BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 05: Jai Arrow of the Maroons celebrates victory after game one of the 2019 State of Origin series between the Queensland Maroons and the New South Wales Blues at Suncorp Stadium on June 05, 2019 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Jai Arrow will join the South Sydney and could be a Rabbitoh as soon as 2020 if he is able to seek a release from the final year of his deal with the Gold Coast Titans.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that Arrow has informed Titans coach Justin Holbrook and recruitment chief Mal Meninga of his decision to leave the club.

It’s believed he has signed a four-year deal worth $3.2 million but this could become a $4 million five-year deal should he be granted a release and make the move to the Rabbitohs in 2020.

An official announcement from the club is expected soon.

The Titans have already made inroads into replacing Arrow with Storm young gun Tino Fa’asuamaleaui turning his back on the New Zealand Warriors offer and signing a three-year deal with the Gold Coast starting in 2021.


  1. Paying guys like Shannon Boyd 750k a year who did absolutely nothing for us this year, but don’t want to pay Arrow 800k when he could’ve been a future captain. we only tabled him 650k, so no wonder he left. this why i can’t stand the Titans board or management. all started when they signed Hayne years ago.

  2. Arrow left because his girlfriend has more modeling agencies to better her career.
    Arrow left because Souths are the only fools who thinks he is an enforcer and over paid him. An offer to good to refuse.
    Arrow left because he just might get to play finals footy with a lot of luck. Premiership is way out of the question though with the current pack they have.

  3. I don’t think he’s there to play Sam’s style of play and be the enforcer. Unfortunatley we don’t have one at this stage and it will probably be another 12 months before we do. Souths are going through a rebuilding faze so I’m not expecting the world from them but I do think playing in a much better team will help Arrow to be a better player. Time will tell .

  4. 800k for a overrated skinny so called tough guy enforcer on a long term contract. Hahahahahahahaha…

    That really makes my day knowing Souths have squandered that much on a woodern spoon enforcer. Souths transit.revolving door.lounge is in overdrive. Hahahahahaha. Its like we have so much money to buy any dud we see fit. Mundine=Dud, Arrow=Dud

  5. TheRopeableRooster
    December 24, 2019 at 3:56 pm

    “Well done nostradamus onetit. Thats 2/4”

    I think thats the best he will get RopeableRooster. Your money is safe.
    I have it on good authority that Latrell will not be playing for Souths.
    100% guaranteed. Latrell will be staying a Rooster and by the annual Anzac Day clash with the Dragons a long term Rooster deal will be offered to the superstar. Mitchell will retire an all time great Chook.
    100% guarenteed.

  6. Why would anyone sign with Souths.

    Australian rep players
    Roosters 84 Souths 71

    Test Match captains
    Roosters 8 Souths 4

    World Cup captains
    Roosters 3 Souths 2

    NZ Test players
    Roosters 27 Souths 10

    State Of Origin reps
    Roosters 42, NSW 27, Qld 15
    Souths 30, NSW 20, Qld 10

    Wooden Spoons
    Souths 9 Hahahahahaha
    Roosters 5

    @ for ever in our shadow.

  7. Congratulations Souths, what a wonderful buy, in my opinion the hardest hitter in the game,can become
    a great ball player surrounded by a young pack of forwards that could develop into premiership winning!.
    Tatola, Sua Sironen Murray Amone Knight..These blokes could become a very special forward pack.

  8. TheRopeableRooster December 24, 2019 at 3:56 pm
    “Well done nostradamus onetit. Thats 2/4”

    Thanks mate, appreciate your post.
    Latrell’s announcement will be early Jan to get a strong membership sign up.

  9. Firstly, I think it’s a good signing, although $800k would seem a bit high, except for what some (very) junior forwards have been offered / are getting lately.
    Brennan.Lane, on the bright side (for your Bunnies) Sam wasn’t playing at 9.5 this year. Sam is/was injured so on a like for like Arrow is probably more of a sideways, and I’d argue up, move from Sam (based on the 2019 season).
    Boomchez, I’d disagree, to some extent anyway. From your list I rate Murray highly already, and Amone’s got good potential, but your overall forward pack looks to have a lot of “average” (at FG level). Arrow obviously adds to it, but it still doesn’t look strong/experienced enough.

