CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - JULY 14: Jordan Rapana of the Raiders celebrates scoring with team mates during the round 18 NRL match between the Canberra Raiders and the North Queensland Cowboys at GIO Stadium on July 14, 2018 in Canberra, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

The Canberra Raiders have been fined $150,000 for moving a home game to Wagga next season as the ACT government have come out and said that the club has breached their deal to play all matches in Canberra.

The government are believed to enforce the terms of the contract to play all home games at Canberra Stadium as well as a financial penalty if games are not played at the venue, according to .

The club is keen to negotiate a new deal into their stadium contract for 2020 and beyond.

The decision to fine the Raiders has raised questions given that NSW government has committed $4 million to a rugby league centre of excellence in Braddon.

This financial contract helped the Raiders build a $19 million facility at Northbourne Oval.

The Raiders are meant to play one game in Wagga and another in the city in 2020 as they hoped the government will agree with the move in order to give regional fans a go to watch the game.

“The ACT isn’t an island. The Raiders are the NRL team for thousands of fans in Southern NSW. Many of the Raiders’ greatest players are sons of regional NSW,” Barilaro said.

“If this is how the ACT government is going to treat the Raiders and their fans, then maybe it’s time to start thinking about bringing the Raiders back to Seiffert Oval and the investment it would take to make that happen.”

With the stadium agreement set to expire next year, the Raiders will meet with the government to discuss a new stadium agreement.

With both Canberra teams keen to increase their funding’s, the ACT Brumbies are set to be watching the discussion closely.

The Raiders and Brumbies will push to have their deals similar to the GWS Giants as they have $23 million, over 10 years as well as play three home games at Manuka Oval per year.

Sport Australia is still deciding whether or not to sell Canberra Stadium to the ACT government who have delayed plans to build a new $400 million stadium in Civic.

ACT sport minister Yvette Berry believes the fine had to be put in place due to catering and game day contracts.

“Although we support the intent of the Raiders in reaching out to the broader region, it is a requirement of our funding agreement that they play each home NRL game at [Canberra] Stadium given the major investment the ACT community makes in both the stadium and the team.”

The Raiders are reportedly disappointment with the government’s decision as the club will look at a different arrangement in the new contract.

To lease Canberra stadium for NRL and Super Rugby games, the government pays $350,000 per year. If Canberra Stadium gets bought, then it would give an option to redevelop the venue, or sell the venue in order to put more money into a Civic stadium.


  1. What a load of BS!!! The Raiders try and promote the game and give fans of the club that normally would not get to a live game the opportunity and the Government does this? Absolutely pathetic! Well done Raiders for trying to promote the game in regional areas.👍👍👍👍

  2. Ridiculous…. Wagga Wagga is the southern heartland of Country Rugby League. One of the greats in Laurie Daley from Junee right next door to Wagga. If Manly were fined for taking home games on the road…holy crap we would have been fined about 1 .4 million for this year !!!! All the parliamentarians are Rah Rah. They follow the Brumbies…not the Raiders.

  3. Gentleman I can tell why the Raiders have had to pay this fine.
    As a long time resident in Canberra, under this local government they certainly have one good reason for this fine.
    This government here, is subsidizing big time, from the local residents via ridiculious rate rises, amongst other things every year for their current folly the light rail.
    Don’t worry that the public health system, or general maintainence of simple things like footpaths is disregarded.

    They are cash strapped and need every available penny to pay for these wasteful projects.
    It has gotten so bad that currently the local govt is sending out parking inspectors to book people at school fetes to make up their money shortfalls.
    The politicians don’t care for anything other than themselves. But are happy to be there cutting a ribbon or at a Sporting event be it Raiders ,Brumbies or any local sport to show how much they care. NOT

  4. why the outrage? Raiders have breached the terms of their legally enforceable undertaking to play all games in Canberra in order to receive the funding they get to survive.
    Maybe they should have taken the correct path and negotiate the terms before putting something into place that places them in breach of their contact?
    I don’t take issue with their intent, but obviously its amateur hour down there when they agree to commercial terms and then want to change it to suit their needs.

    • Not outrage billy boooiyeee. I’m just speaking up for our “country cousins” because they can’t read and therefore are denied the opportunity to feel outraged.

  5. That’s the government for you. Not interested in doing the right thing for its own people, but interested in raking money out of us so they can give handouts & charity to foreigners. That’s why this countries future is doomed. If not already.

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