The Manly Sea Eagles have issued breach notices and fines to four players following the incident at Gladstone.

The four players issued with the notices were not named by the club but each will also be fined $1500.

The club had already fined captain Daly Cherry-Evans for his involvement, although there was no mention of a breach notice.

Read the latest statement below:

Manly Warringah Sea Eagles have today completed its review of an internal matter involving four players who breached a team curfew during its recent trip to Gladstone.

The players involved will each be issued with a formal breach notice and a fine of $1500.

The players have accepted full responsibility for their actions and due to welfare and privacy issues, the Club will not be publicly disclosing the names of the players.

The Club now considers the review of this matter complete.


  1. Here is my problem:
    (1) To go to a strip club, in a regional town, and think they wouldn’t be noticed OR just didn’t care is a serious culture issue – not to mention a question around their IQ!
    (2) OK, strip clubs are not illegal and I’ve been to the odd one BUT, I wasn’t employed by a company that was openly promoting women to be involved, acknowledging women in the sport and have various programs in place to ensure women get the treatment, respect and opportunities they deserve. The silence from the NRL is deafening.
    (3) Apparently, DCE volunteered to fine himself $10K for his indiscretion. Since when do the guilty decide their penalty?
    (4) There are some clubs who have traditions, cultures and history, that can’t be taught. Manly, Bulldogs and Dragons, to me, seem to go better when they have ex-players involved in the higher coaching positions – either head coach or assistant. I think Barrett is probably a good coach – but is intimidated by the history and personalities that he was not part of.

    • I’ll back Barrett for now but I am losing patience. He doesn’t drop players when the don’t perform or make changes that we need. But he has done a good job before plus it’s pretty hard to judge what kind of squad and team he wants with the club not really in a position to make signings for this year. And change needs to happen in regards to leadership, our captain has been poor lately on and off the field. He doesn’t respect the coach which is the worst part about this whole thing. I’d remove Daly from the captaincy as he just isn’t that type of player.

    • My problem is that DCE was named but the others weren’t due to welfare and privacy issues. So DCE is made the scapegoat for the whole mess?

      • DCE was fined for the bust up with Hastings , Theere has been no confirmation DCE was at the strip club only speculation
        Have you even considered possibly the second altercation started when Hastings got back from the Club and DCE confronted him about it?

        • I think that’s a really good point Kraken, and I’d admit I hadn’t even thought of it.

          If that’s the way it panned out, and it’s definitely plausible, even logical, a lot of people, myself included, have egg on our faces, because that’s a totally different ball game.

          I’ve bagged DCE on this website for this, and if it turns out he was wearing the heat for his team I’ll apologise for that, and give him and Barrett the credit they’d deserve on the way they’ve handled it.

        • @ Kraken – solid point. I dont think many people have thought of it that way, including myself – poor form 🙁

        • I will go along with that. What I was trying to say that the club seems to be placing the blame on DCE and very little on the others. I am not a DCE fan but he doesn’t deserve to cop all the flack.

        • Agreed Chalky. I’m not a fan of DCE either, but if he has tried to wear the heat on behalf of his team, then full credit, plus some to him, but as you pointed out, if that’s the case then it’s time, probably past that time, the club’s management comes clean with the full story (without bagging Hastings).

    • “OK, strip clubs are not illegal and I’ve been to the odd one BUT, I wasn’t employed by a company that was openly promoting women to be involved, acknowledging women in the sport and have various programs in place to ensure women get the treatment, respect and opportunities they deserve. The silence from the NRL is deafening.”

      Mate women are allowed to make a living however they want to and shouldn’t be judged.

  2. Or think of it the other way. Cherry went out with the boys got pissed went to Hastings room as it was definitely Cherry who initiated the hotel room damage to Hastings wall.

    Hastings has been absolutely thrown under the bus and reversed over numerous times by Barrett. Of Hastings had been to Strio.Club or been drinking he would’ve been fined and censured and publicly outed by Barrett so as Barrett could reinforce his decision to throw him out of the 1st grade squad.

    Hastings hasn’t been fined or penalised in any way other than being publicly humiliated by Barrett as someone no one will play with at which point Barrett had effectively publicly made Hastings unable to possibly get a contract with another club in Australia. The more details that leak out that trestment publicly by Barrett seems grossly unfair and too harsh a penalty for Hastings life and football career. Poor form Barrett…..lacked maturity….was reactive and not a considered and thoughtful decision in hindsight which is what was required.

    • Based on Hastings past Id back Cherry and Barrett, especially when Daly is one of the nicest footy players and wouldn’t harm a fly.

  3. I just wonder if it’s a good idea to sign the players for ten years , on a million per year?
    DCE & Jason Taumalolo on similar contracts. It must make them kind of complacent after a while. Knowing no matter what , there’s another million coming each season. For ten whole years.
    Maybe it’s made DCE think he can just do whatever he wants?

    • Ten years is a bit excessive for my liking too, but there are players on one, two and three year contracts who think they can do whatever they want and become complacent.
      I’d say 6 years MAX with options for extensions.

  4. First off, Kraken, I hadn’t thought of that possibility either. I did think I had heard a story that DCE was out with the other guys and knocked on Hastings’ door when he returned. But if it turns out that is not the case, then I too apologise and have egg on my face. Either way, almighty you are right, Gorman needs to front the media on this fiasco and tell the fans what actually happened. No blaming Hastings, no blaming DCE, just what actually happened in an attempt to stop all of the chatter that is purely speculation.

    Secondly, seriously, is holmesy’s account being hacked again? In one article he comments that DCE is not leadership material and should be stripped of the capatincy, and then he says he backs DCE and Barrett?

  5. Manly better get this stuff sorted out between themselves asap, after the knights we have the Roosters, Storm and Broncos. If we play like we did in the last few weeks we are going to get absolutely flogged.

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