The Parramatta Eels have today announced four new signings for the 2017 season that will join the Club as the team returns for pre-season training this week.

In addition to the new signings, the Eels welcome back a number of players who have been retained as a part of the squad for next season.

Eels Head Coach Brad Arthur said that the Club’s recruitment and retention for 2017 was targeted at building on a strong platform from last year and providing enhanced competition across all positions.

“I am pleased with the squad we have assembled and I expect that we will be able to continue to progress forward as a group in 2017,” Arthur said.

“We have a good mix of experienced and developing players who offer the team the opportunity to improve on last year. However what’s important now is our attitude and commitment towards our preparation for the 2017 season.”

The majority of the NRL squad has returned this week to begin the 2017 pre-season with the remaining members resuming from next week.

The new additions for 2017 include:

  • Kirisome Auva’a – A Samoan international who was part of South Sydney’s premiership winning team in 2014. Kirisome has undertaken an intensive support program as part of his return to the rugby league in consultation with the NRL and Rugby League Players Association (RLPA).
  • Will Smith – Was named in the NSW Cup team of the year in 2014 and has gone on to play 21 NRL games for Penrith over the last two years.
  • Jamal Fogarty – A former Australian Schoolboys representative who played for QLD Cup champions Burleigh Bears in 2016.
  • Marata Niukore – A former junior Kiwi who was part of the NZ Warriors Holden Cup side.
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Players who are returning in 2017 or have been elevated from junior programs include:

  • Jeff Robson – re-signed for 1 year
  • Alex Twal – re-signed for 1 year
  • Jack Morris – re-signed for 2 years
  • Bureta Faraimo – re-signed for 1 year
  • Cameron King – re-signed for 1 year
  • Cody Nelson – re-signed for 1 year
  • Honeti Tuha – re-signed for 1 year
  • James Hasson – re-signed for 1 year
  • Kelepi Tanginoa – re-signed for 1 year
  • Matt Woods – re-signed for 1 year
  • Scott Schulte – re-signed for 1 year
  • Vai Toutai – re-signed 1 year

Over the past two months the Club has re-signed Bevan French, Corey Norman, Danny Wicks, Kenny Edwards, Isaac De Gois, Rory O’Brien, Brad Takairangi and Manu Ma’u on multi-year deals.

This follows the announcements of Nathan Brown, George Jennings, Siosaia Vave and Josh Hoffman as new signings for the Eels in 2017.

Parramatta Eels 2017 Player Movements

2017 Gains
Dane Aukafolau (2018), Kirisome Auva'a (South Sydney Rabbitohs, 2018), Nathan Brown (South Sydney Rabbitohs, 2021), Troy Dargan (2019), Nathan Davis (Gold Coast Titans, 2018), Jamal Fogarty (2017), Josh Hoffman (Gold Coast Titans, 2019), George Jennings (Penrith Panthers, 2020), Greg Leleisiuao (2019), Suaia Matagi (Penrith Panthers, 2019), Willis Meehan (2017), Mitchell Moses (Wests Tigers, 2019), Marata Niukore (New Zealand Warriors, 2020), Frank Pritchard (Hull FC, 2017), Jeff Robson (Mid Season: New Zealand Warriors, 2017), Will Smith (Penrith Panthers, 2020), Siosaia Vave (Manly Sea Eagles, 2018)
2017 Losses
Mitch Cornish (Sydney Roosters), Kieran Foran (New Zealand Warriors), Tyrell Fuimaono (South Sydney Rabbitohs), Michael Gordon (Sydney Roosters), Luke Kelly (South Sydney Rabbitohs), Ryan Morgan (St Helens RLFC), Kieren Moss (Hull Kingston Rovers), Junior Paulo (Canberra Raiders), Nathan Peats (Gold Coast Titans), Vai Toutai (released), Anthony Watmough (retired), Danny Wicks (retired)
Daniel Alvaro (2019), Isaac De Gois (2017), Kenny Edwards (2019), Bureta Faraimo (2019), Bevan French (2019), Clinton Gutherson (2022), James Hasson (2017), Cameron King (2019), Manu Ma'u (2019), Tim Mannah (2019), Jack Morris (2018), Cody Nelson (2017), Corey Norman (2021), Rory O'Brien (2017), Kaysa Pritchard (2019), Jeff Robson (2017), Scott Schulte (2017), Brad Takairangi (2019), Kelepi Tanginoa (2021), Honeti Tuha (2017), Alex Twal (2020), Matthew Woods (2017)
Off Contract 2019
Daniel Alvaro, Andrew Davey, Bevan French, Josh Hoffman, Michael Jennings, Greg Leleisiuao, Manu Ma'u, Tim Mannah, Matt McIlwrick, Tepai Moeroa, Mitchell Moses, Kaysa Pritchard, Ray Stone, Brad Takairangi, Peni Terepo, Stefano Utoikamanu
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  1. I know a lot are young signings but how has Parramatta signed and resigned all these players. I mean, they got busted for the salary cap this year, they shouldn’t have this much money.

