The Canberra Raiders have been forced to relocate their pre-season training up to the Sunshine Coast following bushfires in Canberra.

The current training conditions in Canberra were deemed unsafe, prompting the decision to move north.

Only the club’s top 30 will relocate for the 10-day camp starting on January 9, with the remaining members of the team to stay in Canberra and train in the indoor facilities.

Raiders CEO Don Furner said the players’ safety was paramount.

“With the prolonged effects of the current bushfire situation and the hazardous conditions due to smoke here in Canberra, we’ve made the decision to relocate training for a period to allow the playing group to prepare as best they can for the season without putting their health or safety at risk,” Furner told

He said the club would work with the NRL to explore how they could support fundraising for the bushfire cause.

“First of all, we would like to commend the Rural Fire Service for the continued efforts they have sustained in fighting these bushfires in what has been a very tough and trying period,” Furner said. “There are several communities very close to Canberra including the South Coast and Riverina regions which have been impacted heavily during these fires and the club is working with the NRL on a way to best support these communities.”


  1. He doesn’t have to beat much.
    Although I didn’t understand letting Sezer go to England. Then buying a worse halfback as a replacement half. Williams doesn’t have to be that great , to be as good as Sezer either. When it came down to it, Sezer didn’t produce much when it was needed.
    Hodgson is the more important play maker at Canberra. Just as Smith has been for Melbourne.

  2. I don’t know what sport you’ve been watching? If you don’t believe Smith is at the centre of most of what Melbourne’s done for so very long.
    Even when they’ve had a fairly useless half, Smoth keeps them winning.
    I guess you’ve been watching the Chicken Fights?
    You don’t have to be a half, to be the main man.

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