  10. Adamhoward
    December 24, 2019 at 6:05 pm
    “Why would anyone sign with Souths.”

    Ask Latrell 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Great signing Rabbits, Canberra showed last year that you don’t need a dominant big forward pack to achieve success, Arrow and Murray will be sensational together, with the backiline that is assembling, Souths could well go past their previous efforts and make the grand final, maybe achieve our 22nd prem , who knows.

  12. Ok Phoenix, i’m now convinced that Brennan is woody and all his other alias’s , how I didn’t see this early is embarrassing, thanks for the early heads up.
    Why don’t you Brennan just post as you original name name, what ever that is.

    What an disgusting useless piece of crap you are , gutless to the extreme, to not post has your original name is quite disturbing and your obviously someone who is tough behind a keyboard but a pansey behind it.

  13. Souths have lost a heap of talent this year, Inglis, Burgess Sam George, Sutton, Turner, players i would rather resign than the players that will come to souths.

  14. Penso, the reason I stay away from that jerk Brennan.Lane and all of his alias’ is because he offers nothing to this site and nothing to this world. I said that I would never reply to any of his posts because that drags me down to his level. My opinion only.

  15. Brennan.Lane
    December 24, 2019 at 11:52 pm
    “What on Earth are you two on about Penso and Chalky? I am a Souths Sydney member”

    That’s great Brennsy. How long have you been a member?

  16. Titans did the right thing by not getting in a bidding war with south’s.
    Titans offered him 650k which is about as much as he is worth as he is an average forward.
    At 850k the Bunnies have paid massive overs.
    Merry Christmas to one and all.

  17. I do agree we should of tried to keep George because of his size. But obviously salary cap issues always plays a part. But the bright size is both Arrow and Murray, tatola, Amone, Knight, SuA are all young. Tom & Lowe are the oldest and will have to lead the pack. Losing Sam and Sutton is a huge loss with experience and leadership. It will show next year. You can never replace Sam he’s one of a kind. AJ gone and Mitchell will come into FB. Interesting times. We have a lot of youth but they need to bond.

  18. Look at Brisbane having talented youth is all well and good but the need leaders to guide them on the field. AR to me is the key if he goes down we are in trouble. Anyway Merry Christmas everyone

  19. Ok bennan , sorry if what you say is true, i would hate to slander a souths supporter and i get it when people think your someone else. i cop it from those Easts morons that i’m bris bunny and other people all the time, but that one Easts supporter is really killing this site big time, all here just want constructive converastion , that’s all no sh!t in it, anyway happy xmas to all

  20. Well I hope everybody had an enjoyable Christmas. Lets hope Brennan Crowe, penso and TwentyOne’s new best Souths friend, can wrap up their horrid Christmas season colours up for another twelve months.

    We can now get on with the true colours of celebration with Red White and Blue for Australia Day. Thats right bring out your Rooster Aussie flag colours everyone.

  21. Merry Xmas.
    Anyone who ever questioned the great man Artie Beetson’s loyalty need not look any further. Was always a tiger at heart.
    Same for other greats the roosters poached at the peak of their careers to buy premierships.
    Coote- a Souths son
    Fulton- a Manly son
    Fittler – a Penrith son
    SBW – a Bulldogs son
    Cronk – a Storm son
    Tedesco- a Tigers son$zoom_1.035%2C$multiply_1.5109%2C$ratio_1.776846%2C$width_1059%2C$x_0%2C$y_61/t_crop_custom/q_62%2Cf_auto/6cd68949f1426135053e10394aa29b8de961ec20

  22. cloudsurffer December 25, 2019 at 11:14 am
    “We seem so sure that lattell is coming to Souths not sure I want him at the loss of Gags”

    Latrell was always coming to Souths as from 2 months ago.
    Everyone entitled to their opinion but Gags has not delivered on the money he is on and if the deal goes through for him to the Titans which I’m told is looking eminent then Josh Ado Carr’s dream of coming home will be further secured.
    Will also leave enough for another for Souths to approach for 2020 and will be a current rep forward which I have assured my Mundine, Arrow and Latrell source I won’t disclose until the Gagai transfer is confirmed.
    All I can disclose is he is off contract after 2020 but wants to come and will ask for an early release for an immediate move to the bunnies.
    Will raise eyebrows.

