Melbourne Storm head coach Craig Bellamy is on a year-to-year decision to remain as head coach, but club chairman Matt Tripp has revealed he is hopeful that the veteran boss may remain in charge.

Bellamy's five-year extension to remain in charge of the Storm only featured a single season as head coach, with the option to then continue extending his time with the clipboard on a year-to-year basis before ultimately moving into a back room role.

The supercoach, who has been one of the best in the NRL for two decades, agreed well outside of the timeline set by the club to carry on for 2023.

It has been understood Bellamy would have to make his call on the following year by March of each year, but the Storm extended his decision making process by months in 2022.

It's unclear if he will be afforded the same luxury as he decides his future for 2024, but Tripp revealed to News Corp that while he was "more no than yes" before Christmas, that might change.

“No he hasn't, he has got until March,” he told the publication.

“We chatted pre-Christmas and he was more ‘no' than ‘yes', but that might change as we get towards round one.

“Craig has been really buoyed by this squad. It's a young squad compared to what he's used to, but I really think he's excited about the prospects of the next couple of years.

“The spine are locked down for that period and the key players are on longer term deals. It's a squad the club believes is capable of winning premierships.”

The comments come after a tumultuous 12 months for the men in purple.

Following a season where constant injury issues impacted their tilt at a premiership, Melbourne were ultimately knocked out in the first week of the finals by the Canberra Raiders.

The Storm are now preparing for 2023 without Brandon Smith, Kenneath Bromwich, Jesse Bromwich and Felise Kaufusi, but have welcomed the likes of Tariq Sims and Eliesa Katoa to the club, while young guns Trent Loiero, Jack Howarth, Will Warbricl and Jonah Pezet could be among the players fighting to make their debut this season.


  1. Must be a quiet day at the office if we are reduced to talking about who is coaching Melbourne in 2024.

    Bellyache will not know himself at this stage.

    Factors affecting his decision:

    – how well the Storm go this year. If they have a bad season he may decide that he has to stay on for another year because he owes it to the club (and to how well he is remembered as a successful coach)

    – how well his preferred replacement (Billy Slater?) is performing

    – whether his preferred replacement actually wants the job

    – whether there is to be a handover period with the two working together (like Bennett/Wolfe or Sheens/Marshall)

    – family / health / other factors unrelated to the game and the club

    As at 22 January 2023, it’s all just speculation, and all unknowable.

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