NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 07: Jack Bird of the Broncos in action during the round five NRL match between the Newcastle Knights and the Brisbane Broncos at McDonald Jones Stadium on April 7, 2018 in Newcastle, Australia. (Photo by Ashley Feder/Getty Images)

The Broncos have agreed to release Jack Bird, according to a report by The Sydney Morning Herald.

As first reported by News Corp on Thursday night, Bird reportedly requested a release in a bid to return to Sydney.

“It was Jack and his manager who approached us,” Brisbane coach Anthony Seibold said in the report.

Injuries have hampered Bird during his time at Brisbane, limiting him to just 17 NRL appearances since crossing from Cronulla.

His next landing spot is unknown, with a return to the Sharks unlikely.

The Broncos are set to undergo several changes over the off-season after a disastrous 58-0 loss to Parramatta in the opening week of the finals, with revelations that a number of players were at a Sydney pub until late the night before the game.

Brisbane are currently reviewing their season, with the club’s board to meet on Friday to discuss the findings.


  1. St George make a lot of sense especially if Dufty or Aiken leave. Firstly he started at the Dragons, he would have a good future there potentially at fullback or otherwise centre.
    He still only 24 an already he’s played junior kangaroos, State of Origin, NRL all stars, he’s played prime ministers XIII and he’s won a grand final. A return home would be good for him to regain confidence and form

  2. Bird to the Knights to play 5/8 like he wanted to do for Broncos
    Another possibility is Bird to Bulldogs and Foran to Knights to hook up with best mate Pearce.

  3. Bennett has slammed the transit lounge door shut for his love child Dudrius Boyd. But this Dud Bird might be just what Souths need in the centres to go with the other ex Brisbane Dud James Dudley Roberts.

    Furthermore if the Dud Bird can recover from his million injuries, he could fill in for super Dud Walker, who never pases the footy because he is to busy trying to be a solo hero Dud.

  4. Fittler sacked the Dud Walker in his one off Dud appearance, because he never gave Mitchell any footy being too busy being a solo Dud.

    Because of his Dud game he ended up dragging Mitchell out of the Blues squad with him when Walker got sacked, Walker stamped never to play for NSW again.

    Walker is Emperor of Dudery and Bird might be the answer for Souths. I think Bird the Dud might be a tiny bit better than the Emperor

  5. This is another typical example of a player winning a premiership then using the team event to attract big dollars only for unhappiness to engulf his life.

    Money is not everything but is necessary, however dragging a player away from a premiership winning team and friends to chase big dollars only ends in unhappiness.

    Look what the dollar has done for premiership Rooster winners Mattersonno semifinals wants out, Tuivasa-Schrek never play GF again, Guerra no semis, Pearce no semis, Maloney un happy days at Penriff, Napa no semis, Jennings Wooden Spoon, Ferguson if the Roosters go onto win back to back he misses out., Mortimer faded into oblivion,

    Its better to stay at a happy successful club for a few dollars less than do what Bird did to Cronulla. Tuivas-Schreck has probably played his last semi final at 25 years of age last season. Money is used to suckerbait the fools 🤑

  6. Well done Woody, you have turned a story on Jack Bird into a hate session for Souths. Your intelligence never ceases to amaze me.

  7. I know, Twentyone and Chalkdust are the main culprits. This story has alot to do with Souths. Bennett poached Bird away from Cronulla to Brisbane and is now in charge of Souths.

    Souths need a Centre and a 5/8. Positions Bird is capable of playing. Bird wants to return to Sydney. The chances to come back to Cronulla are nil. Souths buy Duds and the past two years Bird is the biggest Dud Brisbane has ever imported. Yes this story has everything to do with Soufths. Roberts returned to Bennett and Bird is likely also. Especially that Mitchell has squashed any chance of himself going anywhere near Souths.

  8. It doesn’t stop chalky, this bloke 77 is a mental retard so jealous of Souths he can’t stop making comments on almost every article ZT put out, the fact he accuses me of being someone else just shows how frustrated he is about being caught out.

    ZT please get rid of this bloke, he is making this site quite toxic, you know who he is, for your own benefit please bar him.

  9. LOL at ManWhore78, one of the biggest dogs on this site just posting hate and drivel along with you bumchum WoodKn0b. You have nothing to add other than verbal diarrhea.

  10. Hey ZT – check the above string – you are allowing this nonsense to continue on & on.

    Toxic indeed – shut it down.

  11. Onya Cookeem, phone.crabs is always spitting his dummy lately. Probably due to a 30-6 Chook victory. Whats the matter with DaftyDuck? Anything an assistant coach Flannery can fix up.

    But back to Bird. It appears Bird is about to fly the nest and utilize some bunny furs for her next nest.

  12. So is he leaving or is this another nothing story?
    Wouldn’t an announcement be made as to where he is going?
    Broncos will have to pay halvsies for his remaining term, can’t see any team picking him up at his current full rate.

  13. If Soufths have not enough cash for the Bird Dud, then Saints after they attract Flanagan as assistant coach might be able to entice Bird, seen as though he played under Flanagan when they won a premiership at Cronulla, to become a Saint Steelers Dud.

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