  23. 21, I’ll play. I’d go with Tamou.
    The way I see it, you need some experienced props.
    That said, if you’re getting JAC, Mitchell, and mystery man from here for a further loss of Gagai, it’ll be stretching the cap, to say the least, and would probably need some back ending in the mix.

  24. All I can say is 1st couple of weeks in January as we see every year will be much activity with players getting on board their new clubs.
    I’m told the sombreros have booked their air fares and accommodation for the world club challenge against St Helens to be played late Feb and Latrell as expected not in the group.

  25. Ahahahahaha listen to TwentyOne with his propagandist bulllcrapp.
    Mitchell like last season has decided to miss the World Club Challenge so he can play in the Indigenous All Star game. Ya ninkinpoop.

    Like I said plenty of times recently, I have it on good authority that Latrell will remain a Rooster, so get used to the fact TwenttyOne that he will not be in the Souths Pole christmas elf outfit of green and red for 2020 or anytime during his career.

    100% guarenteed buddy.

  26. Souths light pack is as useless as a green and red Souths Pole christmas Elf Outfit…..Noel📻🎼🎶 Noel…🎼🎶🎶Noel 🎶🎵🎼Noel 🎶🎵🎼

  27. If you’re right B.L, if I were Souths I’d go for James for sure. Boyd was ok at Canberra but not over recent years. Would only sign him for unders. Whaddya reckon, <$450-500K?

  28. Latrell Mitchell’s signing will be announced around 1st week of Jan.
    That’s right Adamhubcap, has chosen to play with his indigenous Souths brothers over playing with the rednecks sombreros.
    Easy choice.
    So far your “good authority” has yielded nothing.
    What happened to Arrow staying with the Titans?
    Your starting to sound desperate.

  29. Adamhoward
    December 26, 2019 at 7:28 pm
    “Ahahahahaha listen to TwentyOne with his propagandist bulllcrapp.”

    I believe my bulllcrap so far is 2 from 4 as opposed to your 0 from 6.
    May be time for you to take some good advice and quit now rather than continue making a fool of yourself.
    In other words start fresh with another nic, your 15th or so I believe.

  30. Wherever Mitchell ends up will determine who is the real ZT Nostradumus. Will it be the Ninkinpoop 21 or the Hubcap? Credibility on the line boys. The loser will surely have to change his nic and go into exile.

  31. I’m sorry that Arrow’s word was worth nothing. That he wanted to stay at the Titans . Especially for Titans supporters. I guess the Titans had their reasons for not equalling the South’s offer?
    Another player just chasing the dollars , over his word or anything else. I guess that what most do now? He’s entitled to do the best for himself , just as Mitchell or any other player is. Just don’t say that you want to stay where you are first.
    A good signing for South’s .
    Will say that some players change the state that they play in & then get homesick , before the contract is finished . If it’s five years? Let’s see if he feels the same way along the way?

  32. I’m thinking Arrow’s girlfriend had a say in this, it was reported a while go that her modelling career would be better off if she moved to Sydney, either that or he loves Souths heaps!!

  33. Adamhoward December 26, 2019 at 7:28 pm
    “Like I said plenty of times recently, I have it on good authority that Latrell will remain a Rooster”

    Yes ,AdamHubcap’s “good authority” has been revealed. Its the Tele!!!. the same source that told us Bennett was not signing Roberts.
    Hey Hubcap, so where is all of Souths available cap money going to be spent?

  34. This is good for Storm. Bunnies want Arrow now. Titans wont release Arrow unless they get Tino now. Storm needs to work out what Titans or Bunnies have got that they want to make it all work. Storm couldn’t care less about releasing Tino now but are happy to keep him on his 2020 salary of $250,000 to cover origin period and save some workload of Tier 1 forwards come finals time. If the Titans don’t want us to bash him like a rented mule this year they need to get creative. Maybe we take Ash Taylor and Titans cover $750K of his salary? Maybe Braidon Burns heads south and Bunnies get Latrell Mitchell too?

  35. As much as I’ve enjoyed seeing Burns improve this year I am concerned about how many injuries he picks up. I think he could be anything but he does seem a bit on the fragile side.

  36. TwentyOne Hahahahahahaha…..NRL Nine.reports ……..
    “We won’t be signing Latrell,” Bennett said
    “I needed forwards to replace Sam.”