      • still, they have over 30 signing/resignings. Including multiple 2 and 3 year deals. I will say that they have a ton of one year deals and they won’t cost that much. But still, seems kinda weird.

      • Watmough is still under the cap apparently because the Eels are refusing to pay him out and the insurance denied their request for a payout. Also, they had to get rid of all of those players just to be considered under the cap. I’m not saying they are over the cap because I don’t have access to their books, but I can see where Brodire2012 is coming from.

        • The argument from Watmoughs side is that he had an option for the fourth year, Eels have said its an option in their favour (i.e. their choice as to whether he got the 4th year). At the moment its a contract dispute and I believe the NRL have previously stated payout due to retirement resulting from injury is salary cap exempt.
          Insurance company declined the claim.
          Watmough has apparently disputing that.

        • “…they had to get rid of all of those players just to be considered under the cap?”
          No they didn’t mate.
          Paulo had to go and another mid tier player who turned out to be Peats.
          Foran and Watmough had nothing to do with the cap. Also, Watmough’s pay out may not be covered by insurance, it will be covered by the club and NOT from the salary cap.
          I don’t think people realise just how much Choc and Forefeit were on?

  2. Oh but it’s the “NRL” , I wouldn’t worry , they have been cheating the cap for many years and have nothing but spoons to show for it ,,,, 2017 will be no different , maybe not a spoon but I can guarantee 100% no Prem either ,

        • We had half our squad after the points deduction and still beat manly.
          Parra have done really well in recruiting now we have the whole off season to work together. excellent prep for 2017.
          Meanwhile at manly the jokes continue…

        • Ha ha ha.
          Jokes continue at Manly…..?

          Phatboy, your still over the cap. Watmough and Forans payouts just haven’t been included because the NRL is trying to do the right thing by your supporters.

          If Watmough turns up to preseason training you’ll be offloading another handful of players when his payout must be included…. Why do you think your not exhausting your cap and only buying fridge players. You’ve offloaded 2.8mill and your biggest signing is Hoffman?….

          Not to mention the fall out from the Player Manager Police investigation into Parramatta yet to be detailed and then the integrity units investigation into the Parra officials and players who knowingly took cash payments.

          Jokes at Manly hey?… lets wait and see….

          Jokes aside though – good luck to Parra in 2017. Its been a long wait – perhaps next year – yours is over. May the best team win. 😉

        • thebatman, what is a fridge player? Is that a player who spends too much time at the fridge i.e. Big Georgie Rose? 😉

        • Phatman,

          We don’t need excuses mate – we’ve got runs on the board in the last decade.
          We’re allowed to have some off years….

          During your decade of cap cheating dominance you managed a spoon or 2 so begs the question – who really needs the excuses?….

        • Jono Wright hahaha that’s right Manly fans, get familiar with that name… He will be your excuse week in week out LOL

        • Jono Wrights for our reserves you goose….

          That’s like me saying get used to the untalented Jennings brother or Farimo (whoever that no name is).

          Cmon mate. Try harder. Your making it too easy.

        • French trumps Tom
          Semi trumps Taufua
          Jenko trumps Walker
          Taka trumps Wright/Wright/Wiliame/Brown
          Hoffman trumps Uate
          Gutherson trumps Green (Green only looked good with Harris outside him and Smith feeding him)
          Norman trumps DCE

          Shall I continue?

        • Please do….
          You make yourself look silly…

          French isn’t your FB. You put him there so you don’t have to compare your star recruit Hoffman with Turbo ha ha ha.
          Plus – French is a human speed bump. You won’t play him there.

