The NRL have begun making inquiries into building a stadium in Sydney's south-west with the assistance of the Canterbury Bulldogs and Wests Tigers.

It has been reported that the NRL have approached the New South Wales state government about funding for a new stadium near Liverpool or Rossmore. Shortly after the NRL was met with opposition as Penrith, Brookvale and Sydney Olympic Park are set to become beneficiaries of an $800 million pledge in order to keep the NRL Grand Final in Sydney.

Due to the resistance, the NRL is now exploring the idea of buying a plot of land and constructing their own stadium, which they would then rent out to clubs from an array of sporting codes and the entertainment industry.

The former Oasis site in Liverpool, which is 26,000sqm and a vacant block near the Western Sydney Airport, is a likely option the NRL will explore.

While official agreements haven't been made, Bulldogs chairman John Khoury told The Sydney Morning Herald: "The Bulldogs are open to hearing proposals and have the good of the game in our thinking... but at the moment we have not received any formal proposals."

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The Wests Tigers are currently focused on finding a permanent home, with a major refurbishment of the Campbelltown sports stadium flagged. While this is their preference the Tigers won't shut down the NRL's proposed options.

"I've made it very well known that I believe the greatest challenge facing the Wests Tigers is securing a permanent home in the short to medium term," Tigers chairman Lee Hagipantelis said.

"I have also made it publicly known that the future of the Wests Tigers lies in the south-west of Sydney, whilst also maintaining a connection with our traditional roots in the inner-west.

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"We are very excited by the prospect of a stadium in either Liverpool or Campbelltown and are very much open to consult with all stakeholders to ensure the best possible outcome for the Wests Tigers."

The Panthers and Sea Eagles are tipped to see their respective home grounds undergo facelifts, while Leichhardt Oval is unlikely to see any major redevelopment planned.