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One user believes he knows what club Manly prop Marty Taupau will play for in 2019.

Tony Lynch, otherwise known as 'TexturePackReview' on Reddit, has a crazy theory Taupau will sign with English Super League club Leeds Rhinos, and has found some evidence to back up the theory.

First off - this user believes Taupau liking this single tweet on Twitter warrants a signature on a contract.

Further twitter discussion between Taupau's partner Michelle Baillie, a managing agent and a Leeds Rhinos sponsor adds to the rumour after their exchanges led to a conclusion they'll possibly be meeting up again in the new year.

Taupau was dropped from the New Zealand side who thrashed England 34-0 over the weekend in Elland Road, Leeds.

Something that could actually help prove this users theory is a rugby league account reporting on the same rumour, which there happens to be an English one doing so.

The managing director in question took to his twitter to post an image of himself and Taupau while he was over in England completing his national duties, claiming "looking forward to seeing you in blue and amber".

Taupau's account was amongst the 26 likes of the tweet - was he just being friendly or is this deal actually going to happen?

And lastly in the Reddit users evidence, Baillie posting on her twitter account a video thanking the Leeds Rhinos for the tour of their stadium and its facilities.

Its not unusual players partners joining them on overseas tours to spend time together and go sight seeing, but checking out a Super League team's training facilities and stating "Looking forward to coming back and seeing the finished product!", seems to be odd.

Given Taupau's uncertainty of staying at Manly or signing with one of the other 15 NRL clubs thus far, maybe this Reddit users theory based solely on twitter engagements could be true?

This post, as you could imagine, has caused quite a stir amongst league fans alike, with many people expressing their opinions on the website..

One reader, disquiet, comments: "This is really strange if its true. We might lose him and that's ok but to super league? Really? Why would you do that when you're at the top of the NRL. The only people who usually go to super league are retirees and those who mess up off the field."

On the other hand, many super league fans believe this would be a great move forward for their competition by gaining one of the NRL's highest profiled forwards.

yesmyson stated: "The quality of SL really isn’t as bad as people make out. The top 4 SL teams would mix it with the top 4 in the NRL. The only disadvantage in going there is potentially getting paid less (top earners in SL only get around $600kAUD) due to an over-saturated sports market and way more competition from football & union.

Trying not to be so NRL-centric and promoting the growth of the game internationally is wanting a strong SL competition and them signing quality Aussie/NZ players is part of that. Goodluck to Marty and Leeds imo, good move."

What are your thoughts and comments regarding this crazy rumour/theory?

Will Taupau make the move to Leeds?

Will it be the right move?

If not, which NRL club will Taupau sign with?

All these questions and seemingly no answers - yet, but time will tell if Taupau is set to make the move overseas.

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