          Semi doesn’t even want to play for you guys. Ha ha. He’ll be gone asap.

          Jennings has played his last rep game.

          You named a backrower at centre cause you don’t have any decent ones ha ha

          You compare a bloke who couldn’t make our FG team to Green who’s won a premiership with a dominant team like the storm.

          And Norman won’t play after he receives his cash payment punishment from the integrity unit.

          Time will tell. Whatever makes you feel better.

        • silver…

          Feleti Mateo, Horo, Blair, Williams and a decade ahead that will soon eradicate any joy the past decade gave you, the NRL will ensure that!
          Any peptides still being dealt from car boots out Freshwater way?
          Where IS Wolfman?

    • “I can guarantee no Prem either”. How exactly can you guarantee it? Is this Cummins?

      On a serious note – have a look at the Bronco’s roster vs salary cap – surely there is some creative accounting taking place up at Red Hill??

  3. 1.Josh Hoffman
    2.Semi Radradra
    3.Michael Jennings
    4.Brad Takairangi
    5.Bevan French
    6.Clint Gutherson
    7.Corey Norman
    8.Danny Wicks
    9.Isaac De Gois
    10.Tim Mannah
    11.Manu Ma’u
    12.Tepai Moeroa
    13.Beau Scott

    14.Nathan Brown
    15.Kenny Edwards
    16.Peni Terepo
    17.Saia Vave

    1.Will Smith
    2.Bureta Faraimo
    3.Kirisome Auva’a
    4.Vai Toutai
    5.George Jennings
    6.Jeff Robson
    7.Jamal Fogarty
    8.Daniel Alvaro
    9.Kaysa Pritchard
    10.Rory O’Brien
    11.Kelepi Tanginoa
    12.James Hasson
    13.Cody Nelson

    14.Cameron King
    15.Alex Twal
    16.Matt Woods
    17.Marata Niukore

    YTB! Bring on 2K17!!!

    • Finally we have some serious depth Hayneplayne!
      Hey, you need to change that name bro.

      Maybe to Keiran Forfeit or Kieran Foreskin?

      • Depth???
        Not as good as Souths
        33 players in all.
        In Position Order!
        Backs; (10)
        01 Greg Inglis(2021), Damon Goolagong(2017)
        02 Alex Johnston(2017), Braidon Burns(2018)
        03 Hymel Hunt(2018), Siosifa Talakai(2017)
        04 Aaron Gray(2017), Bryson Goodwin(2017)
        05 Robert Jennings(2018), Dane Nielson(2017)

        Halves; (4)
        06 Cody Walker(2019), Luke Kelly(2017)
        07 Adam Reynolds(2020), Connor Tracey(2018)

        Hookers: (3)
        09 Robbie Farah(2018). Damien Cook(2019)
        Brad Deitz(2017)

        Middle: (8)
        08 George Burgess(2018), Jason Clark(2018)
        10 Tom Burgess(2018), Zane Musgrove(2020)
        13 Sam Burgess(2018, Cameron Murray(2019)
        Dave Tyrrell (2017), Toby Rudolf (2017)

        Edge: (8)
        11 Kyle Turner(2017), Angus Crichton(2018)
        12 John Sutton2017), Robbie Rochow(2017)
        Jack Gosiewski((2017), Brett Greinke(2017)
        Tyrell Fuimaono(2018), Anthony Cherrington(2017)

    • +1 hp.
      No one can deny that’s a great line up.
      the manly trolls come here to trash talk us yet we are in much better shape on and off the field than mwse. Pathetic really.
      It will just make our wins against them even sweeter.

    • Hayneplane – that team is close French will be 1, Hoffman will be 5 and Frank Pritchard will be 17 and Kayla will be 14. Apart from that I think you’re right.
      Top 4 if everything goes right otherwise 5-7.

  4. Footyfan,

    You’ve gotta admit… this is pretty funny.

    (I know I hated when Parra just bought any and every player (over the last 10years)…)

    Notch up another year… 😉

    • Batman ask the phat how many prems parra has won in the last 30 years ,,, its funny cause that one kills him

      • Yeah mate – kindly reminded him that even when they cheated the cap they still spooned each other.

        At the end of the day, Parra fans can question Manlys decisions in all things – but we’ve got some premiership DVD’s to sit back and enjoy.
        DVDs weren’t even around when Parra last celebrated theirs. Although maybe you can get and old VHS remastered sort of thing…? Who knows.

