BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 30: Alex Glenn of the Broncos celebrates the win during the round 24 NRL match between the Brisbane Broncos and Parramatta Eels at Suncorp Stadium on August 30, 2019 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Jono Searle/Getty Images)

Broncos second rower Alex Glenn is believed to be an off-season target for the Panthers according to reports.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that talks between the 31-year-old, who has spent his entire 259-game career in Brisbane, and Penrith have been ongoing for some time.

Penrith has reportedly cleared enough salary cap space to land the star Bronco despite paying significant amounts to players no longer at the club.

Glenn played 21 games in 2019, scoring two tries.


  1. Penriff showing no patience to develop younger players as they head into their 5, er I mean, 10 year plan… looming to be another ‘transit lounge’… same trajectory as the pellsnots

  2. Hey EOD, this looks like a genuine poaching.
    Not a “Parra Poach” where we assist another club by taking an unwanted player, or 2.

  3. Hey Eels..
    I hope he wants to go anywhere else. Pretty old now & as Panthers said, ‘ plenty of back rowers at Penrith ‘. Don’t need an old dud.
    Keeping Billy Burns & Saun Blore would be a much better idea.

  4. Didn’t you just re-sign JFH and Kikau to long term deals?
    Yeah, we can help you fit Glenn in.
    But seriously, we could be the “go anywhere else” club, given we need a couple of experienced forwards. That said, if we offer him 2 years (or more) at his age I’ll be grumpy, given we lost Ma’u because we wouldn’t offer him a medium term contract (and I doubt Glenn would move for a 1 year deal).
    Surely the Titans will make an offer.

  5. I really don’t know where Glenn would play Eels?
    I thought with Maloney’s age & cost , it was time for him to go. So why but a 31 yo small forward? Especially when the club has better small forwards who are younger there already.
    I hope the Eels , West’s, Titans do want to buy him.
    Don’t just buy a player, to buy someone.

  6. I honestly can’t believe he isn’t wanted at Brisbane. Given the youth of their pack I would think his experience would be valuable moving forward.

    Don’t want him at the Eels though mighty, I like Lane and Niukore as the starting back rowers and Glenn offer no impact off the bench, so can’t fit him into the team. I would have preferred to see Mannah offered another year to play that senior player role.

  7. Alex Glenn is a good second rower but Penrith don’t need second rowers. Teams like the Eels, Manly, Warriors, Tigers, Dragons should be targeting him. Panthers could do with a couple cheap depth players maybe another back and another prop. I’d have suggested going for Euan Aiken and Thomas Fleger

  8. Firstly, it’s good to hear from you again eels (or read from you anyway).
    I’m not keen on Glenn as such, although I’m not totally anti the idea either, but I do think we need some experienced forwards.
    I’d prefer to replace Ma’u and leave Niukore on the bench / first reserve, and provide a bit of competition between him and Lane. We need some depth and experience in the forward pack.
    We’ve lost Ma’u, Moeroa, Mannah and Gower and only signed RCG

  9. EastsOfDivide I just flew back from Alpha Centauri on the Jupiter 2 after hearing the news Dr Cam Smith got off a SLAP charge.

    Landed out at Parkes, cheapest place to land back on Earth. Was confronted by 17 Spacemen yelling out we come in peace we are soft Penrith juniors.

    After observing the Penrith Spaceman Juniors I see why You Clowns are trying hard to buy imported old washed up players. See you in the future. I’m off to Planet Clare. They serve wonderful rock lobster’s.

  10. Not sure why we are chasing him……… but ok……… there must be a good reason behind it……. I was hoping for a couple of good bench players like Patrick Kaufusi, Lloyd Perrett, Patrick Mago or even a cheap bid for Peni Terepo. With a decent bid for Dylan Walker. I only hope we get Glen at a good price.

  11. Not sure if you’ve forgotten your medicine, or have been smoking it Don?
    I was spot on saying Smith would be cleared immediately though.
    I’d rather keep the Parkes player Billy Burns than buy Glenn any day.
    Soft juniors? Funny how all the other clubs want to keep buying them then.
    I think you’ll find Charlie Staines was the Player Of The Year at Jersey Flegg level as well.

  12. almighty, I still browse the site from time to time, but am not commenting much as most articles are drowned out by rubbish from the same couple of posters.

    I get what you say about experience, but I don’t see Glenn adding much to our pack. Obviously you need to take his mail with a grain of salt, but Buzz says we are in deep negotiations with a quality back rower, so see what happens there. Depending on who it is, perhaps Niukore will stay on the bench, which I also see definite merit in.

  13. Chookstoop..
    The Chicken Cluckers never show impatience with their juniors. As they don’t have any.
    Add to that , that they just go out & buy all the best players around on the market. That’s patients for you!!!! Yep, the Cluckers showing the way there with juniors hey Chookstoop…

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