Brisbane veteran Darius Boyd has admitted that there is "no chance in hell" that he is willing to relocate to Sydney to help complete the NRL season.

The 32-year-old announced his retirement the season's conclusion, and could now be set for a fast-tracked farewell following the Queensland governments decision to allow NRL players an exemption from quarantine laws.

The NRL are exploring all avenues to resume the 2020 season, with relocating clubs such as the Broncos to isolated regions such as Western Sydney.

While a majority of league members are believed to do whatever it takes to get the NRL underway once again, Boyd has come to a crossroads as he looks to strengthen his mental health.

“No chance in hell I could do four months away from my family and that’s something I wouldn’t be ok with,” Boyd told 7NEWS.

“The game of rugby league is very important to a lot of people (but) at the end of the day you’re mental health and wellbeing is a lot more important.

“So many games, at so many different levels, if I did miss out I’d be pretty content with what I’ve been able to achieve.”

Newcastle captain Mitchell Pearce backed Boyd's decision to place his mental health and family as a top priority.

“I can totally understand what Darius is saying,” Pearce said.

“Darius has got kids, I’ve just been engaged and the wellbeing thing is definitely something that has to come into consideration.”

Boyd has been a vocal member of advocating for mental health throughout his career, joining as an ambassador for MATES in Construction QLD.

Broncos fans will be hopeful they haven't seen the last of Boyd following a tremendous 15-year career in the league.