        Although they may think they know better. The proof is in the premiership winning pudding.

        • Beta tapes , whilst we’re on the subject , 1947 Parra entered Comp as did Manly ,,, mmmm and the prems for each side are ,,, yes phat that question is for you ,,,, google it

    • Batman

      I take your point and agree to some extent. Im hoping most of these signings are just for depth. Disappointed to see Robson, Toutai and Faiarimo resigned.

      But yes, it’s another year of Parra with a high players rotation

      • I just found the timing of the article a little funny is all. 🙂

        I just think you guys should be concentrating all your efforts on a decent spine.

        DeGois isn’t a FG dummy half in my opinion. He’s had his chances. Solid but nothing special. I’d throw a young fella with some talent in and give him a chance. Pritchard?…

        There’s no questioning Norman’s talents. I just hope he’s there for you at the start of 2017.

        Gutherson – although a talented outside back – I’m personally not sold on his game management skills to complement Norman. Prefer him at FB if anything. But again – he won’t be a rep player. Talented but not a world beater…. at least not at 5/8th.

        If Hoffman is your FB than I’d be disappointed with Parra. He’s average at best. Prefer give Gutherson a chance to shine or throw caution to the win and put young French in (although I question his defence).

        You have a dominant forward pack but continue to purchase more and more forwards…? Don’t get it. You can have the greatest forwards in the comp but if your spine don’t shine –
        It won’t count for much.

        Apologies for the long reply. Did you here you blokes are bidding for Taumalolo – now that would be a signing. Expensive but worth it.

        • I think you’re pretty close to spot on. I was typing my thoughts below, and we seem to be on similar pages. I hadn’t heard anything about Taumalolo, but I’m sure we won’t have the salary cap. for him, and as per your comments above re our spine, we can’t / shouldn’t go there anyway.

        • As one of your other supporters says – you’ve freed up approx $2.8mill…. but your biggest signing thus far is Hoffman. I don’t get that? That’s a massive amount of cash but you haven’t signed one big name?

          Perhaps you are saving for a big play at someone…? Taumalolo would be great for any team – but you blokes probably need him less than anyone.

          Hunt? He’d be great for you. Then Gutherson to FB but then what of Hoffman?…

          Still 4/5 months of speculation…. I’m sure it’ll get clearer as we get closer to round 1.

        • Hoffman is to fill a wing spot only.
          Pritchard F signed today for 1 year on $150k.
          I get the feeling that there is one maybe two more to come – don’t know who but have strong mail that its Hunt (2017 maybe but more likely 2018).

        • If they cleared $2.8m worth, then they have to spend:

          $2.8m Less the amount they were over the cap and Less the amounts the NRL penalised them by reducing their cap for this year.

        • tiger – apparently there is between 1 and 1.2 left to spend. That figure has reportedly been clarified by NRL recently.

        • We’ve signed many players, just no big names. Exactly how BA wants it. I think most Eels fans do too.
          Jarryd Hayne anybody..?

        • Firstly, well done for being impartial, and you’re very close (I don’t where this will sit in the sequence, but in response to your Taumalolo comments), I did see the $2.8 mil number, and could add Gordon to that, but subtract the fact we were around $600k over the cap. and are carrying a (relatively small) penalty forward into 2017.

          I still think we are going to get an experienced half (maybe Hunt, or someone like him), we definitely need a goal kicker, and I’m sure BA hasn’t overlooked that.

          As a Parra supporter, “but next year” is just a part of our vocabulary, and I really hope all the poo has washed through already, but I don’t see 2017 as our next premiership, but I do think we are on the road to recovery.

          Full credit to you, but in fairness, some of your co club supporters, well, they don’t do you any favours.

        • Batman – with all respect, you would expect 15 clubs would have a go at taumalolo, Broncos won’t cos he can’t improve their cap as much as any other signing.
          he won’t be coming to Parra – forward pack more than holds their own with the new additions.
          Money is being saved for a top line Half and with BA in charge, the days of paying massive overs are gone.
          It’s the time for the knights, tigers and dragons to do that

        • Yeah agreed. JT is a beast. Just don’t know how much he’d add to your team.