    While we’d love to believe Bennett about his plans for the Rabbitohs, his record in recent times suggests he tends to stretch the truth.

    So there you have it. That Wayne Bennett, like TwentyOne is a “porky pie dribbler”. Hahahahaha just like his sacked Brisbane coach Bennett admitting he fibs, he porkypies to Crowe about delivering a premiership he fibs to his players by telling them that they are better than what they really are and he porky pied to his ex.wifey telling her he is at trainning when he was out porking.bwaha.haha

    Like I said I have it on good authority that Latrell Mitchell will not be playing for the Souths Pole green and red christmas colours elf outfit in 2020….ever.
    100% guarenteed buddy. Hahahahaaa…!!!!

  37. Adamhoward December 27, 2019 at 4:01 pm
    “TwentyOne Hahahahahahaha…..NRL Nine.reports ……..
    “We won’t be signing Latrell,” Bennett said……..”

    Here is Hubcap with his “source” again 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
    No offence Hubcap but the only reliable source you can count on is spelt sauce which is the what you pour all over your ‘no frills’ meat pies you eat every night accompanied by a fine long neck.

    Looking forward to your post with curious anticipation when Souths announce Latrell’s signing.
    Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on you. You would have already suffered enough that day.

  38. Because we need a good and permanent FB. Doueihi did a good job but he isn’t a great attacking fullback, yeah he did his job but not like Tedesco or TVS they’re damaging. Latrell could be a absolute fun at FB and with Inglis and Bennett coaching him he’ll be a weapon. Forwards we ca get, FB not so easy. That’s why we need that. Every since Inglis wasn’t in FB we haven’t been as dangerous. Imagine Walker, cook, Reynolds and Mitchell

  39. Far out some people are absolutely away with the fairies on the website, especially you Twenty One. Gagai to the Titans get a grip would you. We’ve got Tyrone Peachey, Brian Kelly, Kallum Watkins (all on nice money) plus young guns Phillip Sami and AJ Brimson and the old Don as well. Don’t need to mention our back ups either. We don’t need another centre. If I, a Titans fan, can see this then what possibly makes you think Titans management would take Gagai who is well past his best. I’ll call it for what I think it is and I think you’re delusional mate. As for Ryan James to Rabbitohs you’re an idiot, James is a one club player, good community man and unlike Arrow he doesnt care about money or success he’ll die for the club.

  40. I’m a Saints supporter, so I’m neutral in all this Mitchell/Easts/Souths silliness. Whether Mitchell comes to Souths in 2020 seems to depend on factors such as how much salary cap Souths have left, whether Arrow comes for 2020 and maybe whether Souths can release anyone for 2020. Mitchell is still being paid by Easts, so as long as he turns up for training and otherwise honours his contract Easts have to keep paying him. It’s in Mitchell’s (and Souths’) interest to stretch this out. If it continues until February, Easts will effectively pay 25% of his 2020 contract without him playing a game for them meaning Souths can sign him at a discount. If it’s only for the 2020 season (particularly if Arrow doesn’t get a release) it still means that Souths have more time to release players and plan for 2021. The upside for Easts is that it frees up money and an extra position for 2020. It’s probably even in their interest to pick up some of Mitchell’s freight for beyond February or whatever. (A disclaimer- I don’t credit for all this post, Webster’s article in SMH is interesting reading).

  41. Mark.mybutthole why are you always so angry?
    I’m just the bearer of good news before made official as you saw with Mundine and Arrow.
    With Latrell it will be 3 so just settle down and deal with.
    How’s your membership going?🤣🤣🤣🤣

  42. titans2012 where did I state Ryan James as a prospect to Souths?
    If he is that’s news to me.
    Personally I would prefer Jordan McLean but that’s just my opinion, speaking of which, when is he off contract?

  43. I must say I’m dissapointed at Arrows decision to leave Titans but relieved to see Titans have learnt finally to stop paying overs for players. Titans roster will be much better for it 2021 as we lose alot of overpriced deadwood next season. I’m torn in opinion whether we should introduce a draft system like AFL does into our code. It does have it’s benefits.

  44. As for Arrow leaving early to the Bunnies the price is 1 million dollars considering Bennett has touted him as a middle replacement for Burgess. That’s how Watt should approach it I can’t see an upside of Titans trading Arrow for a back.

