    9 Mahony
    10 Paulo
    11 Alvaro
    12 Lane
    13 Brown

    This team with some coaching assistance for Arthur could be pushing for a top eight spot next season💪😁👉✔

  10. Ill have to disagree with just bombing trys his defense was horrible last year and was caught out so many times im glad parra is going to drop him. Hope they try an bleed in a young player but we all know they have some cash now so hopefully they don’t go wasting it on a has been and or trouble maker

  11. You have to agree his form was down a bit last year but what player in the team wasnt.You have to take in account that he was doing some extras last season at times in other seasons he might not of had to as often.Plus who does BA have better?Think there may be a bit more to this.Think there could be some strange calls coming from the coaches box as he is fighting for his job also.Could be a case how many he will take down with him

  12. No wonder his Brother Robert has refused to go to that Rabble of a club’
    Just seeing how they treat their players is pathetic.
    The Eels offer was $150k more than the Rabbitohs offer yet Rob is still training at Redfern.

    The Eels really have NO IDEA how to run a Professional Sporting Franchise
    WHY do they keep paying way overs?

    The Eels offered Brown way overs also $250k for a then 21 game Rookie so the Rabbitohs said, take him and brought through Cam Murray.
    I know who I prefer!

    Michael was on about $600k at the Rorts, why would their Management up that by 25%?
    Anthony Watmough… ring any bells?
    Chris Sandow offered way overs.

    The mind boggles.

  13. The simple facts are the Eels need some decent big forwards up front with guts and a bit of heart.
    They also need a couple of decent halves!
    Who they have now are just not up to First Grade Standard!

  14. I can’t argue that Parra has a history of paying overs. We do, but I’d still like to correct / add to your comments above.
    We picked Brown up for $160K for 2017, and he had an awesome season. So much so most Bunnies supporters were hoping mad at the time. Of course you wouldn’t have been 1 of them because you knew we paid overs.
    As for M Jennings, he’s on a backended deal, with a player option, hence the $800k now. He hasn’t been on $800k a season the whole time.
    I can’t believe we chased / are chasing R Jennings. I know we did / are, so I’m not denying it, but I can’t understand it. I rate him etc, but we don’t need another winger. I don’t know what we’ve offered him, if anything formal, so I’ll have to take your word for the +$150k, but that aside, I just hope we don’t get him anyway.

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