          Hoffman to fill wing? I can’t see this happening personally but you probably know more than me.
          I don’t think French will ever be a FB unless something changes with his defence. I’ve seen him steam rolled a few times this year and in FB he’d be much more prone to defence than wing.

          I’d personally leave the kid on the wing. He can do his flashy attack from there and is covered by defence with his centre.

          Hoffman is no world beater but he’s safe in attack and defence…

          Just my opinion.

        • Batman.

          Agree with everything you say.

          I wanted Pritchard in last year when we let Peats go. I know Parra still need a good 6 & 9 and most people agree, but who because I can’t think of anyone except potentially Hunt with some of the money you mention,( $2.8mil is a bit exaggerated) but I also heard that Parra will move heaven and earth to get Peats back.

          I saw the rumor about JT but privately hope it’s not true. While he would be great for any team, I hope that Parra have learnt from the Hayne and Foran deals, too much money spent on one player hurts the team.

          PS. Please just ignore the trolls, and I hope you know they are not a true reflection of most Parra supporters.

        • Yeah point taken.

          I enjoy the thought out league conversations with the likes of yourself, Billy and Eelsalmighty… but I also enjoy playing along with Phatty and some of the others…

          Phatty needs someone to lean on so I’ll do my bit.

          If there was no banter it wouldn’t be rugby league. 🙂

        • While I do agree to an extent Batman, I am also glad that they haven’t focused on improving the spine as there is no one available that is worth splashing out on. Unlike in previous years, Parra seem to be prepared to wait. You will notice that a lot of these depth signings are only for 1 year. giving them an opportunity to prove themselves, while also keeping money available to have a crack at the talent coming off contract after this season. It looks as though BA has an eye to the future. Time will tell I guess.

  5. still will be a flop season … there fans can again expect failure just expect the expected …FAIL!!!..believe that

    • Ahhh moanlydes aka silvertail.
      Cant get enough trash talking in with 1 username.
      Can’t wait for your usual slurs to start up and zt bans you for the 4th time. its usually after your 8th VB right ?

      • Listen up tool , I don’t need to hide behind other names ,, is that all you got ? Oh and a draw full o spoons , you knob

  6. Im no eels fan but you gotta admit they have turned things around since they got rid of the 5 idiots in the back office. top 8 with this line up and depth.

  7. Solid line up for me but won’t win the comp. I can see them as high as 5th if they have a reasonable injury free run. If they do get injuries they’ll be about 10th. They should be expected to be in the 8.

  8. No real news re the new signings, in that they were already known, or heavily flagged (except the Nuikora, knew I don’t know). The re signings are largely back ups and/young potential, so I’m left with some questions.

    There’s no mention of an extension to Semi or Gutherson’s contracts. I can understand postponing Semi’s given his pending court case and/or rumours he may be on the move, but given we’ve extended so many contracted (for 2017) player contracts, I’m surprised / concerned we haven’t done Gutherson.

    I still think we will bring in an experienced half, but re – signing Robson puts some doubt in my mind now. Maybe Robson has been retained to transition Gutherson into the halves, but if that doesn’t work, there are both off contract at the end of 2017, and bring an experienced half in then. Maybe?

    If this is end of our recruiting (and I don’t think it is), who’s our goal kicker? Semi, he has a 100% average! and has never taken an easy kick (just taking the p…… for those that don’t understand my warped sense of humour).

    Lastly, but I have to admit, and I really hope I’m wrong, but with all the poo that the previous management caused, and I understand business, I can’t help but think we are too well covered across all positions. It may well be we are building the best foundation in the comp. and/or covering every position with good quality players is better than having superstars on field, and average back up, but, and I HOPE I’M WRONG, but it looks to me like Parra’s problems aren’t over yet, and we will have more issues going into 2017. I HOPE I’M WRONG.

    • Agree with you. Whilst I hope it is all behind now, I would not be surprised if something reared its head. In saying that, I think it will be more teams than Parra

  9. Building a strong squad there, would love to see them go well.
    Missing a dummy half in my opinion, maybe chase McCullough for 2018.

    • Right back at you (re going well in 2017). I was going for the Sharkies in the (lead up and) final, and congratulations. Personally, I hope we can get Peats back for 2018 (because he’s a great player, and because we owe him an open door, at least).