  45. I can see the benefit of a draft system isdon. However, I still think that system is more of a benefit to the leach clubs . The clubs who don’t put in much effort to bring through their own locally produced juniors. I’d have to ask why would the likes of Newcastle, Penrith, Brisbane, Cronulla, St.George etc., put in lots of time & money to produce good juniors. For them to be mostly just put into a draft. For other clubs to get the benefit of the players?
    Does the draft come with a payment up front , for the clubs who produced the players? It would need to to be fair all round.

  46. Just because juniors are born into a junior district of an NRL team does not automatically make the developed player loyal to that club. Many people go for many teams all over the country. Tedesco grew up supporting The Sydney Roosters after playing for Wests Tigers juniors all his life, Brad Fittler grew up supporting The Roosters after living at liverpool in his early years and later playing some junior years with Penrith.

    But when an offer comes along for any player who grew up supporting a team that offers an oppirtunity to play for them. They sign up and fullfil their childhood ambition and dream. As Fittler and Tedesco did with Sydney. Just because a club has a junior progressing through their junior system does not mean they own him.
    This is Australia Not North Korea.
    As for the draft this is Australia not North Korea. A player c should always be allowed their own choice of club.
    Are you a communist EastOfDivide.
    Are you some type of clown?

  47. Mark.mywords December 28, 2019 at 10:08 am
    “Just because juniors are born into a junior district of an NRL team does not automatically make the developed player loyal to that club”

    Very convenient comment given the roosters are void of a grass roots development system.
    Get your facts right. Fittler’s heart will always be with Penrith, Tedesco with the Tigers, Coote wit the Rabbitohs and given Latrell and all his family grew up supporting the Rabbitohs and explains why he has turned his back on the roosters for the same offer.
    BTW I noticed you didnt comment on the pic of Arthur Beetson proudly wearing his Tigers shirt.
    As the saying goes “a picture tells a thousand words”
    Let me remind you;$zoom_1.035%2C$multiply_1.5109%2C$ratio_1.776846%2C$width_1059%2C$x_0%2C$y_61/t_crop_custom/q_62%2Cf_auto/6cd68949f1426135053e10394aa29b8de961ec20

  48. Isdonisgood, according to the media you were offering Arrow $650k p.a for 3 years, and Fa’asuamaleaui $750-800k p.a for 3 years.
    I thought the Arrow offer was about right, maybe a little light, but clearly it was well under what the Bunnies were prepared to pay, but Fa’asuamaleaui’s offer seems like overs. That said, I don’t know much about him, other than he’s big and has big wraps on him, but I would have thought if he is worth $750, Arrow should have been offered a bit more, around the same, and that might have done it.
    Good luck, and I mean that (not being sarcastic) turning the club around, but unfortunately you probably will have to pay overs for a few players in the short term to help you do it, so you’ve just got to hope the player/s you pay overs for play their best footy at your club (not another Hayne, or Foran in our case).

  49. Let’s get back on the thread subject being the confirmation of Jai Arrow signing with Souths despite petty attempts by the cap burglar, sombrero wombats on here trying to dilute the impact of the news with their usual obsessive aim at anything Souths.
    Jai Arrow is now a Rabbitoh and will be on board in 2020 as will Latrell Mitchell (announced by Jan 6)
    Both are massive signings along with a couple of others but the icing on the cake will be the inclusion of Josh Ado Carr who has a passionate desire to link up with his brothers Latrell, Roberts and Cody at the expense of accepting a little less to be happy.
    How much more obvious can it be?

  50. Brennan.Lane December 27, 2019 at 5:26 pm
    “Hey TwentyOne, why are you adamant Latrell will be a Rabbitoh in 2020? How are you so sure this is a forgone conclusion? Can you share your source of information or is it top secret?
    Personally I doubt he would dare to depart the Roosters who are the current super power of the world.”

    Brennsy, time for another nic change I suggest, your not good at this.

  51. Hey Twentyone I actually saw a report rabbits were stretching LM signing in order to get him cheaper and fit him in their cap as chooks are still paying him atm cheeky buggers. Saying that reports had bunnies needing to shed a big player to bring Arrow in for 2020 curious how they can fit both in. I wonder if Arrow being made available for 2020 will change Rabbits thoughts on Mitchell will have to wait and see how it pans out.

