For those who have been living under a literal rock for the past fortnight, Manly have ended speculation about their coaching future by appointing Des Hasler for the role from 2019 onwards.

Forgetting for a second that they already have a full time coach in Trent Barrett that they can't afford to sack and will have to pay out until his 12 months notice expire halfway through next season...

That's right, the club that can't afford to upgrade the worst facilities in the competition are now paying two full-time coaches.

Trent Barrett will most likely be relegated to a back of house role, or sit at home and collect payments for literally nothing, until his notice runs out. Meanwhile Des Hasler will be earning a pretty penny.

Assistant coach, and the man Manly's two biggest stars not named Daly came out and publicly supported for the role in John Cartwright, will be moved on, with a handy pay out you would imagine.

What an absolute mess.

The Manly brain's trust had the most simple of decisions to make in appointing a coach yet they managed to get it wrong, yet again.

There was only one person that had universal support between the fans and players and that man was Geoff Toovey. Yes, the Geoff Toovey who literally bled for the club during his playing days, and the very same Geoff Toovey who was ridiculously outed from the job a few seasons ago.

Toovey was cast aside because ... well, that's the thing. No one really knows.

It's not as though the club was running horrible results under the superstar number nine's tenure, and it looked as though he was flicked to usher in some false new dawn.

Toovey, despite his horrible treatment, came out and said he'd love to again coach the club. He said he would make due with the lack of facilities 'provided' by the club that had made it a laughing stock.

Fans literally rallied for his re-appointment, shocked that he was ever moved on in the first place.

By all accounts the players were behind him. Why shouldn't they be? This was a club legend, arguably the club's biggest ever legend, who was treated badly yet was willing to swallow his pride, and put up with laughable conditions, to guide his side back to the finals.


A feel good story, and boy does this club need one right now. The return of a club legend to the role he should really never have been removed from.

A talented coach and motivator who was willing to work with the lop sided roster and bare minimum of facilities he would have inherited.

Yet they went with the big-money former coach who left the club ... just 'cause.

The facts will show that Hasler's last game in charge of the Manly club was a Grand Final victory. Sure, Hasler oversaw an incredible era of success during his tenure.

But the game has passed him by since then.

Just ask Bulldogs fans who are falling over themselves to make jokes across social media.

Let's not forget the mess that Geoff Toovey inherited following Hasler's exit.

Remember the club having to move on Anthony Watmough due to a ridiculously back-ended contract?

Or the club having to attempt the medically retire Brett Stewart and Steve Matai due to salary cap issues?

No one is saying that Hasler is the one totally responsible for the mess that he left at Manly then oversaw at the Bulldogs, I guess that's just a major coincidence.

He delivered success to Manly then left them an absolute laughing stock.

Hasler then delivered a measure of success to the Bulldogs only to leave them a laughing stock.

Due to Hasler's decision the Dogs paid Aaron Woods to play half a season at the club and continued to pay Woods playing himself back into form and a Kangaroos jumper across the city in the Shire.

Keiran Foran, a player who had left three clubs in less than stellar circumstances, was recruited despite injury concerns, on huge money.

I'm absolutely shocked that didn't work out.

Ask Bulldogs fans how their playing style lended itself to both results and entertainment value?

Does anyone remember the Dogs' halves running the ball on the fifth tackle numerous times rather than kick the ball? This was a Hasler tactic due to his halves not having a kicking game.

Sounds exciting Manly fans.

Or how about the forwards acting as halves and the halves acting as forwards?

Revolutionary stuff.

Hasler very well may lead the Sea Eagles back to the finals in 2019, personally I can't see it, but I'm 100% certain that long term Geoff Toovey would have made every correct decision with only the club in mind.

It seemed the easiest choice of all, so of course Manly took the higher risk, bigger dollar, worst recent results option.

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