  10. Like i said before …I think Parra have the right mix of old heads and young guys in the team like the sharkies were last year.
    Robson is fine for a covering half and pretty tough, Norman wil do the majority of play making decisions.
    The one advantage or strength that the Eels have is a really fit and mobile forward pack that can play big minutes – that leaves them to blow teams off the park in the last 20 minutes of most matches.
    Bevan French is the new beni barba and will only get better,
    BA for mind is a very smart coach and any team would be happy to have him.

  11. 1. french
    2. semi
    3. jenko
    4. takaz
    5. hoffman
    6. gutherson
    7. norman
    8. wicks
    9. robson/de goise
    10. mannah
    11. ma’u
    12. tepai
    13. scott

    14. smith
    15. brown
    16. vave
    17. edwards

    Auva’a/ jennings/ toutai for the 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
    fogarty/ robson: halves
    alvaro/O’Brien/ twal/Niukore: front row
    Tanginoa/ hasson/ nelson: back row/lock

    i personally want to see niukore play some first grade. looks like a gun but other then that solid side

    • I still can’t believe everyone has Mannah in their top 17. He is not up to it anymore and offers nothing that Alvaro doesn’t. Move Brown or Vave to 10, Alvaro to the bench and that is a much better front row rotation in my opinion. Mannah has provided great service to the club, but I just don’t see him as a first grader now.

      • I agree eels 47, Mannah is the not the player he was and it was time he was used off the bench, if at all. Give Beau Scott the captaincy as he was the best player last season and is an old head who knows how to buckle down and hold on to win games.

        • Unfortunately Mannah has come through in a period with a culture of losing, I don’t think he was ever the right player to be captain. Scott is a better option for next year, not sure who the long term option is though at this stage. And I don’t think he will offer anything off the bench either, Alvaro is a similar player, but is younger, faster and has a lot of potential.

        • Ill throw one up for long term captain (on the field at least) – Kenny Edwards, his enthusiasm for the game is unmatched, he is quick between the ears and gets the troops up for it, but it wont happen.
          I reckon BA will go with Gutherson in the future.

    • Ha, the “Do it yourself”list. Your best list yet! You even left room for others to add 15. 16. 17. Classic! LOL
      I see you made up for it though by adding an additional 8 to your next list (below).

  12. 1. Bevan French
    2. Semi Radradra
    3. Michael Jennings
    4. Krimson A’uva
    5. Josh Hoffman
    6. Clint Gutherson
    7. Corey Norman
    8. Danny Wicks
    9. Isaac De Gois
    10. Tim Mannah
    11. Manu Ma’u
    12. Beau Scott
    13. Frank Pritchard
    14. Kenny Edwards (Can Play a utility roll based on 5/8 & Hooker performance)
    15. Tepai Moeroa
    16. Tepai Moeroa
    17. Siosa Vave
    18. Brad Takairangi
    19. Peni Terepo
    20. John Folau
    21. Jeff Robson
    22. Rory O’Brien
    23. Will Smith
    24. George Jennings
    25. Kaysa Pritchard

  13. Parra fans need to clearly get over hunt rumours he is in talks now actually it was a month ago the deal is done hunt and Milford will be there until 2020 u cu ts are way behind the ball ⚽ cheers!!as for maca broncos 9 well never would he degrade himself and go there lol his a ten year player u clearly missed the case by the time 2018 cap comes around and is clear to negotiate deals also so they know what kind of offer they can give no one will be active in 2017 until the 2018 cap is released

      • In response to your posts above. Firstly, I think we are in really good shape, in that we can cover every position 2 or even 3 fold with quality players. If we run out next year exactly as is, as long as the boys have that 2016 attitude, we’re in the finals, but, and I think we both agree, we just need that 1 more experienced half (or maybe FB), to sure up the spine, and provide the extra points from a specialist kicker.

        I think 1 of the biggest bonuses we have, something we have learned over the years, and was driven home this year with Foran, is we have our share of “over average players”, without that “absolutely has to perform superstar”.

        Full credit, hats off, I can’t praise the guy enough, to BA. Next year won’t be our premiership, but I’m sure we’ll win 1 under BA’s current contract.

  14. Still u have no idea hunt stays u cant get him for under 600 which u wont have come 2018 hunt will be contracted until 2020 meaning no hope of a of last week his deal is 600a year and he’s position is hos at Brisbane Parra cant offer that certainty something your coach has problems with is players like hunt straying away from

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