  52. Eelsalmighty you are dead right I forgot Tino. Yeah well I’m stumped how their minds work with certain signings. There could be more behind Arrows niggly injuries Rabbits don’t know and that’s all Titans were willing to risk even though he plays through injuries just spitballing because I have no idea why Tino is worth more to the Titans than Arrow.

  53. Lane, Josh addo-Carr did play juniors for the bunnies. SG ball. Let’s wait and see for Jan and see if Mitchell signs. I think he will and if 21 is wrong then you can all say something. But if he is right you all will look like gooses… just saying.

  54. Yes we need a good Prop, but Knight is coming good and Burgess is still there, we have tatola, amone, and a few good juniors. We need a solid FB! Look Bennett is stupid and he will know his crop. I think having Mitchell over gagai is better. But we will see..

  55. Hahahahahaha your not as slow as those other Souths dimwits Brennan Lane. Everybody on here is aware Steven..Syd.. was banned on Origin night this year. He revived his existance as TwentyOne the “Soufths Dribbler” who thinks he knows everthing and that comps are won on stay at home memberships numbers. You know the so called members that purchase the cheapskate memberships that do not include game day tickets. Just a beanie a scarf and a card that says member. But not a member of a Leagues club, you guys dont have a Leagues Club. Hahahahahaa!!!

    As for Arrow… Brennan, you have certainly hit the jackpot about paying overs for this overrated dud. I would put him on par with Jack Bird as a deadset flop signing. Definatley he is not an enforcer like JWH, Taukeiaho, Fonua-Blake, Asofa-Solomona, Klemmer Papali, Hass etc …not even near those enforcers. Souths will miss Burgess unbievably next season. For Souths he is irreplacable. Souths are in for some lean tines with your lean pack of lightweights forwards. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

  56. Souths have been poaching players at the peek of their careers for ever.
    1. Inglis Melbourne
    2. Fletcher Roosters
    3. Asotasi Canterbury
    4. Rocky Laurie Roosters
    5. Sam Burgess Bradford Bulls
    6. Hegarty Roosters
    7. Tim Brasher Balmain
    8. Crocker Roosters
    9 Dave Taylor Brisbane
    10. Lowe Cowboys
    11. Gagai Newcastle
    12 Tuqiri Tigers
    13. Teo Brisbane
    14. Cusack Roosters
    15. Sattler Kurrie Kurrie

    TwentyOne If I was to name all your imports at the peak of their careers I would have to number 800 players. Hahahahahahaha…..haha….Hahahahaha!!!

  57. TwatyOne
    December 26, 2019 at 11:26 pm
    “Latrell Mitchell’s signing will be announced around 1st week of Jan.”
    ….yeah, no it won’t 21…
    Bennett has said soufs will NOT be signing latrell (WWOS NRL 27/12).
    You are an absolute white ant TWATyOne. Time to give up your pathetic desperation….LM is not going to deadfern, no matter how many wet dreams you expend wishing it would happen. You’re making a complete tosser of yourself banging on about it adnauseum.
    Easts supporters DON’T CARE anymore, we have an ample replacement in Billy Smith…and we’ll smash soufs next year anyway, given you have a forward pack as soft as a koala’s tummy 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  58. timmah December 28, 2019 at 4:49 pm
    December 26, 2019 at 11:26 pm
    “Bennett has said soufs will NOT be signing latrell (WWOS NRL 27/12).”

    Thats because like Roberts, he knows dimwits like you are easy targets for a good laugh.
    Now go back to enjoying whats left of your Xmas break and eat some of that left over matzo ball soup. YUK 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  59. Great to see the Mitchell, Walker, Roberts and Fox families enjoying the Xmas break together.
    Johnston unable to attend as he is in Thailand with school and Lapa cricket buddy Shaun Lane.
    Hey wombats, any comments on the Artie pic showing where his pride, heart and soul was?
    Once again,$zoom_1.035%2C$multiply_1.5109%2C$ratio_1.776846%2C$width_1059%2C$x_0%2C$y_61/t_crop_custom/q_62%2Cf_auto/6cd68949f1426135053e10394aa29b8de961ec20

  60. timmah December 28, 2019 at 4:49 pm
    ” we have an ample replacement in Billy Smith”
    Are you serious?
    You saw what Sam Burgess did to Jeff Goldblum in his 1 and only appearance against the Rabbitohs.
    Good to hear the hair replacement treatment is going well and fully healed for R1 next year.
    Is it true his nickname at the sombreros is The Fly? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  61. thebatman December 28, 2019 at 5:51 pm
    “Sad to see Souths paying overs for a fringe rep player.”
    Is 700k too much for an Origin forward?
    Crighton is on $800k and wouldn’t feed him, let alone no rep Radley the nobody.

