during the 2017 NRL Grand Final match between the Melbourne Storm and the North Queensland Cowboys at ANZ Stadium on October 1, 2017 in Sydney, Australia.

Matt Cecchin punished for making right call*

Matt Cecchin has been sensationally axed from officiating the 2017 RLWC Final after making the CORRECT decision last week in the England vs Tonga thriller.

The incident occurred in the final seconds of the match, with Andrew Fifita appearing to have been stripped of possession whilst in the act of scoring a try.

Matt Cecchin ruled a knock-on; Cecchin should be rewarded for calling it how he saw it. In the end, the correct call was made as replays confirmed a loose carry from Fifita.

The Hayne Plane takes flight…again

Jarryd Hayne isn’t a plane. Jarryd Hayne isn’t a train. Jarryd Hayne isn’t a…okay, you get the idea. Jarryd Hayne is a tumour.

A few months ago, Jarryd Hayne told the Gold Coast board it’s either him or Neil Henry. As a result, Henry was sacked.

Today… Jarryd Hayne quit the club. Classless. And whoever made the decision to axe Henry should pay the consequences. A good coach and a good man lost his job as well as everything he created on the Gold Coast.

The Titans looked in great condition to build towards something big before signing Jarryd Hayne late last season.

Are the Newcastle Knights now a top eight threat with the addition of Mitchell Pearce?**

The Newcastle Knights have killed two birds with one stone with the signing of Mitchell Pearce.

Firstly, they have now shaken off fears they’d be fined for being too far under the cap in season 2018 after it was revealed several weeks ago the club was $2,000,000 under the cap for next year.

Secondly, they have the final piece to the puzzle. The addition of Pearce to their roster puts the club in great condition to make a run for the top eight.

Shaun Johnson apologises

Shaun Johnson has apologised for lashing out at New Zealand and Rugby League fans in general after an embarrassing exit from his 2017 World Cup campaign.

I was generally surprised at the sincerity and genuineness of the apology.

Upon hearing of the apology, I was expecting nothing more than a PR response. Kudos to you, Shaun.

* Gerard Sutton will referee the World Cup final.

** No dogs were harmed in the making of this article.


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