  62. Yep I saw what the filthy cat burgess did…pulling hair like the big poof he is….that’s when he’s not grabbing other players nuts or attacking their heads. Glad he’s gone, the game is better without him. Oh re Victor the Inflictor….I seem to remember him putting burgess and Gallen on their asses….fair better player than pretty boy, latte sipping murray.

  63. replying to the Don & Eels.
    As per Fox sports Tino reportedly signed for $2m over 3 years, so roughly 650k per year, I do see what you mean though Eels. Offering a guy who has played a handful of games the same amount of money for a guy who is an origin representative. Tino was paid on potential which I very much disagree with.
    As for Arrow being overpaid, depends what he does in the next 4 years. If he carries the Souths forward pack and continues to make origin I’d say the money is bang on. The issue if he doesn’t do those things, if gets injured like he did this year then Souths are screwed. They put all their eggs in one basket by using most of S Burgess’ money to sign him. If Arrow was really chasing success as all these RL experts tell me, then Souths should’ve matched Titans offer of 650k. Then Souths would’ve had another 350k to play around with and sign another up coming forward. But hey that’s just me, as a titans fan i always go in with a pessimistic view haha

  64. TwentyOne you are a disrespectful person rubbishing Rugby League imortals like Arthur Beetson. Every person alive knows his heart was with the Eastern Suburbs Roosters and was his passion. He captained them to premierships in 1974-75 captain/coached them to Wills Cup 1977 & Amco Cup 1978 wins and coached the club on three separate occasions throughout his coaching career. For many years he was Sydney Roosters player scout. So what if he had a soft spot for Balmain they did beat Souths in the 1969 grand final when he was suspended and like Ron Coote has been seen in other teams colors. He to went to team reunions Big Artie had a soft spot for Parra also. However Big Artie is a Rooster for eternity now. His heart like Fittler is with the Roosters FOREVER.

  65. Brenan Lane I’m so glad you found out that this clown TwentyOne has multidude login account’s. Shadow/wood.choock/stephen.syd/daffney/TwentyOne/eastOfDivide/penso are all the same ninkinpoop.

    There are more but I would have to do what you are doing reading over old stories, alas I have not the time to encounter his stupidity once again.

  66. No Souths supporter would ever say Easts a super power of the world, your are fraud Brennan , i gave you the benefit of doubt , but no longer, might as well go back as Russ Crower or wood chook , hey here is a sugestion, why don’t you post who you are?

  67. Everyone on here commenting about Bennett being quoted as saying Rabbits will not be signing LM or after ask his ex wife how good Wayne’s Word is.

  68. Ladies give it a rest please. We’ll find out next year if Arrow is over rated, if Latrell really does sign for the Toronto Wolfpack and JAC ends up in Narnia. I love a bit of banter much as the next person and can appreciate a well reasoned argument even if it proves me wrong but the amount of dribble going is out of control. No-one is really stepping up and arguing their case it’s just one childish insult after another. Everyone is going on about respect but I see none . I will never support Easts but you have to give some respect for them going back to back, likewise there has to be some for acknowledgement of how Rusty turned the club around even though I’m not a fan of him personally. Keep it interesting and not the grade two school yard bitch fest it seems to have become.

  69. idig, the Webster report I referred to in my post was probably the same report you refer to. It makes a lot of sense in understanding (if that’s the right word) the Mitchell thing. If Souths could engineer some space in their cap why wouldn’t they sign him. I’d have him at Saints in a heartbeat (no, no, we’ve got Lafai, why would we want a dud like Mitchell when we’ve got superstar centres like him and Aitken).

  70. 😂😂😂😂😂 38er remember Titans nearly had Lafai before he signed with Saints we might share some advisers between our clubs. I hope Titans table Mitchell an offer only drawcard we have for LM is Mal and a 900k+ offer back to the overs again. Titans more overs in them than the Australian cricket team.

  71. timmah December 29, 2019 at 11:20 am
    “IsDon…..I hope the Titans get LM as well”

    What you are saying Tinytimmwit is you don’t care where Latrelle goes as long as its not Souths.
    Why shouldn’t Latrell go to his true home for his people, his family and most importantly for himself?
    He never belonged at the spring st slurry, everyone could see how unhappy he was, including you.

  72. Adamhoward December 17, 2019 at 6:37 pm
    “Don’t believe the Newspapers, TwentyOne or Pansy.penso, ”
    timmah December 28, 2019 at 4:49 pm
    December 26, 2019 at 11:26 pm
    “Bennett has said soufs will NOT be signing latrell (WWOS NRL 27/12).”

    Hey Tinytimmwit talk about selective thinking.
    Same person with 2 nics contradicting yourself.
    Have to say its very entertaining reading all your contradictions.
    Any thoughts on this media pic? Is it to be believed?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣$zoom_1.035%2C$multiply_1.5109%2C$ratio_1.776846%2C$width_1059%2C$x_0%2C$y_61/t_crop_custom/q_62%2Cf_auto/6cd68949f1426135053e10394aa29b8de961ec20

  73. TheRopeableRooster December 29, 2019 at 2:59 pm
    “Hey Adamhoward, do you still think my beers are safe from 21?”
    Does it have to be 3/4 or 4/4?
    I’ll throw in an other for you to make it 5/5 for you to shout me a beer instead of 4/4.
    I’ll announce the 5th after Latrell and Fox announced (Latrell soon)
    The 5th one (not Frizell or James) will be delicate one and may not happen but I’ll take my chances.

  74. I’ll put this one out there twentyone but only a rumour at this stage and don’t wish beat you to it but there are rumours beginning to surface about Jordan Mclean wanting to hook up with Wayne Bennett.
    He is off contract in 2021.
    Just a hunch.

  75. Like I said before TWATTYOne….I don’t give a rats where Trell goes…just know he is NOT going to your dump at deadfern….your own coach has admitted it….so either the media reports are true, or Bennett is a filthy LIAR…as I said, I DONT CARE, just reckon he’d do better under big Mal- Aussie coach and a black fella to boot….heaps better than that old gank Bennett.
    BTW, I’ve heard a little rumour JAC is Bondi bound in 2021…with the retirement of Mitchell Aubs, BMoz and Ryan Hall….hmmm uncle Nick will be looking for a flashy 3/4….stay tuned precious.

  76. RopeableRooster your bear bickies are safe brother.
    TwentyOne/penso/Stephen.Syd/ woodC.hoock/Dafney or what other fake identity login account name he signs in as, will have to do a smash and grab to get his next goonie cask wine the way he is going with those out of form Nostrudamas prohecies.
    Hahahahahaha he is a bonafide top shelf ninkinpoop. Hahahahaha!!!!!!

  77. I have it on good authority that Latrell 100% will not don the green and red christmas elf Souths Pole jersey in 2020 or any year for that matter. 100% guarentee this is absolutely a fact.

  78. Dennisnrl, that’s not a far fetched rumour, it’s one that makes sense. One reservation I’d have is that I can’t readily think of any ex-Storm player who’s been better away from Melbourne (Harris, Blair, Proctor etc) than at there. If anyone can turn that around, old Father Time can.

  79. Hahahahahahaaaaa…haha….!!!!
    TwentyOne has creamed his daks thinking Mitchell wants to play at Souths.

    I will say this though. Bennett is not lying when he said Soufths don’t need another centre. He needs a fullback at which if he sacks two Aussie reps in the defensive useless Johnston and the wannabe centre Gagai then he feels Souths will attract Mitchell for Fullback.

    But like I have been saying for months….. I have the inside word from a person who knows 100% Guarenteed. Mitchell will be at the Roosters in 2020 and beyond. Matter of fact round 3 next season against the easybeat rabbits, Mitchell will play his 99th Nrl game for the back to back Premiers and current heavey weight World Championship Sydney Roosters team.

  80. Twentyone. Lets stick to 4/4 still requires Mitchell and JAC. BUT if you also get Mclean in 2020 you will surely be nostrildamus

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